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"Errrr, don't be too excited about this game"

Now that the Crash Bandicoot series has had several single player games, the developers(Naughty Dog) have decided to expand on their games on multiplayer. Though it does do a good job at it, it does also deliver a game with agony and frustration. And even though it is nice to see that the developers have taken a new step to enhance Crash's videogame life, it doesn't look like it has a bright future.

First off, let's talk about the gameplay. Basically, there are a bunch of mini-games where you take part in and win by achieving the score of whatever the goals are. Each game is about two minutes long. The controls are very easy and simple, sometimes consisting of a Pong style game, where all you do is move left to right and make sure you hit the ball. Usually, there is also a time limit for some games. The mini-games are simple and fun, the hard part is by fully completing the entire game to its fullest extent.

The thing I hate about this game is that the percentage of completion for the adventure mode has very little value has to how much you are actually done by. In math, 100% is all, nothing missing. In Crash Bandicoot games, sometimes it goes over by 5%, which is ok, but Crash Bash just goes way too over board. When you reach 100%, you will be given more goals to complete, making the levels harder, and theres no end in sight. It is not wise to put an extra 100% and making people think they are done at 100%.

If you are familiar with the Crash series, you will recognize the characters from the previous games,not that it really matters. Overall, this game is quite easy in the beginning, but can get extremely hard towards the final parts of the game, which should not really matter, since most people will have enough of Crash Bash by that time.

The graphics are nice, and sounds and music are average. There really aren't any FMV's or any special stuff to get you all excited about. This game was meant to be more of a party game. After all, you are able to play up to four players if you have the multi-tap. You can still play single player if you want against the computers though. Although it won't be as fun since you have only the computer to play against.

Rent or Buy?

Since this is more of an arcade game consisting of multiplayer elements and not really having a great single player mode to it, I would definitely recommend renting this first, even if you are a big fan of Crash Bandicoot.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/27/02, Updated 09/03/02

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