Review by carlmckie2000

"A fun game to play"

Crash Bash is a very good party game to play, It will have you and your friends hooked for ages. Here is my summary:

The graphics on Crash Bash are not as good as the other games in the Crash series. The graphics in Crash Bash wont let the gameplay down though, because they are just like the other Crash games. They can tend to be a bit out of place at times but this doesnt really matter.

SOUND 6/10
The sound and music in Crash Bash are dull like all of the other Crash games, they are just the basic sound effects as in the other games and mostly the same music. I just like to turn the volume off and listen to some real music.

The gameplay goes up high because it is a great multiplayer game, bring your friend around and you will be up all night playing on the wide range of party games that are availabe. There are eight charachters in total, four good and four bad. In the Adventure mode there will be two good characters and two bad characters in a team. You will have to work through many levels in order to beat the game, then you must go back to the levels and collect various items by completing different tasks which are normaly harder than the first part of the level. You might like to play these games alone and you still will have a lot of fun but the game will fade away quicker. You can also have other game modes which you can play every person for himself in a battle to win the game three times which is also a very good mode. You can also play two players in adventure mode which is probably the best thing about the game because you are up against the computer in a battle to beat the game and both of you can take part in any level, at the same time.

This game should last you a long time if you like to play it with friends, otherwise, it will get boring after a short while so bring over your friends, sit back, and enjoy.

I would say that this game isnt bad, but it isnt goos either so I would strongly advise you to rent this game before you buy it, then make up your mind whether you like it or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/01, Updated 01/10/01

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