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Reviewed: 05/10/03 | Updated: 05/10/03

Pretty good, but could be better

I am a Crash Bandicoot fan and I liked all the Crash games but this game is not what I expected at all. When I looked at it at the store, it looked interesting because I liked all the Crash games. But this game doesn't live up to the rest of the Crash games.

Gameplay and Games: 8/10

Upside: The games and gameplay are okay, and those are the only things that I like in this game. There are 28 mini games in all, divided into seven categories. Each category has four mini games each, which all have a certain theme (like racing or tanks). I like games very much and all the categories have unique names and they are all very creative. The controls are pretty much easy to understand and there are instructions for each mini game.
Downside: The games are okay, but I think the games could use a little variation. The games are also full of glitches.

Sound: 5/10

Upside: The sounds are also okay. The sounds fit in the theme of each mini game.
Downside: The music can use some originality. They also copied the songs from Crash 3. First, the theme song of Crash Bash is really the theme song of Crash 3. In Space Bash, the background music is really the music from Future Frenzy, a futuristic level. The copied music was also badly altered that I prefer the original one. Also, the music is so repetitive. They could really use a bit of variation.

Graphics: 4/10

Upside: At least the characters still resemble their own selves. The background is nice and fits the mini game.
Downside: The graphics are awful. They are terrible with a capital T. The expression the characters’ faces never change. Like, when you kill Tiny in the bashing levels, he still wears his toothy smile. It is really weird. Dingodile doesn’t look like he is wearing pants because his pants look like his skin. Sorry if I am going too detailed because what I am saying is true. If you compare how he looks like in Crash 3 as to how he looks like in Crash Bash, he looks really different in each of the games. The penguin in Snow Bash is supposed to be Penta, but he doesn’t look like him in anyway (except being penguins).

Story line: 5/10

The same story about saving the world. The story line does not follow the original one because of the following: 1. N. Brio is supposed to be “a bad guy turned good” not a “ good guy turned bad” 2. Why can’t N. Gin be a playable character? 3. I thought Aku Aku and Uka Uka were fighting over the crystals, not trophies!

Creativity: 10/10++++

The producers of this game are very creative (“,). The names are cool and catchy. They are creative enough to pull the pants off Dingodile (technically and literally). They were creative enough to create Rilla Roo and to make their own storyline instead of following the original. I guess they went overboard with creativity.

To rent or to buy: rent

Rent it before you buy it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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