Review by Ars Arcanum13

Reviewed: 05/29/03 | Updated: 05/29/03

All this game will give you is a sor thumb...if you can play it long enough.

I knew I should have rented this game before buying it, but it was cheap, and now I know why. The mini-games are boring and repetitive. The graphics aren't anything to brag about. The game would have been better off without the soundtrack. The secrets and unlockables weren't worth the trouble. And worst of all, the loading! I mean, honest, it would put you to sleep. After every mini-game and warp room. Saving and just starting the game! I couldn't stand it.

Storyline: 4/10

I didn't expect much, it's only a party game after all. It's just the regular Crash story. The magic faces fight over who is better. Whoa. Save me the boredom, my 3 year old cousin could think up something more interesting than that.

Game Play: 5/10

After playing the mini-games over ten times you certainly get to learn the controls at least. Otherwise, the game play is horrible. The mini-games are monotonous and easy, bosses as well. And they are certainly not fun. The whole game is dull and unimaginative. I mean, there are a total of about six or seven mini-games not counting the hidden ones. (Don't worry, they aren't fun either).

Soundtrack: 0/10

I wish I never heard the songs...they were fruity and monotonous. I felt like shooting myself after listening to the SAME SONG over and over again. Then I used a little thing I like to call the mute button. If you decide to get this game, I highly suggest that you mute the TV before you even hear the theme song.

Graphics: 6/10

They don't harness the full power of Playstation at all. It's still fun to see your favorite characters in 3D again, and the best part is controlling the bosses like Cortex and Tiny.

Unlockables, Secrets and Extras: 7/10

Most of the reason that I gave this portion of the game a decent reason is because of the sheer number of them. You can get lots of harder mini-games (not to say that they are fun) and different levels of the mini-games you have already played throughout the Story Mode. There are lots of different things that you can do other than the story as well. Tournaments, Multi-Player, Two-Player Story and more. So...try and have fun. but with this game, it is kind of hard.

Borrow, Buy, or Forget?

Forget this unless you love party games or you are a die hard Crash fan. If you are, still, rent it or borrow first. I'm sure your friends won't mind giving it away for awhile.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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