Review by Robbie Kennedy

"Spryo. Great for all"

Spyro the Dragon. Some call it the rival to Crash Bandicoot. Some say it is much better. And I think they are about the same. They are both really fun to play and are great for all ages.

New boss this time. Basically, All The Dragons are sleeping when a magic portal pops out. Out comes a witch and 2 henchmen. They then proceed to steal all the dragon eggs. One of them trips and the noise wakes up Hunter, the Leopard. He then wakes up the other dragons and tries to go after the witch and henchmen but gets stuck so they get away. Fast forward to the witch reporting to her head mistress and Zoë, the fairy, spots them and reports to the dragons and tells them where they are hiding. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, wait, you have to accept it, is to rescue all the dragon eggs and beat the witch.

The graphics are great in the game. The fire looks awesome and there is a reflection in the water.

There are a couple of new additions to this game. Before, you could not touch water, but now, you can swim in water and dive in it. You can also skateboard and ride in various vehicles. Skateboarding is crucial to get quite a lot of the dragon eggs but it is easy to learn, and easy to master. This is more than can be said for real life.

You also have a diving spinning headbutt that you can use. And, wait for it, you can control 5 characters including Spyro. Without going into great detail, you can buy other characters affected by the witch from the ever popular (not really) Sir Humphrey Moneybags. They all have unique skills and unique moves. One of them flies, one has a laser and the others are good as well.

Using these characters well is crucial to getting past the levels. There are character specific levels so you need them. And during boss fights, they will pop along and give you stuff to help beat the bosses which is great.

There are also some new non playable characters (NPC's). These include a professor who will give you stuff to help you in your quest to rescue all the dragon eggs.

The loading times have gotten a lot shorter in this game which is good if you are pressed for time. There is also much improved voiceovers so there is virtually no pause while it loads up the file the voice and text are stored on.

There is a much greater number of levels than there were in the previous Spyro games. And there is a great tutorial hub which was not found in previous games so if you are new to playing the Spyro series, you can easily learn how to play.

Overall, it is a great game. Only flaw is the speed that Spyro moves at but that is perfectly acceptable. I would recommend you get this game as it is quite fun to play and people of all ages will enjoy playing it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/12/05

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