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"Dangerously Cheesy"

Anybody who owns a PlayStation has probably played at least one Crash Bandicoot game in their lifetime. Of course, when game series become extremely popular, they often spawn more than sequels. I'm talking about spin-offs. Most of these spin-offs are pretty poor (Resident Evil: Survivor, anyone?). Crash Bash is no exception.

The basic gameplay is set-up like this: you play a bunch of mini-games (each one three times) to win against two other players. Of course, you can play against or with friends in a versus mode, but this is very boring, especially after you've played through the "Adventure" mode that the game offers.

The Adventure mode, however, is probably the only reason to play this game. It's set-up like most Crash games as you are in a little warp room and you go to each level. However, in Crash Bash, each level is a mini-game and you have to win each mini-game three times to get a trophy. At the end of the warp room you have to fight a boss so you can advance to the next warp room? Sound simple? It is.

Most of the boss fights are uninspired garbage and are too much like the boss fights in past Crash Bandicoot games to really give a crap about it. If you've been playing video games for at least two years, be ready for very predictable battles against characters who are supposed to be relatively powerful (but really aren't).

Now on to the main part of Crash Bash: the mini-games. Sadly, there are basically five mini-games, but they each get little twists on them after you beat each warp room. One mini-game is a game where you basically have to hit a metal ball into an opponent's goal. This mini-game is greatly flawed because you often have no control of where the balls go and you will probably accidentally hit in your friend's goal. The next type of mini-game is very odd as you simply ride small polar bears and ram each other off a little island of ice. Sound fun? Didn't think so. The most boring of all the mini-games, however, is the ones where you have to color little squares on a small stone board and then break a purple box in order to get points. At first, it was slightly fun, but it gets really boring, especially when the game forces you to do it three times in succession. However, the "twists" on this mini-game is much greater than the other mini-games and does provide a little bit of reason to keep playing the game (simply to see what they're gonna do with the mini-game next). Finally, the last mini-game (save for boss fights) is one where you throw boxes at the other characters. This is probably one of the more fun mini-games to watch as it is hilarious to see a thick stone block smack Cortex's huge head.

Oh, yeah, that's right, you can be the arch-enemy from the Crash Bandicoot games, Dr. Neo Cortex. Not only that, but you can be other past villains and more otherwise unplayable characters from the past games, which is one of the coolest (one of the only) features about Crash Bash and almost makes it worth checking out.

Of course, the developers tried to slap-on a story with this poorly-made party game, and, of course, the story sucks. Basically, the two floating mask people get into an argument and all of a sudden, everyone's playing party games to save the world. Sound extremely dumb? Well, that's because it IS extremely dumb.

There was no excuse for the graphics present in Crash Bash. I've seen other PlayStation games, ones that have much more features at that, with way better graphics than Crash Bash offered. The texturing is horrible and the character modules are a step-down from the main series of games. Which is really one of the most disappointing things of playing the game.

Voice-acting? Horribly cheesy. Background music? Sub-par. Some of the music from past Crash Bandicoot games are present, which I love, but some original music is in there, too, which I extremely despise as the tunes are probably some of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard in my life.

Crash Bash is an extremely short game and none of the mini-games are fun enough to make a gamer want to play any one of them with a friend, or even go through the Adventure mode again. If you are a major Crash Bandicoot fan, then you should check this title out, despite it being of very average quality. The reason? If you are a fan of something, you can enjoy almost anything with the characters in it. So, fans of Crash, rejoice!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/20/07

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