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Reviewed: 06/03/01 | Updated: 06/03/01

Scrappy version of Mario Party, with noticeably fewer games

Crash runs, Crash races, and now he bashes as well. Not content with trying to steal Mario's platforming and kart racing crowns, he's gone after his party-game crown as well. and he misses due to the pitiful amount of games (7) which are criminally disguised as different ones as they repeat themselves throughout the game).

The story is as equally un-involving as the game. Uka uka and aku aku are having an argument over who is strongest, so instead of fighting themselves, they wisely decide that they will each have a team of four who will compete in pogo-stick competitions and 3d versions of pong. Just like the Romans then.

The graphics are a little messy, but have the usual excellent animation and some good detail. All in all, good enough to make it well above average, with it's fast moving action and brightly coloured arenas. It is a little rough around the edges, like most playstation games, but it complements the action well. There are some barely noticeable glitches for me to moan about as well, textures in the game will constantly rearrange, this could cause distraction and so it should have been fixed.

Sound in the game is nowhere near the standard of the past crash games. crash's walk and spin are a lot slower, they are the same speed technically but you can hear that they seem to move a lot slower. Music is also noticeably less frantic and catchy, and the loading music is UNBEARABLE, mix elevator music with Country western and you'll get the gist of it. In what I see the be a mistake, eurocom have bot brought back the previous voice actors from the crash game series. Aside from the announcer, there are only two characters that speak, but the voices for them are poorly acted, in fact, it's embarrassing to listen to them, they should have brought back the old actors. That way, the characters that play the game could have had voices as well, this wouldn't be significant, but it would improve the game somewhat.

There are only a pitiful seven games in crash Bash, most of them clumsily programmed resulting in them not being fun, which is the aim of this game surely. The four player remake of pong is excellent and endlessly replayable, it involves some strategy, it's wild and frantic, and is excellent fun in multiplayer. Unfortunately this is the only game that is truly good, the pogo colouring squares games is harmless but sedate, and the frantic box-throwing deathmatch is hit and miss, although it's technically a lazy way to try and force the players to have fun anyway. The one-player game takes place in a series of warp rooms each with around 5 games to play and then an end of world boss to fight. In each game you can achieve a gold trophy for winning three times, and then crystals and gems, and even relics for defeating the same game, but with a harder challenge, this is well set out, and provides plenty of rewards to keep you playing to the end. It's just a shame that there isn't more variety on offer.

The one player game can get tough, and completing all of the challenges is a nightmare, but since it provides you with heaps of rewards, and SOME compelling games, then there's just about enough to get you to play through to the end. The multiplayer is good, but a bit of a let down, you CAN play two-player in the 'adventure' mode, which will make it a whole lot more enjoyable, but the fact that most of the multiplayer tournaments come in categories of four versions of the SAME game, makes it all the more boring. They should be mixing up the games so you get more variety, but instead you only get to play four whole rounds of games such as 'Crash Dash' in a row. But the multiplayer games are still silly enough to raise a smile, meaning that this will be played a couple of times after the one player game is done and dusted.

So, while not the mario Party beater it could have been, it remains a frantic enough style to keep you interested. However, there aren't nearly enough games, and only 2 or three of them are good. Most of them also harboring slooow controls. So, especially if if if you have mario party, this is a game that you could live without as it is a lesser game than it's alternatives. But if you are a crash fan, and you must have it no matter what I say, then you'll find that you will draw some excitement from it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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