"One of Playstation's best party games but not without its flaws"

Crash has always been one of the cuter characters on the Playstation but I didn't play his games much since I'm not too big on platformers. But when I saw his non-platforming games Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash I eargerly purchased them. Crash Team Racing went on to be one of my most favorite games on Playstation but Crash Bash didn't do quite as well. It is still a great game but just not a got to have game like others.

Gameplay - 8/10
This game is definitely not for solo play. There are four main types of games (and 3 more can be unlocked) and each of the main game types has four different versions. Each game is played by four people and the computer controls any characters that aren't being used by humans. A multi-tap is definitely suggested here, the computers can be fun to play against for a little while but they will get boring way too quickly.

Most of the games are pretty entertaining and range from throwing crates at eachother in a small arena to a game resembling pong. They are all pretty simple and easy enough to pick up that people who haven't played video games at all could be kicking ass after only a short time of practicing. The characters move pretty slow in some games which is annoying at first but I think this was done to keep the action from getting too crazy. Still, they could have put in maybe two different speed levels for some of the games.

You can play either just one arena at a time or play a tournament. When you select an arena you get a few options like the difficulty setting, teams or every man for himself and the number of wins you need to win the arena. Tournament play is pretty cool, you select one of the seven main games and you fight all four of its subgames and whoever has the most wins at the end wins the tournament. I just wish you could make up your own tournaments and put in whatever games you wanted. Its fun seeing who is the master at Crate Crush but I'd like to mix the games up a bit too...

Story - 3/10
Games like this obviously aren't going to have good stories. Basically Uka Uka and Aku Aku are arguing over which is stronger, good or evil. They can't fight themselves for whatever stupid reason so they have a bunch of Crash Bandicoot characters fight for them in a sort of violent game of Chess so to speak.

Bottom line is this game would have been better if it didn't have a story at all. At least you can skip past the few crappy cutscenes there are in the game.

Difficulty - 9/10
The enemy AI is easy enough but some of the challenges in Adventure mode are just insane and frustrating and hellacious. You will really have to work hard if you plan on unlocking the extra arenas without cheating.

Sound - 7/10
The music is ok. I liked the music in Adventure mode when you are selecting an arena to play in but other than that most of it is forgettable and you probably won't even notice it. But since this is a party game there will likely be some loud music blaring from the stereo while you are playing this game so it doesn't really matter.

The sound effects and character noises get old. Theres usually just a bunch of explosions going off all over and you can press triangle to taunt your opponents. Theres also the occasional odd noise... I think it is Crash that makes this really weird chicken noise.

Graphics - 6/10
Characters are undetailed and move pretty stiffly. Most of the arenas are pretty bland looking as well. In the background when you are fighting it is usually just an uninteresting mixture of a few colors or some bland looking buildings standing around you.

Replayability - 7/10
With a multi-tap you can keep coming back to this game time and again. Without one you will get bored of it after a while and then only come back to it to every couple of months to play a game or two of tank wars or crate crush. The Adventure mode will probably start feeling stale before you complete it the first time (and you will likely go through a couple controllers if you ever fully beat this game) and you won't feel like replaying it unless you play two player maybe.

And the twelve arenas you unlock are great but why can't you unlock any characters? You should be able to unlock at least a couple, like Ripper Roo or Komodo Joe or something.

Final Score - 7/10
If you don't have a multi-tap then I suggest just renting it. You can find it cheap now so if you do enjoy playing it then go ahead and purchase it. Its good for people with very little gaming experience and it is entertaining for a while with its four player action.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/09/04

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