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"For one player mode, get your GameShark ready, for multiplayer, get your friends ready!"

Crash Bandicoot is my favorite mascot of all time, with Sonic coming in second and Mario in third. With that, and seeing the commercial for this game, I thought Crash Bash would be more enjoyable than Crash Team Racing, and it is, to a point.

Yes, you WILL want to get your GameShark ready when playing in one player Adventure Mode, because repeating stages sometimes up to ten times will aggravate you so much.Other than the boss stages, each stage has 5 ''rewards'' for you. Three of them are ''beat your opponent before they beat you'', one handicaps you by your opposition a head start, and the last challenge adds in something to the stage to attempt to add variety.

Winning in Adventure Mode is another thing. If you're familiar with the Tetra Master card game from Final Fantasy IX, then you know how annoying randomness can be. In Crash Bash, sometimes you can win by skill, but luck also plays a factor in finishing a stage. Sometimes I wonder how I completed all the stages the first time through without the GameShark. After using it to get the rest of the rewards though, relieved all the tension that I was getting from constantly losing. =

Once you finish the chore of getting all the stages through GameShark, toss it aside and replace it with three friends. This is where all the fun comes in. There's no pressure from trying to get everything, but only the joy of laughing at your friends when you beat them.

Well, I see that I need more words in this QUALITY review =) The graphics are nicer than most PlayStation games, since Crash Bash runs in a slightly higher resolution. The ''lovable'' look of Crash and the other characters is still here, so you won't be saying to yourself, ''Dude, Crash looks like a brown hedgehog plumber!.''

The sound and music don't enhance the game playing experience, but the Loading theme will get to your head, since you will see this screen a lot. The sound affects are standard Crash Bandicoot affair, and the characters even have taunts in some of the stages.

This replay value'll depend on each person. As for myself, I was wearing out the livelihood of this game, due once again to the Adventure Mode. When you start to tire out, take a chill pill with the included ''hidden'' demo of Spyro: Year of the Dragon, then go back to Adventure Mode. Just repeat that process over and over again, and we'll see how long replay value is. =P

This game is fun, but they could have done away with the repetitiveness of Adventure Mode and add more stages or something to that effect. Like the other sole review on this game, try it before you buy it. =P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/21/01, Updated 02/13/03

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