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    FAQ by HJerng

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    Introduction FAQ
    by Henry H. Jerng
    on March 14th, 2000
    at hjerng@leland.stanford.edu
    I.  Personal Notes
    II.  Vagrant Story
         A. Story Introduction 
         B. Charaction Introduction
         C. Script to the Introduction
    III.  Gameplay
         A. Screen Display
         B. Controls
         C. Battles
         To begin, Vagrant Story (SCPS 45486) was created by Square Co., 
    Ltd.  Most of the information contained within this FAQ were translated 
    from respective sources, which retain the original copyright to the 
    material.  The story translations came from the manual and the game 
    itself, the screen display and controls sections came from the manual, 
    and the Battle section was translated from the Vagrant Story Guide for 
    the Beginners, which is published by DigiCube.  The information provided 
    here is mostly meant to introduce Vagrant Story to all the brave souls 
    who have valiently imported this game (Brave indeed.  This game has an 
    enormous amount of Japanese text.)  I hope you will learn something from 
    reading this and allow it to enrich your enjoyment of the game.
         The strategy portion of this introduction was included to aid 
    anyone, playing either the import or domestic versions of this game, in 
    learning how to improve his/her game.  
         Enjoy.  Vagrant Story is, in my opinion, the best Squaresoft 
    strategy game since Final Fantasy Tactics.   
         One day, the manor belonging to Duke Bardorba, senior statesman of 
    the Valendia kingdom, was seized by a cult group known as Mullencamp.
         While some fell victim to violence, this incident was brought to a 
    close in less than a night.  However, the whereabouts of Sydney 
    Losstarot, the leader of Mullencamp and its purported ringleader, became 
    unknown, and the true motive behind the manor's occupation remained 
         Then, another incident occurred one week later.  Duke Bardorba, who 
    had escaped from harm in the previous take-over incident because he 
    happened to be at his second residence, was murdered by someone.
         Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker posted at the Valendia Knights of Peace 
    (VKP), had participated in the resolution of the occupation incident.  
    It was decided by the government that Ashley would be pursued as the 
    suspect in the Duke's murder, but Ashley had disappeared and left no 
    tracks.  The only clue is the place where he visited in the interim 
    between the occupation incident and the Duke's murder.
         That was the sealed evil city of Lea Monde...
         During its most prosperous period, more than 5000 people lived in 
    this city.  However, about 20 or so years ago, an earthquake had forever 
    sealed its history, one that lasted more than 2000 years.  Moreover, the 
    crevices and whirling tides created by the earthquake had severed the 
    city completely from the outside world.  The surface became a mess from 
    the earthquake.  The underground, where once monks made a living carving 
    out stones, was broadened without turning it into a cave.  The city 
    completely became a gigantic maze.
         You will become Ashley at that critical time and experience the one 
    week period from the occupation incident until the Duke's murder.
         Did he really murder the Duke as the government charged?  And, what 
    happened in the evil city of Lea Monde?  Only you, as Ashley, can 
    discover the truth.
    Real Name:  Ashley Riot
    Age:  Late 20's
    Height:  181 cm
    Job:  Felony Division of the Valendia Knights of Peace (VKP)
         Ashley is the hero of this story.  After graduating from the VKP 
    academy at the top of his class, Ashley worked actively as someone 
    borned into society's elite.  After his wife and son were murdered by 
    desperados, he transferred to the Felony Division (aka Riskbreaker) 
    which deals with the most dangerous assignments inside VKP.  For 
    Riskbreakers, dealing with danger regularly is the norm.  Therefore, it 
    is actually said the chances of returning alive from a mission is about 
    30%, but Ashley never loses his cool in any situation and had success in 
    many missions.
         Occupation of Duke Bardorba's manor by the religious cult 
    Mullencamp turns Grayland into the backdrop for our story, and then the 
    murder of the Duke a week later...  It is thought that Ashley alone holds 
    the key to solving the mystery behind these related events.  Moreover, 
    at the same time he is an important suspect in the Duke's murder.  Why 
    would Ashley, a man who continued his life as a Riskbreaker in order to 
    avenge his lovely wife and son, stain his hands in crime?  The truth is 
    expected to become clearer as you progress further in the game.
    Alias:  Sydney Losstarot
    Age:  Unknown (Late 20's?)
    Height:  178 cm
    Job:  Mullencamp religious order
         Sydney is the organizer of Mullencamp religious cult, which 
    worships the ancient sorcerer Mullencamp.  A self-styled prophet, Sydney 
    speaks of the depravity of man and eschatology.  He is said to possess 
    mysterious powers to correctly guess the pasts of people he just met, 
    and to bring others under his will.  However, people who obey him and 
    mesmorized by his fiercely powerful charisma seems endless.
         Sydney unexpectedly seized Duke Bardorba's manor in Grayland and 
    demanded the Pope's dismissal and the release of his jailed comrades, in 
    exchange for the Duke's family and his servants.  However, his real 
    objective seemed to be something else.  Through this occupation 
    incident, Riskbreaker Ashley encounters Sydney, and that was just an 
    encounter of fate......
    Real Name:  Romeo Guildenstern
    Age:  34
    Height:  179 cm
    Job:  Holy Knight
         Romeo is the leader of the Crimson Blade, a group of knights under 
    the Pope's direct control.  His demeanor shows a knight polished with 
    the utmost refinement, and apparently for the sake of justice there is 
    no too little a sacrifice.  The reason why he intervened in the Duke's 
    case is not certain.  And the Crimson Blade, under his command, followed 
    Sydney and infiltrated the city of Lea Monde.  The overwhelming military 
    force is more than sufficient to subjugate Lea Monde in one swoop.  If 
    that is the case, what is the Pope's intentions...?  And what is 
    Guildenstern's own true motive...?
    VKP Headquarter
    Valnain, 0:24 AM
    (Two men and a woman sit at a conference table in a darkened room.  
    Ashley stands in the dark, leaning against the wall.)
    Man, on the left:  ... It was about 6 hours ago when Duke Bardorba's manor 
    was seized.  The ringleader of the group responsible is Sydney 
    Losstarot, the organizer and founder of a religious group called 
    Mullencamp.  As we speak, they are continuing their occupation and 
    holding the Duke's family and his servants hostage.
    Woman, on the right:  ... Their aim behind the seizure?
    Man, on the left:  They have two demands.  The release of their jailed 
    comrades, and the resignation of Pope Badouizm.
    Ashley:  VKP doesn't feel like freeing their friends?
    Man, in the middle:  Of course.  Although we only caught their tail, it 
    took many agents-----
    Man, on the left:  It's all because we recognize the freedom of 
    religion.  God doesn't come in the form of one person.  Because we let 
    these people who believe in heresies like this run wild, incidents like 
    this will happen.  That utterly incompetent government assembly......
    Man, in the middle:  ......Strike that from the record.
    Voice from behind him:  Yes, sir.
    Ashley:  ...Whatever the cause, this case is caused by a cult group.  
    What's the reason for us to be involved?
    Man, in the middle:  ......
    Woman, on the right:  ...Based on research done by our analysis team, we 
    suspect that Mullencamp's source of funding is Duke Bardorba himself.
    Man, in the middle:  The Duke is one of the heroes that brought 
    Valendia's civel war to an end, but at the same time he is a fixer who 
    leads a dark history.  He retired for the reason of health, but even now 
    the Duke's influence over the assembly cannot be fathomed.  (Lightening 
    strikes, revealing a group of men cloaked in darkness.)
    Man in shodow:  ...Up to now, he was overlooked.  We want to put an end to 
    that now.
    Man, in the middle:  ...Furthermore, the Pope's office had sent a squad of 
    knights and intervened unannounced against us in this matter.  I want to 
    know why.  Analyst Hatred, explain.
    Woman, on the right:  Please go to Grayland at once.  In your coach you 
    will find a map of the Duke's manor.  Incidentally, a member from the 
    intelligence analysis office is already on her way to the scene.  Please 
    get the details from her.
    Ashley:  Her?
    Woman, on the right:  Agent Melrose.
    Duke Bardorba's Manor
    Graylands, 1:58 AM
    (A woman observes the towering manor from a distance among a cluster of 
    trees.  Ashley approaches.)
    Melrose:  Are you agent Riot?  I'm your partner, Callo Melrose.  You can 
    call me Callo.  Nice to meet you.
    Ashley:  (walking past her, without making a friendly gesture)  How many 
    Melrose:  We confirmed 12.  Of course, since we haven't seen Sydney yet, 
    I suppose there is many more terrorists inside the residence.
    Ashley:  The hostages?
    Melrose:  The Duke's family and his servants.  A total of 34.  The lucky 
    Duke himself is away and thus unharmed.
    Ashley:  The Duke is not caught?
    Melrose:  No.
    Ashley:  Our knights squad's plan?
    Melrose:  For now, they're just watching and waiting.  Other than saving 
    the hostages, it's still too dangerous to take any direct action.  While 
    continuing negotiations with Sydney, they're just investigating a 
    solution strategy by gathering every little information about the 
    (The manor is on fire.)
    Melrose:  What's going on!?
    Ashley:  It looks like they started the assault...  Those armors and 
    helmets aren't VKP's...  Must be the Pope's knight squad......
    Melrose:  We are not giving out such an order!  This is our operation!  
    They are disregarding orders.
    Ashley:  ...There's probably something that just can't wait.  (walkding 
    Melrose:  Wait.  Where do you think you're going?
    Ashley:  I'm riding this chaos and infiltrating the manor.
    Melrose:  That is too dangerous!  You should wait until back-up arrives!
    Ashley:  Back-up?  I AM the back-up...
    Duke Bardorba's Manor
    Graylands, 2:32 AM
    Romeo:  Did you find Sydney?
    Knight:  Not yet.
    Romeo:  (after walking to the window) ...Put out the fire.  Or else the 
    entire building will burn to the ground.  There's no meaning in that.  
    Divide up the knight squad in two.  Have one crush the resistance and 
    the other put out the fire.
    Knight:  Yes, sir.  At once.
    Romeo:  .........Sydney, where are you?
    (Ashley gets in and brings down the gate which crashes with a loud 
    Man in black:  ...Yes!  Set the room on fire!  Kill the hostages to set an 
    example.  Understood?
    Hooded man:  Yes, sir!
    (Man in black walks into the cathedral.  Ashley can be seen hiding 
    behind some draped boxes.)
    Bearded man:  ...There's no time.  We've got to it before the company of 
    knights get here.
    Hooded man:  Yeah.  Soon all the scores will be settled...  (Ashley moves, 
    and the box drops.  The two men turn to look.)  Who's there!!
    (The men head toward Ashley.)
    Ashley:  ...It's unavoidable.
    (An easy fight ensues.  This is the perfect opportunity to practice 
    fighting for the first time.)
    (Ashley walks inside the cathedral and stands next to the door, 
    Voice:  ...So?  Did you find it?
    Another voice:  No.  I don't know.  I can't find such a thing anywhere.
    Voice:  All right.  Keep looking!
    Another voice:  That's unreasonable, Sydney!  The company of knights is 
    Voice:  Are you complaining now!?  If we don't have IT, then all this 
    would have been for nothing!  ...Find it quickly!
    (Three men rush out the door...)
    Sydney:  Damn you Duke!  Where in hell did you hide it!!
    Man in black:  Does the Duke really have it?  On second thought, does 
    such a thing really exist...?
    Sydney:  Do you doubt me, Hardin!?  Do you doubt my powers?!
    Hardin:  So, sorry.  That's not what I meant...  B, but, Sydney, if this 
    keeps up, we won't be able to escape.
    Sydney:  ...Tse, understood.  Bring the kid hostage!
    (Hardin walks away.  Ashley sneaks in the room.)
    Ashley:  Don't move, Sydney!  My bowgun is aimed right at your heart!
    (Sydney raises his hands.  Ashley slowly walks toward him, pointing his 
    Ashley:  Turn slowly toward me.
    Sydney:  (after turning around) ......You're not a knight?
    (Ashley tosses out a set of ropes.)
    Ashley:  Tie your feet with that rope.
    Sydney:  (backing up) Riskbreaker......  Royal watchdog.
    Ashley:  Didn't you hear me?  Well, tie them quickly!  (pointing his 
    Sydney:  Oh, the Duke will regret this......!  (He turns around and grabs 
    his sword...  Making his attack.)
    Ashley:  Stop!!  (He fires an arrow, shooting Sydney through the heart.  
    Sydney falls to the ground.  Ashley stoops over Sydney's body, leaning 
    over to check his pulse.  Hardin walks in, holding a child.)
    Hardin:  Sydney!  (Running toward Ashley...  Ashley turns and is knocked 
    to the ground by Sydney.)
    Sydney:  You're... mine......   Hardin,...  you... go... to Lea Monde... 
    (Hardin turns and walks away.)
    Ashley:  Wait!!
    (Sydney attacks.  Ashley retreats and pulls out his sword.)
    Ashley:  ...How is it possible?  I am sure you were dead.  Resurrection is 
    only a fairytale...
    (Sydney pulls out the arrow that pierced his heart and kneels...)
    Sydney:  ...I can't...  The wound... is too deep...... (looking at Ashley) I 
    wonder... even as you witness this... if you still... think it's a fairytale...?  
    (Screaming)  Deeto!!
    (A dragon crashes through the stained glass ceiling and lands between 
    Sydney and Ashley.  Sydney turns and walks away.  The dragon has been 
    struck by several arrows, including one through its right eye.)
    Sydney:  ...It's too bad that... I don't have the time... to fight you...  right 
    now......  (Sydney jumps through the stained glass window)
    (A few chops at the dragon's head, and it is history.  Ashley walks to 
    the window and looks out.)
    Ashley:  Lea Monde......
    (The sun rises.  Its rays penetrate the broken window.  Display title:  
    Vagrant Story)
    (Text)  The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to 
    the soul's tyranny.  And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed 
    on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust whence it came.  
    Therefore must the soul deceive, despise, and murder men------A. J. 
    Duke:  ......So, I hear that the men who subjugated the terrorists were from 
    the Pope's office, not the Royal Knight squad.
    Knight:  (kneeling) It was the Holy Knight squad, led by Guildenstern.
    Duke Bardorba's Second Residence
    Graylands, 5:38 AM
    Advisor:  The squad under the Pope's direct control, the one called 
    Crimson Blade.
    Knight:  I am here to report that Guildenstern has headed toward Lea 
    Monde, following Sydney.
    Duke:  ...... Hmm.... I ordered someone to slip on a suit of Holy Knight armor 
    and try to set the residence on fire.
    Advisor:  Fire...  Sir?
    Duke:  It was done so we can make good use of someone who saw that.
    Advisor:  But, your wife and others were taken hostage......
    Duke:  Don't meddle.  Set the fire!  Turn everything into ashes!  ......Any 
    action from the assembly?
    Knight:  The VKP (Valendia Knights of Peace) has assigned its felony 
    management team.
    Duke:  Riskbreaker...... Now that troublesome group is involved.
    Knight:  What shall be done about this?
    Duke:  ......I'll leave Lea Monde to you.  Don't let them come out of Lea 
    Monde.  Dispose of Sydney and Crimson Blade.
    Knight:  And the assembly?
    Duke:  As for those watchdogs, I'll try to manage somehow.  Other than 
    this, don't let them trouble us.
    Knight:  What about Joshua?
    Duke:  ......That's my soul.  Why I must not die......
    Knight:  As you wish.  (He gets up and leaves.)
    Duke:  ......Is it my fate to rot while alive?
    11:42 AM
    (Melrose sees two bodies.)
    (Text)  Lea Monde is an old town, with a history of over 2,000 years.  
    Its walls have seen many battles- they are stronger than the mightiest 
    forts of Valendia, and as the sun wheels through the sky, the beauty of 
    their shifting colors surpasses that of any palace.
    	The grand cathedral that towers over the town center is a symbol 
    of Lea Monde's indomitable spirit, and is the holy ground of the devout 
    Iocus priesthood.  At its height, Lea Monde was a thriving community of 
    more than 5,000 people strong.  25 years ago, a great earthquake brought 
    that chapter in Lea Monde's history to a close.
    Lea Monde
    Ashley:  (walking out of an entrance)  ...What did you find?
    Melrose:  Two men from the surveillance team were killed.
    Ashley:  ...Is that so... (thinking about the undergound passage way...) Is 
    this the only way?
    Melrose:  To say the least, it's unreasonable from the surface.  There 
    is a huge crevice, and you can't approach the city this way.
    Ashley:  From the sea?
    Melrose:  The reefs born out of the earthquake seems to have changed the 
    ocean current.  There are now whirlpools everywhere, and infiltrating 
    the town this way is impossible.  In fact, we have sent agents to that 
    town to enter Mullencamp's hideout.  However, no one returned......
    Ashley:  It wasn't the whirlpool's fault that no one came back, was it......
    Melrose:  Nope.  In short, what killed them were people.  How was it 
    Ashley:  We'll know if we try going in......  (Both walk down and enter.)
    (Text)  According to the survivors, our comrades Agent Riot headed out 
    for Lea Monde before noon.  Of course, the reports are vague and we 
    cannot deny the possibility of inaccuracies.  Yet, given that there is 
    only one path to infiltrate Lea Monde, this office believes the reports 
    to be valid.
    (Ashley and Melrose find two dead bodies.  Melrose turns to look at 
    Melrose:  ...What happened here?
    Ashley:  It's my job to investigate that...  You're making too much of 
    this, even if it's just a wine cellar.
    Melrose:  Hey, wine from Lea Monde could match those from Valendia.  In 
    fact, because they are not made now, premium wines are sold at high 
    prices.  (Ashley opens the gate.)
    Ashley:  ...If I find any, I promise to get you one as a souvenir.
    Melrose:  You intend to go alone?
    Ashley:  An agent without actual combat experience will only be in the 
    Melrose:  ......
    Ashley:  Tell me what you know about Mullencamp and Sydney.
    Melrose:  ...Sydney Losstarot.  Organizer of the religious group known as 
    Mullencamp.  Real name and age, unknown.  A self-styled prophet 
    preaching eschatology among other things.
    Ashley:  Why would the missionary of a cult group commit this kind of 
    Melrose:  I don't know what the Pope's office thinks, but in short the 
    VKP cannot arrest him as a prophet.  His dark existence teaches us the 
    darkside of Duke Bardorba, who controls the assembly in the shadows......  
    The cult is a magic coat that makes the Duke invisible.  I wonder if 
    this case is where they part ways?
    Ashley:  ...The reason for the Pope's office to act is just a "witch 
    Melrose:  ......There are many self-styled prophets these days, but Sydney 
    is special.  This man preaches gospels filled with prophecy and God's 
    revelations and speaks of the Revelations like popular music.  Believers 
    mesmorized by him all say the same thing:  "He is a miracle".
    Ashley:  ......
    Melrose:  ...Whatever they may say, it does seem as if he has mysterious 
    powers.  Correctly guessing the pasts of people in first meetings, and 
    reading their hearts......  In addition, it seems people who faced his 
    fierce charisma are willing to give him their body and soul.
    Ashley:  ...It sounds like something I've said about my lover once.  (He 
    heads in.)
    Melrose:  Agent Riot!!
    Ashley:  Wait for 24 hours.  If I don't come back, contact headquarters.
    (The gate closes.)
    Melrose:  Be careful.  (Melrose steps up the stairs and finds Sydney 
    stairing down at her, smiling.)
    (Text)  ...We sent men to monitor the abandoned mineshaft that leads to 
    Lea Monde.  All were found dead.  At the entrance another body wass 
    found, a knight of the Pope's Crimson Blade squad.
    	Our men were murdered with swords, but the knight's wounds show he 
    died by his own hands.  At present, we have taken the bodies in our 
    custody, and our specialists are continuing the examination.------Except 
    from Graylands, Incident Investigation Report [Section 3.14]
    (Inside the mineshaft)
    Ashley:  Vintage wines?......  (The earth shakes, bringing down debris...)  No 
    burying alive, please.  (Moans coming from the darkness...)  Is this the 
    "mysterious power"......?
    (Upper-left corner)
    HP: Hit Point.  You die when HP = 0; game over.
    MP: Magic Point.  Points needed for casting magic.
    DP: Damage Point.  If it becomes 0, the item's ability decreases 
    PP: Phantom Point.  It accumulates as you continue to use a weapon or 
    shield.  When its value increase beyond some level, weapon's attack and 
    shield's defense abilities increase, respectively.  However, if you 
    continue to equip that weapon or shield when not in battle, it will 
    gradually decrease.
    Risk:  Low risk results in higher hit rate.  High risk causes lower hit 
    rate, but when successful hits cause more damage.
    (Lower-left corner)
    Limb Status Indicator
    Excellent:  Best condition.  No need to recover.
    Good:  Good condition.  However, you had better be careful.
    Average:  Average condition.  Not in danger yet, but you'll want to 
    avoid fights.
    Bad:  Bad condition.  You're receiving terrible/serious damage.
    Dying:  Worst condition.  You had better not move.
    When limbs are dying, the following penalty applies.
    Right arm:  "Attack 50%" (damage from average attack and Break Arts is 
    Left arm:  "Perry 50%" (avoidance rate drops)
    Head:  "Silence" (cannot cast magic)
    Body:  "Risk 200%" (Risk's calculation increases 2X; target dome 
    gradually increase)
    legs:  "Move 50%" (movement speed 1/2)
    (Lower-right corner)
    Simplified map
         For some unknown reason, Square was kind enough to enclose a folded 
    quick guide to the controls written in both English and Chinese.  
    Nevertheless, just in case you find this handy:
    Relax Mode (when not wielding weapons)
    (Directional Pad/Left Stick) Movement; hold/climb; move view during 
    change view.
    (Right Stick) Change view.
    (Start Button) Change view; skip demo.
    (Select Button) Zoom in; zoom out.
    (Circle Button) Decide; change to battle mode.
    (X Button) Cancel; open door and chests; move cube; end view change.
    (Square Button) Jump.
    (Triangle Button) Bring up command.
    (L1 Button) Rotate map (left turn).
    (L2 Button) Quick command display.
    (R1 Button) Rotate map (right turn).
    (R2 Button) While pressed, walk with directional pad or left stick.
    Battle Mode (when wielding weapons)
    (Directional Pad/Left Stick) Movement; selection of target when target 
    dome is up; move view during change view.
    (Right Stick) Change view.
    (Start Button) Change view; skip demo.
    (Select Button) Zoom in; zoom out.
    (Circle Button) Decide; close target dome; battle ability.
    (X Button) Cancel; close target dome; end view change; change to relax 
    mode; open door and chests.
    (Square Button) Jump; battle ability.
    (Triangle Button) Bring up command; battle ability.
    (L1 Button) Rotate map (leftward).
    (L2 Button) Quick command display; change target during target 
    (R1 Button) Rotate map (rightward).
    (R2 Button) While pressed, walk with directional pad or left stick.
    1. Battle System Analysis
         In preparing to fight with monsters, remember that weapon attack is 
    the basis of battle.  You must fight many monsters and the Holy Knight 
    sqad in Lea Monde.  To fight these enemies, first try to remember the 
    weapon attack, the basics of battle.
         First, learn the flow of combat.  For ways to fight monsters, there 
    are 2 types of attack:  weapon attack and magic attack.  I'll first show 
    you the flow of battle by using a most basic weapon attack scenario as 
    an example.  When in relax mode, you can enter the battle mode by 
    pressing the circle button.  The basic controls in the battle mode are 
    not that different from those in the relax mode.  Exceptions:  circle 
    button = open target dome; X Button = return to relax mode.
    Step 1:  Discover enemy.  Go to battle mode.
         When not in battle mode, you cannot attck with weapons.  However, 
    because recovery (such as health) is slow in battle mode, to stay in the 
    battle mode is an invitation to danger.
         Special features of battle mode include:  recovery of HP, MP, and 
    Rick is slow, and Phantom Point decreases.
    Step 2:  Open target dome.
         The size of target dome changes depending on the weapon.  The 
    target dome is a dome that displays the limit of your weapon's reach.  
    The bigger the weapon's range value, the bigger the dome becomes.  If 
    the dome is big, you can attack your enemy from a distance, and 
    naturally the chances of receiving damage will decrease.
    Step 3:  Select a limb to attack.
         The damage value and hit rate differ from limb to limb.  When you 
    have the enemy within the target dome, now you will select a limb (body 
    part) to attack.  Because the damage value and hit rate differ from limb 
    to limb, you should try to attack a limb with the highest hit rate and 
    the biggest damage value you can find.
    Step 4:  After selecting a limb, begin attack.
         Whenever you attack, Risk goes up.  When you decide on a limb to 
    attack, you'll naturally move to attack.  No matter if you hit or miss, 
    the Risk value goes up.  Because Risk will exert various effects on the 
    battle when it gets high, you'll want to defeat the enemy quickly.  
    (When the Rick value gets high, your hit rate will drop and the damage 
    value inflicted will increase.  It will be easier to dish out a critical 
    Step 5:  The battle ends when you defeat the enemy.
         Maybe the enemy will drop an item.  If you defeat the enemy, the 
    battle will end.  The expended HP, MP, and Risk will automatically 
    recover.  If there is no other enemy around, try to change quickly back 
    to relax mode because the recovery speed is faster.  And, when the 
    battle has ended, the enemy may drop an item or two.
    2. Kick Monster's Ass with a Powerful Force
         (Acquire magic by reading "Grimoa")  Magic is said to have 
    ordinarily existed long ago, more than 2000 years ago.  That power 
    exists in Lea Monde.  If you can use them, there's no need to be afraid 
    of monsters.
    - Acquire magic by reading "Grimoa"
         You can obtain the power of magic by reading spell books called 
    "Grimoa", which you get from chests inside the dungeons or monsters as 
    war spoils.  Magic that you've remembered can be used infinitely, 
    although it will consume MP.  There are 4 types of magic:  Sorcery, 
    Theology, Warlock, and Enchant.  They each have different roles as 
    introduced below.  You can use magic by selecting from menu options, or 
    you can operate it speedily by using shortcut command (using the L2 
    a.  Sorcery- assistance type (L2 button + square button)
         Sorcery has an important assistance role.  It can cause status 
    changes such as poison or paralysis on the enemy, or it can increase 
    your own ability.  When a long battle (such as a boss fight) is 
    foreseen, these magics are helpful.
         Examples:  Miserable Body (Cause enemy's strength to decrease for a 
    fixed time; its attack and defense abilities both drop; try to use this 
    on monsters with high attack ability), Protect (increases weapon and 
    armor status temporarily; a magic useful on a boss fight), and Unlock 
    (open chests and key-requiring doors with magic).
    b.  Theology- recovery type (L2 button + triangle button)
         Theology has the role of recovering your health and curing abnormal 
    statuses.  The magic "heal", which recovers HP, also has the effect of 
    giving damage to undead monsters.
         Examples:  Heal (Recover HP by healing wounds; can give damage to 
    undead monsters), Antedote (Recover from poison; has the same effect as 
    the item "Spiritual Prayer"), and Generous Heal (HP will steadily heal 
    for a fix time; useful in a long fight).
    c.  Warlock- attack type (L2 button + circle button)
         This type has the role of giving damage to the enemy.  If you are 
    using it with the same essentials as a weapon attack, it is possible to 
    give big damage to multiple limbs.  As for these magic, you can give 
    bigger damage as your intelligence increases.
         Examples:  Fireball (attack magic with fire property; red-hot 
    fireballs launched to inflict damage on enemy; effective against water-
    type monsters), Spirit Surge (attack magic with spiritual property; 
    spirit of light released to cause damage; effective against the undead 
    with high darkness properties), and Explosion (attack magic with 
    physical property; explosion ignited at enemy's location and causes 
    damage to multiple limbs).
    d.  Enchant- attribute type (L2 button + X button)
         This magic causes various attributes to be added to your weapons 
    and armor.  When attacking a monster with the attribute of fire, water, 
    wind, or earth, you can turn the battle to your advantage by using 
    protective magic to resist weapon-based or powerful attribute attacks.
         Examples:  Frost Attach (water-type attribute magic; changes 
    weapon's attribute to "water attribute" temporarily; effective against 
    fire-type monsters), Spark Guard (fire-type attribute magic; changes the 
    armor's attribute to "fire attribute" temporarily; resistance against 
    fire increases), and Soil Guard (earth-type attribute magic; changes the 
    armor's attribute to "earth attribute" temporarily; resistance against 
    earth increases.
    -Magic collectively puts enemy to rout by attacking multiple limbs.
         There are magic that has a wide range of attack.  If used 
    correctly, you can obliterate the enemy in one hit, but you cannot use 
    too much because they use up too much MP.  These magic have levels, and 
    if its level becomes high its effective limit becomes larger.  And if 
    your too close, you'll get hurt too.
    -Magical power changes depending on your equipment.
         Intelligence values greatly affect the power of attack magic.  If 
    you equip a weapon that causes INT to increase and enter battle mode, 
    the weapon's intelligence value is added and damage is increased.  In 
    case of recovery magic, pay attention to the armor's "magic defense 
    power (INT/DEFENCE)".  The more this "decrease", the more the recovery 
    value gets bigger.  For using recovery magic in the middle of battle, 
    you can consider taking off the shield.
    3.  The Various Abilities Useful in Battle
         There are deadly fighting techniques sealed in your memory.  As the 
    game unrolls monsters and fierce battles, battle abilities will bring 
    various support effects to your fighting.  If you reach eventual levels, 
    will you even need weapons and armor?!
         There are two techniques:  attack and defense techniques, also 
    known as Chain Ability and Defense Ability, respectively.  Chain Ability 
    enhances your attack, and Defense Ability enhances your defense.  You 
    can activate them by pressing buttons at proper timing.  There are many 
    supplemental attacks, damage reduction, and beneficial things, but 
    everytime you use them the Risk gradually increases.
    a.  Chain Ability
         This will allow you to defeat the enemy without giving it a chance 
    to counterattack.  For Chain Ability, you can link up attacks by 
    pressing buttons at the right timing (by synchronizing with the "!" mark 
    displayed on the screen).  To get a knack for Chain attack, get 
    acquainted with every ability's "motion" and "!'s timing".  The motion 
    is divided into 3 types.  I want you to remember their movement and 
    timing and make them useful in battle.
    (Weapon Motion)
    Additional Damage Type (A-type)
         On top of being relatively easy to perform, they have a rather 
    highly useful value.  Just disburse this type alternatively with 
    another, you will connect many hits.  Examples:  Heavy Shot, Mind 
    Assault, Raging Ache, Insane Ache, and Crimson Blade.
    Recovery Type (B-type)
         An operation to quietly dispose of the enemy by thrusting the 
    sword.  Timing is critical, and try to remember it precisely to handle 
    to Gain Phantom.  Examples:  Gain Life, Gain Magic, Gain Damage, and 
    Gain Phantom.
    Abnormal Status Type (C-type)
         It gives abnormal status such as silent, poison, and paralysis.  It 
    is relatively easy to perform, but it is highly difficult to get the 
    timing of the rightward motion.  Examples:  Paralysis Pulse, Numbing 
    Claw, Dullness Bind, and Snake Venom.
    b.  Defense Ability
         They work similar to the Attack Abilities; you must assign the 
    abilities to square, triangle, or circle buttons and press one at the 
    proper time.
    4.  Break Arts Exist in Your Weapons.
         Break Arts attack by consuming your HP, unlike magic that uses MP.  
    It's a powerful technique that can pulverize the enemy in one blow if 
    certain criteria are met.
    a.  It's possible to defeat the enemy in one hit.
         You can use Break Arts by expending your HP.  Their attack powers 
    are things that can't be estimated.  If you use it with considerations 
    for attributes and type, it's possible to bury the enemy in one hit.  
    Break Arts is different from magic, and you cannot use it if you're not 
    in battle mode.  Because it will consume HP, it is the same thing as if 
    you had actually fought.  It's good that it gives big damage, but  you 
    should try to be careful because if they are used too much, you may lose 
    quickly.  If you use it often, you need to recover HP very often.
    b.  The number of defeated enemies will become experience points.
         You can remember Break Arts by defeating a set number of enemies.  
    If you look at menus, you will know how many you still need to kill 
    until the next Break Arts.  A point is the same as one enemy you must 
    kill, so if the point for swords is 10, then you can remember the next 
    sword Break Arts if you kill 10 more enemies with a sword-type weapon.
    c.  There is Break Arts even for bare hands.
         You may mostly consider Break Arts as a "powerful weapon attack" 
    simply hidden in every weapon type, but actually that is not what they 
    are.  Break Arts has "attack attribute" and "attack type" in techniques, 
    and there are cases where if they depended on the weapon type, they 
    would be completely different.  For example, sword's "Dark Slayer" has 
    the attack type of "cut", but this does not change even when you use 
    Rapier (a pierce-type weapon).  This applies to attributes too.  Because 
    Break Arts exist even for bare hands, the breadth of fighting will 
    probably become wider if you let yourself have the attribute to fight 
    bare handed.
    5.  Advanced Battle Techniques
         Fight freely with all the techniques!  Colorful magic, numerous 
    Battle Abilities, whole-body Break Arts...  I'll introduce a battle 
    technique for livening up these attacks.
    a.  Fight without receiving damage by getting a headstart with long-
    distance attacks.
         As a way to kill enemies without getting damaged, headstart attacks 
    can be joined with distance attacks.  Equip a weapon with wide range and 
    wait for the enemy to get near.  If you open and shut the dome quickly, 
    you will know when it is in battle range at any time.
         After you've made your first attack, you can run away before the 
    enemy attacks.  Attack again when it gets near again, and you can defeat 
    it without getting attacked by the enemy.  Get a knack for making its 
    movement slowed by attacking the legs first.  Monsters attack when there 
    is a "!" in their overhead balloon.  If you can attack quickly before 
    that happens, it's possible to get a headstart even with a weapon like a 
    b.  Continuous attack using abbreviated commands.
         After attacking with weapon, attack with magic or Break Arts by 
    quickly pressing the L2 button.  If you press the circle button at the 
    same time as you let go of the L2 button, you'll be back in the weapon 
    battle, and there will be some time remaining.  Progress in battle while 
    verifying the abbreviated commands often by pressing the L2 button.
    c.  Check enemy attribute and attack its weak point.
         If you do not match the weapon you're carrying with the enemy's 
    race, attribute, and type, then you cannot give as much damage as you 
    think possible.  The magic "Analysis" is useful at that time.  You can 
    see the enemy's status by using this magic and pressing the L-R button 
    to open the status screen.  Try to attack with a weapon that correctly 
    suits the enemy.
    d.  Battle techniques that use Battle Ability
         When you can't find the enemy's weakness, or you don't have the 
    weapon that works, try to attack with Battle Ability.  Battle Ability 
    has things that can give damage with no connection with attack ability, 
    is different from normal attack, and has success rate that does not 
    deteriorate depending on the rise in Risk.  There are times when they 
    work on bosses, and its appeal is to give damage without regard to 
    anything.  If you use practically the ability, even if Risk is 100, you 
    can defeat any enemy.
    6. Introduction to Customization
    	You can get your hands on high-quality equipment by grasping the 
    systems for how various weapons and defensive items grow and how they 
    can be combined and assembled.
    a.  The set up of weapons and defensive items (Disassembling and 
    assembling weapons and defensive items)
         Weapons are divieded into "Blade" and "Grip", and they can be 
    replaced with various other parts.  A weapon's performance is decided 
    with the grip's performance as the core, and that is combined with the 
    blade's.  The blade can be strengthened by the mixing, but you'll use 
    grips as you get them.  It's a good idea to destroy one's that you won't 
         Shields can be equipped and un-equipped with mystery stones.  There 
    are shields that can equip multiple stones, and it's important how they 
    are combined.
    b.  Development system for weapons and defensive items.
         Weapons and defensive items develop thru use.  Parameters that 
    conform to certain criteria will change depending on the race and 
    attributes of monsters you encounter.  Even equipments basically low in 
    attack and defensive abilities can have their performance raised to some 
    degree by having their race and attribute parameters developed.  
    Furthermore, if you utilize combination and development together, you 
    can create very high performance equipment.
    c.  Values change by making attacks and receiving attacks.
         Weapon's parameters change by attacking and defensive item's 
    parameters change by receiving enemy attacks.  Pay attention because 
    parameters can increase by this mutual relationship, but there are also 
    things that can decrease them.  (If you turn on "display the equipment 
    development value", the value change in parameters will be shown.)
    d.  Effects of DP, PP, and equipment repair.
         DP and PP increase or decrease depending on combat.  If DP is zero, 
    equipment performance reduces by half.  If PP reaches maximum, 
    attributes are increased.  In short, if both DP and PP are at their 
    maximum, you can realize the full performance of that equipment.  You 
    can recover lost DP by repairing equipment in the factory.  Because PP 
    decreases gradually in battle mode, it's better to operate in relax 
    7.  Changes in Attribute/Race Parameters
         Developing and enhancing weapons and defensive items may be better 
    called increasing parameters.  Basic attacks and defense abilities are 
    established on various weapons and defensive items, but you can conduct 
    battles with a good deal of strategy by grasping contents of parameters 
    and increasing them.  I'll explain about attributes and race that have 
    effects on them and their properties.
    a.  Attribute's relations and its rise
         Attributes have connections that have "natural laws" that 
    exclusively antagonize each other.  This shows that attributes are 
    mutual weak points.  If you attack an enemy with some attribute, then 
    the attribute that antagonizes that enemy's equipment rises.  In short, 
    this is how youw weapon can automatically adapt to that enemy's 
    weakness.  For defensive items, because they receive attacks, the 
    attribute that is the same as the enemy's rises.  This shows endurance 
    toward that attribute.
    b.  Attribute's relations and increase/decrease of their values
         Race parameters also changes attribute values through attacks and 
    defenses, and the enemy's race is a influence.  However, the 
    relationship between races is like in the table below (not shown); for 
    example, if you attack a human, that weapon's beast and undead values 
    decrease.  Naturally, your basic consideration is to understand how to 
    use weapons depending on race, because weapons are effective against 
    races that you have highest values against.
         You should develop three types of weapons:  Type 1 = human / 
    phantom; Type 2 = beast / dragon ; Type 3 = undead / evil.
    - About combining weapons and defensive items
         You can combine weapons and defensive items in factories, but it's 
    hard to get a high performance weapon by simply combining haphazardly.  
    You need to consider the points from combining weapons, shield, and 
    defensive items, while investigating trends in parameter changes.
         If you roughly understand the main points on combing weapons, then 
    you know that the three important factors are material quality, types, 
    and parameters.
    8.  How to Fight in Order to Forge Your Equipment
         Your equipment are enriched only when you understand how to fight.  
    Your weapons and defensive items develop after repeated battles.  Here, 
    I'll introduce some practical battle strategies in case you want to 
    intentionally develop your equipments.
    a.  It's important what attribute your weapons are made of
         In enriching weapons, there are ways to increase race and attribute 
    parameters.  Race affects amount of direct damage, and damage gradually 
    increases only when race value rises.  Meanwhile, the numerical value of 
    various attributes determines the weapon's special attribute- which is 
    the one with the highest number.  By increasing both the race parameter 
    and attribute parameter, you can give huge damage by developing weapons 
    directed at the enemy's weakness.
    b.  One attribute per weapon
         One thing to watch out for when developing weapons is to have one 
    attribute per weapon.  The weapon's attribute is the one with the 
    highest numerical value, and other attributes are ignored.  You should 
    efficiently raise your capability by attacking enemies with different 
    attributes with different weapons.
         When attacking enemy with same attribute, you can more efficiently 
    increase attribute and race parameters by using a different weapon, but 
    when considering all the types, attributes, and races, it may be 
    insufficient no matter how many weapons are available.
    c.  Seriously consider the hit rate and increase the frequency of 
         There's no reason why parameters would change by attacking just 
    once, but it certainly is easier for them to change if you increase the 
    frequency of attacks.  Furthermore, if an attack is not successfully 
    made, parameters do not increase.  So, your weapon's enhancement 
    probably progress more if you select limbs with higher hit rate and 
    lower damage.
    d.  Combination is basic to enrichment of defense items
         In the case of enriching defensive items, it's basically enough to 
    just combine them.  You can gradually combine war trophies from monsters 
    and create high grade defense items by paying attention to defensive 
    values against every type of attack.  Then direct attacks won't be much 
    of a problem.  Against attacks such as magic and special attacks, try to 
    defend by equipping special stones on shields.  If you can increase all 
    the parameters and not stick to just one attribute, then no attack will 
    be able to touch you.
         For example:  This is how you make defensive items against the fire 
    attribute, such as a fire attack like dragon's breath.  First, find 
    monsters that attack with that attribute and receive their attacks while 
    minimizing damage with defense ability.  In the case of enriching 
    shields, you must be in battle mode.  To suppress reduction of PP, the 
    weapons need to be drawn.
    d.  Finally, your efforts will be rewarded
         Your equipment are appreciably fortified by fighting with careful 
    thought.  You'll allow your equipment to inherit attributes by combining 
    them with things obtained from monsters, and they will evolve into 
    powerful weapons and defensive items.  From this slow but sure effort as 
    well as research on monsters and weapon/defense items, the strongest 
    equipment will be born.

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