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    Translation Changes Guide by Sky Render

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    Vagrant Story Translation Changes and Similarities Guide
    Version 1.10
    By Sky Render
    NOTE: This guide employs the QuickFind system!  To jump to any section of
    this guide, simply search for the QuickFind code listed in the table of
    contents, found in brackets at the end of each entry!
    Table of Contents					QuickFind Code
     Introduction and Legal Disclaimer			[QFINTRO]
     Revision History and Contact Information		[QFHISTORY]
     Special Thanks to					[QFTHANKS]
     Character Names					[QFCNAMES]
     Titles							[QFTITLES]
     Common Items						[QFCOMMON]
     Keys and Sigils					[QFKEYS]
     Blades and Custom Weapons				[QFBLADES]
     Grips							[QFGRIPS]
     Shields						[QFSHIELDS]
     Gems							[QFGEMS]
     Armor							[QFARMOR]
     Accessories						[QFACCS]
     Grimoires						[QFGRIMOIR]
     Spells							[QFSPELLS]
     Break Arts						[QFBREAK]
     Battle Abilities					[QFBATTLE]
     Monsters						[QFMONSTER]
     Monster Attacks					[QFATTACKS]
     Locations						[QFLOCATE]
    Introduction and Legal Disclaimer			[QFINTRO]
     This is a list of all of the changes made to Vagrant Story in terms of
    translation when the game was ported to the US.  All names are listed for
    comparison's sake, even when the terms are the same in both versions.  A *
    indicates that I don't know what the text listed is supposed to mean.
     Legal disclaimer: This guide was written by me (Sky Render), and as such,
    it's my property.  Reposting of this guide in any form without my consent
    is forbidden.  Do not modify this guide or repost it in modified form,
    ever.  I did not make the game that this guide pertains to, and as such,
    all credit for this title is given to the company that made it
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Revision History and Contact Information		[QFHISTORY]
    Version 0.90 (12 April 2004)
    * Pre-final version
    * Break Arts, Battle Abilities, Monsters, and Monster Attacks missing
    * No table of contents or QuickFind codes
    Version 1.00 (13 April 2004)
    * Finalized version
    * A few entries are still unknown
    * Break Art translations sound a bit rough at times
    Version 1.10 (22 April 2004)
    * A few untranslated terms figured out
    * Some minor corrections of typos
    * Changed the QuickFind notice to be more guide-specific
    Special Thanks to					[QFTHANKS]
     These are the people I'd like to thank for helping me write this guide.
    * Tonberry (http://www11.plala.or.jp/tonberry/) - His site proved to be an
    invaluable resource, as it contains the Japanese version's text for all of
    the items found in this guide (which allowed me to translate them into
    Character Names						[QFCNAMES]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Ashley Riot		Ashley Riot
    Tia			Tia
    Marco			Margo
    Callo Merlose		Callo Merlose
    Jan Rosencrantz		Jan Rosencrantz
    Sydney Losstarot	Sydney Losstarot
    John Hardin		John Hardin
    Romeo Guildenstern	Romeo Guildenstern
    Duane			Duane
    Grissom			Grissom
    Samantha		Samantha
    Neesa			Neeshe
    Tieger			Tieger
    Aldous Byron Bardorba	Aldous Byron Bardorba
    Joshua Bardorba		Joshua Bardorba
    Titles							[QFTITLES]
    US Version			Japanese Version
    Seeker of Truth			Knower of Truth
    Conqueror of the Dark		Ruler of the Demon City
    Treasure Hunter			Successor of the Treasure Hunter
    Wanterer in Darkness		Wanderer of Darkness
    Destroyer of Gaeus		Destroyer of the Rock God
    Hunter of the Snowplains	Hunter of the Snowplains
    Ally of the Wood		Ally of the Forests
    Slayer of the Wyrm		Slayer of the Dragon
    Vanquisher of Death		Conqueror of Death
    Warrior of Asura		Murderer of the Gods
    Conqueror of Time		Conqueror of Time
    Knight of Brilliance		Warrior of Glinting Light
    Bearer of the New World		Bearer of the New World
    Hoard-Finder			Treasure Finder
    Hands of Might			Master of Power
    Hands of Skill			Master of Skill
    Wanderer of the Wyrding		Seeker of Luck
    Adventurer of Legend		Supreme Adventurer
    Lone Werreour			Proud Warrior
    Knight of Pride			Knight of Pride
    Blood-thirsty Hunter		Bloodthirsty Hunter
    Master of Arms			Master of Fighting
    Silent Assassin			Silent Assassin
    Great Swordsman			Great Sword Master
    Master of Blades		Grand Swordsman of 10,000 Murders
    Steel Dragoon			Veteran Knight
    The Earthshaker			The Earthshaker
    Sweeper of the Dark		Destroyer of Demons
    Acolyte of Iron			Priest of Rounded Iron
    Spearsman of the Gale		Spearsman of the Gale
    Heaven's Huntsman		Hunter of the Heavens
    Master Martial Artist		Strong-Armed Grappler
    Common Items						[QFCOMMON]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Cure Root		Cure Root
    Cure Bulb		Cure Bulb
    Cure Tonic		Cure Liquid
    Cure Potion		Cure Nostrum
    Mana Root		Mana Root
    Mana Bulb		Mana Bulb
    Mana Tonic		Mana Liquid
    Mana Potion		Mana Nostrum
    Vera Root		Vera Root
    Vera Bulb		Vera Bulb
    Vera Tonic		Vera Liquid
    Vera Potion		Vera Nostrum
    Acolyte's Nostrum	Acolyte's Nostrum
    Saint's Nostrum		Saint's Nostrum
    Alchemist's Reagent	Alchemist's Reagent
    Sorceror's Reagent	Sorceror's Reagent
    Yggdrasil's Tears	World Tree's Tears
    Faerie Chortle		Deceased Spirit's Prayer
    Spirit Orison		Blessing of the Holy Spirit
    Angelic Paean		Angel's Smile
    Panacea			Panacea
    Snowfly Draught		Leaf Beetle Draught
    Faerie Wing		Faerie Feathers
    Elixir of Kings		Miracle Drug of High Kings
    Elixir of Sages		Miracle Drug of Wise Men
    Elixir of Dragoons	Miracle Drug of Dragoons
    Elixir of Queens	Miracle Drug of the Holy Mother
    Elixir of Mages		Miracle Drug of Great Wizards
    Valens			Valens
    Prudens			Prudens
    Volare			Volare
    Audentia		Audentia
    Virtus			Virture
    Eye of Argon		Crystal Eye of Clarivoyance
    Keys and Sigils						[QFKEYS]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Bronze Key		Yellow Copper Key
    Iron Key		Black Iron Key
    Silver Key		White Silver Key
    Gold Key		Yellow Gold Key
    Platinum Key		White Copper Key
    Steel Key		Red Iron Key
    Crimson Key		Knight Group of the Holy Seal Key
    Chest Key		Treasure Chest Key
    Chamomile Sigil		Hamashon* Stamp
    Stock Sigil		Stock Stamp
    Lily Sigil		Lily Stamp
    Hayacinth Sigil		Musukara* Stamp
    Fern Sigil		Shyaga* Stamp
    Mandrake Sigil		Dracaena Stamp
    Cattleya Sigil		Cattleya Stamp
    Clematis Sigil		Clematis Stamp
    Aster Sigil		Aster Stamp
    Eulelia Sigil		Kyurasu* Stamp
    Melissa Sigil		Melissa Stamp
    Laurel Sigil		Laurel Stamp
    Acacia Sigil		Acacia Stamp
    Palm Sigil		Hemp Palm Stamp
    Calla Sigil		Calla Stamp
    Tearose Sigil		Tea Rose Stamp
    Kalmia Sigil		Kalmia Stamp
    Columbine Sigil		Columbine Stamp
    Anemone Sigil		Anemone Stamp
    Verbena Sigil		Verbena Stamp
    Schirra Sigil		Schirra Stamp
    Marigold Sigil		Marigold Stamp
    Azalea Sigil		Gerbera Stamp
    Tigertail Sigil		Tigertail Stamp
    Blades and Custom Weapons				[QFBLADES]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Battle Knife		Battle Knife
    Scramasax		Scramasax
    Soul Kiss		Soul Kiss
    Dirk			Dirk
    Throwing Knife		Kidney Dagger
    Kudi			Pescado
    Eviscerator		Bee's Knees
    Cinquedea		Cinquedea
    Kris			Kris
    Hatchet			Hatchet
    Khukuri			Khukuri
    Ribsplitter		Stone Fence
    Baselard		Baselard
    Stiletto		Stiletto
    Jamadhar		Jamadhar
    Spatha			Spatha
    Scimitar		Gladius
    Fandango		Fandango
    Rapier			Rapier
    Short Sword		Short Sword
    Firangi			Firangi
    Corpse Reviver		Corpse Reviver
    Shamshir		Shamshir
    Sweet Death		Honeysuckle
    Falchion		Falchion
    Mojito			Mojito
    Klondike		Klondike Cooler
    Shotel			Shotel
    Khora			Khora
    Khopesh			Khopesh
    Wakizashi		Samurai Blade
    Romphaia		Romphaia
    Red Viking		Red Viking
    Brioniac		Toscanav
    Mjolnir			Sentofuuru*
    Pinaka			Caravan
    Sarnga			Barnadier
    Izanagi			Sword of Stone
    Ascalon			Garadin
    Isolde			Isolde
    Dainslaif		Alondait
    Broad Sword		Broad Sword
    Shady Gaff		Shady Gaff
    Norse Sword		Viking Sword
    Katana			Katana
    Angel Wing		Angel Wing
    Executioner		Walloon Sword
    Death Sentence		Bloody Ball
    Claymore		Claymore
    Matador			Matador
    Schiavona		Schiavona
    Sonora			Sonora
    Bastard Sword		Bastard Sword
    Nodachi			Faulx
    Rune Blade		Rune Blade
    Holy Win		Holy Win
    Excalibur		Excalibur
    Hand Axe		Hand Axe
    Tovarisch		Tovarisch
    Goblin Club		Goblin Club
    Pink Squirrel		Pink Squirrel
    Battle Axe		Battle Axe
    Spiked Club		Spiked Club
    Francisca		Francisca
    Sweet Sorrow		Mimoza
    Ball Mace		Onion Shape
    Tabrzin			Tabrzin
    Footman's Mace		Small Spike
    Chamkaq			Chamkaq
    Morning Star		Morning Star
    White Lady		White Lady
    Tabar			Tabar
    Balin's Revenge		Blue Lagoon
    War Hammer		War Hammer
    White Rose		White Rose
    Bullova			Bullova
    Bec de Corbin		Big Hammer
    Crescent		Crescent
    War Maul		Bull Mace
    Guisarme		Guisarme Axe
    Stinger			Stinger
    Large Crescent		Large Crescent
    Sabre Halberd		Bumper Blade
    Pirate's Mate		Grog
    Balbriggan		Balbriggan
    Angel Face		Angel Face
    Double Blade		Double Blade
    Balalaika		Balalaika
    Bellini			Bellini
    Halberd			Halberd
    Landebeve		Landebeve
    Bosom Cleaver		Bosom Cleaver
    Sabre Mace		Katzbalger
    Footman's Mace		Spiked Maul
    Dog's Nose		Dog's Nose
    Gloomwing		Gloomwing
    Mjolnir			Mjolnir
    Griever			Phalanx
    Frost Maiden		Snowball
    Bull Shot		Bull Shot
    Destroyer		Destroyer
    Hand of Light		Bloody Mace
    Wizard Staff		Wizard Type
    Shillelagh		Shamrock
    Magnolia Frau		Magnolia Frau
    Clergy Rod		Cleric Type
    Summoner Baton		Summoner Type
    Shaman Staff		Shaman Type
    Bishop's Crosier	Bishop Type
    Sage's Cane		Wiseman Type
    Spear			Long Spear
    Rusty Nail		Merry Widow
    Glaive			Glaive
    Scorpion		Scorpion
    Corcesca		Corcesca
    Affinity		Affinity
    Trident			Trident
    Awl Pike		Awl Pike
    Boar Spear		Boar Spear
    Fauchard		Fauchard
    Voulge			Voulge
    White Cargo		White Cargo
    Pole Axe		Pole Axe
    Bardysh			Bardysh
    Brandestoc		Partisan
    Gastraph Bow		Gastral Bow
    Seventh Heaven		Seventh Heaven
    Light Crossbow		Light Crossbow
    Target Bow		Target Bow
    Windlass		Windlass Bow
    Cranequin		Cranequin
    Lug Crossbow		Lug Crossbow
    Siege Bow		Stone Buster
    Arbalest		Arbalest
    Grips							[QFGRIPS]
    Short Hilt		Short Hilt
    Sweep Hilt		Swept Hilt
    Cross Guard		Cross Guard
    Knuckle Guard		Knuckle Guard
    Counter Guard		Counter Guard
    Side Ring		Side Ring
    Power Palm		Power Palm
    Murderer's Hilt		Murderer's Hilt
    Spiral Hilt		Spiral Hilt
    Wooden Grip		Wooden Grip
    Sand Face		Sand Face
    Czekan Type		Czekan Type
    Sarissa Grip		Sarissa Grip
    Heavy Grip		Heavy Grip
    Gendarme		Gendarme
    Runkalsye		Runkas Style
    Grimoire Grip		Grimoire Grip
    Wooden Pole		Wooden Pole
    Spiculum Pole		Spiculum Pole
    Winged Pole		Winged Pole
    Framea Pole		Framea Pole
    Simple Bolt		Simple Arrow
    Steel Bolt		Steel Arrow
    Javelin Bolt		Javelin Bolt
    Falarica Bolt		Falarica Bolt
    Shields							[QFSHIELDS]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Buckler			Buckler
    Pelta Shield		Pelta Shield
    Targe			Targe
    Quad Shield		Quad Shield
    Circle Shield		Circle Shield
    Tower Shield		Tower Shield
    Spike Shield		Spike Shield
    Round Shield		Round Shield
    Kite Shield		Kite Shield
    Casserole Shield	Casserole Shield
    Heater Shield		Heater Shield
    Oval Shield		Oval Shield
    Knight Shield		Knight Shield
    Hoplite Shield		Hoplon Shield
    Jazeraint Shield	Lozenge Shield
    Dread Shield		Dread Shield
    Gems							[QFGEMS]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Haeralis		Ringleader Stone
    Orion			Beast King Stone
    Iocus			Holy Corpse Stone
    Trinity			Phantom Stone
    Dragonite		Radiant Dragon Stone
    Demonia			Demon Ripper Stone
    Orlandu			Thunder God Crystal
    Ogmius			Beast God Crystal
    Balvus			Heavenly Ash Crystal
    Beowolf			Ghost-Unravelling Crystal
    Sigguld			Dragon Slayer Crystal
    Altema			Holy Darkness Crystal
    Talos Feldspar		Talos' Feldspar
    Sylphid Topaz		Sylph's Topaz
    Salamander Ruby		Salamander's Ruby
    Gnome Emerald		Gnome's Emerald
    Undine Jasper		Undine's Jasper
    Angel Pearl		Angel's Pearl
    Morlock Jet		Morlock's Jet
    Titan Malachite		Titan's Malachite
    Djinn Amber		Djinn's Amber
    Ifrit Carnelian		Efreet's Carnelian
    Dao Moonstone		Dao's Moonstone
    Marid Aquamarine	Marid's Aquamarine
    Seraphim Diamond	Seraphim's Diamond
    Berial Blackpearl	Berial's Blackpearl
    Braveheart		Brave Heart
    Hellraiser		Hell Raiser
    Nightkiller		Night Killer
    Manabreaker		Mana Breaker
    Powerfist		Robust Fist
    Brainshield		Brain Shield
    Speedster		Speed Star
    Silent Queen		Silent Queen
    Dark Queen		Dark Queen
    Death Queen		Killer Queen
    White Queen		White Queen
    Polaris			Sir Bors
    Basivalen		Sir Percivale
    Galerian		Sir Galahad
    Vedivier		Sir Bedevere
    Berion			Sir Geraint
    Gervin			Sir Gawaine
    Tertia			Sir Tristan
    Lancer			Sir Launcelot
    Arturos			King Arthur
    Armor							[QFARMOR]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Bandana			Bandana
    Wizard Hat		Wizard Hat
    Bone Helm		Bone Helm
    Bear Mask		Bear Mask
    Chain Coif		Chain Coif
    Spangenhelm		Spangenhelm
    Cabasset		Cabasset
    Sallet			Sallet
    Barbut			Barbutta
    Basinet			Basinet
    Armet			Armet
    Close Helm		Close Helm
    Burgonet		Burgonet
    Hoplite Helm		Hoplon Helm
    Jazeraint Helm		Lozenge Helm
    Dread Helm		Dread Helm
    Wizard Robe		Wizard Coat
    Jerkin			Jerkin
    Hauberk			Long Coat
    Cuirass			Cuirass
    Ring Mail		Ring Mail
    Banded Mail		Banded Mail
    Chain Mail		Chain Mail
    Breastplate		Breastplate
    Segmentata		Segmentata
    Scale Armor		Scale Armor
    Brigandine		Brigandine
    Plate Mail		Plate Mail
    Fluted Armor		Fluted Mail
    Hoplite Armor		Hoplon Armor
    Jazeraint Armor		Lozenge Armor
    Dread Armor		Dread Armor
    Bandage			Bandage
    Leather Glove		Leather Glove
    Reinforced Glove	Jipon* Glove
    Knuckles		Cuirasse
    Ring Sleeve		Ring Sleeve
    Chain Sleeve		Chain Sleeve
    Gauntlet		Gauntlet
    Vambrace		Clavinier
    Plate Glove		Plate Glove
    Rondanche		Rondanche
    Tilt Glove		Tilt Glove
    Freiturnier		Freiturnier
    Fluted Glove		Fluted Hand
    Hoplite Glove		Hoplon Glove
    Jazeraint Glove		Lozenge Glove
    Dread Glove		Dread Glove
    Sandals			Sandals
    Boots			Boots
    Long Boots		Long Boots
    Cuisse			Sai* Cuisse
    Light Greave		Light Greaves
    Ring Leggings		Ring Legs
    Chain Leggings		Chain Legs
    Fusskampf		Fusskampf
    Poleyn			Poleyn Guard
    Jambeau			Jambeau Type
    Missaglia		Missaglia Type
    Plate Leggings		Plate Legs
    Fluted Leggings		Fluted Type
    Hoplite Leggings	Hoplon Legs
    Jazeraint Leggings	Lozenge Legs
    Dread Leggings		Dread Legs
    Accessories						[QFACCS]
    Rood Necklace		Holy Seal Necklace
    Rune Earring		Rune Pierce
    Titan's Ring		Giant's Ring
    Swan Song		Swan Song
    Edgar's Earrings	Edgar's Pierce
    Ghost Hound		Ghost Dog
    Dragonhead		Dragon Head
    Agales' Chain		Agales' Chain
    Lionhead		Lion Head
    Sylphid Ring		Wind Blast Ring
    Salamander Ring		Fire Dragon Ring
    Gnome Bracelet		Muddy Earth Bracelet
    Undine Bracelet		Purple Water Bracelet
    Agrias' Balm		Tinkaarippu*
    Beaded Anklet		Mullenkamp Anklet
    Lau Fei's Armlet	Lau Fei's Bracelet
    Pushpaka		Pushpaka Pierce
    Cross Choker		Cross Choker
    Faufnir's Tear		Fafnir's Tear
    Balam Ring		Balam Ring
    Rusted Nails		Rusty Nail
    Marduk			Marduk's Nose Ring
    Tamulis Tongue		Tamulis Tongue
    Palolo's Ring		Palolo Kongu*'s Ring
    Talian Ring		Talian's Ring
    Khadesh Ring		Khadesh Ring
    Diadra's Earring	Diadra's Earring
    Nimje Coif		Nimje's Necklace
    Morgan's Nails		Morgan's False Nails
    Marlene's Ring		Marlene's Ring
    Grimoires						[QFGRIMOIR]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Grimoire Zephyr		Shockwave Grimoire
    Grimoire Teslae		Thunder Arrow Grimoire
    Grimoire Incindie	Flame Shot Grimoire
    Grimoire Terre		Earth Dragon Grimoire
    Grimoire Glace		Ice Edge Grimoire
    Grimoire Lux		Light Glint Grimoire
    Grimoire Patir		Pain Curse Grimoire
    Grimoire Exorcer	Soul Remove Grimoire
    Grimoire Banish		Lifeless Grimoire
    Grimoire Demolir	Explosion Grimoire
    Grimoire Foundre	Thunder Sky Grimoire
    Grimoire Flamme		Flame Chain Grimoire
    Grimoire Gaea		Magnet Dance Grimoire
    Grimoire Avalanche	Waterfall Sheet Grimoire
    Grimoire Radius		Dancing Light Grimoire
    Grimoire Meteore	Heavens' Wrath Grimoire
    Grimoire Egout		Suck Energy Grimoire
    Grimoire Demance	Suck Magic Grimoire
    Grimoire Guerir		Lifeforce Grimoire
    Grimoire Mollesse	Softening Grimoire
    Grimoire Antidote	Detoxification Grimoire
    Grimoire Benir		Purify Curse Grimoire
    Grimoire Purifier	Purification Grimoire
    Grimoire Vie		Life Pulse Grimoire
    Grimoire Inensite	Strong Husk Grimoire
    Grimoire Debile		Weak Body Grimoire
    Grimoire Eclairer	Skilled Mind Grimoire
    Grimoire Nuageux	Bewilderment Grimoire
    Grimoire Agilite	Quickness Grimoire
    Grimoire Tardif		Slowdown Grimoire
    Grimoire Ameliorer	Superior Edge Grimoire
    Grimoire Deteriorer	Dull Polish Grimoire
    Grimoire Muet		Seal Curse Grimoire
    Grimoire Annuler	Magic Guard Grimoire
    Grimoire Paralysie	Wicked Numbness Grimoire
    Grimoire Venin		Wicked Poison Grimoire
    Grimoire Fleau		Curse Grimoire
    Grimoire Halte		Halt Grimoire
    Grimoire Dissiper	Cancel Magic Grimoire
    Grimoire Clef		Solution Key Grimoire
    Grimoire Visible	Engrave Mark Grimoire
    Grimoire Analyse	Analysis Grimoire
    Grimoire Sylphe		Sky Blessing Grimoire
    Grimoire Salamandre	Fire Blessing Grimoire
    Grimoire Gnome		Earth Blessing Grimoire
    Grimoire Undine		Water Blessing Grimoire
    Grimoire Parebrise	Windproof Grimoire
    Grimoire Ignifuge	Flameproof Grimoire
    Grimoire Rempart	Earthproof Grimoire
    Grimoire Barrer		Coldproof Grimoire
    Spells							[QFSPELLS]
    Warlock Magic		Offensive Magic
    Shaman Magic		Recovery Magic
    Sorceror Magic		Assistance Magic
    Enchanter Magic		Attribute Magic
    Solid Shock		Solid Shock
    Lightning Bolt		Lightning Bow
    Fireball		Fireball
    Vulcan Lance		Vulcan Lance
    Aqua Blast		Aqua Blast
    Spirit Surge		Spirit Surge
    Dark Chant		Disrupt Pain
    Exorcism		Exorcism
    Banish			Banish
    Explosion		Explosion
    Thunderburst		Thunderburst
    Flame Sphere		Flame Sphere
    Gaea Strike		Gaea Strike
    Avalanche		Avalanche
    Radial Surge		Radius
    Meteor			Meteo Impact
    Drain Heart		Drain Heart
    Drain Mind		Drain Mind
    Heal			Heal
    Restoration		Restoration
    Antidote		Antidote
    Blessing		Blessing
    Clearance		Clearance
    Surging Balm		General Heal
    Herakles		Hercules
    Degenerate		Miserable Body
    Enlighten		Enlighten
    Psychodrain		Feeble Mind
    Invigorate		Invigorate
    Leadbones		Leaden Bones
    Prostasia		Protect
    Tarnish			Unprotect
    Silence			Silent Spell
    Magic Ward		Invalid Spell
    Stun Cloud		Stun Cloud
    Poison Mist		Poison Mist
    Curse			Curse
    Fixate			Fixate
    Dispel			Dispel
    Unlock			Unlock
    Eureka			Mark
    Analyze			Analyze
    Luft Fusion		Luft Attach
    Spark Fusion		Spark Attach
    Soil Fusion		Soil Attach
    Frost Fusion		Frost Attach
    Aero Guard		Luft Guard
    Pyro Guard		Spark Guard
    Terra Guard		Soil Guard
    Aqua Guard		Frost Guard
    Teleportation		Teleport
    Break Arts						[QFBREAK]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Whistle Song		Marked-Spirit Bullet
    Shadoweave		Shadow Sewing
    Double Fang		Double Fang
    Wyrm Scorn		Angry Dragon Honorable Death
    Rending Gale		Cloth-Rending Built-up Stab
    Vile Scar		Black Murder
    Cherry Ronde		Cherry Blossom Rondo
    Papillon Reel		Wild Flying Butterfly Dance
    Sunder			Man-Slayer Strike
    Thunderwave		Thunderburst Wave
    Swallow Slash		Swallow-Scattering Murder
    Advent Sign		God-Cry Fierce Symbol Murder
    Mistral Edge		Mistral Edge
    Glacial Gale		Glacial Fierce Wind
    Killer Mantis		Mantislayer
    Black Nebula		Infinity
    Bear Claw		Bear Crush
    Accursed Umbra		Temper Prison Demon-Man Murder
    Iron Ripper		Steel-Rending Secret Attack
    Emetic Bomb		Emetic Bomb
    Bonecrusher		Bone Crush
    Quickshock		Swift Thunder Bomb Strike
    Ignis Wheel		Fire Wheel Slice
    Hex Flux		Hector Blow
    Sirocco			Flame-Bomb Strike
    Riskbreak		Riskbreak
    Gravis Aether		Heavy Dust
    Trinity Pulse		Absolute Delta
    Ruination		Ruin Hearts
    Scythe Wind		Assault Sphere
    Giga Tempest		Giga Tempest
    Spiral Scourge		Spiral Blow
    Brimstone Hail		Furious Flame-Prison Buckshot
    Heaven's Scorn		Furious Light-Curse Shot
    Death Wail		Dead Scream
    Sanctus Flare		Atomic Flare
    Lotus Palm		Red Lotus Palm
    Vertigo			Giddy Legs
    Vermillion Aura		Brilliant Purple-Gold Wave
    Retribution		Critical Blow to the Heavens
    Battle Abilities					[QFBATTLE]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Heavy Shot		Heavy Shot
    Gain Life		Gain Life
    Mind Assault		Mind Assault
    Gain Magic		Gain Magic
    Raging Ache		Raging Ache
    Mind Ache		Insane Ache
    Temper			Gain Damage
    Crimson Pain		Crimson Raid
    Instill			Gain Phantom
    Phantom Pain		Phantom Pain
    Paralysis Pulse		Paralyze Pulse
    Numbing Claw		Numbing Claw
    Dulling Impact		Dullness Bind
    Snake Venom		Snake Venom
    Ward			Self-Recovery
    Siphon Soul		Magic Snatch
    Reflect Magic		Magic Reflect
    Reflect Damage		Damage Reflect
    Absorb Magic		Resist Magic
    Absorb Damage		Resist Damage
    Impact Guard		Impact Guard
    Windbreak		Airbreak
    Fireproof		Fireproof
    Terra Ward		Earth Console
    Aqua Ward		Aqua Ward
    Shadow Guard		Fiend Guard
    Demonscale		Demonscale
    Phantom Shield		Phantom Shield
    Monsters						[QFMONSTER]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Mullenkamp Soldier	Mullenkamp Soldier
    Wyvern			Wyvern
    Bat			Bat
    Sackheim		Holy Seal Knight Sackheim
    Goodwin			Holy Seal Knight Goodwin
    Silver Wolf		Silver Wolf
    Holy Seal Knight	Crimson Blade
    Minotaur		Minotaurus
    Mandel			Holy Seal Knight Mandel
    Zombie			Zombie
    Zombie Fighter		Zombie Fighter
    Zombie Knight		Zombie Knight
    Ghoul			Ghoul
    Dullahan		Dullahan
    Hellhound		Hellhound
    Slime			Slime
    Skeleton		Skeleton
    Ghost			Ghost
    Lizardman		Lizardman
    Mummy			Mummy
    Skeleton Knight		Skeleton Knight
    Poison Slime		Poison Slime
    Golem			Golem
    Dragon			Dragon
    Sarjik			Holy Seal Knight Sarjik
    Bejart			Holy Seal Knight Bejar
    Stirge			Stirge
    Goblin			Goblin
    Mimic			Mimic
    Goblin Leader		Goblin Leader
    Fire Elemental		Fire Elemental
    Ogre			Ogre
    Ghast			Ghast
    Zombie Mage		Zombie Mage
    Giant Crab		Crab Giant
    Basilisk		Basilisk
    Ichthious		Killer Fish
    Earth Dragon		Earth Dragon
    Dark Crusader		Dark Crusader
    Blood Lizard		Blood Lizard
    Wraith			Wraith
    Dark Skeleton		Dark Skeleton
    Gargoyle		Gargoyle
    Dark Elemental		Dark Elemental
    Dark Eye		Dark Eye
    Orc			Orc
    Air Elemental		Air Elemental
    Orc Leader		Orc Leader
    Imp			Imp
    Earth Elemental		Earth Elemental
    Sky Dragon		Cloud Dragon
    Shadow			Shadow
    Wyvern Knight		Wyvern Knight
    Iron Golem		Iron Golem
    Quicksilver		Quicksilver
    Harpy			Harpy
    Lich			Lich
    Nightstalker		Nightstalker
    Minotaur Zombie		Minotarus Zombie
    Water Elemental		Water Elemental
    Gremlin			Gremlin
    Ogre Lord		Ogre Lord
    Snow Dragon		Frost Dragon
    Last Crusader		Last Crusader
    Minotaur Lord		Minotaurus Lord
    Kali			Kali
    Ifrit			Efreet
    Marid			Marid
    Iron Crab		Iron Crab
    Djinn			Djinn
    Flame Dragon		Flame Dragon
    Lich Lord		Lich Lord
    Arch Dragon		Archdragon
    Dao			Dao
    Nightmare		Nightmare
    Death			Death
    Shrieker		Shrieker
    Damascus Crab		Damascus Crab
    Damascus Golem		Damascus Golem
    Wyvern Queen		Wyvern Queen
    Dark Dragon		Dark Dragon
    Ravana			Ravana
    Dragon Zombie		Dragon Zombie
    Ogre Zombie		Ogre Zombie
    Asura			Vishnu
    Monster Attacks						[QFATTACKS]
    US Version		Japanese Version
    Aqua Bubble		Aqua Bubble
    Acrid Ooze		Acrid Ooze
    Acid Sneese		Acid Sneeze
    Acid Breath		Acid Breath
    Caeser's Thrust		Kaiser's Thrust
    Giga Rush		Giga Rush
    Granite Punch		Granite Punch
    Thunder Breath		Thunder Breath
    Stun Blast		Stun Blast
    Spiral Shell		Spiral Shell
    Tidal Rush		Tidal Rush
    Tyrant's Mace		Tyrant's Mace
    Divine Breath		Divine Breath
    Tail Attack		Tail Attack
    Devitalize		Devitalize
    Numbing Needle		Numbing Needle
    Numbing Hook		Numbing Hook
    Fire Breath		Fire Breath
    Blasphemous Howl	Blasphemy
    Bloodsuck		Bloodsuck
    Bloody Sin		Bloody Sin
    Reaper's Scythe		Bloody Murder
    Searing Breath		Flame Breath
    Frost Breath		Frost Breath
    Heaven's Tear		Heaven's Tear
    Poison Sneeze		Poison Sneeze
    Poison Breath		Poison Breath
    Poltergeist		Poltergeist
    Mind Blast		Mind Blast
    Last Ascension		Last Ascension
    Raven Eye		Raven Eye
    Rot Breath		Rotten Breath
    Tornado			Tornado
    Thunderbolt		Thunderbolt
    Fire Storm		Fire Storm
    Gravity			Gravity
    Acid Flow		Acid Flow
    Judgement		Judgement
    Apocalypse		Apocalypse
    Locations						[QFLOCATE]
    US Version			Japanese Version
    Wine Cellar			Wine Storehouse
    Entrance to Darkness		Exit the Light, Enter the Dark
    Worker's Breakroom		Laborers' Break Station
    Hall of Struggle		Agonized Craftsman's Passage
    Smokebarrel Stair		Barreled Persimmon Stairs
    Wine Guild Hall			Wine Guild Hall
    Wine Magnate's Chambers		Wine Millionaire's Office
    Fine Vintage Vault		Room of Fine-Vintage Wine
    Chamber of Fear			Chamber of Shivers
    The Reckoning Room		Room of Life-Pricing
    A Laborer's Thirst		Hall of Laborers' Thirst
    The Rich Drown in Wine		Room of Aristocrats Addicted to Wine
    Room of Rotten Grapes		Discarding Spot of Rotten Grapes
    Blackmarket of Wines		Black Market of Wine
    The Gallows			Execution Site of a Crafstman who Promised
    				  Eternal Love
    Room of Cheap Red Wine		Room where Red Wine for the Commoners
    Room of Cheap White Wine	Room where White Wine for the Commoners
    The Greedy One's Den		Room of the Glutton who Asked for Profits
    The Hero's Winehall		The Room where the Heroes Chose Wine
    US Version			Japanese Version
    Catacombs			Columbarium
    Hall of Sworn Revenge		Hall of Sworn Revenge
    The Last Blessing		The Final Passage to be Blessed
    The Weeping Corridor		The Passage of Sadness for the Fallen
    Persecution Hall		Hall of the Persecuted
    Rodent-Ridden Chamber		The Hall where Angry Rats Became Wolves
    Shrine to the Martyrs		Cemetery Offering Prayers to the Martyrs
    The Lamenting Mother		Passage of the Mother who Held Her Fallen
    Hall of Dying Hope		Hall of the Chorus of a Hopeful Song
    Bandits' Hideout		Hiding Place of Thieves
    The Bloody Hallway		Passage of Bloodshed
    Faith Overcame Her		The Place Where Faith Won
    The Withered Spring		Hall of the Withered Miraculous Fountain
    Workshop "Work of Art"		Workshop - Power Hall
    Repent, O ye Sinners		Room of the Repenting Sinner
    The Reaper's Victims		Sacrificial Chamber where Death's Hand
    The Last Stab of Hope		Room where the Sword was Taken into the
    				  Breast for Hope
    Hallway of Heroes		Hall of the Hero's Trials
    The Beast's Domain		The Domain of the Sleeping Beast
    Sanctum				Underground Church
    Prisoners' Niche		Barrier Sealing Away the Criminals
    Corridor of the Clerics		Catwalk Where Priests Awoke
    Priest's Confinement		Dormitory of the Confined Priests
    Alchemists' Laboratory		Alchemy Laboratory
    The Academia Corridor		Catwalk of Truth-Seeking
    Theology Classroom		Theology Discussion Room
    Shrine of the Martyrs		Shrine of the Martyrs
    Hallowed Hope			Holy Place of Sought Freedom
    Hall of Sacrilege		Hall of the Profane
    Advent Ground			The Holy Place Where God Descended
    Passage of the Refugees		Covered Passage of the Refugees
    The Cleansing Chantey		The Chapel Purifying Wicked Hearts
    Stairway to the Light		Stairs to the Light
    Town Center West		Western City Area
    Rue Vermillion			Vermillion Road
    The Rene Coastroad		Laing Seafront
    Workshop "Magic Hammer"		Workshop - The Bronze Hammer
    Rue Mal Fallde			Mal Fallde Road
    Tircolas Flow			Ticolas River
    Rue Bouquet			Bouquet Road
    Glacialdra Kirk Ruins		Former Glacis Ardora Church Site
    Rue Sant D'alsa			Sant D'alsa Road
    Villeport Way			Villeport Outer Wall Road
    Dinas Walk			Dinas Air Passage
    City Walls West			Outer City Walls - West Side
    Students of Death		Training School Where Great Swordsmen Were
    The Gabled Hall			Destroyed Hall that the Savage Tribe
    Where the Master Fell		Stairs Upon Which a Great Swordsman Died
    Abandoned Mines B1		Abandoned Mines - 1st Level
    Dreamers' Entrance		Entrance of those Who Dreamed of Wealth
    The Crossing			Crossing of Fate
    Miners' Resting Hall		Laborers' Place to Relax
    Conflict and Accord		Place of Conflict and Reconciliation
    The End of the Line		Obstructed Tunnel
    The Suicide King		Tunnel Which All Was Risked On
    The Battle's Beginning		Passage Where the Argument Broke Out
    What Lies Ahead?		Stairs Which Ask What Lies Ahead
    The Fruits of Friendship	The Narrow Passage where Cooperation
    The Earthquake's Mark		Within a Pit Crushed During the Earthquake
    Coal Mine Storage		Coal Mine Warehouse
    The Passion of Lovers		Tunnel Carved by the Passionate
    The Hall of Hope		Tunnel of Hope
    The Dark Tunnel			Dark Tunnel of Superstition
    Rust in Peace			Ore Deposit of Those Who Prayed for Bliss
    				  for the Fallen
    Everwant Passage		Passage Which Asked Much of Many
    The Smeltery			Ore Refinery
    Clash of Hyaenas		Place Where Hyenas Clashed with Others
    Greed Knows No Bounds		Tunnel of One Who Aimed for Too Much
    Live Long and Prosper		Survivor's Tunnel
    Pray to the Mineral Gods	Stairs of Worshipping the Mineral Gods
    Traitor's Parting		Tunnel Where the Betrayer Parted
    Escapeway			Passage Back Home
    Mining Regrets			Ore Bed of Repentance
    Undercity West			Underground Center - Western Part
    The Bread Peddler's Way		Way Where the Girl Sold Bread
    Way of the Mother Lode		Way that Hopeful Miners Passed Through
    Sewer of Ravenous Rats		Underground Passage Where Rats Ate and
    Underdark Fishmarket		Fish Market Deep Within the Earth
    The Sunless Way			Highway that Desired Sunlight
    Hall of Poverty			Passage Plagued with Poverty
    The Washing-woman's Way		Way That the Housewife Hung Clothes Out to
    				  Dry On
    Remembering Days of Yore	Way of Reminiscing Elders
    Where the Hunter Climbed	Stairs that the Hunters Climbed
    Fear of the Fall		Hall of Fright and Confusion During the
    Sinner's Corner			Sinners' Street Corner
    The Children's Hideout		Children's Secret Playground
    Nameless Dark Oblivion		Passage of Mad Joy in Eternal Darkness
    Corner of Prayers		Street Corner of Those Who Offered Prayers
    Hope Obstructed			Escape the Mouth of Despair that Stole the
    The Crumbling Market		Collapsed Shopping Center
    Tears from Empty Sockets	Underground Passage Where the Fallen Were
    				  Wept For
    Larder for a Lean Winter	Larder for a Harsh Winter
    Beggars of the Mouthharp	Passage Where Parents and Children Played
    				  Their Whistles
    Corner of the Wretched		Street Corner of Everyday Life
    Path to the Greengrocer		Passage of the Farmers' Market
    Crossroads of Rest		Crossing of Rest and Relaxation
    Path of the Children		Stairs Where Children Passed
    Where Flood Waters Ran		Stairs Where the Sluice Reinforcements
    The Body Fragile Yields		Passage of Those Who Yielded Without a
    Salvation for the Mother	Passage Where an Old Woman Begged Help
    Bite the Master's Wounds	Street Where a Puppy Bit its Master's Wound
    Workshop "Godhands"		Workshop - Workshop
    Snowfly Forest			Leaf Beetle Forest
    The Faerie Circle		Junction with the Spirit Realm
    The Hunt Begins			Place where the Hunters who Scared the Hart
    Which Way Home			Crossroads of Illusion that Confuse Men
    The Wounded Boar		Path on which the Beast was Shot
    Golden Egg Way			Path where the Golden Egg was Born
    The Giving Trees		Path of Death where the Giant Tree was
    The Spirit Trees		Path of the Nature Faeries
    They Also Feed			Path where a Warrior's Body was Covered in
    The Birds and the Bees		Animal Trail where the Birds eat the Leaf
    Traces of the Beast		Path where the Footprint of a Great Beast
    Fluttering Hope			Path of Hope where Small Birds Flap
    Return to the Land		Clearing of Desire for a Safe Return
    The Yellow Wood			Path of the Spirits Hiding in Dead Leaves
    Where Soft Rains Fell		Path where Gentle Rains Fell and Cured
    Forest River			River of the Forest's Birth
    Lamenting to the Moon		Path of Sorrow Gazing upon the Moon
    The Wolves' Choice		Branching Road where a Child was Protected
    				  from a Wolf
    The Woodcutter's Run		Animal Trail found by the Woodcutter
    Howl of the Wolf King		Pathway Beaten out by the Sorrow of the
    				  Elder Wolf
    The Silent Hedges		Path of Fearful Nature
    The Hollow Hills		Path where a Golden Feather was Found
    Running with the Wolves		Path where a Wolf and a Boy Ran
    You are the Prey		Path of the Hunters who Fought Each Other
    The Secret Path			Mysterious Path
    Hewn from Nature		Clearing where Nature's Rule was Challenged
    The Wood Gate			Gate Protecting the Woods
    City Walls South		Outer City Walls - South Side
    The Weeping Boy			Hall of Promises and Tears of a Boy
    Swords for the Land		Hall of Swordsmen who Protect their Mother
    In Wait of the Foe		Watchtower that Waited for the Old Enemy's
    Where Weary Riders Rest		Knights' Break Room
    The Boy's Training Room		Room where Fencing was Self-Taught
    The Keep			LeĆ” Monde Fortress
    The Soldier's Bedding		Lodgings for Drafted Soldiers
    A Storm of Arrows		Lodgings where a Stray Arrow Pierced a
    				  Soldier's Heart
    Urge the Boy On			Room where Boys were Encouraged
    A Taste of the Spoils		Training School where the Spoils of War
    				  were Tasted
    Wiping Blood from Blades	Lodgings where Blood was Wiped from Blades
    The Warrior's Rest		Courtyard of Training and Relaxing
    Workshop "Keane's Crafts"	Workshop - Fine Craft
    Town Center South		Southern City Area
    Forcas Rise			Forcas Hill
    Valdiman Gates			Valdiman Castle Gates
    Rue Faltes			Faltes Road
    Rue Morgue			Lagasse Road
    Rue Aliano			Aliano Road
    The House Khazabas		Khazabas House
    Zebel's Walk			Zebel Air Passage
    Rue Volnac			Volnac Road
    City Walls East			Outer City Walls - East Side
    Train and Grow Strong		Room of Training and Growth
    The Squire's Gathering		Hall where Squires Gathered to Accept
    The Invaders are Found		Room where the Invaders were Found
    The Dream-Weavers		Room of the Dream-Telling Garrison
    The Cornered Savage		Room where the Invaders were Cornered
    Abandoned Mines B2		Abandoned Mines - 2nd Level
    Corridor of Shade		Passage of Darkness
    Revelation Shaft		Turnover Tunnel
    Gambler's Passage		Passage where Life was Determined by Dice
    The Miner's End			Room where the Body Failed and Continued
    Treaty Room			Room where Contracts were Exchanged
    Way of Lost Children		Passage where Children Strayed
    Hidden Resources		Room where Things were Hidden
    Desire's Passage		Tunnel of Desires
    Senses Lost			Passage where Feeling is Lost
    Crossing of Blood		Crossroads of Blood and Tears
    The Abandoned Catspaw		Passage of the Forsaken Thief
    Hall of Contemplation		Inspection Point of the Intellectuals
    Hall of the Empty Sconce	Passage Without Light
    Acolyte's Burial Vault		Room where the Priest's Ashes were Found
    The Fallen Bricklayer		Passage where the Laborers Fell
    Cry of the Beast		Stairs where the Fearful Cry of the Beast
    				  Could be Heard
    The Ore of Legend		Passage where the Legendary Ore was Mined
    Suicidal Desires		Hall where Sacrifice was Made for Greedy
    Lambs to the Slaughter		Passage where Victims were Accumulated
    A Wager of Noble Gold		Room where Precious Metals were Bet
    Kilroy was Here			Stairs where a Boy Marked his Name
    Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss	Passage where Joy was Had over Fool's Gold
    Tomb of the Reborn		Tomb of the Reborn
    The Lunatic Veins		Vein that Drives the Heart Mad
    Work, Then Die			Stairs that Broke from Overworking
    Bandits' Hollow			Thieves' Cave
    Dining in Darkness		Meal Room Shrouded in Darkness
    Subtellurian Horrors		Passage where Shock was Felt About that
    				  Which Lived Underground
    Delusions of Happiness		Room where They Got Drunk with Happy
    Town Center East		Eastern City Area
    Rue Lejour			Depaise Road
    Kesch Bridge			Great Kesch Bridge
    Rue Crimnade			Crimnade Road
    Workshop "Junction Point"	Workshop - Junction
    Rue Fisserano			Fisserano Road
    Workshop "Metal Works"		Workshop - Metal Works
    Shasras Hill Park		Shasras Hill Park
    Plateia Lumitar			Lumitar Courtyard
    Gharmes Walk			Gharmes Air Passage
    The House Gilgitte		Gilgitte House
    Undercity East			Underground Center - Eastern Part
    Hall to a New World		Passage where a New World was Aimed For
    Place of Free Words		Place where Arguments were Freely Exchanged
    Bazaar of the Bizzare		Market where Rare Articles that Exotic
    				  Merchants Proffered were Sold
    Noble Gold and Silk		Passage where Precious Metals were
    				  Exchanged for Silk
    Weapons Not Allowed		Hall where Weapons were Carried Illegally
    The Knight Sells his Sword	Underground Passage where a Knight Sold his
    Gemsword Blackmarket		Blackmarket where Bejeweled Weapons were
    The Pirate's Son		Passage that a Thief's Son Carried Water
    Sale of the Sword		Courtyard where a Swordsman Sold a Famous
    The Greengrocer's Stair		Stairs where Agricultural Products were
    Where Black Waters Ran		Street where Sewage Flowed
    Arms Against Invaders		Arms Warehouse where Equipment was Donned
    				  to Face the Invading Savages
    Catspaw Blackmarket		Stolen Goods Market where the Boys Gathered
    City Walls North		Outer City Walls - North Side
    From Squire to Knight		Room where a Boy Became a Knight
    Be Prepared for Battle		Room where Preparations were Made to Fight
    				  the Savages
    Destruction and Rebirth		Hall that was Rebuilt and Destroyed in
    				  Battle Many Times
    From Boy to Hero		Place where a Boy Became a Hero
    Traces of Invasion Past		Room where the Marks of the Savages' Attack
    A Welcome Invasion		Hallway where Defeat Allowed the Savages to
    Limestone Quarry		Limestone Quarry
    Dark Abhors Light		Stairs where Light was Hated
    Dream of the Holy Land		Hall where the Holy Land was Dreamed Of
    The Ore Road			Tunnel where Minerals were Carried
    Atone for Eternity		Passage of Eternal Delay
    Stair to Sanctuary		Stairs which were Aimed For the Holy Land
    The Fallen Hall			Caved-in Hall
    The Rotten Core			Passage where Fell the Unseen Ore
    The Air Stirs			Place where Few Winds Pass
    Bonds of Friendship		Room Connected with the Bonds of Friendship
    Bacchus is Cheap		Stairs where they Danced and Made Merry
    				  with Cheap Wine
    Screams of the Wounded		Hall where the Wounded's Cry Could be Heard
    The Ore-Bearers			Passage of the Laborers Bearing Minerals
    The Dreamer's Climb		Place where those who Dreamed Climbed
    Sinner's Sustenance		Stairs where the Sinner Made a Living
    The Timely Dew of Sleep		Temporary Bedroom where the Night was
    				  Passed Without the Moon
    The Auction Block		Passage where Lives were Sold
    The Laborer's Bonfire		Passage where Laborers Gathered About a
    Stones and Sulfurous Fire	Room Covered with Gravel
    Torture Without End		Meeting Place where Torture was Repeated
    Way Down			Way Into the Depths of the Earth
    Excevated Hollow		Place where the Quarry was Dug
    Parting Regrets			Stairs of Regret of those who Returned to
    				  the Surface
    Corridor of Tales		Passage of Tales Handed Down from
    				  Generation to Generation
    Dust Shall Eat the Days		Tunnel where Dust Dances in in Substance
    Hall of the Wage-Paying		Hall where Wages were Paid
    Tunnel of the Heartless		Tunnel of the Heartless
    Ascension			Stairs to the World Above
    Where the Serpent Hunts		Passage where the Giant Snake Sought Game
    Drowned in Fleeting Joy		Room of Addiction to Temporary Pleasure
    Ants Prepare for Winter		Passage where Ants Passed During Winter
    Companions in Arms		Room where Companions Shared Encouragement
    Temple of Kiltia		Kiltia Shrine
    The Dark Coast			Holy Place where Darkness was Produced
    Hall of Prayer			Hall of Prayer where the Promised People
    Those who Drink the Dark	Place of those who Accepted the Darkness
    The Chapel of Meschaunce	Room of Worship where Despair was Held High
    The Resentful Ones		Holy Place of the Dead who Blamed Hope
    Those who Fear the Light	Hall of those who Feared the Light
    Chamber of Reason		Room of Reason
    Exit to City Center		Exit to the Demon City Center
    Great Cathedral			Cathedral
    Into Holy Battle		Entrance to Holy War
    Struggle for the Soul		Hallway of the Struggle for the Soul
    Order and Chaos			Room of Order and Chaos
    Truth and Lies			Room of Truth and Lies
    Sanity and Madness		Room of Sanity and Madness
    The Victor's Laurels		Hall of the Victors Who Obtained the Crown
    Cracked Pleasures		Room of Beaten Avarice
    Hieratic Recollections		Hall of the Priests' Recollections
    The Flayed Confessional		Hall of Confessionals where a Heretic's
    				  Skin was Flayed
    Free From Base Desires		Room where the Chorus Forswore Worldly
    Abasement from Above		Passage where an Apostle was Humiliated
    The Convent Room		Hallway of the Sisters
    The Hall of Broken Vows		Hall of Sin where Holy Vows were Broken
    Light and Dark Wage War		Hall of the Fierce Battles of Light and
    An Arrow into Darkness		Hallway of the Madman who Shot an Arrow
    				  into the Darkness
    Where Darkness Spreads		Hallway of Suffering where Eternal Darkness
    He Screams for Mercy		Passage where a Heretic was Tortured Until
    				  He Cried for Mercy
    Maelstrom of Malice		Room where a Deep-Seated Grudge Whirls
    The Acolyte's Weakness		Room where the Acolyte Participated in
    				  Drinking and Debauchery
    Monk's Leap			Room into which a Priest Threw Himself
    An Offering of Souls		Stairs of a Priest who Sold His Soul to
    				  Another Priest
    Sin and Punishment		Hall of Sin and Punishment
    The Poisoned Chapel		Room of the Poisoned Holy Chapel
    A Light in the Dark		Room where the Holy Light Vies with the
    The Wine-Lecher's Fall		Room of the Lustful Wine Addict
    The Heretics' Story		Hall of the Tales of the Heretics
    Hopes of the Idealist		Hall of the Hopes of Idealists
    The Melodics of Madness		Room where They Danced to Mad Melodies
    What Ails You, Kills You	Room of Disappointment where an Incurable
    				  Illness Infected
    Despair of the Fallen		Hall of the Despair of the Fallen
    Where the Soul Rots		Hall of of Ruination and the Staining of
    				  the Soul
    The Atrium			Hall of Holy War
    Snowfly Forest East		Leaf Beetle Forest - Eastern Part
    Steady the Boar-Spears		Clearing where the Hart was Scared Off
    The Boar's Revenge		The Pass where the Beast Struck the Hunters
    Nature's Womb			The Clearing where Nature was Concieved
    Escapeway			Refugee Passage
    Shelter From the Quake		Tunnel where Bodies were Guarded from the
    Fear and Loathing		Hall of Fear and Murderous Intentions
    Blood and the Beast		Tunnel of Blood and a Beast
    Where Body and Soul Part	Room where Flesh and Soul Detach
    Movements of Fear		Way of Fright of Darkness
    Facing Your Illusions		Passage where Illusions were Fought
    The Darkness Drinks		Tunnel where the Darkness is Understood
    Buried Alive			Room where They Were Buried Alive
    Forgotten Pathway		Forgotten Tunnel
    Stair to the Sinners		Stairs to the Sinners' Hiding Place
    Slaughter of the Innocent	Hall of the Slaughter of Innocents
    The Oracle Sins no More		Passage where a Sinful Priest Killed
    The Fallen Knight		Atelier of a Knight who Sinned
    Awaiting Retribution		Room where Those who Sinned Awaited
    Iron Maiden B1			Iron Maiden Lv. 1
    The Cage			Cage
    The Cauldron			Cauldron
    Wooden House			Wooden House
    Starvation			Starvation
    The Breast Ripper		Breast Ripper
    The Branks			Branks
    The Wheel			Wheel
    The Pear			Pear
    The Judas Cradle		Judas Cradle
    The Whirligig			Whirligig
    Spanish Tickler			Spanish Tickler
    Heretic's Fork			Heretic's Fork
    The Chair of Spikes		Chair of Spikes
    Blooding			Blooding
    Bootikens			Bootikens
    Burial				Burial
    Burning				Burning
    Cleansing the Soul		Cleansing the Soul
    The Ducking Stool		Ducking Stool
    The Garrotte			Garrotte
    Hanging				Hanging
    Impalement			Impalement
    Knotting			Knotting
    Iron Maiden B2			Iron Maiden Lv. 2
    The Eunic's Lot			Mascetomy
    Ordeal by Fire			Ordeal by Fire
    The Oven at Neisse		Oven at Neisse
    Pressing			Pressing
    The Mind Burns			Psychochemical Torture
    The Rack			Rack
    The Saw				The Saw
    The Cold's Bridle		Scold's Bridle
    The Shin-Vice			Shin-Vice
    The Spider			The Spider
    Squassation			Squassation
    Lead Sprinkler			Lead Sprinkler
    Pendulum			Pendulum
    Dragging			Dragging
    Tablillas			Tablillas
    Strangulation			Strangulation
    The Strappado			Strappado
    Thumbscrews			Thumbscrews
    Tongue Slicer			Tongue Slicer
    Tormentum Insomniae		Tormentum Insomniae
    Ordeal by Water			Ordeal by Water
    Brank				Brank
    Iron Maiden B3			Iron Maiden Lv. 3
    The Iron Maiden			Iron Maiden
    Judgement			Judgement
    Saint Elmo's Belt		Saint Elmo's Belt
    Dunking the Witch		Ducking the Witch
    Copyright 2004 Sky Render

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