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"Nobody and The SCCAN means NOBODY can bash like Crash!"


I was very pleased to hear that a new Crash games was going to come out for the Playstation. I was expecting something like the previous 3 adventure games, although I didn't hear anything about it being a party game. I have played every single Crash game out from Crash Bandicoot to Crash Team Racing. I saw Crash Bash in the stores, I never heard of when it came out but I didn't care. I wanted to get this game for a couple of reasons: It looked fun, I could play with my friends, and it was a Crash Game thus completing my PSX collection of Crash games (so I like 'em, shoot me). Anyway when I finally was able to get my hands on this game I went home and played it only to NOT be disappointed like most people here. I loved it! it reminds me of the cool party game I used to play with my friends on the Super Nintendo. I do play it often and with my friends too so this game isn't a waste. In fact it's a very fun game but far from perfect. Well not too far, but it has some minor flaws which I can't even overlook. Anyway, let's get it on with the basics! Crash Bash was made in late 2000 and developed by Eurocom. Eurocom isn't as good with the Crash games as was Naughty Dog which is why I think this game didn't succeed as well as many thought. I guess since Naughty Dog was bought out or the Crash license was traded or ... who knows? Well, all I know is that Naughty Dog doesn't make the games anymore, but I hope they take the Crash license back for future games like what the company of Twisted Metal did. If you are wondering if you should get this very awesome party game look no further and just scroll down as I talk about why you should get this. Stay tuned ...

STORY: (5/10)

OK, I admit that the story isn't something great but it provides enough fun for you to deal with. This plot is probably more used than any out of all the repeated plots in games you may see. It's simply good vs. evil as the masks, Uka Uka and Aku Aku decide to finally settle the score between good and evil by having a bunch of competitions to see who is better overall. So what if it has been used a zillion times, it works for this particular setting and you can choose to be either good or evil so that's pretty cool. A cool thing about the story is that some of the older characters have been brought back to the Crash Bandicoot world such as Koala Kong and Dr. Brio but if you've played every other Crash Bandicoot game you'll know he is supposed to be good, not bad. Anyway, there are only two of the good guys; Crash and his sister Coco so then to make the teams fair (because the evil side has six guys) Aku Aku brings over two guys from the bad side and they become good guys. Those two are Dingodile and Tiny the Tiger ... and it's hard to imagine them as good guys but oh well. Overall, the story is average and that's the best it can get only because it's a party game where story isn't a very important factor of the game.

GAME PLAY: (9/10)

Wow! A party game is a type of game that I haven't played since the Super Nintendo era and this game has brought back a lot of memories although the games are different. However, they are just as fun. The title party game means that it's mainly meant for playing with at least 2 players but Crash Bash also allows a fun one player mode which is the same as the 2 player mode, but it's just harder. What's the main layout of this game? Well, you know that there are events which you do like a fun party type game. Eh crap I'm probably not making much sense so let's say this. Crash Bash allows you to play 6-7 main games within the game. Those games is where the fun is at and it's a contest basically. The first contest is like air hockey but involves four people. It's very fun and my personal favorite. Then there is games where you ride polar bears and try to knock each other (four people) off an icy platform. Then a game where you are all on pogo sticks and on the ground are tiles. When you land on the tiles the color of your player will take places of the tile and you rack up points by hitting a box with an exclamation point which distributes those points to your total score. Then there is a bomberman type game with no boundaries in-between the players and crates instead of bombs with many pickups to use. Those are the first games you encounter and in adventure mode there are four warp rooms, which are similar to worlds. The next warp room you encounter will have the same type of games for those first four games you'll play and then have one new game. For each warp room you advance to you will encounter one new game.

I'll give you a more visual meaning of what I just said. Let's say in adventure mode you manage to beat the first warp room. The games you played in order to continue to the next warp room will all be in the next room so you have to play those games again. However, those games will have different rules and some added features so it doesn't get too repetitive because the games differ a lot. So does advancing to a new warp room just require you to beat the other players in all games for that warp room? No, not necessarily because if you are used to Crash Bandicoot games you'll know about crystals, gems, relics and other goodies. Each game contains a trophy which you must win by winning the game three times. After you receive the trophy for that certain level there will be more goodies to get from that level such as a gem, crystal, and later on relics which all have certain rules for how you must beat the level so it does come along with some difficulty. In each warp room there is a boss which needs a certain amount of trophies, gems, and crystals for you to be able to go up against them. That is all in adventure mode which is the main part of the game and after you beat the game there are extra games for you to play. They are new so only by beating the game can you play them and another cool thing about this game is that there is more than 100% completion. I think it's somewhere near 150% which completes the game so you will definitely be busy with this game with or without a friend.

Then there is battle mode which is just fun for everyone. Up to four players can play so plug in a multi-tap and grab three friends and you got yourself one helluva good time! Here you choose to play either tournament or just one time through. You pick the levels and once you unlock the newer levels they become available for this mode. This is just for fun and also for practice if needed. Oh and before I forget I'll just end with saying the characters and that you can play a secret demo of Spyro 3 so if you're interested in that game then you can check it out to see if you like. The characters you can play as are Crash, Coco, Dingo, Tiny, Cortex, Brio, Rilla Roo (he's new), and Koala Kong. Overall, the game play of this game may get repetitive for some but I enjoy this game a lot and I'm still playing it in hopes of trying to fully complete it.

CONTROLS: (9/10)

The controls are very easy to use in Crash Bash. Before every game, a box comes out in the middle of the screen and tells you everything you need to know like items in the level and what buttons do and that kind of stuff. Usually the X button is the main button in the games. Out of the games the X button is just the normal button to accept the next level or to save a game. The square button usually shoots objects or allows you to do custom attacks. Don't worry about the controls button wise because the game will always tell you, but the response and total control of your character differs from the character you choose from. That is in terms of speed and quickness but for everyone it's hard to maneuver them in some stages. That's basically the only problem I have with the controls because in the stages where you have polar bears and knock off your opponents it's hard to hit your target accurately all the time. For the most part of the game though I have had no problem with the controls. Very responsive in most cases and overall very well to work with. The controls are great!


One thing that I like about most Crash games is the great music that they have. Naughty Dog always provided very cool and nice music along with Crashes crazy adventures, but it seems that Eurocom still needs a little work to do with Crash. It's not that the music is bad, it's just that usually I enjoy the music a lot and its one of the best part of their games. In Crash Bash, even though there are some cool tunes, most of the music is just there and just fits well with the concept of the game. That's why I'm not going too hard on them because video game music only has to satisfy the setting basically. Unfortunately though I expected excellent music and I just got decent music. The warp room music is OK and some of the tracks for the polar bear game and the pogo stick game have good music. I also like the music they have you listen to while the game is loading; it sounds like a game show on TV. Anyway, the music is basically just there while it does have some good stuff. Now the sounds are where the game makes the audio score just a little better. A lot of the sounds of crates being destroyed, balls bouncing back and forth during four way air hockey and the boings while playing pogo paint is very accurate and adds the wackiness which we all know and love in a Crash game. The sounds of the characters are somewhat accurate and that's cool. What I also like about the sounds apart from the wackiness is the variety of them which include rockets and balloons popping. It really adds the feel of competition amongst the characters with good sound effects and Eurocom did that and they did that pretty good might I add. Overall, the music and sounds of Crash Bash aren't the highlight of the show but it's still damn good.

GRAPHICS: (8/10)

Now with Eurocom in charge the graphics seem more animated and the colors just seem different. They are indeed brighter and the characters in my opinion don't look as good. One thing though that I really don't like about the graphics are the character designs. Not exactly how they look because all the stuff is accurate along with detailed colors to express the character more, but the size of the characters. Mainly it's Crash, for crying out loud he's smaller than his younger sister! He looks really small in this game and since he is my favorite guy in this game and most Crash games it's really disappointing to see something like this. I mean he doesn't even look like he can hurt, push, compete with some of the other players so to Eurocom you guys better fix that up for Crash Bandicoot 5 for the Playstation 2. The backgrounds are nice and have some depth to the level with storms, jungle setting or some other type of background which differs from every other level which also shows some variety amongst the backgrounds. I think these graphics are very good for the Playstation since it's a later game of the console but I do think there is a lot to improve and not only just how Crash is small. Some things I think which could've been better was more layouts of the setting of where you played; the backgrounds were different but the part where you play on usually was the same thing. Also to not make the characters look as cartoonish because it just feels different but I can't really say that it's a bad thing because Eurocom might've wanted it that way to indicate a difference. Overall, the graphics look very nice and have a lot of depth with the colors.


I found the game to be easy at some parts but for the most part this game is just one of those games where you can easily be screwed and sometimes isn't fun. The computer is difficult sometimes and the overall difficulty depends on the character you use because some characters are better at different events than others. For example, Tiny the Tiger and Koala Kong can throw really far in the crate crush event, but they are very slow in the pogo stick event. With personal experience I have found Crash is a very well rounded character and is the best for beginners. The bosses aren't too hard but in two player some of the bosses are really hard because within a small area you and your friend have to maneuver perfectly in order to win unscathed. The final boss is a very good challenge as you use a certain event to win after a long Earthworm Jim type level. Also if you and your friend are playing and have on character evil and the other good you two will have a final battle between each other to see who truly is the best; good or bad. To get the maximum percentage in this game is a very tough challenge because relics are very hard. You have to win two times in a row against the arena champions to get a gold relic and three times in a row for a platinum relic. This game definitely will give you a challenge so don't expect a bunch of easy childish games because these games aren't a walk through the park. Overall, the challenge is above average and for a party game pretty damn hard.

REPLAY: (10/10)

Since this game is a party game you already should know that there will always still be fun left in the game for you to play just for the hell of it. This game only takes one space on the memory card which allows four saves for you, which is very cool. If you have a mutli-tap for your Playstation then you can bring some friends over and just have fun playing games with all of your buddies. These are the types of games which usually everyone is up for playing so even a friend who isn't that much into video games shouldn't mind playing this if you've got other people up for playing. Even though there aren't too many events it's enough for you to play over and over with your friends until your just plain sick and tired of it. Eventually though you can come back, put the Crash Bash CD into your Playstation and just have mindless fun for half an hour; more or less if you prefer but either way this game is always there for a short surge of entertainment. Crash Bash is a great game which won't just lay around your house collecting dust because it's so fun I can guarantee you that if you liked it when you first played it you can and most likely will come back to play it again; even if it's not for a long time. Overall, the replay value is very high.

- Fun games, good cast of characters
- Modes of play are awesome, get some friends and play up to 4 players!
- Graphics are very good
- Audio sounds like a game show
- Tons of replay value

- Not much variety between levels
- Hard to control characters in some levels
- Sometimes too difficult


Story - 5.0/10
Game play - 9.2/10
Controls - 9.4/10
Audio - 7.9/10
Graphics - 8.3/10
Challenge - 8.0/10
Replay - 10/10

Total - (not an average) 8.8/10 = 9


Crash Bash is one of the games I still play for the Playstation which is kind of amazing because I have Playstation 2 and I've just usually been focusing on the games for that system. I hope Eurocom makes another party game like this with Crash in it but I seriously wish it wasn't counted as one of the series. What I mean is that I think Crash Bash is counted as Crash 4. Crash Team Racing was just a racing game with Crash and company but not an actual sequel. The actual sequels should be adventure and Crash bandicoot 5 for the Playstation 2 will be just that. Seriously though I really like Crash Bash, but I just wish it wasn't an actual sequel because it just makes the series feel weird to me. Anyway, I totally recommend this game for anybody who likes Crash Bandicoot or party games in general. So what if this game is a rip off of Mario Party. The games are different and Mario has already taken over many genres so it's inevitable for another mascot to copy Mario; the biggest mascot in video game history. This game is probably around $30 - 40 last time I checked so if it has dropped prices wherever you live get it! If not, still get it! If you aren't too hyped about party games this is still a must rent game but to everyone else I recommend this game as a purchase. It's not as good without Naughty Dog but it's still damn good. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/08/01, Updated 08/08/01

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