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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SpyroCrashJak

    Version: 0.20 | Updated: 11/08/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Our favourite orange friend returns...
     |     Crash Bash    |
     | FAQ/Walkthrough by|
     |   SpyroCrashJak   |
     ...In another fun-filled adventure, as you'll soon learn!
     If you can't read that...
     for Playstation (PS) (Compatible with PS2/3 (and occasionally PSP))
     Username: SpyroCrashJak (Hasn't changed much, eh?)
     E-mail: ross(at)anderweb(dot)com
     Version: 0.20 (I procrastonate) (V0.2 for some)
     Type: FAQ/Walkthrough (What? You wanted a character guide? Well why are you
     looking here (idiot)?)
     Game: Crash Bash (Playstation - UK (Europe) Version) (What? You wanted a Super
     Mario Bros. 3 guide? Well why are you looking here (idiot)? And I bet you
     repeat jokes too (pffft...))
     -------------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------
     Here's the deal with the codes on this: first decide on the section you wish
     to view. Next, hold 'Ctrl' and press 'F' to bring up the "Find" pop-up. Type
     in either code (letter of number) for that section, hit enter twice and...
     Viola! You're there!
     [GUIN] Guide Info [0000]
     [VEHI] Version History [0001]
     [COPY] Copyright [0002]
     [CONT] Controls [1000]
     [CHOV] Character Overview [1001]
     [GULA] Guide Layout [1002]
     [WALK] Walkthrough [2000] (MORE COMING SOON!)
     [FAQS] FAQs [3000] (COMING SOON!)
     [SUGG] Suggestions [3001] (COMING SOON!)
     [CLOS] Closing [3002] (COMING SOON!)
     [CRED] Credits [3003]
     [GUIN]----------------------------Guide Info----------------------------[0000]
     Welcome to my second guide of the series! Following the first one, Spyro the
     Dragon, is Crash Bash! It is set up in basically the same way as that one,
     but, ofcourse, it's based on an entire different game. The last one had no
     speech scripts in it, since there's already a script guide on GameFAQs for
     that one, but I will add one for this guide. That shouldn't be too hard,
     assuming that the game has little speech anyway.
     If you don't like it, tough. Find another guide, or make some suggestions. If
     you hate it and wish to do neither, just don't send me hate mail and stuff
     like that.
     And if you're going to mail nicely, please use correct grammar and spelling as
     much as possible. wot i meen iz id h8 2 c stuf liek tis
     [VEHI]-------------------------Version History--------------------------[0001]
     0.00 (V0) - 24/09/08 - Started the Guide.
               - 11/10/08 - Guide postponed. Probably won't be complete for a LONG
     0.20 (V0.2) - 8/11/08 - Posted what is done so far. Also, though I'd note that
     my Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is also postponed, as I seriously can
     not be bothered. I really hope that doesn't happen AGAIN.
     The usual terms apply:
     If this guide is directly copied then it will be reported and you will be in
     deep, deep trouble. There are two key ways of avoiding this from happening and
     also get to copy this site: Permission and Credit, You MUST do those two laws
     before letting off the guide. If you do ask for permission but don't give any
     credit you'll be in trouble, and if you copy the guide without permission then
     you'll be in deep trouble no matter how much credit you give, and if you do
     neither, you'll be in seriously deep trouble. However if you do both then you
     will be fully allowed to copy the guide, demanding you copy excactly.
     The thing with the controls to Crash Bash is that they're different depending
     on which type the minigame is. Here are the controls for each one seperately
     (I decided not to do the table format this time around - too much hassle.
     Left Analog Stick/D-pad - Moves character in direction you push it
     X (when defeated) - Force Victory (end round)
     SELECT - Brings up Controls
     START - Brings up the Pause Menu
     Triangle (T) - Taunt (wastes time and is unnessacary, but adds some
     competitive atmosphere)
     L1/R1 - Increased spaceship speed
     Square ([]) - Extra Kick (propel balls away)
     Hold X - Attract balls to spaceship (Beach Ball only)
     [] - Push/Launch polar bear ahead
     Repeatedly tap [] - Save self from falling (only when over edge)
     Circle (O) - Throw bomb (Manic Panic only)
     [] - Fire Ammo (if any)
     O - Pick up crate
     O (with crate in hand) - Throw crate
     [] - Attack (Spin/Zap/Kick/Tail Spin)
     X - Jump
     [] - Use powerup (Drain Bash only)
     L1/R1 - Rotates turret
     [] - Fire Basic Shot
     O - Lay Time-mines
     [] - Chuck Bomb (Metal Fox only)
     [] - Fire Missiles (Jungle Fox only)
     R1 - Accelerate (Swamp Fox only)
     X - Shield (Swamp Fox only)
     R1 - Accelerate
     [] - Speed Boost (when avaliable)
     O - Fire missile (when armed)
     X - Jump (Splash Dash only)
     Ring Ding: [] - Attack
                X - Jump
     Dragon Drop: [] - Charge dragon ahead
                  [] - Fire gem (while carrying)
     Mallet Mash: [] - Slam mallet
                  Hold [] - Slam mallet + Shockwave
     Keg Kaboom: Hold [] - Lay gunpowder trail
                 O - Use shockwave (when armed)
     [CHOV]-------------------------Character Overview-----------------------[1001]
     Well, in this game, there are eight different characters which you can play
     as. Make a good desicion before you start 'Adventure Mode'. That is where it
     matters, since you can't change it throughout play. Once all people playing
     have chosen, any remaining spaces will be decided my the game. They are not
     random - depending on the characters picked, they change. There may be eight
     playable characters, but there are four character types - two characters for
     each type.
     The characters are Crash, Coco, Tiny, Dingodile, Rilla Roo, Cortex, Brio and
     Koala Kong. In order, best to worst, they are: Tiny, Kong, Brio, Cortex,
     Crash, Coco, Dingo then Roo. This pretty much reverses when they are computer
     controlled. The general idea is that the better the play you pick, the tougher
     opponents you get. The groups/types are: Crash and Coco, Tiny and Kong, Cortex
     and Brio, and Dingo and Roo. In that order, let's call them types 1, 2, 3, and
     Note that the types described below aren't given comments on Ballistix or Pogo
     Pandemonium since characters tend to have little difference in those levels.
     TYPE 1 (TINY/KONG):
     Ahhh, the best. Any newbie to the game should choose either of these guys for
     an easier play. Still annoyingly hard, but easier nonetheless. They pretty
     much beat others in just about everything, but there are, as with all other
     characters, a few levels and values that will cause trouble to them. Their two
     main downpoints is that they're just rather slow and don't stop moving easily.
     Numerous times in Polar Push levels that I've charged over the edge as Tiny.
     Polar Push: Their push is very tough and can go long distances. It even helps
     if a character carrying a weight is chasing them - it's fast and gets them out
     of the way. However, it's not very accurate and often missing can be very
     costly since there's a slight chance of going over the edge. 8/10
     Crate Crush: Since they have little speed or stamina, that's quite a downfall
     in Crate Crush. You'll find that outrunning throws at you a challenge and also
     jumping over them. However, this is hugely made up for by their extremely long
     throw. It must go atleast halway across the arena and is fast and accurate.
     However, their kick sucks and is practically useless. 8/10
     Tank Wars: For once there's something that they're not too well in. Their
     shots are rather slow rolling mines which are quite weak to bouncing off walls
     and doesn't deal the greatest damage. Since the shots are so slow, I'd suggest
     keeping away from Type 2 characters as much as possible in Tank Wars since
     fast pwns slow. You'll see what I mean. 7/10
     Crash Dash: Not too bad here. They go fairly fast for once but never really
     that fast. The handling is great as turning is not too sensitive nor
     unsensitive. If you get it right, you can easily be going around the inner
     ring and completing atleast three laps in about 10 seconds. However, their
     spaceships are rather wide and so take up a little too much space. This also
     makes them bigger targets, but I don't think it's too noticeable. 9/10
     Medieval Mayhem: Well, not the best here. Medieval Mayhem is mainly down to
     speed, and, y'know, not much here. However, there's also not too much speed,
     so you can atleast keep in good control. Their jump suspends a little too long
     in Ring Ding, making accidents easier. They don't hit that fast in Mallet
     Mash, allowing others to jump in and steal hits. Racing Crash to kegs in Keg
     Kaboom as these guys is an example of difficulty here. 6/10
     Overall: 7.6/10
     Well, these guys are particularly helped by their use of machine technology.
     This helps them since their attacks are fast and often powerful. Being small
     and fit, they can run fairly fast. Still, they're prone to damage and aren't
     that quick at recovery. If you're looking for an easy round on Tank Wars,
     these are your men.
     Polar Push: Their push can be rather slow, but very powerful when you get it
     right. However, when they're pushed, they really do get pushed far. Thankfully
     enough, their push recharges fairly fast, so they can push rapidly. They're
     really good against weaker players, but put them alone against Tiny or Kong
     and some difficulty will shine. 6/10
     Crate Crush: Now they can prove quite a treat here. They can go pretty fast
     and their throw is fast enough to hit close enemies before they can flee.
     However, once they start to get pushed around, they really are. Being hit
     multiple times in a row fairly easily is a real downfall. However, if you know
     their tricks, they can really work a treat. 7/10
     Tank Wars: Oh-so excellent here. Really, if you put Tiny/Kong against these
     guys in Tank Wars, these guys win by a mile. Their plasma bolt shots are super
     speedy and accurate, also dealing huge damage to enemies. However, their tank
     doesn't move that fast, so that may cause a bit of trouble. But still, if
     you're looking for an easy match of Tank Wars, choose them. 9/10
     Crash Dash: Nice speed and handling - these guys aren't bad here. However,
     there are bad points - they can easily be pushed off the edge and can't do a
     good circle for a lap, thus making their laps take longer. Still, once their
     infront, they'll pretty much leave the others in a scramble of confusion and
     stuff. 7.5/10
     Medieval Mayhem: Their fast movement works a treat or each level but Dragon
     Drop, and so things become rather easy. In Ring Ding, their jump doesn't
     suspend too long. In Mallet Mash, they can walk quickly and hit quickly. In
     Keg Kaboom, they can reach kegs rather easily. However, you're still probably
     better off going for Tiny. I'd say they're about as good as Kong in this. 7/10
     Overall: 7.3/10
     Well, you'd think that the hero of the game and the one who defeated all of
     the above would be best, but this is more down to their abilities than
     determination. May I just say that Crash wins prize for the fastest player by
     far - he over goes faster than others in Pogo Pandemonium! Coco, however, is
     still fairly fast but quite bad at this to be honest. Their speed and spin are
     the only goods - most other things about them suck.
     Polar Push: Agh. Don't bother with them here if you want easiness. Most
     importantly here, their push SUCKS! It barely goes a metre and has little
     strength. Their speed is detromental for once as it makes them skid and slip.
     However, their push recharge rate is rather excellent - you could find
     yourself doing a push every couple of seconds if you try. 3.5/10
     Crate Crush: Well, a slight improvement here - their speed and spin really do
     count here. The great thing about it is that they can spin and still go as
     fast as usual. Their spin hits crates far. However, their throw sucks, and
     throwing tends to be the easier option in Crate Crush as you can aim it
     better. Also, they can be pushed around fairly easily if you let them. 6/10
     Tank Wars: They're OK. They shoot fireballs which go nearly as fast as
     Cortex/Brio's plasma bolts. They have fair damage on enemies and can fire
     quite often and accurately. I guess they can do good at something. 7.5/10
     Crash Dash: Nice! Their spaceships are fast and small, therefore making them
     easy to slip through gaps and go around the inner ring nice and easy. But, one
     slip up and they're off the edge several times over. They've always had a
     tendency to be pushed around, and that is quite a downer here. 8/10
     Medieval Mayhem: Pretty good. All that matters in most of Medieval Mayhem is
     speed and agility, which they have. They can sail through this easily on all
     levels (except maybe Dragon Drop - getting pushed around shows its ugly face
     yet again). 7.5/10
     Overall: 6.5/10
     Bleh! These guys pretty much suck in almost every way! Sure, if you hook them
     with the right teammate they can do fine, but they're still rubbish. Slow,
     hard to control and weak. Not good. Let's get on with saying that they're
     Polar Push: Well, they can buzz around other players and annoy them with their
     ugly stares, and can push OK in the little time that they do. Yeah, they do a
     really good push which gets opponents right near the edge - then the enemy
     hits them back and OVER the edge. Their speed is alright but could be
     improved. A rare time that they're atleast OK at something. 5/10
     Crate Crush: Here comes the badness! Their throws and tail spins send crates
     roughly the same distances, but they're slow and not very agile. Also, being
     fairly large, they become easy targets. 4.5/10
     Tank Wars: Useless. Utterly useless. They fire slow, weak, tiny fireballs
     which would never hit a distant enemy easily. However, they can fire two shots
     in one go if you want them to, which can help if you've managed to corner your
     enemy and want to get rid of them before they can to you. Still rubbish
     though. Very rubbish. 3/10
     Crash Dash: Bah. Hit them once and they're doomed to be stuck in a spirally
     frenzy for about 5 seconds. Their ships are just too big and slow. Rubbish to
     play as them at this. 4.5/10
     Medieval Mayhem: Well, let's just say that this is their best one. Their low
     speed does cause a problem here, and they're rather clumsy and hard to control
     as ever. Well, they're not really too bad here, so maybe for once you'd have
     some sanity to go on this as them and expect to win. 6.5/10
     Overall: 4.7/10
     Best players for...
     Ballistix: Tiny
     Polar Push: Tiny
     Pogo Pandemonium: Crash
     Crate Crush: Tiny
     Tank Wars: Cortex/Brio
     Crash Dash: Crash
     Medieval Mayhem: Crash
     Overall: Tiny
     [GULA]--------------------------Guide Layout----------------------------[1002]
     This is the layout for each sub-sub section of each sub-section (try saying
     that three times fast).
     [CODE]       LEVEL NAME    [#CODE]
     Type: Ballistix/Polar Push/Pogo Pandemonium/Crate Crush/Tank Wars/Crash Dash/
     Medieval Mayhem/Boss
     Requirements: How to gain access to the level
     Difficulty: Trophy - 1-5/5
                 Gem - 1-5/5
                 Crystal - 1-5/5
                 Overall - [Mean Average]
     Extra Notes: Blah blah blah
     Then there will be the guide to that level, with five sections:
     1 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     2 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     1 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     2 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     1 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     2 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     In boss levels... 
     1 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     2 Player:
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 
     Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
     Relics are not included since they're pretty much the trophy, only quite a lot
     Progress: XX Trophies (XXX.X%)
               XX Gems (XXX.X%)
               XX Crystals (XXX.X%)
               XX Golden Relics (XXX.X%)
               XX Platinum Relics (XXX.X%)
               XXX% Complete
     Well, here we are. The main section of the guide, which is why it's made in
     the first place. This entire section explains how to beat Crash Bash to the
     maximum 200%.
     I've decided to add speech in this time, since there isn't much at all. This
     explains all five warp rooms, and then explains each level type, repeats the
     bosses, and also explains other things to do.
     Anyway, starting off, wait for the title to pop up. Once it has, choose your
     language (which is likely English) and wait for the main menu to come up.
     Choose 'Adventure Mode', then choose whether you want to play alone or
     2-player in a team, choose your character (see 'Character Overview' to make
     deciding easier), and get ready to start! The opening cutscene awaits...
     Aku Aku: Uka Uka... how many times must you be told? You cannot defeat me!
     Uka Uka: I have heard enough of your shallow wisdom. It is I who is strongest,
     and it is evil that will ultimately prevail!
     Aku Aku: This bickering can go on no longer! We must resolve this once and for
     all time.
     Uka Uka: Hmmm... for once, feeble brother, I agree with you. We shall settle
     this arguement. Prepare to fight!!!
     Uka flies up to Aku in attack, yet Aku denies.
     Aku Aku: No, Uka Uka! The ancients would not allow it! There can be no fights
     between us.
     Uka Uka: Hmmm... a contest then. Good against evil. Your players against mine!
     Aku Aku: Very well... summon the teams.
     Far, far away, Crash is sleeping by a lake, only to be struck by magic and
     teleported to Aku.
     In his evil lair, Cortex is working up an evil plan, only for him to be
     teleported as well.
     Uka Uka: Crash, Cortex. Welcome. You and your friends have been summoned
     They start to appear: Coco by Crash and 5 other villains by Cortex.
     Uka Uka: ...To reek battle between good an evil. May the best player win!
     Aku Aku: Uka Uka, this is not a fair contest! You have too many players! If
     your confidence in evil is so great, you can win with equal sides. You must
     surrender two of your team!
     Uka Uka: Very well... choose.
     Tiny and Dingodile are warped to the good side.
     Aku Aku: Let the games begin!
     Player 1 will appear in the first warp room.
     [AAAA] Warp Room 1 [2100]
     [BBBB] Warp Room 2 [2200] (COMING SOON!)
     [CCCC] Warp Room 3 [2300] (COMING SOON!)
     [DDDD] Warp Room 4 [2400] (COMING SOON!)
     [EEEE] Warp Room 5 [2500]
     [FFFF] Bosses [2600]
     [GGGG] Level Types [2700]
     [AAAA]----------------------------Warp Room 1---------------------------[2100]
     Here we are in the first warp room! This leads to the five levels reachable
     from it - a hub world. Exploring it, you'll start off infront of the warp to
     'Crash Ball'. Going to the right, you'll find 'Polar Panic', 'Pogo Painter',
     'Jungle Bash' and 'Papu Pummel'. Also here is a save point to keep your
     progress safe, and a warp room pad which currently doesn't work.
     Start by going into 'Crash Ball'.
     [AAAB] Crash Ball [2101]
     [AAAC] Polar Push [2102]
     [AAAD] Pogo Painter [2103]
     [AAAE] Jungle Bash [2104]
     [AAAF] Papu Pummel [2105]
     [AAAB]      CRASH BALL      [2101]
     Type: Ballistix
     Requirements: Warp Room 1
     Difficulty: Trophy - 1
                 Gem - 2
                 Crystal - 2
                 Overall - 1.7
     Extra Notes: Well, not an ideal
     starting level, since Ballistix
     sucks. A basic introduction to the
     1 Player: Well, here we are, starting with Ballistix. An annoying yet basic
     start to the game. You're in a spaceship at the bottom and your three
     opponents who were randomally selected will be on each other side of this
     square. As soon as the game starts (after the countdown), you can move
     left and right and can release an 'extra kick'. Very soon, a big ball will
     pop out from either corner, and go ahead. It'll head towards any goal. If it's
     to an opponent, then they'll likely extra kick it or just hit it to blast it
     away. If it comes to you in any way, you should do the same. You can aim your
     hit back by hitting it from either side. Eventually, it'll go into somebody's
     goal and they'll lose one of the 15 lives shown up top. More balls will
     continue to pop out, in which will all end up in a goal eventually. The ball
     release rate and speed will gradually increase, making play tougher. They may
     bounce off each other and scatter, possibly ambushing you. Always be alert and
     use L1 or R1 to speed up your ship when you need to. Continue playing like
     this, getting harder and harder, and pretty soon someone will hit 0 lives. At
     this point, they'll blow up, be out of the game, and an electric barrier will
     form over their goal. Acts as a barrier to stop further balls going in. If the
     barrier is opposite you, watch out! It may cause a nuisance as balls will just
     bounce back to you. A little more onwards, another will be out, leaving it as
     a 1 v 1 battle. This works a whole lot easier when it's opposite sides against
     each other. However, don't let bad scores put you down and you'll hopefully
     win a cup. If you happen to lose at any point, you won't get a cup from that
     round. You can also 'Force Victory' if you do lose by tapping X when it says
     so. This will end the round immediately, leaving the player with the most
     lives. You just need to win twice more to get the trophy. They all play in the
     same way. However, it tends to be that the more you win, the tougher it gets,
     and the more you lose, the easier it gets. End long paragraph.
     2 Player: Easier with this. Follow the guide above with a few exceptions -
     you're playing as a team, so work together to defeat your opponents. Player 1
     is at the bottom as usual, and Player 2 is on the right. P2 moves up and down
     instead. Basically, it's 30 v 30 points here. The cups are dealt to teams.
     Only one player needs to survive to make a team win, but you can win with both
     still alive as well. Those are the only differences, except that it's more
     fun. Good luck!
     GEM: 40% LESS LIVES
     1 Player: You start with only 9 lives, whereas everybody else starts with the
     usual 15. It's not that much harder. If you had close matches with the trophy,
     you'll need to improve by 40% to have a chance of just succeeding this. All
     else is the same and difficulty hasn't changed much. The extra kick does work
     very well here, so use that if you don't already. It'll likely be a near loss,
     but stick at it and you'll have the gem in no time. You only need to win once
     for the gem. Because of that, it's probably even easier than the trophy.
     2 Player: This time your lives merge together, which means that this can be
     very annoying if you're good at it and your teammate sucks, since they'll lose
     for you. What's worse is that it's 18 v 30 lives. This is so much harder on 2
     player and I'd expect you to give up soon. Lose all lives, the team fails.
     Just keep on trying until the opposing team reaches 0 lives.
     1 Player: Agh. I hate this one - you must win without the use of the extra
     kick. This means that the chance of you hitting the balls away are almost
     twice as slim. Also, you can give no power to your shots because of this. This
     one's gonna be a toughie. The best alternative is to use the L1/R1 speed-up
     alot, so as to get around quickly. So what it puts you out of control more?
     It's almost nessacary here. I also find that tapping [] when you hit it helps,
     but that might confuse some. Win once for the crystal.
     2 Player: Basically the same only, obviously, both of you have no extra kick.
     The same as 1 player, manuever alot and this one will be done soon. It should
     be easier, since you only need to rid of two others.
     Head outta here and into the next level to the right, Polar Panic.
     Progress: 1 Trophy (3.6%)
               1 Gem (3.6%)
               1 Crystal (3.6%)
               0 Golden Relics (0%)
               0 Platinum Relics (0%)
               3% Complete
     [AAAC]      POLAR PANIC     [2102]
     Type: Polar Push
     Requirements: Warp Room 1
     Difficulty: Trophy - 1
                 Gem - 1
                 Crystal - 2
                 Overall - 1.3
     Extra Notes: Much easier than
     Crash Ball, Polar Panic sees a fun
     bash around with polar bears on an
     ice platform.
     1 Player: A very fun, easy level! You're all on polar bears on an icy
     platform. You can move around freely (with the disadvantage of the slippery
     ice) and can launch you and your bear forward with []. The bars up top
     determine when you can push - if it's not fully green, you can't push. The
     stronger the player's push, the longer it takes to recharge. The idea is to
     knock the others off the ice. Unfortunately, for this level, there are tiny
     ice chips around the edge. The slightest touch breaks them, which is ideal to
     beat others. Once a nice gap has been made, push someone into it. They'll try
     to cling on and will either get back on or fall off. If you hang off the edge,
     quickly tap [] as rapidly as you can until you get back up. There is a beam
     shooter flying around above - it occasionally shoots beams which give powerups
     or powerdowns to the first to touch it. It can shrink you (makes you weak and
     pathetic), swell you (makes you strong and unpathetic), give you lightning
     (whoever has it after the 15 second timer survives whereas everyone else is
     struck by lightning and stunned, making them unable to fight back), or give
     you a weight (whoever has it after the 15 second timer is crushed by a giant
     weight and automatically loses). Last man standing (or strongest player after
     timer) wins a cup. Once again, it's three cups to win.
     2 Player: The same, obviously. Your team versus the other team again. It's all
     about knocking both off again. Not much different to 1 Player, but it is a
     good strategy if one of you holds off the opponents, and the other makes a gap
     in the ice chips simultaneously. After that, line your shot up, and knock them
     through there.
     GEM: 45 - 60 SECONDS
     1 Player: Easiest thing ever. All you have to do is defeat all of your
     opponents in one minute. This is very simple as all you have to really do is
     make a gap in the ice chips and then push your enemies in - they'll barely
     even try to fight back. Also, it's good to get all the powerups you can here.
     There's only a 25% chance of getting shrunk which is the only slightly bad
     thing as you can soon pass the weight on. Make a gap and get some good aims to
     have this done in a matter of seconds.
     2 Player: Very, very easy here. More so than 1 Player. Get one of you making a
     gap again and then it's just two accurate pushes to victory. 'Nuff said. Well,
     also, lightning helps alot as you have a slim chance of NOT winning when you
     do have it. The 15 second difference shouldn't cause any problems.
     1 Player: The beam shooter is angry at you and wants to get you defeated. So,
     it's decided to rapidly zap and chase you. The lightning strikes have breaks
     for about two seconds and each zap is about three. It stuns only you and when
     it does, you're pretty much done for. Occasionally, it'll do its original
     thing and strikes a beam for powerup/downs. Don't bother this time - you'll
     probably just get zapped straight after getting it. Try to keep far from the
     beam shooter - it'll chase you when you get close. Try to start off making a
     big gap by bashing away at the ice chips. Once the beam starts going for you,
     stop with the gap and run away. From there, simply line your opponents up and
     push them through it and over the edge. Getting lightning here is not easy so
     don't bother chasing for it - once you get it, note that you'd have three
     opponents and the beam chasing you. It's not too bad to get zapped as the beam
     does that anyway. Your worst case scenario is when somebody with a weight
     chases you - avoiding 500 lb and lightning is not that easy. However, as hard
     as I may have just made it sound, it shouldn't pose too much trouble.
     2 Player: Much easier as you can multi-task. Start by BOTH making a gap until
     one of you is being chased by the beam and then both run. Whoever's being
     chased should just run while the other player holds the opponents off. Your
     best hope is a weight on an opponent. Your best chance to attack the others is
     when the beam's not chasing either of you. All this in 1:30. A bit tricky but
     still a breeze.
     Out with all three, go right once again for Pogo Painter.
     Progress: 2 Trophies (7.1%)
               2 Gems (7.1%)
               2 Crystals (7.1%)
               0 Golden Relics (0%)
               0 Platinum Relics (0%)
               6% Complete
     [AAAD]     POGO PAINTER     [2103]
     Type: Pogo Pandemonium
     Requirements: Warp Room 1
     Difficulty: Trophy - 1
                 Gem - 1.5
                 Crystal - 2
                 Overall - 1.5
     Extra Notes: Probably the only fun
     PP level as it's simple and easy.
     1 Player: You're all on pogo sticks which paint squares your colour that you
     step on. Your colour is yellow, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is blue and Player 4
     is green. No real character difference here except Crash who is only slightly
     faster. Once you start, get moving in either direction to start painting your
     squares over the blank ones. There are 64 squares to choose from. I suggest
     trying to paint over opponents' squares to replace them with your yellow. In
     no time, you'll see purple crates appearing on random squares. When you step
     on these, all of your squares reset to blank and you get a point for each one.
     Your total is viewed at the top of the screen. I suggest getting big amounts
     of squares before you get a crate so as to save them, but don't let your
     opponents get all of them. Try to encircle a crate until an opponent goes near
     it, then stop painting around it and reach it before them. You'll definitely
     need to focus on ruining opponents with many squares before they can score -
     paint over theirs and beat them to crates. It's also helpful to go for the
     powerups which fall. The speedy boots will increase your speed temporarily,
     missiles can be fired with [] to try and hit and stun opponents, and arrows
     paint all squares in the direction its pointing when you get it your colour.
     Try hanging around these and getting them at the points when you get alot of
     squares. Listen out for the music speeding up and keep an eye on the timer -
     once 20 seconds are remaining on the clock, stop going for big points and
     focus on getting as many crates as possible. This shouldn't be hard and you'll
     likely be atleast 30 points over your opponents when you win at the end. Since
     all rounds have 1:30 on the timer, this'll be a long level - 4:30 minimum,
     13:30 maximum!
     2 Player: Ofcourse, the second player will have red as their colour. You still
     score seperate points and stuff. Go over opponents' squares as usual but try
     to keep away from your ally's! This will probably be easier than 1 Player. Use
     all the same tactics as 1 Player and you'll have the trophy in no time. This
     time the maximum length for this is only 7:30. At the end of each round, the
     scores merge to team scores and the highest one wins.
     1 Player: This time you have to be the first to decrease your starting score
     to zero before everyone else to win. Easy, huh? No - you start off with 80
     points whereas everyone else has 60. What can I say? Just try to get as many
     speedy boots as you can and try not to go over your own squares. Don't bother
     trying to get big points this time - just focus on getting to the crates. This
     should still be fairly easy (this entire Warp Room is).
     2 Player: Your combined team score to minimize is 160 and Team 2 has 120. Just
     use the same tactics as above and it'll be fairly easy, but maybe still a
     little bit trickier.
     1 Player: This time around, there are poisonous mushrooms that pop up rapidly
     on random squares. They only affect you and do so well - hit one, you fail.
     They'll start off minorly, only appearing about once every three seconds. Soon
     enough, they'll increase in production and will be popping up at a scary rate
     and moreso in the direction you're going. I suggest never to go in a straight
     line - do lots of turns and they won't get in your way. There is a second
     before they appear that a white circle appears on that square - that's your
     only warning to move elsewhere. May I suggest NOT getting speedy boots here as
     they can send you out of control and straight into a group of mushrooms. Also,
     if you are surrounded, don't be afraid to just stop until they go. It's as
     easy scoring as the trophy - if you won by far there, you'll win here if
     you're careful. Scoring isn't the primary objective here. This is a toughie
     and may take a few attempts. Probably the hardest challenge so far. Patience
     is the key - for this and what's to come in the game. On my best file today I
     got from 134% to 138% today (by that point in the game, things get very hard).
     How? I had patience. Use that here and you'll win eventually.
     2 Player: A whole load harder with two of you. One of you hits a mushroom,
     both of you fail. This will probably take twice as long as on single player to
     beat and will probably result in you and your teammate having a tussle (one of
     you annoyed at the other's lack of skill). Both take it slowly and play the
     same, using the tactics above. This one's a huge test of patience (well, not
     as huge as what's to come...). Stick at it and you'll soon have it done.
     Out with all three collectables a third time, head into the ever-great Jungle
     Bash one more to the right!
     Progress: 3 Trophies (10.7%)
               3 Gems (10.7%)
               3 Crystals (10.7%)
               0 Golden Relics (0%)
               0 Platinum Relics (0%)
               9% Complete
     [AAAE]      JUNGLE BASH     [2104]
     Type: Crate Crush
     Requirements: Warp Room 1
     Difficulty: Trophy - 1
                 Gem - 2
                 Crystal - 1.5
                 Overall - 1.5
     Extra Notes: Ahh, I love Crate
     Crush levels. A fun, if not
     violent, game in which you must
     pulverise your enemies with crates
     until they keel over dead. Cool!
     1 Player: Yay! Jungle Bash (it rules)! Basically, you're free to move around
     on foot for once and you have to chuck crates at your enemies to knock down
     their health bars. Once the bar is fully red, they keel over dead. There are
     steel crates: they do minor-ish damage upon hitting others, and are most
     common. TNT crates will start a three second timer upon being hit, picked up
     or jumped on - after the timer, they blow up and cause major damage. Nitro
     crates will blow up with the slightest tap - avoid these at all costs. You can
     jump with X, attack with [] and pick up crates with Triangle. Start off by
     picking up the nearest crate to you (or nearest TNT if it's not too far away)
     and immediately throwing it in the direction of somebody else. Hopefully it'll
     hit them. You'll soon gather that they flash for a couple of seconds after
     being hit. This is when they're invicible, so they can't be pushed around too
     much. You'll see among other things some wumpa fruit about - very helpful as
     these will heal a tiny bit of health when walked into. If you see somebody
     aiming at you, run. If you can't escape soon enough, jump in the hope that it
     will smash underneath you. Attacking crates with [] pushes them along a bit,
     also useful to push into opponents. Try to also use this (throw works too) to
     knock into Nitro crates. If you're enemies beside one, blowing it up is a good
     way of causing splash damage. Always be on the move. An easy tactic is to aim
     for opponents that are taunting - while they're immobilised like this, chuck
     them a crate for an easy hit. Avoid explosives the most but still try to get
     as many TNTs as possible (without letting them explode in your hands). Last
     man standing (or whoever has the most health after 90 seconds) wins a cup.
     2 Player: Ofcourse, you're aiming at the other team. You can do friendly fire
     here, so try not to hit your teammate. So, yeah, Team 1 vs Team 2. You can
     read above to know what to do. First team to be wiped out loses, whereas the
     other(s) standing win(s). If a round hits the 90 second time limit, the
     highest combined team health wins. As ever, three cups for the trophy.
     GEM: 30 - 45 SECONDS
     1 Player: You have just 45 seconds to defeat all three of your opponents.
     Kinda difficult. For the first ten seconds, just stand back from the commotion
     and let your opponents get themselves hit a bit. About eight seconds through
     that (or when you start to get targeted), start picking up all the crates you
     can (particularly TNTs) and get to work. Don't do weak hits on your opponents
     - the time when they're flashing afterwards won't get you far. Also, don't
     focus on one opponent because of this - while the one you just hit recovers,
     hit another one. The first opponent should be dead just before the timer hits
     20, the next one five to ten seconds after the first, and the remaining one
     should be easy to defeat in the last 12 or so seconds.
     2 Player: Only 30 seconds to beat both of 'em - very hard. This means you'll
     need one dead every 15 seconds atleast. Pick up all the TNTs you can and try
     to both work in a mirror tactic - you hit different ones at the same time,
     then switch over and hit the other one. Remember - don't let 'em escape and
     don't hit them weak. A very hard gem so far, but it can be easy if you both
     know what you and each other is doing.
     1 Player: Woah! This one can be hard if you're prone to getting hit alot!
     Well, you've somehow made the idol at the back angry, and it's now determined
     to destroy you... with Nitro crates! Yep, loads of Nitros will be tossed
     through the air and landing down with a bang at you. The key idea here is to
     NEVER stand still! Stand in the same spot for more than a second and you'll
     soon be hit by a Nitro. Also, try not to get hit in any other way - you get up
     after it and if you don't move fast enough, the Nitros have got you down
     again. Stay close to the others, or in their way - they may walk right into a
     Nitro aimed there. Generally, don't stop moving and keep your distance enough
     but not too much and you'll usually win.
     2 Player: Hmm. A bit easier this way. Now the idol aims at both of you, but
     still chucks the same amount of crates, so you each have a 50% chance less of
     getting hit by one. Both use the stay close to your enemies and don't stop
     moving strategy for an easy crystal.
     Well, that's all four of the proper levels done here. Now for the boss, Papu
     Papu, at Papu Pummel which is the last remaining warp pad here.
     Progress: 4 Trophies (14.3%)
               4 Gems (14.3%)
               4 Crystals (14.3%)
               0 Golden Relics (0%)
               0 Platinum Relics (0%)
               12% Complete
     [AAAF]      PAPU PUMMEL     [2105]
     Type: Boss (Crate Crush)
     Requirements: Collect 4 Trophies
     Difficulty: 1
     Extra Notes: The first boss of the
     game is easy compared to the minor
     difficulty previously. Plays like
     Crate Crush.
     Briefing if good:
     Aku Aku: Well done. You have completed the challenges that have been set for
     you in this warp room. To progress to the next set of games, you must defeat
     the mighty Papu Papu.
     Briefing if evil:
     Uka Uka: Excellent. I am now well on my way to defeating that evil brother of
     mine. Before you can continue, you must first meet an old friend - Papu Papu!
     Papu Papu? Yes. Mighty? No way! He was easy in the first game, he's still easy
     here. You'll soon see that it's a sort of a Crate Crush level, but with you on
     the main platform and him on a seperate one at the top.
     1 Player: He'll immediately start with a bash of his sceptre on the main
     platform. This will cause flames to rush along three rows of blocks here. Go
     on any of the blocks where there isn't fire to let them go past. Crates will
     appear, soon followed by a couple of mini-Crash clones. You have to defeat
     them. They are very weak - the slightest hit and they're dead. They will pick
     up crates, spin and everything like Crash. If they're carrying a crate, I
     suggest throwing one at them, and if not, just run over and [] attack them.
     Piece of cake. Once both are dead, Papu's shield will go down as he taunts
     you. What have you learned from Jungle Bash? Taunting is detromental, and can
     soon be sorted with the hit of a crate. So, quickly pick one up and lob it at
     him. Immediately run to where there are no crates nearby as Papu will hit the
     ground again, causing all the crates to explode and more streams of fire - at
     each edge and in the middle, then around the middle. Another two Crash clones
     will appear. Defeat them like before so that Papu summons another pair. Clear
     them out and chuck Papu another crate. Hide from the crate explosion and avoid
     three sets of fire, travelling on every line excluding needed gaps. Three more
     pairs of Crash clones now. I think you should have the idea. Hit Papu a third
     time. Run away from any crates from a third ground whack... followed by no
     flames? Yeah. A totem stone will fall and land on him. Ouch.
     2 Player: Much, much easier this way. A whole extra health bar if you get into
     any trouble, and you can co-operate. You could stick to your sides - one on
     the left and the other on the right, avoiding the flames there (so as not to
     disrupt each other in avoiding) and defeating that side's Crash clones (makes
     quick and easy work of them). This will be a breeze, as ever.
     Progress: 4 Trophies (14.3%)
               4 Gems (14.3%)
               4 Crystals (14.3%)
               0 Golden Relics (0%)
               0 Platinum Relics (0%)
               20% Complete
     Yay! That's all of the warp room possible to be done so far! 20% of the game
     complete! If you haven't already, save, then use the special warp thingy next
     to it to teleport to Warp Room 2.
     [BBBB]----------------------------Warp Room 2---------------------------[2200]
     This is accessible after completing Papu Pummel.
     Here we are in the second warp room! This leads to the six levels reachable
     from it - a hub world. Exploring it, you'll start off infront of the warp to
     'Beach Ball'. Going to the right, you'll find 'Tilt Panic', 'Pogo-A-Gogo',
     'Space Bash', 'Desert Fox' and 'The Bearminator'. As expected, there is also
     another save point and a warp pad to go back to Warp Room 1.
     Begin your adventures here in Beach Ball.
     [BBBA] Beach Ball [2201] (MORE COMING SOON!)
     [BBBC] Tilt Panic [2202] (COMING SOON!)
     [BBBD] Pogo-A-Gogo [2203] (COMING SOON!)
     [BBBE] Space Bash [2204] (COMING SOON!)
     [BBBF] Desert Fox [2205] (COMING SOON!)
     [BBBG] Bearminator [2206] (COMING SOON!)
     [BBBA]      BEACH BALL      [2201]
     Type: Ballistix
     Requirements: Warp Room 2
     Difficulty: Trophy - 2
                 Gem - 3
                 Crystal - 3
                 Overall - 2.5
     Extra Notes: The second Ballistix
     level. Probably the most enjoyable
     one due to the music and
     magnetic abilities.
     1 Player: OK, look familiar? Yeah, it's another one of those dreaded Ballistix
     levels. But you'll notice three differences - the scenery and music
     is different, you each have 12 points instead of 15, and something cool
     happens when you hold X. Your ship will become a magnet! Yeah, this'll pretty
     much replace the extra kick in this level. Basically, while it's a magnet,
     balls that get close to it will attract. This gives you a great chance to aim.
     You can hold any amount at once and for a pretty long time. When you've got
     your aim, release X to fire the balls in the direction they're facing very
     fast. Still use the extra kick occasionally though if your magnet just misses
     a ball. The opponents will be alot tougher here though, so watch out for that
     !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!MORE COMING SOON!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!
     Thanks go to...
     Various YouTube Members - Used several videos off their to look at the tactics
     of the more professional players and incorperate them into this.
     dark52 - The best guide writer I've heard of. His guides are so professional,
     and he has the best Spyro fansite ever! My inspirer.
     Naughty Dog - Creator of the almighty Crash Bandicoot!
     CJayC - For hosting this guide (on GameFAQs).
     God - Obvious reasons.
     Me - Well, I guess not much of the guide would be here without me.
     And finally...
     You - You read this guide. You're the entire point I made this. A walkthrough
     is made to help people where they get stuck, and, voila.
     Smell ya later!
     These are currently the only sites which may host this guide:
     If you see it anywhere else, don't hesitate to e-mail me about it. I'll
     eventually put it on a site of my own, when I make one. It'll likely be
     Copyright 2008 SpyroCrashJak Productions

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