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    Weapon Names FAQ by Smoking Frog II

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 01/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    X----------------( VAGRANT STORY WEAPON NAMES FAQ V 1.20 )-----------------X
    Copyright 2003, Mat Smith/Smoking Frog II
    Contact me: smokingfrog2@hotmail.com
    On the GameFAQs message board my username is smokingfrog2.
    My homepage is www.freewebs.com/smokingfrog2
    Vagrant Story, and rood symbol are copyright of Squaresoft.
    IMPORTANT: This faq may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without my permission and consent. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    This FAQ has been written ONLY for gamefaqs, and If you require to put
    this up on your website, You must e-mail me and get an affirmative reply
    BEFORE you may do so. Linking to the faq is prohibited.
    X-------------------------(  C.O.N.T.E.N.T.S  )----------------------------X
    Please use Ctrl + F (find) to find the section you may be after)
    |Section A:  | Version History              |
    |Section B:  | Introduction / Overview      |
    |Section C:  | Weapon Names                 |
    |Section D:  | Contributing Names           |
    |Section E:  | Pre-Named Weapons found      |
    |Section F:  | Credits                      |
    X--------------------( V.E.R.S.I.O.N   H.I.S.T.O.R.Y )---------------------X
    Version 0.9 : 26 August 2003
    Began on basic document. Contents/Introduction etc all done.
    Version 1.0 : 30 August 2003
    Finished the basic 5 areas and submitted FAQ.
    Version 1.2 : 7 September 2003
    Not accepted probably due to little gameplay terms. Added Pre-named
    weapons section to A:) Give you some ideas for names and  B:)Maybe help get the
    FAQ accepted...
    X--------------( I.N.T.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.O.N / O.V.E.R.V.I.E.W )---------------X
    This FAQ is for those of you who like to rename your weapons and give them
    exotic and quite special names. I know its a bit late to be making FAQs for
    this quite old game, but this game is a cult thing for quite a few people
    (including myself.)
    One of the best things about VS is that you can rename your weapons. What
    sucks is that you can't rename armour or shields. *sulk* I don't own Harvest
    Moon but I heard you can name weapons on it too, in whoich case you can use
    this guide for that as well.
    I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or words / names
    for me to add to my FAQ. If I do add some of your words, you will be
    guaranteed recognition. So, please either e-mail me, or let me know on the
    gamefaqs message board. Refer to section D for more information.
    X-----------------------( W.E.A.P.O.N  N.A.M.E.S )-------------------------X
    You have obvious names to use like 'Excalibur' or 'Masamune', but I'm not
    gonna do these.
    Some weapon names will be one word, for example you could name a sword
    "Chaos" or an axe "Devastation." Try to use a word that describe the weapon,
    for example the crossbow "Saviour" might have a high light affinity. I don't
    use these names, so will not compile a list as such, however, I will accept
    them if you give them to me.
    In most cases, it is more effective to have two words rather than one for
    naming a weapon. A name like this could be "Withering Dream" (bad one,
    I know) You can also have something like "Deathbringer" which is two words
    combined as one.
    Sometimes switching the words around and adding a joining word can sound
    better. For example, what's better out of 'Life End' or 'End of Life'???(The
    second, although they both suck.)
    The following words below can _ONLY_ be used as the FIRST WORD. Most sound
    really sucky as the second, although you may get away with rune as a second at
    a pinch. <...> means insert a whatever ... is
    |First Name     | Description / Hint for use                           |
    |Alexander      | Could mean 'conquest'                                |
    |Diablo         | Dark, Evil                                           |
    |Serene         | underrated perhaps?                                  |
    |Rune           | High Magic?                                          |
    |Ruin(ed)       | Destructive                                          |
    |Piercing       | Use on piercing weapons duh                          |
    |Paladin        | Good name for a knightly weapon                      |
    |<colour>       | Use colour for dominant affinity, e.g.) fire=red     |
    |Giga           | Earth Affinity?                                      |
    |Mega           | Powerful, improved?                                  |
    |Sacred         | Light affinity anyone?                               |
    |Colossus       | Mighty                                               |
    |Divine         | Holy or special?                                     |
    |Cultist's      | Reference to Mullenkamp                              |
    |Crimson        | Reference to Crimson Blades                          |
    |Critical       | I don't see how anyone could possibly use this       |
    |Enchanted      | Magic?                                               |
    |Seraphim       | Holy or Curative                                     |
    |Holy           | As in 'Holy Win' but without the win...              |
    |Heaven         | Death will take you to..                             |
    |Sanctuary      | Same as heaven                                       |
    |Chaotic        | Dark? Not that this is not the same as 'chaos'       |
    |Hyper          | Like Mega                                            |
    |Heavy          | Physical affinity                                    |
    |Deadly         | Powerful and/or dark affinity                        |
    |<material>     | Either Bronze, Hagane etc                            |
    |Genocide       | Now we're just getting silly...                      |
    |Genjii         | Most can't get enough of this word                   |
    |Battle         | Battle spear/lance                                   |
    |Longinus       | Owner of spear that pierced Jesus' side              |
    |Final          | Last of something?                                   |
    |Reverence      | Holy perhaps?                                        |
    |Soundless      | Try using the silence chain ability                  |
    |Undine         | Water affinity                                       |
    |Double         | Work with blade and edge                             |
    |Triple         | as above                                             |
    |Suicide        | Possessed weapon that kills all that use it???       |
    That's all I have for now but I'm hoping to get more.
    These names can only be used as the _SECOND NAME_
    |Second Name    | Description / Hint for use                           |
    |Blade          | Duh?                                                 |
    |Edge           | For an edged weapon                                  |
    |Tip            | Piercing weapon (please don't do 'piercing tip')     |
    |Tempest        | Air affinity?                                        |
    |Sword          | How 'bout a sword?                                   |
    |Axe            | "         " Axe                                      |
    |Mace           | See above                                            |
    |Crossbow       | Yeah we get the picture                              |
    |Hammer         | Enough already                                       |
    |Gun            | Good name for a crossbow or sword esp.               |
    |Hit            | Pretty versatile                                     |
    |Scream         | TERROR!! (aargh) etc                                 |
    |Squad          | Not sure, but I think it works. Why not?             |
    I need more of these...
    These words can be used as _EITHER_ first or second names, or you can use two
    of them together...
    |Second Name    | Description / Hint for use                           |
    |Force          | Power                                                |
    |Shot           | Missile attack or close                              |
    |Squall         | FF character, air affinity                           |
    |Cloud          | see above                                            |
    |Steel          | Crimson steel? Steel Force? versatile name           |
    |Flare          | Fire affinity                                        |
    |Flame          | as above                                             |
    |Spark          | as above                                             |
    |Ultima         | as in the weapon                                     |
    |Omega          | see above                                            |
    |True           | Pure or summat?                                      |
    |Thief          | "Thief blade" or "Meteor thief"?                     |
    |Knight         | see above. Sword                                     |
    |Paladin        | see above. Great sword                               |
    |Dragoon        | "       " spears                                     |
    |Ronin          | Use the Katana blade perhaps...                      |
    |True           | Goes with Knight?                                    |
    |Virtue         | See above                                            |
    |Shot           | Did you use the sonic bulelt on this weapon?         |
    I'm sorry. I had tons of these - then I lost my sheet with the words on.
    Finally, these words are single names, although arguably you could set about
    using them as doubles, although it may change the meaning...
    |Second Name    | Meaning                                              |
    |Samsara        | Rebirth, like a phoenix                              |
    |Swathe         | Cut. Sounds best on its own                          |
    |Kirahaki       | I've since forgotten what this means. Sorry!         |
    X----------------( C O N T R I B U T I N G   N A M E S )-------------------X
    For any of you who would like to contribute words, here's the system.
    1.) either e-mail me on smokingfrog2@hotmail.com or through the Gamefaqs
        vagrant story message board. (topic tilte eg 'to smokingfrog2' blah etc.)
    2.) Give me the list of your words, and I will add them in
    3.) Your name will appear beside the words you have contributed, and also in
        the credits section.
    BTW, on the Gamefaqs message boards, my username is smokingfrog2.
    X------------------( P.R.E - N.A.M.E.D  W.E.A.P.O.N.S )--------------------X
    This section lists all the pre-renamed weapons in the game - ie) weapons
    found that are not named by their blade's name...
    If I miss any, please feel free to help me out.
    |Name            |Location                     | Consists of:                |
    |Fandango        |(Default Weapon)             |Scimitar + Short Hilt        |
    |Tovarisch       |W:- Worker's Breakroom       |Hand Axe + Wooden Grip       |
    |Seventh Heaven  |W:- Reckoning Room           |Gastraph + Simple Bolt       |
    |Rusty Nail      |W:- Hero's Winehall          |Spear + Spiculum Pole        |
    |Pink Squirrel   |C:- Rodent Ridden Chamber    |Goblin Club + Wood grip      |
    |Shandy Gaff     |C:- Lamenting Mother         |Broadsword + Swept Hilt      |
    |Soul Kiss       |C:- Bandit's Hideout         |Scaramasax + Swept Hilt      |
    |Bosom Cleaver   |S:- Alchemsists laboratory   |Langbedeve + ???)            |
    |Magnolia Frau   |T:- Tircolas Flow            |Wizard Staff + ???           |
    |Stinger         |A:- Miner's Resting Hall     |??? (Great Axe)              |
    |Shillelagh      |S:- Hewn From Nature         |??? (Staff)                  |
    |Angel Wing      |S:- Hewn From Nature         |Executioner + ???            |
    |Sweet Death     |U:- Children's Hideout       |(S)Firanghi? + ???           |
    |Mojito          |E:- Weapons not Allowed      |??? (Great Mace????)         |
    |Balin's Revenge |U:- larder for a lean winter |Tabar? + ???                 |
    |Stinger         |Abandoned Mines              |Guisarme + Sand Face         |
    |Angel Wing      |Snowfly forest               |Katana + ???                 |
    |???             |Snowfly Forest               |Wizard Staff + ???           |
    X---------------------( C . R . E . D . I . T . S )------------------------X
    Thanks to: The guys at the Gamefaqs VS message board. You guys rule! (isert
    that song that goes 'We are family')
    Thanks to: CJC, for a great website
    Thanks to: www.freewebs.com for freely hosting my crappy website
    Thanks to: Squaresoft, for a consistent supply of brilliant games, though FF3
    was not really up to scratch, and FF9 was too short *angry*
    Thanks to: Leo Fender for inventing the electric guitar
    Thanks to: Tom Reed. This guy rules, and has great breasts (that part was a
    And finally, Thank You, the reader, who had the time to read my FAQ.

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