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"Not what I was expecting at all."

I can tell you that I am a huge fan of all the Crash Bandicoot games but then I discovered Crash Bash. I will say that I was looking forward to this game when I first heard of it but when I played it and I must say I was very disappointed with it.

Well I will give the game credit in the graphics category. If you have played any of the previous Crash Bandicoot games then there is not much to expect, the graphics still look as good as they did before.

The music for starters was not as well done as in any of the earlier Crash games and I found to get pretty repetitive after a while of plying it. The voices aren't as good as before, and is it just me, or do some of the voices sound different than before?

Well, for starters, there is a lack of games to play. I will admit that I found some a bit enjoyable but after they just became repetitive and boring. The controls I guess are alright but while playing I found that sometimes when I would press a button it would not respond or something different would happen. Also the game would have a tendency to slow a lot when to much was on the screen at once.

Replay Value:3/10
I think that this is the most critical area of the game. I gave this a low mark because do to the lack of games to play (like I mentioned earlier) you probably will not be finding yourself playing this more than once. I think that the developers should have thought up some more games to make you want to play this more often.

Rent or Buy
I would have to suggest that you save your money and not buy this game. You can at least rent it so you can see what it is like for yourself but save the rest of your cash and buy something else.

As I said earlier, I was very disappointed with this game. If you are looking for a good party game to play with your friends then should check out: Crash Team Racing, or any of the Mario Party games, they are much better than this, trust me. The only thing I found suitable in this game was the graphics but other than that, this game will serve you better for lighting your fireplace than entertaining you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/25/02, Updated 11/25/02

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