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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cnick

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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            #         ###             ###;%##%#           ###%%## ###  #%     %     
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     #;;;;; ;;;;;##;;%;;;;;#;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;#%;;;;;;;;;;#%;;#;;;;;%;; ;;;#    
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     ###;#   ;;%#;;#####;%#; #;;;  ;% #;%%###%#;;##%##;###;%####;;%; ;;;%  %%##    
       #;%   ;%;#;;#   #;##; #%%;  ;;# ;#;%####;;#   #;###;#    %;%; ;;;#;%;#      
       #;%   ;%;#  #   #;##; #%%;  ;;# ;#;%####;;#   #;###;#    %;%; ;;;#;%;#      
       #;;   ;#;#  #   #;##; %  ;# ;;# ;#;%## #;;;#  #;###;# ;;  ;%; ;;;#%;;#      
       #;;   ;#;%  #  ##;#;;#;  ;%;;%%#;#;%## ##;;#  #;###;% ;;  ;%;#;;%##;##      
       ##;# %;#;;  # ;;%;;;#;;  ;;;;#;#; ;%##  #;;;# #;###;# %;  ;%;;;;%##;%       
        #;# ;%%;####  ;%;;;%;;  %; ;#;%; ;%##   #;;;##;###;# ##  ;%;;;;# #;#       
        #;# %;%;%;;# #;%;%;##;##;; ; %%; ;%##   ##;;%#;###;%  #  ;%;;;;# #;#       
        #;% %%;%   # ;%;%;##;;;%;#;  ;% %%## ##  ;;##;###;;;   #;% %;;# #;#       
        #%; ;%##   ;##;%;%%;;%###;%;  ;% %%## ##  #;##;####;;#  ;#%  ;;%##;#       
        #%; ;%##;;;;##;%;%%;;%###;%;  ;% %%## ##  #;##;####;;#  ;#%  ;;%##;#       
         #;#;%#%;%%;%#;%;%#;;%###;;;% #% %%## ##  #;#%;%###%;;#;;#;  %%;##;%       
         #;;;;%;%;;%;;#%;;#;;;;;%;;;;  % %%## #;# #;#;;;####;;;;##;  ##;#;;;#      
         #;#%#           ##;#########  % %%## #;# %%###### ######    ##%%###       
          %%##        #####%%####     #% %%## %%%#%####### ######     ##;###       
          %%#             ##%#           %%## ###%##   #     ##        #%##        
          #%#              #%#           %%##  #####                    ###        
           %                ####         %%##                                      
                            ####         %%##                                      
     Walkthrough  Version 0.5            ####                      written by cnick
     Last Updated: April 1, 2005         ###                     seamanci@yahoo.com
                             Copyright 2000-2005 cnick.
                               "We are as goddddds!"
    Essentially, this is a revamped version of my old, crappy guide. Due
    to the complicated nature of the game, I'm only concentrating on getting
    a decent walkthrough out.
    If I ever get more time (or for that matter, be interested in continuing
    this guide), I'll continue to add onto the core structure of the guide.
    But as of now, this guide merely covers the first-play walkthrough. I
    know the FAQ is missing a lot of access information, but it isn't a
    priority for me to finish this stuff when there are far better guides
    with that information.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    *                   t a b l e   o f   c o n t e n t s                   *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                         1. updates
                         2. game overview 
                         3. walkthrough
                            - wine cellar
                            - catacombs
                            - sanctum
                            - town center west: part 1
                            - abandoned mines b1
                            - town center west: part 2
                            - undercity west: part 1
                            - snowfly forest
                            - city walls south
                            - the keep
                            - town center south
                            - city walls east
                            - undercity west: part 2
                            - abandoned mines b2
                            - town center east
                            - undercity east: part 1
                            - using the iron key
                            - city walls north
                            - undercity east: part 2
                            - limestone quarry
                            - temple of kiltia
                            - using the silver key
                            - great cathedral
                            - great cathedral L4
                         4. secrets
                         5. break arts
                         6. appendix
                         7. closing
     Find what you want faster:
         1. Highlight the section name (e.g. "undercity east: part 2").
         2. Press Ctrl C
         3. Press Ctrl F
         4. Press Ctrl V, and hit return.
    1) UPDATES
     Version 0.4 (April 1, 2005)
     - First-play walkthrough is 100% done. Secrets and Appendix sections
       need work. To be continued?
     Version 0.2 (March 23, 2005)
     - Complete walkthrough done. Gee, only took 5 years to do it!
     Version 0.1 (May 25, 2004)
     - Begin revisions of old material.
     - Begin finishing walkthrough.
     Version 0.0 (March 23, 2000)
     - Start of FAQ
    [ Game Analysis ] -------------------------------------------------------
     There are few console games out there that can be as frustrating as
     Vagrant Story. With a complex story, and a difficult battle system, I
     imagine there many a gamer out there simply confused with the game.
     The tough thing about VS is that there is really no room for error in
     the system. It's hard to "gimp" yourself through the game unless you
     have a real knowledge of the system. Which sucks, because I figure many
     gamers have left their copies in the corner to collect dust because of 
     First and foremost, understand that most of the game is designed in
     dungeons, with boss fights every now and then. In some ways, it's the
     Radiant Silvergun of RPGs (^_^), where one could spin around the 
     gameplay from a dungeon crawler to a series of boss fights. Fortunately,
     there IS a battle system to back up this premise (because, who would
     really want to go through boss fights without a fun battling system).
     Between boss fights, you'll run into a number beautifully laid out rooms
     and areas. Some involve platform jumping; others use box-puzzes; and
     the rest are simply filled with baddies to kill. There never is a dull
     moment in the game. Which is a downside in some regards, as it is hard
     to play the game for more than a few hours.
     And all of this sort of sums up VS. Mix in a great story with (at the 
     time) awesomse graphics, and you got one hell of a game.
    [ Controls ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     There are too many different modes, so I apologize for this long list.
    NORMAL MODE (unarmed)
     Left analog stick / - * Move cursor
     directional pad       * Grip/Climb
                           * Look (in first-person)
     Right analog stick - * Free-look
     Start Button - * Free-look, skip demo                                  
     Select Button - * Zoom In / Zoom Out                                    
     Circle Button - * Execute 
                     * Draw weapon (to switch to BattleMode)
     X Button - * Cancel 
                * Open doors and boxes
                * Move cubes
                * End free look
     Square Button - * Jump                                                  
     Triangle Button - * Menu                                  
     L1 Button - * Rotate map counterclockwise                           
     L2 Button - * Display abbreviated commands                          
     R1 Button - * Rotate Map Clockwise                                  
     R2 Button - * Walk, when used with D-Pad or left stick    
    BATTLE MODE (weapon drawn)
     Left analog stick / - * Move cursor
     directional pad       * Select target
                           * Look (in first-person)
     Right analog stick - * Free-look
     Start Button - * Free-look, skip demo                                  
     Select Button - * Zoom In / Zoom Out                                    
     Circle Button - * Execute 
                     * Use battle ability
                     * Open/Close battle sphere
     X Button - * Cancel 
                * Close target sphere
                * Switch to normal mode
                * End free look
     Square Button - * Jump   
                     * Use battle ability 
     Triangle Button - * Menu      
                       * Use battle ability                            
     L1 Button - * Rotate map counterclockwise                           
     L2 Button - * Display abbreviated commands                          
     R1 Button - * Rotate Map Clockwise                                  
     R2 Button - * Walk, when used with D-Pad or left stick    
     Left analog stick / - * Move cursor
     directional pad       * Switch menus while <items> window is open
     Right analog stick - * Not used   
     Start Button - * Not used                            
     Select Button - * Not used                                  
     Circle Button - * Execute 
     X Button - * Cancel 
     Square Button - * Jump                                                  
     Triangle Button - * Menu                                  
     L1 Button - * Switch menus
                 * Switch between Ashley and opponents in status window   
     L2 Button - * Not used                         
     R1 Button - * Switch menus
                 * Switch between Ashley and opponents in status window  
     R2 Button - * Not used.
    [ Game Screen ] ---------------------------------------------------------
     The game screen has a couple of new things never before seen in any 
     game.  You do have your usual HP and MP meters, which are obvious on 
     their purpose. Incase you get lost, theres a map on the lower right
     corner of the screen.
     The two new things are the limb gauge, and the RISK meter.  The risk 
     meter raises the more you attack, and drops over time.  The higher it
     is, the more of a chance you might miss, but your chance of landing a 
     critical is higher. Chaining more then eight times can drastically
     increase the RISK meter.
     The limb gauge displays the condition of Ashley's body parts.  Different
     colors means different things, and you should get familiar with what 
     color means.
    [ Limb Gauge ] ----------------------------------------------------------
     Theres are 5 different colors that represent the condition of your body
     Excellent  (blue)  Perfect Status. Where you want to be at most times.
     Good       (Green) Fairly good.  Nothing to worry about.
     Average    (Yellow) Normal.  Should be careful on when you fight.
     Bad        (Orange) Bad.  Very bad.  Seriously wounded.
     Dying      (Red)    Your body part is dead, or almost dead.
     When a body part is dying, theres a couple of penalities that apply.  
     Below is what happens when a body part is dying.
     R. Arm     Attack 50% (Normal and Break Art attack is halved)
     L. Arm     Parry 50%  (Chance to parry is halved)
     Head       Silence    (Cant use magic)
     Body       Risk 200%  (RISK increases gradually when the target sphere
                            is open)
     Legs       Move 50%   (Movement speed is halved)
    [ What's Risk? ] --------------------------------------------------------
     RISK is basically the feature that adds some strategy to the battle
     system, along with the equilizer to stop you from doing multiple 5 hit 
     chains non-stop untill the enemy dies.  For the most part, you want your
     RISK low.  VERY LOW.  None at most times. You shouldn't even have it in 
     high levels for more then a couple of seconds.
     As your RISK goes up (each chain/defense ability moves it up) your 
     chance of hitting the enemy is lessen.  What does that mean?  Lots of 
     misses, and using break arts is nearly impossible, since you can't risk
     the loss of HP with a miss.  Vera Roots and Bulbs are available to drop 
     your RISK when it gets high, but only use them when you are fighting a 
     boss.  Normal enemies can be dealt with easily, simply because the ass
     kicking you receive from a high RISK can easily be reparied by multiple 
     heals, and letting your MP regenerate.
     When facing a boss, always have your RISK at none.  Believe me when I 
     say this, you are dead if its at 35+ and you dont lower it down.  It 
     only takes a couple of seconds in non-battle mode for it to drop down.
     Interestingly enough, there are enough RISK-reducing items in the game
     where you don't have to worry too much about RISK. The key thing is to
     lower it once it gets reall high, as the damaging inflicted increases
     significantly due to high RISK.
    [ Chaining ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     This is the toughest thing in the game to do, but once you get it, 
     fighting is much easier.  Make sure you have the exclamation mark pop up
     on top of Ashley's head.  If you don't have that show up, look through
     the menu to turn it on. When you see that mark, thats you signal to 
     press the button to pull off another chain or use a defense move.
     What button do I press?  It's up to you.  You have a choice to use three
     abilties for chain, and defend, and you get to configure them using 
     square, triangle, and circle.  For defense, only one move will be done
     and thats it.  But for chains, you can continue to repeat the process.  
     Remember, press whatever button you want to, a second after you first 
     see it.  Pressing it right when you see it will be too fast.  My best
     suggestion is that you concentrate always on top of Ashleys head.  That
     way, you won't get distracted by the attack, and you can pull off 
     monster 10 hit chains.
     Ashley Riot
     Age: Late 20s
     Height: 181 cm
     Affiliation: VKP, Dangerous Criminal Task Force 
     After graduating as valedictorian from VKP Academy, Ashley worked as an 
     elite soldier. Following the tragic death of his wife and child at the 
     hands of a ruffian, he transferred to the Dangerous Criminal Task Force,
     a.k.a. "Riskbreaker," the most danger-ridden post at VKP, where he 
     remains today.
     Riskbreakers conduct their investigations alone, infiltrating into and
     investigating foreign crime syndicates over long periods of time, which 
     always puts the individual at high risk. Many lose their lives during 
     their assignments; the survival rate stands at less than 30 percent. 
     Ashley, always maintaining his calm in all situations, has succeeded in 
     mission after mission.
     Having let Sydney slip away during the take-over of Duke Bardorba's 
     manor, Ashley was forced to infiltrate Lea Monde, Mullenkamp's 
     stronghold, to continue his pursuit.  While in the labyrinthine city, 
     Ashley felt something right at the moment he was confronted by Sydney, 
     appearing out of nowhere--Ashley's odious memories of the past and his
     infamous killing instincts were revived.  Were these phenomena due to 
     the powers of Lea Monde? Or were they "tricks" Sydney was playing on 
     The only way to the truth was to track Sydney down.
     Callo Merlose
     Age: 23
     Height: 173 cm
     Affiliation: VKP Information Analysis Unit
     Callo is a member of the VKPs Information Analysis Unit, a team 
     specializing in the collection of information, espionage, and analysis,
     sifting through tangible and intangible evidence for information that 
     can help in criminal investigations.
     With a Ph.D. in both criminal psychology and religious psychology, Callo
     entered Info. Analysis as a specialist in the analysis of cults and 
     religious terrorism; her proficiency in information analysis has drawn 
     the attention of the veteran analysis officers in spite of her young 
     As an Information Analyst, she cooperated when Ashley sneaked into the 
     Duke's manor and infiltrated Lea Monde.  According to our records, she 
     hasn't been heard from since she parted with Ashley at the wine cellar, 
     the doorway to Lea Monde...
     Sydney Losstarot
     Age Unknown (late 20s?)
     Height: 178 cm
     Affiliation: The Mullenkamp Cult
     This charismatic youth leads the religious cult Mullenkamp. Forced into
     a tight spot by Ashley during the occupation of Duke Bardorba's manor, 
     he goes into hiding in the city of evil, Lea Monde.
     Many self-proclaimed prophets foretell the end of the world, but Sydney 
     is exceptional. He can accurately read people's pasts and their minds,
     and can in fact manipulate them.
     How he obtained such power, no one knows.
     When he encounters Ashley again in Lea Monde, Sydney seems to take 
     pleasure in the "game" between them, likening Ashley to a hunter and 
     himself a hare.
     What were Sydney's real intentions in provoking and taunting Ashley as 
     though he knew everything about the Riskbreaker...?
     Romeo Guildenstern
     Age: 34
     Height: 179 cm
     Affiliation: Knights of the Cross
     Chieftain of the "Crimson Blades"--Knights of the Cross, a militia under
     the direct control of the Cardinal.
     Although every bit a knight of elegance and breeding, he can be utterly
     cold-blooded, hesitating at nothing in the name of justice for the
     He led the Knights of the Cross during the occupation of Duke Bardorba's
     manor and led sorties to suppress the following riots. Why the 
     Cardinal's Knights of the Cross became involved despite having received
     no orders to do so remains a mystery.
     The Crimson Blades, led by Romeo Guildenstern, have also infiltrated the
     city of evil, Lea Monde. Their aim is to extinguish the Mullenkamp 
     cultists, headed by Sydney, and to obtain the legacy of the evil city --
     an artifact they call the "Miracle."
     Jan Rosenerantz
     Age: late 30s
     Affiliation: VKP, Dangerous Criminal Task
     Another Riskbreaker dispatched by the VKP to support Ashley, Rosencrantz
     went directly from Duke Bardorba's manor to Lea Monde.
     Having secretly researched Lea Monde, he would of course have more 
     information on Sydney and Mullenkamp, as well as on Sydney's "powers," 
     than Ashley.
     Yet Riskbreakers always act alone, and it is inconceivable that they 
     would change their strategies in the middle of a mission. Can his words
     be trusted?
     And what of his rumored ties with Duke Bardorba...?
     John Hardin 
     Age : 29
     Affiliation: Mullenkamp Cult
     A prominent member of the Mullenkamp Cult, Hardin organized the 
     occupation of the duke's manor with Sydney. Although Sydney is 
     recognized as the leader of the cult, these two men are more like
     comrades-in-arms than master and servant.
     Hardin is the one who took Joshua to Lea Monde during the occupation.  
     His noble stature hints at his skill in the sword and his pleasant, 
     open-minded personality.
     Like his comrade Sydney, who has the power to read the minds of others,
     Hardin possesses the power to see events unfold from afar.
     Duke Bardorba
     Age: 64
     Height: 175 cm
     One of the heroes who brought an end to the civil war in Valendia.
     Once the most vocal member of the former House of Lords, he has 
     withdrawn from center stage for health reasons. He continues to exercise
     formidable influence in the national assembly, though. Rumored to be the
     financial benefactor for the Mullenkamp cult, he is a fixer pulling the
     strings behind the scenes of history.
     Sydney's legions attacked the Duke's manor--apparently to acquire 
     something in the duke's possession. The night of the occupation, 
     however, the duke was at his secondary residence, and thus escaped harm.
     Before I begin, let's discuss the layout of the walkthrough. From my
     experience with the game, the rooms between bosses aren't challenging
     enough to go in-depth room by room. If there is one thing I've became
     frustrated with VS is the lack of compass on the game screen. Because of
     this, it's hard for me to give you instructions based on a compass that
     requires you to go through the menu everytime. 
     So with the lack of compass, I've realized the best way to give a 
     good walkthrough is to go room-by-room. I originally had the walkthrough
     without this, and it simply did not work. Going room-by-room gives the
     reader some reference in case you get lost.
     AN: There are a couple of scenes to watch after the initial FMV that
     help explain what's going on in the Prologue.
     After Ashley, umm, listens, he accidently causes the box to fall, and 
     the two guards discover our stealthy hero. Round one. Fight!
     Waste them by spamming your one attack. d00d, this battle system 
     After some more sexy cut-scenes (seriously, I want to have sex with 
     them ~_~), Sydney's summoned dragon monster attacks.  Like the previous
     two lackies, pound away with your sword. It doesn't take more than a
     few hits to kill it.
     With the dragon dead, and the location of Sydney's destination known,
     it's time to head off to Lea Monde. 
                                   Wine Cellar
     Our goal in the Wine Cellar is to reach Lea Monde. Because Sydney locks
     doors requiring a magically key called a Sigil, we need to first find
     that before we can get out to the Catacombs.
     Entrance to Darkness
     Without getting a chance to sample the wine, continue through the only
     passage in the room. 
     Worker's Breakroom
     Here, the game will introduce two objects one will see throughout the
     Lea Monde; a chest and save point! ^_______^
        Tovarisch (L)
        Buckler (W)
        Leather Glove (L)
        5 Vera Bulb
        5 Cure Bulb
     Save, as this is the first opportunity to do so in the game. Then move
     north into the next screen. 
     Hall of Struggle
     Monster: Bat (Beast)
     Use the boxes to create a pillar so that you can climb over the small 
     cliff. And this, essentially, represents every single dungeon puzzle in 
     Vagrant Story. Of course, there are harder variances of this, but is
     basically it. AN: This isn't me implying that they're all very easy; 
     there are some hair-pullers amongst the depths of the city.
     Smokebarrel Stair
     Among other things in here, you'll run into a couple of Crimson Blades, 
     discussing the "mysteries" of Lea Monde. And contrary to our wishes, we
     arne't allowed to kill them. Follow them up the stairs, and move into 
     the following room. 
     AN: Like I said earlier, a lot of Vagrant Story is searching for a 
     Sigil, which has locked a door preventing us access to our goal. In
     this case, we need the Chamomile Sigil.
     Wine Guild Hall
     Monster: Goodwin (Human)
              Sackheim (Human)
              Bats, Silver Wolf (when you come back)
     Inside, Ashley will goof up and let his prescene known to the knights 
     (hell, I'd goof up if I saw that crazy looking ghost kid). The result of
     all of this, of course, is some fighting. Keep you're Fandango equipped,
     and waste away. 
     With the knights dead, use the save if you wish, or dump any excess
     equipment in the chest (to be fair, I'll say don't even bother; we'll
     run into another storage chest in the not-so-distant future). When done,
     jump onto the moving platform, then through the exit.
     Wine Magnate's Chambers
     Monster: Bat, Silver Wolf (Beast)
     Small earthquake occurs as you enter. A Gust Trap is on the square two
     ahead of the door exiting out to
     Fine Vintage Vault
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     Destroy the first knight, then use the crates to reach to the second
     bow-knight. Move to
     Chamber of Fear
     Monster: Silver Wolf, Bat
     An earthquake will change the geography of the room, allowing access to
     a second room (on a higher plateau). Take that passage.
     The Reckoning Room
     Monster: Silver Wolf, Bat
     You're rewarded with a chest (after you've dealt with the enemies
     inside). Retreive the goods, then return to the previous room, and take
     the lower exit (which would be your left coming out).
        Seventh Heaven (B)
        Reinforced Glove (L)
        3 Cure Root
        3 Vera Root
     Labourer's Thirst
     Monster: Silver Wolf, Bat
     Take one of the 3 crates (destroy one of them, as you cannot pick up a 
     crate if there are three in a stack), and carry it over to the doorway 
     on the other side of the room.  Drop it so that you can climb up to it.
     The Rich Drown in Wine
     Monster: Silver Wolf, Bat
     Destroy one of the three boxes again so that you can carry it. Drop it 
     so you can jump up to the higher level near the locked door. Then pull 
     the switch. At this point, you have three seconds to drop down and go 
     through the door. This doesn't look as hard then it actually is.
     AN: If one of the wolves destroyed the crates, simply leave and return 
     into the room. They will respawn.
     Room of Rotten Grapes
     Monster: Bat
     Once again, move along into another room with crates (you'll also see
     yet another scene with the ghost-kid. 
     Blackmarket of Wines
     Use the Magic Circle to save, and open the chest.
        1 Cure Potion
        5 Cure Bulb
     Since it's the beginning of the game, there isn't much to do to prep for
     this boss. Heck, we can't even chain yet!
     The Gallows
     Boss: Minotaur HP 275 (Beast)
     Hack away. With no chain abilities, there's nothing you can do. Since
     Minotaur has such a large reach, you even can't run away from him and
     spam circle so you can get a few more hits in (as most monsters are
     slow in attacking; moving away from their range, and they'll walk back
     into yours just in time for you to smack them again). 
     Items Received:
     Chamonile Sigil 
     Grimoire Guerir (Heal)
     Grimoire Debile (Degenerate)
     Remain in the Gallows, and pick up a chest in the opposite end of the
        Pelta Shield (W)
        3 Vera Bulb
        15 Yggdrasils Tears
     As you attempt to leave, Sydney shows his face again. When the boys have
     had their chat, Ashley is treated to a new ability: chain abilites! 
     w00t. Return to the save room. Before you return back to Smokebarrel
     Stair to use the Sigil, use your Fandango on the human dummy. Pound on
     it for an hour ; this will raise your human/physical traits on
     your blade, and thus, enhancing you're ability to fight human opponents.
     This is a great way to make things easier in Lea Monde. AN: Don't 
     practice chains on the dummy! Weapon traits only increase on the first
     When you're ready, return to Smokebarrel Stair and use the Chamonile 
     Sigil to open the previously unlocked door.
     Room of Cheap Red Wine
     Monster: Mandel (Undead)
     Watch the scene, and destroy the monster. He drops a Rapier (B), which
     is a nice weapon to use for undead. Hint. Hint. Hint.
     Room of Cheap White Wine
     Monster: Zombie (Undead)
              Zombie Fighter (Undead)
              Ghoul (Undead)
     Standard undead monsters. Use your newly acquired Rapier on these, and
     they'll be dead again.
     The Greedy One's Den
     Monster: Silver Wolf
     Walk into the next room. Boss time.
     The Hero's Winehall
     Boss: Dullahan 180 HP (Evil)
     Dullahan probably represents your first glimpse at the overal battle
     structure of Vagrant Story. With chains in hand, the best possible way
     to kill him, is of course, to chain! 
     If he's causing serious problems with your head, then I recommend 
     quitting the game. Joking aside, chaining is really important to the
     game. If you're struggling with it, the game will only get harder.
     Items Received:
     Elixer of Queens
     Elixer of Mages
     Grimoire Lux (Spirit Surge)
     After he's toast, open the chest in the northeastern corner of the
     rather large room.
        Rusty Nail (B)
        Braveheart gem
        3 Cure Bulb
     Exit (or enter) into the Catacombs.
     The catacombs is another barrier preventing us to Lea Monde.
     Well, we're already technically in the city, but we want to get deeper
     into town to find Sydney.
     Hall of Sworn Revenge
     Save at the Magic Circle. In the future, an undead dummy will appear in
     this room. Unfortunately, he is not here at this stage of the game.
     To boost your undead weapon (I recommend a piercing weapon, such as a
     Rapier), kill the undead in the Catacombs without chaining. They don't
     take more than two or three hits, and your undead class will increase
     rather rapidly. 
     The Last Blessing
     Monster: Bat, Hellhound (Undead)
     Again, this is a great time to start skilling up an undead blade 
     (which cannot be the same blade as the one you're using for human).
     Given that, this is a good room to show you one of the minor downsides
     to Vagrant Story: switching between weapons. The only way to do this
     is to go through the menu. Which sucks. Hardcore.
     When the timer appears for you, don't rush straight for the
     door. Instead, take the time to whack the monsters around you, as
     it's slower to try and plow past them.
     The Weeping Corridor
     Monster: Hellhound, Skeleton (Undead)
     Continue north to
     (AN: There is a freeze trap two squares in front of the exit).
     Persecution Hall
     Monster: Bat, Skeleton, Hellhound
     Turn the camera around a full 360 degrees.  Notice anything?  There is a 
     secret doorway up on the wall (SW corner).  Grab a crate from the SE
     corner (AN: you'll have to destroy one of the three to do so) and
     carry it to the western doorway. Use the coffins on the ground floor
     to get the crate up to the western wall.
     Rodent-Ridden Chamber 
     Monster: Skeleton
     Open the chest for some goodies. Again, use the other wooden crate
     so that you can take the second one onto the higher level to make the
     jump to the chest's platform.
        Pink Squirrel (I)
        Cross Guard grip
        Cuirass (L)
        Long Boots (L)
        Iocus gem
        3 Mana Root
        3 Cure Bulb
     Return to Persecution Hall, and enter the nothern door. 
     Shrine of the Martyrs
     Monster: Skeleton, Hellhound
     Since you need an earthquake to open the northern door (>_>), divert
     your attention to the eastern door to
     Lamenting Mother
     Monster: Ghost (Phantom)
     Once again, the game limits the time one has to kill the enemy. 
     Fortunately, if you fail to kill it in time, there is no penalty 
     (outside of missing the ghosts's natural treasure). Regular attacks
     and chaining works fine, with Rending Gale (or any other Break Arts)
     a decent way to finish him quick. Don't fret about his teleports; he
     tends to stay in one small area (where you can easily get your sphere
     open before he has a chance to attack). 
     Items Received:
     3 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Kings 
     You also have access to a chest.
        Shandy Gaff (B)
        Knuckles (B)
        Elixer of Queens
     A short earthquake will take place when it's dead.  If you had checked
     the other door in Shrine to the Martyrs, you can gather that that door
     is now open as a result of the earthquake. A chasm is created in the
     room you are in Lamenting Mother, preventing you to reach the chest if
     you haven't already opened it. Take that northern door in Shrine to the
     Martyrs to
     AN: You can get the chest once the main Catacombs path loops around to
     the other side of the rusted door.
     Hall of Dying Hope
     Monster: Zombie Knight (Undead)
     Upon entering, you'll notice you have two possible routes to take (west
     and east). Take the left door (west) first. To reach the door, we'll
     have to use the two crates in the room.
     Push the crate to the left wall, right in front of the left doorway.  
     Stack the box on top, and climb up. 
     Bandits' Hideout
     Monster: Ghost, Hellhound, Skeleton, Bat
     A full party here, but nothing you can't take. And I wouldn't blame
     you if you just used your Fandango on everything there. Like the 
     previous room, we have another little box puzzle to solve.
     Fall down, and destroy the crate on the top of the white rock.  Roll the
     rock to the cliff where a chest resides.  Climb up, and move the crate 
     right in front of the chest, so that you can walk level to it. Open it.
        Soul Kiss (S)
        Targe (B)
        Knuckles (B)
        Bear Mask (L)
        Haeralus gem
        3 Spirit Orison
        3 Eyes of Argon
     Head back to the large room where you first came into and go inside the 
     doorway opposite from the Bandits' Hideout room. 
     The Bloody Hallway
     The solution of the puzzle is to use the box and a rock to climb up to
     the doorway.  First, stack the 3 boxes like this:
     b1 b2
     Climb on b1, and pick up b3 so that you can put it on top of the middle
     level. Pick it up again and drop it near the white rock on the very 
     bottom level. Next, put the box on top of the bottom rock.  It should 
     look like this:
     Push the higher rock on top of the box, and then push it off.  Now, 
     pull the box off, and push r2 to the left or right. It doesn't matter.
     AN: A lot of box/crate puzzles include using a crate for this very
     purpose: to allow another crate to fall down on a lower level, while
     still accessible.
     Push r1, now free to move throughout this lower level, towards the 
     doorway cliff (it's about half way on the wall, despite the game map
     showing otherwise).  Finally put the box on top and climb up.  
     If you're having trouble, here is one last overhead shot of the final
     product (for the most part).
     |       ---  R(B) = b3 on top of r1
     |   R(B) D
     |       ---
     |r2       |
     Go through the door to
     Faith Overcame Fear
     Monster: Skeleton, Zombie Knight
     Continue east to
     The Withered Spring
     Monster: Ghoul, Skeleton, Zombie Knight
     After the enemies have been dispatched, now would be a good time to use
     the Magic Circle. Yeah, it has been awhile.
     The eastern door is locked, requiring the Lily Sigil. This, now, is our
     goal in catacombs. To get through this door.
     Enter the northern door into
     Workshop: Work of Art
     Can combine Wood, Leather, and Bronze.
     I won't add much here, as this is just the walkthrough of the game.
     However, just so you have a hint at what the Workshop can do, combine
     the Targe and Pelta Shield you've collected in your journey. This 
     creates a Quad Shield, far better than any shield in the game. So,
     equipment it man!
     Continue to do whatever you want in the Workshop, but saving the world
     from Sydney requires you to exit the room, and move across the Withered
     Spring into
     Repeat O Ye Sinners
     Monster: Ghoul, Bat
     Use the western door to
     The Reaper's Victims
     Monster: Zombie Knight, Bat
     Despite the room being one of those 'locked until everything is dead'
     rooms, there is no special treasure for doing so. However, we want this
     room so that we explore all of Lea Monde.
     Return back to Repat O Ye Sinners, and take the southern passage to
     The Last Stab of Hope
     Monster: Skeleton
     If you missed the chest in Lamenting Mother, use the western door to
     get it.
     Back in the Last Stab of Hope, go south to
     AN: When coming back once you have the Lily Sigil, you'll have to take
     two of the three crates in the corner to climb back on top of the cliff.
     Hallway of Heroes
     Monster: Zombie Knight
     Continue south to
     The Beast's Domain
     Monster: Lizardmen
     You'll face two lizardman in here. They're nothing out of the ordinary,
     but are dragon-based enemies rather then beast. If you have a piercing
     weapon, like a spear, then this would be a good time to train a dragon
     killing weapon. Unfortunately, you probably don't (you are actually 
     given one as a prize for beating the lizardmen down).
     After dispatching the Lizardmen, you'll be rewarded with: 
     Glaive (B)
     Knuckles (I)
     Grimoire Antidote (Antidote)
     Elixer of Queens
     Spear (I) 
     Cuirass (L)
     Lily Sigil 
     Return to the Withered Spring, save, then use the Lily Sigil, and go
     through the door. When coming back, each individual room up to the
     Withered Spring have different enemies. However, they remain the same
     monsters we've touched upon in the Catacombs.
     Prisoners' Niche
     In Prisoner's Niche, you'll need to move the boxes to get across the
     river. To begin with, the boxes look like this:
     c1c2 c3c4B1
     Destroy c4, and push c3 against c2 (using the X button).  Put B2 on the
     newly placed c3, and put B1 on c2.  Climb on c1, and pick up B1 on top
     of B2. Here is the final outlook and the entrance of the Sanctum:
     Climb up, then fall down to open the door.
     AN:  To get back on top of the high cliff (if you want to go back to the
     Catacombs), destroy one box, and put the other on top of the tomb right 
     against the wall.
     Corridor of Clerics
     Monster: Skeleton
     You have three paths you can take. For now, go straight ahead to
     Priests' Confinement
     Monster: Bats
     Kill the bats, and then move to the right (south).  Notice the 
     passageway on top?  Use the cabinet just below it and to the right.  
     You need to jump off that, and grab onto the passageway. This maneuver
     is actually required to continue through the game, so just keep working
     at it. It _is_ a weird jump, I can give you that.
     AN: There is a Heal Trap on the furniture in front of the door to the
     Corridor of Clerics.
     Alchemists' Laboratory
     Monster: Skeleton Knight, Poison Slime (Beast)
     In the next room, Spirit Surge the slime.  One hit, gone, and it leaves
     you free from any suspecting knight attacks. With the slime gone, the
     knights should be nothing more than what you have already faced, despite
     the new name.
     At the end of the room, there is a chest with so-so contents.
        Bosom Cleaver (B)
        Dragonite gem
        Grimoire Halte (Fixate)
     Leave using the exit on the ground floor. 
     The Academia Corridor
     Monster: Skeleton
     Go west to
     Theology Classroom
     Monster: Ghost, Skeleton
     Another locking room. No prize for beating this enemies outside of the
     normal items they drop. The Ghost in this type of room is damn
     annoying though. He does have the possibility to drop a vera root, which
     is a nice item to have more of.
     Exit out, then go south to
     Shrine of the Martyrs
     Monster: Hellhound, Skeleton Knight
     Take the door at the very southeastern corner to
     Hallowed Hope
     Monster: Poison Slime, Bat
     After defeating these enemies, prep for battle.
     Hall of Sacrilege
     Boss: Golem (Evil)
     There are a number of ways to kill Golem. Using your reflective defense
     chain ability is an interesting way to kill. You can also equip the
     hammer you just received (Bosom Cleaver), or simply hack-and-slash your
     way through your current sword. Again, at this point in the game, 
     there isn't a whole lot you can do with weapons.
     Items Received:
     2 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Dragoons
     Grimoire Amerliorer (Prostasia)
     The game will cut to a cloudstone being activated. We see a lot of these
     during our time in Lea Monde. This cloudstone is what kept us from 
     moving into the city, which you would've found out if you went through
     the north door in the Corridor of the Clerics.
     Also, Prostasia is one of the game's best spells. You'll be using it for
     nearly every boss battle up until the end. Get used to using it.
     Return to the Corridor of the Clerics, and take the last remaining
     unexplored door to
     Advent Ground
     Monster: Lizardman, Bat
     Move right (east) through the passageway, into a new room. 
     Passage of the Refugees
     Monster: Lizardman, Bat, Poison Slime
     Destroy the middle crate, so that you can pick up the box.  Lift the box
     and drop it against the wall on the level of the doorway we just used.
     If you go into first-person mode, you'll see that simply putting the
     box on the lowerst floor level won't help; we need the extra height
     to make the jump.
     Climb up, and go on the moving platform.  Use the door to go back to
     Advent Ground.
     A Magic Circle greets you just before the northern door on the northern
     side of Advent Ground. Take a well-deserved save, and open the door to
     The Cleansing Chantry
     Boss: Dragon
     Immediately, walk up to its head to negate one of this more powerful
     attacks (thermal breath). Prostasia is clearly the best buff spell at
     this point, so use it. I recommend using the Spear you received in the 
     Catacombs as your dragon-killing weapon. 
     Spears themselves are very effective against dragons. Its head is weak
     against piercing, while its tail is weak against edged stuff, like your 
     AN: Against dragons, always run under them as soon as possible. There
     most devastating attack is their physicial-based elemental breath, and
     if you are right next to them, they can't use it.
     Items received:
     3 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Sages
     Grimoire Analyse (Analyze)
     Continue north to
     Stairway to the Light
     Go up the stairs to literally, the light.
                            Town Center West: Part 1
     Essentially, our goal in Town Center West is to gain access to Abandoned
     Mines B1 through City Walls West, which allows us access to the other
     side of Town Center West.
     Rue Vermillion
     We've finally reached Lea Monde. Use the Magic Circle to save, then
     use the northeast passage to
     The Rene Coastroad
     Use the door right next to you as you enter the coastroad to
     AN: There is a Heal Panel at the very end of the road.
     Workshop: Magic Hammer
     Can Combine Bronze and Iron here. Do any combining or repair work you
     need, and exit back out to the coastroad. Take a right and down the
     road and enter
     Rue Mal Fallde
     You'll run into a group of Crimson Blades, preventing you any further
     on this route. Return to Rue Vermillion, and use the southern-most door
     Tircolas Flow
     Before you can continue, you'll catch a scene explaining what happens
     to those who die in Lea Monde.
     Boss: Duane  HP 250 / MP 70
           Sarjik HP 180 / MP 70 <-- Swordsman
           Bejart HP 190 / MP 55 <-- Axeman
     Duane will stay back until both knights are killed, but if you come up 
     the small hill, he will attack.  This allows you to concentrate on the
     weaker two knights. 
     Immediately cast Prostasia on yourself, and take out the isolated 
     knights with chains, break arts, and reflect damage defensive ability.
     Once the knights are dead, Duane is really a pushover. Keep your HP 
     above 100 so you don't get blind-sided by his Lv1 Explosion. Just whack
     at him and pound him with your human-based blade with an assortment of
     Items received from Sarjik:
     Rapier (I)
     3 Mana Root
     Items received from Bejart:
     Guisarne (B)
     3 Cure Root
     Items received from Duane:
     Magnolia Frau (S)
     Wizard Robe
     Crimson Key
     Grimoire Demolir (Explosion)
     Grimoire Clef (Unlock)
     Since we have the Crimson Key, we can move further into the city.
     Head back to the save point in Rue Vermillion, and open the door with 
     the Crimson key to
                                City Walls West
     Students of Death
     Go south to
     The Gabled Hall
     Monster: Zombie Knight
     You have to destroy the zombies before you can continue on.
     Where the Master Fell
     Go down the stairs, and watch the short cinema.
                               Abandoned Mines B1
     Dreamers' Entrance
     Monster: Stirge (Beast)
     Stirges are nice bats to kill because they tend to drop Vera Roots a 
     lot. You'll want to stock up on these as much as possible. Run down the
     stairs and continue through the door to
     The Crossing
     Monster: Hellhound
     Tackle the Magic Circle, and take the western door (the right door, 
     assuming you're looking from the Dreamers' Entrance door) to
     Miners' Resting Hall
     Monster: Mimic (Beast), Goblin (Human)
     Use the Unlock spell to... unlock... the chest to gain
        Stinger (B)
        Quad Shield (B)
        Ring Mail (B)
        Ring Leggings (B)
        White Queen gem
        Grimoire Visible (Eureka)
     Return to The Crossing, and take the eastern door to
     Conflict and Accord
     Monster: Goblin, Hellhound
     Follow the path south to
     The End of the Line
     Monster: Goblin, Stirge
     Another locking room. You know what to do.
     The Earthquake's Mark
     Monster: Stirge
     All of the doors are locked (one by a latch, another by the Hyacinth
     Sigil). However, the door to the northeast is not. 
     Watch out for the eruption trap on the space just ahead of the
     passageway door, against the edge.
     Coal Mine Storage
     Monster: Goblin, Goblin Leader (Human)
     Destroy the regular goblin first, then focus on the leader. Break Arts
     and Spirit Surge do well against the leader, but if you've been keeping
     up with a beast-based weapon, that that will be just fine. Use
     Vggdrasil's Tears to cancel the paralysis the leader may cast on you.
     Step on the square behind the chest to hit a Trap Clear, which cancels
     out the Poison Trap in front of the chest.
        Ring Sleeve (B)
        Chain Coil (B)
        Undine Jasper gem
        Fern Sigil
     Return back to the Crossing, and take the southern route to
     The Suicide King
     Monster: Goblin, Stirge
     Continue south to
     The Battle's Beginning
     Boss: Wyvern
     Cast Prostasia, and head for his tail.  Chain like hell, use a vera root
     once your RISK is high, and you win.  Very easy.  He has a couple of 
     moves that hurt a little, but you should be attacking so fast that he
     wont have a chance to get them off. 
     If you are using a piercing-based weapon, then aim for his head as 
     opposed to the edge-weak tail. 
     Items received:
     Hyacinth Sigil
     Cure Tonic
     Grimoire Ignifuge (Pyro Guard)
     With the Fern and Hyacinth Sigil, you now can go a lot deeper into the
     mines, specifically through the Earthquake's Mark. Proceed south to
     What Lies Ahead?
     Monster: Goblin, Goblin Leader
     Again, paralysis is the wild card with the Goblin Leader. With the
     gobbies dead, move south to
     The Fruits of Friendship
     Jump onto the cloudstone, and go across the room.  Destroy one of the
     crates, and either push or pick up the second one.  You can either pick
     it up, and use it to jump onto the upper cliff to reach the door, or you
     can roll the rock.  Your choice.  Unlatch the door and go through to 
     The Earthquake's Mark
     Monster: Stirge
     We've been here earlier, except on the upper section. And yes, the
     Stirges in the room is a nasty surprise for us gamers. They tend to
     come in hit-and-run attacks, making it very difficult for you to 
     kill them off without a long-ranged attack. 
     Use the Hyacinth Sigil on the southeastern door to
     The Passion of Lovers
     You now have 15 seconds to get through two rooms.  Use the map on the 
     lower right corner of your screen so you can clearly see the path that
     needs to be taken. 15 seconds isn't a whole lot of item to search rooms.
     The Hall of Hope
     Monster: Hellhound
     This can be a toughie with the amount of enemies in here. Treat it as
     a boss, by buffing with Prostasia. With the gobbies dead, move east to
     The Dark Tunnel
     Monster: Goblin, Goblin leader
     Save at the Magic Circle. The north door leads to Everwant Passage,
     but you can not go any further then that due to the Silver Key. You
     won't be able to have access to this key until very late in the game.
     Yowzers. Since we can't go through there, go through the east door to
     AN: An undead dummy will appear here late in the game.
     Rust in Peace
     Monster: Goblin Leader, Goblin, Mimic
     Lots of stuff to kill, but nothing we've have not seen before. Unlock
     the chest with the spell of the same name.
        Chain Sleeve (H)
        Salamanders Ring
        Manabreaker gem
        Elixer of Sages
        Grimoire Undine (Frost Fusion)
     Head back to the Dark Tunnel and take the south door to
     The Smeltry
     Boss: Fire Elemental (Phantom)
     Here is our introduction to the many elementals of the game. Like the
     dragons, elementals have some very easy strategies to use. And its the
     same for each elemental, no matter the affinity (of course, you use
     Frost Fusion instead of Soil Fusion on a Fire Elemental, but you see
     the point).
     Use Frost Fusion, equip a phantom-based weapon if you have it (which I
     doubt it, but it should be noted you should find one), equip the
     Salamander's Ring you just found, and equip the Undine Jasper on your
     weapon your using. AN: If you have begun to start a phantom-based
     weapon, make sure it isn't piercing!
     Items Received:
     Grimoire Flamme (Flame Sphere)
     Elixer of Queens
     Mana Tonic
     Defeat him, and go through the door.  You should probably take off the
     Undine Jasper gem, as well as the Salamander Ring off just so you don't
     wonder why you got your assed kicked by a water-based boss in the 
     Clash of Hyaenas
     Jump onto the cloudstone to hop across the pit.  For those less risky
     (and tired of losing 20 HP for falling in the pit) cast fixate, and it 
     will stop.  
     To get on top of the higher ledge with the door, destroy three of the 4 
     crates.  Push the final one below the ledge, and climb through.  Go 
     through the passage to
     Greed Knows No Bounds
     Monster: Goblin Leader, Goblin
     Regular fight with some goblins. Go east to
     Live Long and Prosper
     Use the Fern Sigil to unlock the door at the end of the room to
     Pray to the Mineral Gods
     Monster: Stirge
     After the bat is dead, equip your beast-blade, and cast prostasia. Boss
     fight in the next room.
     Traitor's Parting
     Boss: Ogre (Beast)
     The Ogre dodges chains well, so forget about using them. Reflect Damage
     is an awesome defensive ability, and you should get the timing down.
     Along with Prostasia, casting Degenerate (remember, you can see the
     percent chance the spell has before you cast it) can really increase
     your damage output.
     Continue with the smacking, and you'll be rewarded with a rather nice
     shot of the Ogre's death.
     Items received:
     3 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Kings
     Grimoire Rempart (Terra Guard).
     Exit north to 
     The Escapeway
     Up and up and up the stairs we go to
                            Town Center West: Part 2
     Rue Bouquet
     Save, then continue north to
     Tircolas Flow
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     Notice how the cloudstone is now activated (doh). This connects both 
     sides of Town Center West, so we don't have to go through the Abandoned
     Mines B1 everytime we're here. Continue west, then south into
     Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
     The locked door requires the Rood Inverse, a key you don't gain access
     until you beat the game.
     Take the southern route to (AN: you'll have to do some jumping here)
     Rue Sant D'alsa
     Nothing here, except for a passageway to 
     Villeport Way
     Cutscene. You'll see the exit to Undercity West (our next goal), but
     the gate blocks our path. Return to Rue Sant D'alsa, and go back to
     the path to Kirk Ruins. Some Blades will ambush you here, but also
     identifying a secondary door you can use. Climb up to it, and enter
     Dinas Walk
     Make the few jumps in this corridor, and you'll come back to Villeport
     Way. Eliminate the Crimson Blade, and go down into
     AN: This is where you saw Sydney, Hardin, and Merlose just awhile ago.
                             Undercity West: Part 1
     The Bread Peddler's Way
     This is one of my favorite areas in the game. Love the look. Love the
     enemies. Love the music.
     Way of the Mother Lode
     Monster: Zombie Knight, Ghast
     Take the door to the south (closest to you) to Underdark Fishmarket.
     The door to the east leads to Sewer of Ravenous Rats, which then leads 
     to a door requiring the Silver Key. Which we don't have yet.
     Underdark Fishmarket
     Boss: Giant Crab (Beast). Oh snap.
     Equip the Undine Jasper on your shield. Remove any fire bonus items you 
     have, like the Salamander's Ring, since his Agua Bubble will tear you
     apart.  Blunt weapons do nicely on him, but a regular good old sword 
     (which I used) did the job well.
     If you're using anything but then a blunt weapon, then you'll have to
     aim for the crab's mouth. Keep your health up, as Aqua Bubble is can
     get you if you're lazy with Ashley's health. Degenerate and Prostasia
     work well together.
     Items received:
     3 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Queens
     Grimoire Sylphe (Luft Fusion)
     Once the crabbie is dead, move into the Sunless Way.
     The Sunless Way
     Save. Door to the south requires the Iron Key, which we'll get later 
     in the game. Despite the fork in the road, there is only one available
     path to go (the western way). For the record, the Hall of Poverty ->
     The Washing-Woman's Way path should be noted for future use. Visit
     there for the map percentage, but you don't need to go there to move
     in the story. Later in the game, we'll be returning here to unlock some
     Remembering Days of Yore
     Proceed through the south door, into
     AN: The west door is locked, requiring the Iron Key. When we finally get the
     key, we'll be returning here to open this door.
     Where the Hunter Climbed
     Move up the stairs/ramp, and enter into one of the more exciting /
     frustrating parts of the game.
                                 Snowfly Forest
     Save.  And welcome to hell. Okay, it isn't that bad. In fact, I've grown
     to enjoy the Snowfly Forest as one of the better parts of the game. Go
     figure. Go into the forest when you are ready. I've provided a different 
     type of walkthrough for this area, as it is do unique compared to the
     rest of the game.
     Before we begin, let me provide the overall map of the forest. For the
     most part, the forest is fairly straight-forward. There are a couple of
     areas that will teleport you around, but those will only bother you 
     unless you really get lost. Lucky for us, the passage through is
     surprisingly easy; just make you get your directions in order (as in,
     figure out what direction south is)
     AN: Remeber, despite the fact it looks like you're moving north when
     going up, you're actually going south. Also, if you're looking to 
     explore every inch of the forest, then remember that there are 26 areas 
     in the forest. So when you think you have explored everywhere, make sure
     you count to double-check.
               +--------------------------------------+      |
               |                                      | E ---+--- W
               |           Forest River               |      |
               |                           to:FC      |      |
               +--------------------------------------+      N
                 ||                                  ||           to:TST
               +----+       +----+          +----+ +----+        +----+
            to:|    |to: to:|    |       to:|    | |    |        |    |
            HWK|LTHM|TWC TGT|TSH |=====  TGT|TST | |WSRF|        |ROTL|
               +----+       +----+          +----+ +----+  to:   +----+
       to:THH    ||                           ||     SF    GEW     ||
       +----+  +----+       +----+          +----+ +----+ +----+ +----+
    to:|    |  |    |       |    |       to:|    | |    | |    | |    |to:
    TSH|YATP|==|RWTW|=======|THH |        BB|TAF |=| YW |=|TOTB|=|FH  |GEW
       +----+  +----+       +----+          +----+ +----+ +----+ +----+
         ||                   ||            to:TGT   ||     ||
         ||                   ||              ||     ||     ||
       +----+               +----+          +----+ +----+ +----+
       |    |            to:|    |to:    to:|TWC | |    | |    |
       |TSP |            TSH|HWK |LTHM  LTHM|    |=|TWR |=| BB |
       +----+               +----+          +----+ +----+ +----+
         ||                                 to:YW           ||    to:TAF
       +----+                              +----+ +----+ +----+ +----+
       |    |                           to:|    | |    | |    | |    |
       |Boss|                            FH|GEW |=|TWB |=|WWH |=| TGT|to:TST
       +----+                              +----+ +----+ +----+ +----+
         ||                               to:TOTB          ||
       +----+                                            +----+
       |    |                                            |THB |
       | SP |      S                                     |    |
       +----+      ^                                     +----+
        Exit       |                                       ||
              E ---+--- W                                +----+
                   |                                     |    |
                   |                                     | FC |
                   N                                     +----+
     Looking at the map through the menu can really be a life-saver, as it can
     help you get your bearings back if you get lost. Find the area's name you're
     in, then look at my map to figure out what you need to do.
     Continue south through a couple of areas in the forest. You'll run into 
     a few basiliks along the way, and should be no problem for you, as 
     they're about as standard as beast come in this game. They do have an
     acid attack, which can do 100+ damage (and it's unfortunately a weaker
     version of an attack you'll face soon).
     When you reach Traces of the Beast, take note. Going EAST, then SOUTH
     will take you to the area where the snowflies are grouped together.
     However, they are blocking passage through the forest, so we need to do
     something about them. Therefore, go WEST in Traces, to Fluttering Hope,
     then SOUTH after dealing with a couple more basiliks. 
     Return to the Land
     Boss: Earth Dragon
     It's all about earth defense. Terraward once in battle (I've noticed if
     you have it on before you enter the area, he will immediately cast acid
     breath, which means automatic death unless you use a proper defense
     ability (that lowers the damage).
     Since he's not our first dragon, you should know the drill. Get to his
     head/neck, and chain away. Damage produced won't be spectacular if this
     is your first-time through, so keep your chain going. Hopefully you
     kept on to the Spear you got in the Catacombs.
     Items received:
     Bronze Key
     Grimoire Parebrise (Aero Guard)
     Vera Potion
     Once our friendly dragon is six-feet under, return to Traces of the 
     Beast, and take the eastern passage to the Yellow Woods (not to be
     confused with yellow snow). Go south, and you'll run into a weaker
     version of the fire-elemental boss you fought in Abandoned Mines B1. 
     This, of course, means frost fusion is a great way to destory it.
     With it dust, continue SOUTH into the largest area in the forest, the
     Forest River. Destroy the Basiliks, then take a very welcomed break to
     save your game. While we might not have progressed far time-wise, 
     Snowfly Forest can really be a pain if you have to keep going through it
     again and again. Before we cross the river, take note that you DO NOT
     want to take the passage NORTH on your side of the river. This is one
     of those tricky teleport zones, and the last thing you want to see is
     the Fairy Circle again.
     Jump across using the pillars, then lay waste to the undead knights.
     Although the penalty isn't too harsh, pay attention to what the knights
     are doing as you cross; they may obstruct you from jumping across, and
     you'll find yourself with 20 less HP. Open the chest, and retrieve its
        Knuckle Guard grip
        Circle Shield (H)
        Chain Mail (I)
        Sylphid Ring
        Night Killer gem
        3 Acolytes Nostrum
        Grimoire Agilite (Invigorate)
     Head NORTH through the EASTERN most passage. You may want to make a 
     second save, just so you don't have to go through the process of killing
     the knights and opening the chest.
     Continue to move NORTH in Lamenting to the Moon, eliminating any Basilisk you
     encounter. Continue NORTH to
     Running with the Wolves
     Monster: Fire Elemental
     Go EAST to
     You Are the Prey
     Go NORTH to
     The Secret Path
     Monster: Ichthious
     The secret path is not so secret anymore. Continue NORTH to
     Hewn from Nature
     Boss: Grissom       350 HP / 100 MP
           Dark Crusader 380 HP / 80 MP
     Partner: Sydney
     Don't bother casting Prostasia on yourself because Sydney will do it for
     Take out the Dark Crusader first, if only because you'll likely be able
     to kill him faster. Chains to his abdomen will make short work of him.
     Blunt supposedly is the best weapon against him, but I used a piercing
     rapier (my evil weapon) and killed him fairly quick. He is resistant to
     With Grissom alone, it will be hard for him to really get any magic
     off. If you have Degenerate on, this fight can be frustrating long. To
     help your damage, make sure you have a Haeralis gem to increase your
     blade's human class. Remember to keep your risk low, as his spell's
     damagin increase due to this.
     Sydney can be used as a shield against the Dark Crusader's attack. He
     can also be killed (!), but I've yet to see it be done yet.
     Items Received from the Dark Crusader:
     Angel Wing (H)
     Grimoire Deteriorer (Tarnish)
     Elixer of Queens
     Items Received from Grissom:
     Shillelagh (H)
     Swan Song
     Grimoire Annyier (Magic Ward)
     Grimoire Gnome (Soil Fusion)
     There is a chest located in the corner of this room.
        Corpse Reviver (I)
        Circle Shield (H)
        Demonia gem
        3 Vera Tonic
        3 Cure Bulb
     Continue north to
     The Wood Gate
     Use the Magic Circle in here, and proceed through the door to
                                City Walls South
     The Weeping Boy
     Monster: Lizardman
     Continue to
     Swords for the Land 
     Monster: Lizardman, Blood Lizard
     Another locked time trial here. Despite being new to you, the Blood
     Lizard isn't much harder then the normal Lizardman.
     In Wait of the Foe
     Unlock the latched door, which leads to Villeport Way in Town Center 
     West. Continue east to
     Where Weary Riders Rest
     Monster: Lizardman
     Continue to
     The Boy's Training Room 
     Monster: Lizardman, Blood Lizard
     The northern door is locked. We'll need to unlatch the lock once we
     enter Town Center South. AN: A dragon-based dummy will appear here in
     the future. Continue east into
                                    The Keep
     The Soldier's Bedding
     The north door in here is locked and requires the gold key. The South 
     goes down to Iron Maiden B1, which is similiar to what the dungeon in 
     Final Fantasy Tactics (lots of good items, but you don't need to go in 
     For now, enter the Iron Maiden dungeon, because we want to pick up an
     item we need to get further into the game. AN: The rest of my Iron 
     Maiden walkthrough will be in a separate section later in the FAQ.
     The Cage
     Go down the stairs to
     The Cauldron
     Monster: Wraith (Phantom). Gargoyle (Evil)
     The wraith is in the same class as the ghost we faced off in earlier
     in the game. Casting Magic Ward before you enter the room can give you
     the edge to catch up to him before he has a chance to hit you with his
     spells. The Gargoyle can cast numbness (slows you down), which can be
     healed by the Spirit Orison item. In the future, the spell Clearance
     can heal it as well.
     Items Received: 
     Mandrake Sigil
     Grimoire Exsorcer (Exorcism)
     The locked door requires the Tearose Sigil, which we get later in the
     game. Return back to the Soldier's Bedding, and take the east option.
     The next 4 rooms all have locked doors, which you cant open yet.  Run
     past all four. Run through A Storm of Arrows, Urge The Boy On,
     A Taste of the Spoils and Wiping Blood From Blades to
     The Warrior's Rest
     Save at the Magic Circle. The chest requires the Chest Key, which you
     can get later in Iron Maiden B1.  
     The door right across Wiping Blood from Blades leads you to
     Workshop: Keane's Craft
     You can finally combine Hagane. Return back to the Warrior's Rest, and 
     walk up to the northern door.
     Mini-Boss: Rosencrantz (Human)
     Imagine fighting yourself, and you get Rosencrantz. Gear up for a human
     opponent, and you should be ok. Most spells/chains do not work with
     him, so just whack away one hit at a time.
     Once Rosencrantz is gone, go through the door to
                               Town Center South
     There are a number of different paths you can take at this point in
     the game. I recommend taking the long route, as you'll pick up sigils
     required later in the game. If you want to proceed deeper in the game
     first, take northeastern path to Rue Faltes. Fall down, and continue 
     into Rue Morgue. Use the Bronze Key to open the door, and you'll find 
     yourself in Abandoned Mines B2. 
     For those ready to explore, we'll skip the path to the Abandoned Mines
     for now.
     Forcas Rise
     Monster: Crimson Blades
     This is the main area of Town Center South, so I'll use it as a sort of
     reference base. Take the western door into
     Valdiman Gates
     Nothing in here, except a save point, and an unlockable door leading
     back to City Walls West. Return back to Forcas Rise. At this point in
     the game, we have two routes to take. Both lead to the Abandoned Mines
     B2 room, Bandits' Hollow. If you care for total game percentage, then
     you'll want to go through both. You do need to go through the Undercity
     West route to complete the game.
    1. Bandits' Hollow route through the Undercity West
     In Forcas Rise, enter the path to the east (right across from the path
     you used to Valdiman Gates).
     Rue Aliano
     Monster: Crimson Blades
     Use the Mandrake Sigil you found from the second room of the Iron Maiden
     to open the door.
     The House of Khazabas
     Go upstairs to move further along. Chest requires the sorceror magic, 
     Unlock to be opened.
        10 Eye of Argon
        Grimoire Muet
        10x Eye of Argon, Grimoire Muet
     Zebel's Walk
     Make some easy jumps across the chasms, then through the doorway to
     Rue Volnac
     Some blades to kill here. The western route leads to Rue Faltes. The
     northern, east door is one of those latched doors. Except, we're on the
     wrong side of the area. However, this is the area you want to be in if
     you want to continue through Abandoned Mines B2. If you haven't yet
     gotten the Mandrake Sigil from the Iron Maiden B1 dungeon, then that
     would be your destination. 
    (AN: Continue your walkthrough at City Walls East)
    2. Bandits' Hollow route through most of Abandoned Mines B2
     Forcas Rise
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     Use the the northeastern door to
     Rue Faltes
     If you chose the Undercity route, you could explore this area from the
     other side of the gate. Continue through the northern path to
     Rue Morgue
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     Open the door with the Bronze Key, and enter the Abandoned Mines B2.
    (AN: Continue your walkthrough at Abandoned Mines B2)
                                City Walls East
     Like previously City Walls areas, this area moves in one direction.
     In CWE's case, it's north (or if you're coming back, then south).
     Train and Grow Strong
     Take the only available door (the locked door requires the rood inverse,
     available through a second replay of the game).
     The Squire's Gathering
     Monster: Zombie Mage, Dark Skeleton
     Some zombies. Move along to
     The Invaders are Found
     Monster: Dark Skeleton
     Unlatch door, which happens to be that previously locked door in 
     Rue Volanc. Move along north to
     The Dream Weavers
     Monster: Zombie Mage, Dark Skeleton
     More of the same. Boo.
     The Cornered Savage
     Monster: Gargoyle (Evil)
     Down the stairs to Undercity West. Death to all Gargoyles!
                             Undercity West: Part 2
     Back to our favorite blue-aura underground city. Our mission here is
     to open up the rest of Undercity West from the Keep/Town Center South
     area. This allows us to move back and forth without having to hit the
     Snowfly Forest again. Before we proceed any further, it's that time
     again to prep for a boss.
     Fear of the Fall
     Boss: Dark Elemental 
     Anything Light is a bonus. Prostasia and phantom bonuses on your weapon
     works well. He dodges chains, but doesn't have much life. Watch out for
     Meteor Lv.1 if you have high RISK or low dark protection (which is 
     Cattleya Sigil 
     Grimoire Meteore (Meteor)
     The Cattleya Sigil is used to open a door in Town Center East.
     Unlatch the door, and proceed to
     Sinner's Corner
     Monster: Dark Skeleton, Dark Eye (Evil)
     Despite its appereance, the eye isn't too bad, although he is hard to
     hit/chain. Save at the Magic Circle, and move west to
     The Children's Hideout
     Monster: Dark Eye, Gargoyle
     Open the chest, and return to the Corner.
        Sweet Death (S)
        Footman's Mace (H)
        Steel Bolt
        Spiked Shield (I)
        Sallet (H)
        Undine Bracelet
        Speedster gem
        Grimoire Dissiper (Dispel)
     Back in Sinner's Corner, go east into the Corner of Prayers. (AN: the
     northern passage leads to Namless Dark Oblivion, which happens to 
     connect this side of Undercity West to the other side. Unfortunately,
     we need that dang Silver Key still.
     Corner of Prayers
     Monster: Dark Eye, Dark Skeleton
     Eastern most door requires gold key, so take the northern route into
     Hope Obstructed
     Monster: Gargoyle
     Go down the stairs to the Abandoned Mines B2.
    (AN: Refer to 2. Undercity West Route to continue the walkthrough)
                               Abandoned Mines B2
     There are two different ways to reach a meeting point in the Mines 
    (Bandits' Hollow). Depending on if you went through Undercity West or 
     not, you'll have a different route. Fortunately, there is little 
     walkthrough to discuss in regards to the Undercity West route. 
     AN: The main goal to use the Undercity West route is to get some 
     treasure, a sigil that unlocks the Junction Point workshop, and to 
     further explore Lea Monde.
    1. Total Abandoned Mines B2 action route
     Corridor of Shade
     Continue to
     Revelation Shaft
     Before jumping down, push the push crate forward so it falls down next
     to the huge crate stack. Next, destroy one of the carrying crates, then
     pick up the remaining one, and drop it right against the ledge (and in
     front of the cloudstone way up there).
     Now, turn around and pick up the last remaining carrying crate, and
     put it on top of the one we just placed against the ledge. With this
     two crate platform, you can make the jump to the cloudstone, then to
     the door to
     Gambler's Passage
     Monster: Orc (Human)
     Orcs are the bigger brothers of goblins. Which means despite their
     appearance, you'll want to unleash your human-based weapon on them.
     The Miner's End
     Boss: Air Elemental (Phantom)
     At this point in the game, there is no earth affinity gem to put on
     your sword, so your basically left with Prostasia and Soil Fusion as
     to help with damage. Degenerate does work nicely. Defensively, put on
     Slyph gems on your shield. 
     Items Received:
     Grimoire Foudre (Thunderburst)
     Mana Bulb
     Continue south to
     Treaty Room
     Monster: Slime, Poison Slime
     Use the Magic Circle, as it has been awhile since the previous one.
     Once you go on into the next door, you'll begin the game's hardest
     time trial. With a two-minute timer, our ultimate goal is to reach 
     the Bandit's Hollow. If you fail to reach your goal in the allotted
     time, the game will teleport back to the Treaty Room. There are three
     rooms with treasures, which are technically out of your way. For those
     aiming to get a 100% map completion, you'll want to find these rooms.
     The following walkthrough is complete. It explores every inch of this
     maze, and more and likely will require a couple of runs to do it. If
     you just want to get past the maze, then follow this route from the
     Treaty Room:
     Way of Lost Children (east), Desire's Passage (east), 
     Senses Lost (north), Crossing of Blood (east), 
     Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss (north), Tomb of the Reborn (north),
     The Lunatic Veins (east).
     Way of Lost Children
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader (Human)
     Go west to
     Hidden Resources
     Monster: Mimic, Imp (Evil)
     The chest requires the Chest Key, which is found in the Iron Maiden B1
     dungeon. Unfortunately, we're unable to get the key at this point in
     the game, so you'll have to make a mental note to come back here. The
     chest includes some great items.
        Eviscerator (S)
        Kudi (I)
        Breastplate (I)
        Fusskampf (H)
        Trinity gem
        3 Saint's Nostrum
        Grimoire Mollesse (Restoration)
     Exit out, and go through the east door in Way of Lost Children to
     Desire's Passage
     Monster: Slime
     There is a Cure Panel to cure any status effects you have in front
     of the door to
     Senses Lost
     Monster: Orc
     Crossing of Blood
     Monster: Orc
     Lots of traps here, so cast Eureka if you're running past the enemies.
     It's not too important to know where the traps are if you're killing
     them off, as traps can't kill you. When one of the orcs see you, it's
     likely they will hit the Diabolos trap (ha).
     Despite the three options here, the best way to go is north. The rooms
     to the east and west can be taken in a long loop around. Of course,
     if you just wanted to get the hell out of here, then the north option
     is not for you. 
     The Abandoned Catspaw
     Monster: Slimes
     Hall of Contemplation
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader
     Take the north route to
     Hall of the Empty Sconce
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader
     Acolyte's Burial Vault
     Monster: Imp, Mimic
     You know, the imps are so damn annoying in a big area like this, its
     probably best to run in, grab the chest, then walk back out.
        Affinity (H)
        Framea Pole
        Circle Shield (H)
        Gauntlet (H)
        Hellraiser gem
        Grimoire Vie (Surging Balm)
     Return back to Hall of Contemplation, and take the south route to
     The Fallen Bricklayer
     Jump onto the cloudstone, then jump to the crates in the middle. From
     there, you can jump across the chasm, and make it to the southern
     path to
     (AN: the eastern passage is actually back to the Crossing of Blood).
     Cry of the Beast
     Monster: Orc
     Down, down, down the stairs we go to
     The Ore of Legend
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader
     For some treasure, go west to
     Suicidal Desires
     Monster: Imp, Mimic
     First off, we have some Imps in here, so you know this room is going to
     suck. Then you have three traps, including one in front of the damn
     chest. Upon immediately entering the room, use an Eye of Argon or 
     Eureka so you don't hit these deadly traps.
        Dog's Nose (H)
        Target Bow (I)
        Barbut (S)
        Gnome Bracelet
        Elixer of Queens 
        3 Vera Bulb
     Exit out, and go east in the Ore of Legend to
     Lambs to the Slaughter
     Monster: Slime, Poison Slime
     Continue east to
     A Wager of Noble Gold
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader
     We're almost there! If time is less then 30 seconds, then skip the Orc
     Leader. He's usually too busy casting spells to bother you.
     Kilroy Was Here
     Monster: Orc, Orc Leader
     Up, up, up the stairs we go to
     Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss
     When first entering, you'll see the cloudstone just leave our platform.
     Yeah, now we got to wait 10 seconds. The cloudstone has to first go
     to the middle stop, then to the northern ledge, then back to the middle,
     then to the southern ledge where we are. It takes up time, but there
     is nothing we can do about it.
     The nice thing about this level is the western passage leads back to
     the Crossing of Blood room. So if you do run out of time here, you
     can take the eastern door in the Crossing of Blood to get back here in
     no time. AN: at this point, you should have a pretty clear understanding
     of where to go if you were rushing through here.
     Go through the northern door to
     Tomb of the Reborn
     Boss: Earth Elemental 
     Not only do we have a boss to contend with, but we still have another
     room to go through.
     Essentially, reverse everything you did against the Air Elemental.
     The Gnome Bracelet you just picked up (assuming you went and go the
     treasure in the time maze) can help with earth protection.
     Items Received:
     Grimoire Gaea (Gaea Strike)
     Once he's dead, continue north to
     (AN: If time is running short, remember that the in-game map shows the
     door you came from in red).
     The Lunatic Veins
     Monster: Slime, Poison Slime
     This is it. Go through the path into
    (AN: Move to Bandit's Hollow to continue your walkthrough)
    2. Undercity West Route
     Work, Then Die
     Go down stairs to
     Bandits' Hollow
     Monster: Imp, Blood Lizard
     Well, what a nightmare we have here.
     Due to the narrow nature of the area, it's real hard to kill the buggers here. 
     here. You'll have to climb up on top. As you'll see, a wooden crate will
     be in the way for you to reach that goal. You can either do a tough jump
     to a platform above the south-east door (the entrance from the Undercity
     West route), or use a spear/crossbow to destroy the box, then climb up.
     The door at the top on the northeast corner requires the infamous Iron
     Key, so enter the southeast door on the top. Before you do, however,
     remember to save!
     (AN: Depending on which route you took to Bandits' Hollow, you have to
     go through the Undercity West passage for sigils, and the time-maze for
     some grimoires, treasure, and the exploration for 100% map completion.
     Dining in Darkness
     Boss: Sky Dragon (Dragon)
     Load up on earth damage bonuses and air protection. Get under him so
     he can't use this deadly breath attack. Remember, piercing weapons for
     everything except the tail, which is weak against edged weapons.
     Tearose Sigil
     Grimoire Demance (Drain Mind)
     Elixer of Queens
     With the Tearose Sigil, as explained earlier, you can now explore the
     Iron Maiden dungeon fully. Among other things, this allows you to gain
     access to the Chest Key
     Subtellurian Horrors
     Drop down, and move up to the chasm. Ignore the crate on your side for
     now, and jump on the moving cloudstone (use fixate if you need the 
     help). Looking ahead, notice the wooden crate wall is lower on the very
     right. Yep, you can make the jump from the stone. Wait until the 
     cloudstone is completely to the right wall, then make your jump. You'll
     grab the wooden crate on the other side, and lift yourself up. Open
     the door to
     The Crumbling Market
     Monster: Dullahan
     We're back in the Undercity West, but only for a short while (hence, 
     no sub-header for it).
     Wipe the Dullahan out (use prostasia and degenerate if he buffs up 
     before you reach him), then take a much needed save. Unlatch the western
     door; this takes you back to the first area of Undercity West. Next,
     take the east door into
     Tears from Empty Sockets
     Monster: Dark Skeleton
     Ignore the locked door. It's time to move back outside.
                                Town Center East
     Rue Lejour
     Save again if you want, then proceed southwest. Ignore the City Walls
     North door on the side; continue through town.
     Kesch Bridge
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     One soldier on your side. Two on the save side. The door on the side 
     takes you to City Walls again. Continue to
     Rue Crimnade
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     Some more Blades. Drop nice armor. The south-western most door is locked
     and requires the Cattleya Sigil, which you should have after killing the
     Dark Elemental in Abandoned Mines B2. The workshop, Junction Point, 
     allows you to work with Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron, and Hagane. To get 
     the Sigil, you'll need to return back to Town Center South, and use the
     path through Undercity West.
     The north-western door is locked on the other side, so that just leaves
     the other northern passage way. Take that to
     Rue Fisserano
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     The door immediately ahead of you leads to the workshop: Metal Works.
     You can combine Silver and Damascus here. About half-way between the
     passage to Rue Crimnade and the workshop, notice that there is a street
     above you. Jump up, take the Blade out, then proceed to
     Shasras Hill Park
     Monster: Crimson Blade
     There are a few Blades remaining here to kill off. Continue along the
     Park, use the Bronze Key to open the door at the end, then go down the
     stairs to Undercity East.
                             Undercity East: Part 1
     Hall to a New World
     Monster: Quicksilver (Evil)
     These puppet girls are indeed named Quicksilvers. Out of most of the
     supposed scares in the game, these are a little freaky.
     Place of Free Words
     Mini-Boss: Harpy (Evil)
     Curse requires the Angelic Paean item to be cured. There is a spell
     available in the game to cure curse, but it's not available until much
     later. Harpy can also use an instant death attack, so kill it quickly.
     There are few instant death attacks in the game and they all tend to
     follow the same formula: this won't be cast until the caster is almost
     dead. Which means you need to finish off these casters, like the Harpy
     before they have a chance to cast.
     At this point in the game, you should have a good evil-based weapon.
     With this, a quick four or five hit chain will destroy the Harpy.
     Grimpoire Intensite (Herakles)
     5 Angelic Paean
     Cure Tonic 
     Herakles is one of the best spells in the game, and is the ultimate
     buff magic. Cast this always during boss fights.
     Before going into the next door, prep for an evil Boss.
     Bazaar of the Bizaare
     Boss: Lich (Evil)
     Not much to say. They're immune to a lot of attack magic, and weak 
     against physical attacks. However, it teleports like mad. Equip your
     most powerful 'evil' weapon, and keep Magic Ward up as you try to track
     it. Eventually, it will teleport near you, and you should be able to
     finish it off in a small-hit chain (it has a very low HP).
     Items Received: 
     Summoner Baton (I)
     Agales's Chain
     Eulelia Sigil
     Mana Tonic
     Elixer of Mages
     Also, the Lich will teach Ashley teleportation. Teleportation really
     opens the door for you to go back and 'complete' the game. This means,
     going back through the Abandoned Mines B2 (if you haven't) so you can
     make the 100% completion goal. Another possibility is going back to the
     Keep to go through the Iron Maiden B1 dungeon, since you have the 
     Tearose Sigil. 
     Continue forward to
     Noble Gold and Silk
     Monster: Quicksilver
     The eastern door is locked, requiring the Iron Key, so proceed west to
     Weapons Not Allowed
     Monster: Lich, Quicksilver
     Despite the name, Weapons are indeed allowed. Jokes about room names,
     however, are no longer allowed.
        Mojito (B)
        Stone  Bullet
        Titan's Ring
        Grimoire Nuageux (Psychodrain)
        Iron Key (woot!)
     At last, the most-wanted key of all times, the Iron Key, has been found.
     As you can imagine, we have a lot of back-tracking to do to really take
     advantage of this key. Return back to Noble Gold and Silk, and open up
     the east door with the iron key. 
     A Knight Sells his Sword
     Monster: Harpy, Quicksilver
     Taking the northern route will take you back to City Walls North. 
     However, it is really, really, really important that you go south to
     Gemsword Blackmarket
     Boss: Nightstalker (Evil)
     Cast Herakles and Prostasia. Waste away, but no chains allowed. With 
     Herakles on, he did nothing but cast degenerate. Perhaps there is a bug
     that keeps him doing anything hard, but this was an extremely easy 
     fight, despite the fact he dodges chains like crazy.
     AN: I've found that certain bosses sometimes dodge chains and other
     times do not. For example, on my second play through Dullahan, I had
     no problems chaining him to death.
     Items Received: 
     Melissa Sigil
     Grimoire Eclairer (Enlighten)
     Angelic Paean
     The Pirate's Son
     Monster: Harpy, Quicksilver
     Watch out for the trap 2 squares ahead of the door leading to
     Sale of the Sword
     Monster: Lich, Quicksilver
        Grimoire Tardif
        Stock Sigil
     The Stock Sigil can be used to open up the room where you fought the 
     first actual boss of the game (not counting the dragon in Duke
     Bardorba's manor.
     When you can, teleport back to Blackmart of Wines in the Wine Cellar.
     Unlock the door to the north with the Sigil into
     The Gallows
     Boss: Minotaur Zombie
     Equip your Undead weapon and go at him. He's very similar to his
     prior form, so don't expect the unexpected. Keep your risk down, as he
     is fairly strong in that regard. The zombie may be too hard for someone
     on their first play-through, but this seemed like the best place to
     mention what the stock sigil actually does.
     Items Received:
     Rune Earrings
     3 Cure Bulb
     Elixer of Queens
     There also is a chest in the back of the room, which requies the chest
     key from Iron Maiden B1.
        Circle Shield (D)
        3 Cure Potion
        Vera Potion
     Return back to a Knight Sells his Sword room. Use the northern door to
     Traces of Invasion Past
     Monster: Dark Elemental
     We're now in City Walls North. Use the Iron Key at the top of the stairs
     to reach 
     From Squire to Knight
     Monster: Blood Lizard
     The door on the side will take you to Rue Lejour. I recommend doing so,
     as the area has a Magic Circle. With the teleportation magic you learned
     from the Lich, you can now teleport to any previous seen Magic Circle
     in the game. Which means you can now teleport to a workshop if you 
     To move further into the game, we need to find the Clematis Sigil, which
     will take us into another section of Undercity East. First, we need
     the Sigil though. 
                               Using the Iron Key
     Before we use the Key for plot-purposes, teleport to the Bandits' 
     Hollow, and open the door nearest to the Magic Circle to
     Delusions of Happiness
     Monster: Blood Lizard
     Some bonus treasure include:
        Pirate's Mate (H)
        Kris (D)
        Heater Shield (I)
        Swan Song
        2 Vera Potion
        Grimoire Salamandre (Spark Fusion)
     Teleport to the Magic Circle in the Sunless Way, in Undercity West. Due
     to low MP, you may need to use multiple teleports.
     The Sunless Way
     You can use the Iron Key on the south door, but it takes a little 
     further into the game then where we want to be (AN: you need a sigil 
     from Undercity East to get further past the Elemental. Although it 
     should be also noted that you'll be coming back here soon). Back to
     the task at hand, take the west route to
     Remembering Days of Yore
     Continue forward to
     Larder for a Lean Winter
     Monster: Lich, Dark Skeleton
        Balin's Revenge (H)
        Vambrace (H)
        Elixer of Sage
        5 Alchemist's Reagent
        Clematis Sigil
     With the Clematis Sigil, proceed back to Rue Lejour.
     I included this earlier when you received the Stock Sigil, but I figure
     I'll mention it again in case you missed it. The Stock Sigil opens up
     the door to where you fought the first boss of the game, the Minotaur.
     Teleport back there (through the Blackmart of Wines) and defeat the
     new undead Minotaur to gain access to a chest.
     Rue Lejour
     Go into
                                City Walls North
     We're back here only to get to Undercity East with our new sigil. 
     AN: We're taking the long route here because I've yet to go through
     City Walls North for first-play percentage. The quickest way to get
     to Undercity East would be through Kesch Bridge -> From Boy to Hero.
     From Squire to Knight
     Monster: Blood Lizards
     Go north to
     Be for Battle Prepared
     Monster: Blood Lizard
     Continue north to (AN: not a typo on room name)
     Destruction and Rebirth
     Monster: Dark Elemental
     You are given 30 seconds to kill the elemental off, or you'll have to
     try again. Should not be difficult at this point in the game, although
     I'll give you that it's damn annoying to fight these.
     From Boy to Hero
     Monster: Blood Lizard
     Use the Clematis Sigil on the door, and continue north to
     A Welcome Invasion
     Monster: Dark Elemental
     Go down the stairs and open the door to
                             Undercity East: Part 2
     The Greengrocer's Stair
     Go north down the stairs to
     Where Black Waters Ran
     Monster: Lich, Quicksilver
     Continue north to
     Arms Against Invaders
     Monster: Harpy
     Continue west to
     Catspaw Blackmarket
     Monster: Lich, Quicksilver
     Careful for the Diablos trap in front of the chest.
        Round Shield (H)
        Grimoire Paralysie (Stun Cloud)
        Aster Sigil
     With the Aster Sigil acquired, we can now proceed deeper through 
     Undercity West. AN: This sigil is used in conjunction with the Iron Key
     to enter the Limestone Quarry.
     Return back to The Greengrocer's Stair, and you'll run into two Blade
     officers, along with a Grissom's corpse. Ashley will retreat to Where
     Black Waters Ran for the boss fight.
     Boss: Neesa and Tieger (Human)
     Both are human, so I recommend casting Prostasia and Herakles quickly,
     and immediately bashing Neesa to hell. She is the weaker of the two.
     Both use Break Arts with status effects, but you should be able to
     chain-kill Neesa before you run into these. Depending on how quick you
     can get to Neesa, these break arts can really start to affect the
     battle. Once you begin curing the status effects and reapplying Herakles
     (most of the break art effects cancelled this as well), your MP starts
     to fall.
     Instead of killing both, you merely have to inflict enough damage on
     either of them (AN: I can confirm it is the sum of damage you inflict on
     Return back to The Greengrocer's Stair, and you'll see Neesa and Tieger
     again with a dead Grissom. Hilarity ensues.
     To continue along on our journey, return to the nearest Magic Circle.
     If you need to, teleport to a Workshop, then when ready, teleport to 
     the Sunless Way. The closest Magic Circle is in Kesch Bridge, which
     is in Town Center South, just outside From Boy to Hero, in City Walls
     The Sunless Way
     Unlock the door to the south, and move to
                                Limestone Quarry
     Dark Abhors Light
     Some stairs down. Prepare for an icy boss.
     Dream of the Holy Land
     Boss: Water Elemental (Phantom)
     Load up with water protection and fire damage bonus. Protasia and
     Herakles work wonders yet again. He blocks chains fairly well, but his
     HP is low. With decent water protection on a shield, his attacks should
     not be very threatening.
     Grimoire Avalanche (Avalanche)
     Elixer of Sages
     Acolyte's Nostrum
     The Ore Road
     Magic Circle; save time! Go west (for the west route) or east for the
     east route. Both lead to the same place, but you'll want to go both
     routes to get the percentage.
    1. West Route
     Atone for Eternity
     Monster: Gremlin (Evil)
     These gremlins aren't easy. Fortunately, they don't have too much HP, so
     they die easily. Because they are flying, it can be a pain to catch 
     them, so I recommend using Prostasia and Herakles to up your damage 
     significantly. It doesn't take very long to recharge your MP, and you'll
     finish these off quickly. Off all the moves in their arsenal, they
     tend to cast silence first.
     There is a Death Vapor trap in the middle of the room.
     Stair to Sanctuary
     Monster: Wraith
     Go down the stairs to
     The Fallen Hall
     Monster: Ogre (Beast)
     Simple beast-type baddies. On a possible return visit, you'll run into
     Dullahans with a 30 second timer.
     The Rotten Core
     Monster: Gremlin
     Skip the next section, unless you want to back-track to the beginning 
     of the quarry to increase your map percentage. AN: If you recall, the 
     Ore Road had two passages (east and west). Both lead to the Dreamer's 
    2. East Route
     The Air Stirs
     Monster: Gremlin
     Continue east to
     Bonds of Frienship
     Monster: Air Elemental
     You've fought enough of these to know what to do. 
        Matador (H)
        Cranequin (I)
        Side Ring
        Brigandine (H)
        Rondanche (H)
        5 Snowfly Draught
        Grimoire Benir (Blessing)
     Return to the Air Stirs, and use the northern door to
     Bacchus is Cheap
     Monster: Wraith
     Go down the stairs to
     Screams of the Wounded
     Monster: Dullahan
     When you enter the room for a second time, you'll face off with two 
     ogres in a 30 second timer match. This is the exact opposite of the
     Fallen Hall, which is on the west route.
     The Ore-Bearers
     Monster: Gremlin
     A poison trap panel is located in the room. Nothing to really worry
     about, but if you care enough, Eureka the room to dodge it.
     Continue to
     The Dreamer's Climb
     Both routes lead to this area. Jump into the middle platform, with all
     the colored boxes. If you used the west route, then you'll have a larger
     jump to make to the middle platform. If you're agility is lacking, move
     the crate to the other wall, then climb on top of that. This will give
     you the necessary height to make the jump.
     Once in the middle platform, stack the blue crates on top of each other.
     Jump onto the new platform, then make the jump to the north door. It
     doesn't look like you can make this jump, and this instinct is partially
     correct. You BARELY make the jump.
     To open the door, you'll need to use the Eulelia Sigil, which you got
     way back when you defeated the Lich for the teleportation magic.
     Sinner's Sustenence
     Monster: Wraith
     Continue down the stairs to
     The Timely Dew of Sleep
     Monster: Gremlin
     The door to the east requires the Gold Key, so we'll have to ignore it
     for now. Proceed through the west door to
     The Auction Block
     Save at the Magic Circle. The northern door is locked, requiring the
     Silver Key. Methinks its time to get that soon. Use the west door to
     continue to
     The Laborer's Bonfire
     Careful for the Paralysis trap near the blue crates. If you hit it,
     it doesn't last long though. Stack the blue-crates on the edge, then
     jump into the middle platform. Using a bow or spear, destroy the wooden
     crates until just one is remaining. Jump on the stack now, then jump
     across (not up yet). Go through the west door to
     Stone and Solfurous Fire
     Monster: Earth Elemental
        White Lady (H)
        Balbriggan (B)
        Power Palm grip
        Kite Shield (H)
        Talos Feldspar
        3 Acolyte's Nostrum
        Grimoire Egout (Drain Heart)
     Return to the Laborer's Bonfire. Go up to the edge, and destroy two
     wooden crates (leaving two). Jump on the stack, then jump north to the
     locked door. Use the Melissa Sigil to open.
     Torture Without End
     Boss: Ogre Lord
     He's not much harder then most ogres, so your strategies should remain
     the same. Prostasia and Herakles up, maybe try a degenerate on him, then
     whack away at his head or left arm. He resists chains easily, so it may
     be best to use single attacks. By spamming the circle button after
     attacks, you can get 5-6 attacks off before he gets one off.
     His normal attack isn't too damaging, so don't worry about it. He can
     cast Tornado, which can take off nearly 200 HP. It is a rare spell, and
     you should be finishing him off quick anyway. Besides, unless your
     using the Crimson Pain/Raging Ache combo, it's unlikely you'll get
     burned by it.
     He also likes to play hide-and-seek, which can get rather annoying.
     If you have a short-ranged beast-based weapon, I guess you're outta
     Items Received: 
     Schiavona {I)
     Agales's Chain
     Elixer of Queens
     3 Mana Tonic
     Cure Potion
     Way Down
     Use Magic Circle to save. Go east first to
     Excavated Hollow
     Monster: Water Elemental
        Angel Face (H)
        Casserole Shield (H)
        Missaglia (I)
        Beaded Anklet
        Elixer of Queens
        Grimoire Flamme (Flame Sphere)
     Return to Way Down, and use the southern door.
     Parting Regrets
     Monster: Wraith
     Down the stairs we go.
     Corridor of Tales
     Monster: Gremlin, Ogre
     Continue west to
     Dust Shall Eat the Days
     Drop down and move past the white crates (AN: these crates are used if
     you're going back up).
     Notice how the cloudstone moves: down-forward, left to right, up-back,
     down-forward, right to left, up-back and so on. If you have a bow with
     long-range, you can snipe the wooden crates and make the jump easier.
     If not, cast fixate just as the cloudstone is right in front of the
     opening. From there, you can make the jump.
     If this isn't working, try using the stone's forward momentum as it
     moves down for extra boost. Invigorate or a Fairy Wing can also help if 
     your agility is lacking.
     Hall of the Wage-Paying
     Boss: Snow Dragon (Dragon)
     You've fought enough of these to know what to do. Put as much water
     protection and fire bonus damage as possible on your weapons and shield.
     Protasia and Herakles pre-battle, then get under him and whack away.
     Items Received:
     Grimoire Barrer (Aqua Guard)
     Elixier of Queens
     Tunnel of the Heartless
     To solve this puzzle, you need to move the wooden crate from its current
     position to the missing cube-shaped part of the ground right where you
     need to be jumping to get to the door.
     First, push the frictionless cube forward. Jump up, and push the second
     cube on top of each other. Next, push the taller of the two white cubes
     down from the crate to the east. Then, push the second white crate south
     twice. Now, we've created three steps for Ashley to use so you can push
     the wooden crate to where it belongs.
     Make the jump and go into the door.
                                Temple of Kiltia
     The Dark Coast
     Move to the very west side, and stop just before the ground drops a 
     little. If you drop, you'll hit a Trap-clear, which cancels out a 
     heal trap past the chasm. Not really important as there are no enemies
     Using the trap-clear as reference, climb back up and look north. That
     is our goal: a high platform. Make the jump (use a spell/item if
     necessary), then save and use the container if you need to.
     Hall of Prayer
     Mini-Boss:  Last Crusader (Evil)
     He uses a number of spells; in fact, you can keep him constantly using
     them, and keep him from attacking. To begin with, Prostasia and Herakles
     yourself, and rush in.
     Dispel him if he gets Prostasia and Herakles on before you can start
     hitting him; this will eliminate every stat bonus on him. Whack away
     on his abdomen. Use degenerate to weaken him greatly. This also begins
     a cycle of him casting Herakles to counter your degenerate. Fortunately,
     you can get 3-4 swings in before he can. You can also Silence him
     pretty easily...
     Items Received:
     Agrias's Balm
     Grimoire Purifier (Clearance)
     3 Alchemist's Reagent
     After winning the fight, take the east door to
     Those who Drink the Dark
     Whew. Here we go. Jump the gap, then go forward, ignoring the wooden
     crates. Our goal is to push the northern most crate all the way north.
     AN: If you mess up, I recommend putting on Magic Ward as you return
     to the Hall of Prayer. A water elemental will always get a spell off
     before you can return back in here.
     First, push the top of the two crate-stack west. Then destroy the 
     northern-most crate of the two just north of you. Confusing? Yes.
     It's hard to describe in words, but you don't want to destroy the most
     northern. It's the second northern most crate. Now, you can push the
     crate next to you south 5 spaces. Now just it east once. Leave it there
     for now.
     Destroy the top crate we pushed to the west at first. We don't need this
     anymore. Move the crate next to it to the east. AN: Let's label this
     crate 'A.'
     Now, you want to push the two crates near the gap north. To do this,
     push A east once. Then push these two crates, (B and C now) north.
     Once B and C are pushed over A, fall down and push A west once. See
     where we're going at now? This allows space for Ashley to move behind
     B, and you can continue to push it north. You'll do the same for C as
     well (just remember that you'll have to push A east once for C).
     Eventually, you'll want everything to look like this:
     D is the northern most crate on the map before we messed everything up.
     Now, push D north once, then east onto C, then north on B, then west
     finally. Now you can push it north to the wall. Holy crap.
     The Chapel of Meschaunce
     Mini-Boss: Minotaur Lord
     Go all out on him. He's significantly weaker then the boss version.
     Items Received:
     Titan's Ring
     Elixer of Queens
     3 Alchemist's Reagent
     Pick up the chest in the northwest corner.
        Frost Maiden (H)
        Sonic Bullet
        Ghost Hound
        2 Cure Potion
        2 Mana Potion
        Silver Key
     Return to Those who Drink the Dark, and open the locked door with the
     Silver Key. This route is nothing more than a connection between
     the Limestone Quarry and Undercity West, but we want the map percentage
     Ants Prepare for Winter
     Continue east to
     Where the Serpent Hunts
     Monster: Gremlin
     It's been awhile since we've fought the Gremlins, so be careful with 
     them. They can be annoyingly tough with their spells. Go east first to
     Drowned in Fleeting Joy
     Monster: Dark Elemental
     A chest is located in the northeast corner of the room.
        Falarica Bolt
        Plate Glove (H)
        Elixer of Mages
        5 Mana Potion
     Return to the previous room and take the southern door.
     Monster: Wraith
     You can go up the steps to the Auction Block in Limestone Quarry. Unless
     you have business in there, back track all the way to the Hall of 
     Hall of Prayer
     Monster: Water Elemental, Nightstalker
     This is the same room where we fought the Last Crusader, so don't let
     this monsters confuse you. The elemental we've seen before, but the
     Nightstalker is new. He is along the lines of the Dullahan group we've
     been fighting since day one, so just whack him away with your evil 
     weapon. He is weak against edged blades as well. Go in the west door
     The Resentful Ones
     Another puzzle room. Yay. In fact, we are rewarded with a very large
     room consisting of two puzzles.
     For the first puzzle, let's go through the players. 
     Frictionless Cube = A
     White crate next to A = B
     Other white crate = C
     Stacked wooden crates = D
     The idea is to move A one square north of D, so we can push the top
     wooden crate on A, and allow us to make the jump to the second area of
     the room.
      | | | | | | | |        North
      | | | | | | | |          ^
      | | |C| | | |D|          |
      | | | | | | | |          |
      |A|B| | | | | |
     Move C north twice, then west once. Move north one square, east once,
     then south once. Then move A east, then north, then east again. Move
     the top crate of D north onto A, then jump onto the new platform. From
     here, you can jump north onto the higher platform.
     Fortunately, the second puzzle doesn't require a diagram, as its more
     of the same. Jump down, and move the white crate north once, then west
     three times. Push the southern most frictionless cube west. Now, move
     the white crate north twice, then push the other frictionless cube
     west. And to finish it off, push it south to put the two cubes together.
     Push the top wooden crate twice, then jump on top. This allows us to
     make the jump to the door. Use the Silver Key to unlock, and proceed to
     Those who Fear the Light
     Monster: Air Elemental, Gremlin
     This room can be a real frustrating test. The Air Elemental is weak 
     against earth, and the Gremlins are strong against it. So while we
     whack away at the Elemental, the Gremlins will cast a bunch of status
     effecting spells like Leadbones. Fun, fun, fun. You can run past this
     room without killing everything, although there is a boss in the next
     Chamber of Reason
     Before the boss fight, we'll run into a cut-scene.
     Boss: Kali (Human)
     Like most spell-casting bosses in this game, you can frustrate him by
     putting on buffs like Herakles on. Kali is no difference. By putting
     on Herakles, she'll do nothing but want to cast degenerate. This can
     be annoying to you as well, as degenerate really decreases your damage
     If you have the MP, just battle with her by using Herakles, and hit her
     with your human-weapon on the legs or head (the weaker parts of her
     total body). None of her special attacks are particularly damaging, but
     one can drain a lot of your mp. Seeing as how we're battling her with
     Herakles to counter her degenerate, this kind of blows.
     Unlike most bosses, you should be able to chain successfully on her.
     After she is toast, move north through the double-doors to
     Exit to City Center
     You know, this may be one of the few room names that actually has some
     context to the room itself, as continuing north through the door leads
     us to the last part of town center east.
     Plateia Lumitar
     And finally, the game rewards us going through the Temple of Kiltia with
     a Magic Circle. The double doors to the west lead to the Great 
     Cathedral, the end of the game. There are some things we need to take
     care of though: getting as much of the map done as possible, and using
     unused keys and sigils to gain treasure.
     So if you feel like hitting the Great Cathedral, go ahead and skip down
     to that part of the walkthrough. If not, jump across the river, and
     enter the door to the north.
     Charmes Walk
     Monster: Evil Dummy
     I recommend spending the time to get your evil blade to 100, as its
     one of the more important class to have maxed. I've noticed that dummies
     tend to increase the class by about 50 points until they are destroyed.
     AN: remember to remove evil gems off your blade, as you'll kill the
     dummy quicker that way.
     The House Gilgitte
     Ignore the boxes here. They are used to climb back up to Charmes Walk,
     but due to teleportation magic, there is no reason to actually do so.
     Do grab the chest in the corner.
        Ribesplitter (H)
        5 Faerie Wing
     Unlatch the door, and you'll find yourself back at Rue Crimnade, and
     a little north of the Junction Point workshop. Town Center East is a
     good area to keep as a base of operations, as you collect treasure and
     upgrade your weapons.
                              Using the Silver Key
     There are a number of areas to search for the first time due to the
     silver key.
     First, teleport to the Dark Tunnel in Abandoned Mines B1. Go north into
     Everwant Passage
     Open the door at the end of the hall to
     Mining Regrets
     Nothing in here, except for a chest full of goodies. There is a Death
     Vapor trap two squares east of the chest.
        White Cargo (D)
        3 Mana Potion
     Return to the Dark Tunnel, and teleport to the Sunless Way.
     The Sunless Way
     Proceed north into Underdark Fishmarket.
     Underdark Fishmarket
     Monster: Zombie Mage, Dark Skeleton
     Head north to
     Way of the Mother Lode
     Monster: Zombie Knight, Dark Skeleton
     Turn east to
     Sewer of Ravenous Rats
     Monster: Zombie Mage, Skeleton
     Unlock the door at the end of the room with the Silver Key.
     Beggars of the Mouthharp
     Monster: Dullahan
     At this point in the game, a Dullahan should be nothing to you. Continue
     north to
     Corner of the Wretched
     Monster: Lich, Dark Skeleton
     This game works in strange ways. One of the last keys you earn in the
     main game is used to take you to a room that requires the second-play
     Rood Inverse.
     Return back to the Sunless Way, and teleport to Sinner's Corner (which
     also is in Undercity West). Go north into
     Namless Dark Oblivion
     Unlock the door at the end of the room with the Silver Key. Go through
     just to make sure the game registers that you unlocked the door. 
     Now that we've used the Silver Key to uncover some of Lea Monde, its
     time to continue with the game. Teleport back to Plateia Lumitar,
     and enter the double-doors into the Great Cathedral. AN: To be fair,
     there are about three different paths you can take from the Sunless Way
     to here.
                                Great Cathedral
     Because of the teleportation magic in the game, there really is no point
     of no return in Vagrant Story. You can go up to the last Magic Circle
     in the game, and still be okay to leave the Cathedral to upgrade 
     weapons and armor, or find some missed treasure.
     Into Holy Battle, L1
     The red cloudstone has yet to be activated, so continue down the stairs
     Struggle for the Soul, B1
     There are two doors to take; one on the current side of the river you're
     on, and another on the other side. I recommend jumping over and using
     that door first to Order and Chaos as defeating Marid activates a 
     cloudstone needed after beating Ifrit. 
     Order and Chaos, B1
     Boss: Marid
     Imagine a slightly tougher water elemental, and you get Marid. Up your
     water protection as much as possible, and put fire bonuses on your 
     phantom blade. He's weak against edge blades, but on my first go-around
     with the game, I had a piercing weapon (doh!) and manage to beat him
     fairly easily.
     Items Received:
     Elixer of Queens
     Grimoire Avalanche (Avalanche)
     After winning, you'll see a small cut-scene with a cloudstone 
     activating (not the one we saw in Into Holy Battle, L1). Return back
     to Striggle for the Soul (ignore the second door in here for now).
     Struggle for the Soul, B1
     Jump over the river, and enter the northwestern door to
     Truth and Lies, B1
     Boss: Ifrit
     Reverse all the equipment changes you made for Marid. If you forget
     something, it can really make your life miserable for about 10
     seconds. Then, you'll probably be six feet under. But much like
     Marid, once you get things organized, he isn't much harder then a
     normal fire elemental.
     Items Received:
     Elixer of Queens 
     Grimoire Flamme (Flame Sphere)
     In this room, you have yet another choice of doors. Take the west door
     first, cuz I say so.
     Sanity and Madness, B1
     Boss: Iron Crab
     Yikes! Despite his scary looks, I can't believe how easy this crabbie
     is. I'm no scholar of the armor system in this game, but he was taking
     single-digit attacks off me, and the only extra defense I used was
     Undine Jaspers on my shield.
     Items Received:
     Elixer of Kings
     After defeating the crab, watch the small scene of the cloudstone in
     Into Holy Battle being activated.
     Return back, and go straight across to the eastern door to
     The Victor's Laurels, B1
     You can also use the cloudstone in Into Holy Battle to reach Level 1
     of the cathedral. However, this being closer to your current position,
     I figure we'll take the victor's laurels (ha).
     Cracked Pleasures, L1
     Before using the cloudstone, go into the door next to it to
     Hieratic Recollections, L1
     Continue westward to
     The Flayed Confessional, L1 
     Boss: Djinn
     Mmm... ok. Here's King (AN: I guess Queen actually) Air Elemental. You
     know the drill by now. If you've beat Ifrit and Marid, then you can 
     take Djinn.
     Items Received:
     Elixer of Queens
     Grimoire Foudre (Thunderburst)
     After defeating Djinn, the cloudstone in the Poisoned Chapel, L1 
     (AN: This is actually a few rooms after where you fought Marid; at the
     time you fought her, there was no reason to continue).
     Also in the room, destroy the wooden crate in the corner, then push the
     second crate in front of the chest, so you may use it as a platform to
     open the chest.
        Fluted Armor (H)
        Fluted Glove (H)
        3 Vera Potion
        Saint's Nostrum
     Return to Cracked Pleasures, and rid the cloudstone to
     Free from Base Desires, L2
     Once again, ignore the cloudstone, which takes you to L3 (its a common
     theme in the Cathedral; ignore cloudstones at all costs!). Anyway,
     proceed through the door to
     Abasement from Above, L2
     This is a meeting point of sorts, depending on what cloudstone you used
     to get to L2 (AN: did you use the Into Holy Battle L1 cloudstone for
     map percentage points?). It's agreed that this is the far easier side
     to make the jump to the side door, but making the jump from either side
     isn't exactly a huge feat to accomplish. Go inside the door to
     The Hall of Broken Vows, L2
     Mini-Boss: Flame Dragon
     Despite the fact that this dragon could be considered the hardest of
     the monster's we've fought in the cathedral so far, he is the only
     one not given boss status. Interesting.
     That said, he is an automatic fight at this point in the game. Get some
     fire protection as you make the run under him, as a dragon's breath is
     his most powerful. Edged weapons do great on his tail, while piercing
     pretty much is great everywhere (for me, even his head was an okay
     spot to hit with a piercing rapier).
     Items Received:
     Calla Sigil
     Sorcerer's Reagent
     The door to the south is locked, requiring the Acacia Sigil, so let's
     take the northern door first.
     Light and Dark Wage War, L2
     At first, this area seems a little tricky in regards to making the jump
     across the chasm. However, follow the ledge east from the door you
     came from. Jump onto the ledge on the eastern wall, then make your
     way as far north as possible. Jump across west to the main platform,
     then jump west again to hit the lever. This unlocks a door on L3.
     Return back to the door to (AN: invigorate really helps here).
     An Arrow into Darkness, L2
     To reach the chest, push the top crate west once, then south once. Now,
     push the other crate west twice, south once, east, south, and finally
        Fluted Leggings (H)
        Fluted Gloves (H)
        5 Eye of Argon
        Cure Potion
     Take the elevator down to
     Where Darkness Spreads, L1
     Before we do anthing in here, make sure you don't touch the frictionless
     cube near the cloudstone. There is only one way to get back, and moving
     this cube could get you stuck in this room forever!
     Yuck. I admit, I actually had to look up help to figure out this one.
     To begin with, drop down the bit, and push the top wooden crate west.
     Stand on that crate, and push the middle crate east. Now you can push
     two of the crates north, inline with the cube-stack in front of the
     chest to create a bridge.
     With that done, you now need to move the frictionless crates to create
     the bridge. To do this, move the wooden crates as stoppers. In fact,
     I'll leave it at that for now. I thought about putting a step-by-step
     strategy here, but I figured it would take a few boring pages to do
     so. So unless I hear some complaints about needing one, I'll let you
     VS-veterans finish this up yourself.
        Oval Shield (H)
        Burgonet (H)
        5 Mana Bulb
        Elixer of Queens
     Return to The Hall of Broken Vows, and use the west door to
     He Screams for Mercy, L2
     Next on the plate are two nasty jumps. Invigorate, and jump to the
     southern passageway to
     The Acolyte's Weakness, L2
     Continue down the stairs to
     Monk's Leap, L1
     Monster: Dark Skeleton, Lich
     Defeating the Lich gives us:
     Ghost Hound
     Laurel Sigil
     Elixer of Queens
     Grimoire Demolir (Explosion)
     Proceed back to He Screams for Mercy, L2, and make the jump to the
     northern door to
     Maelstrom of Malice
     Monster: Lich Lord, Dark Skeleton
     The key thing to remember for the Lich Lord is to have magic ward up.
     You should be capable of eliminating the skeletons in one or two hits,
     so they shouldn't be a problem. The Lich Lord himself is rather weak 
     to physical attacks, and seemed like a slightly harder version of the
     Once the Lich Lord is dead, a cloudstone near the door that we unlocked
     with the lever is activated. It's time to return to Order and Chaos L1.
     The best way to head back there is to the Halls of Broken Vows (where
     you fought the Flame Dragon). From there, head east through Abasement
     from Above, then north to the Convent Room. Go down the cloudstone to
     Into Holy Battle, L1 (we took this path to go through the Convent Room).
     Go down the stairs and jump across the river into Order and Chaos L1.
     Inside, go through the second door in the room to
     An Offering of Souls, B1
     Go up the stairs to
     Sin and Punishment, L1
     A Magic Circle and container are the only things in this massive
     room. Once saved, use the north door to
     The Poisoned Chapel, L1
     Ride the cloudstone across and use the Laurel Sigil to unlock the 
     northern door to
     A Light in the Dark, L1
     Mini-Boss: Arch Dragon
     A light-based enemy? uhhhhh. Due to the frequency of these (or lack
     thereof), its likely Ashley will be a little weak against him. There
     isn't a whole lot we can do against him.
     However, I do some some help. Put on the Morlock Jet and Dragonite
     gems on. This will at least give us some edge damage-wise. There isn't
     much we can do protection-wise, so make sure you immediately get under
     the dragon. His breath not only is damaging due to lack of light
     protection, but it also drains MP.
     If you find your damage lacking, rely on Reflect Damage to give the
     Arch Dragon some of his damage back. You probably have the timing of
     his tail attack down fairly well, so it shouldn't be too hard to reflect
     200+ HP back during the course of the battle.
     Items Received:
     Acacia Sigil
     Acolyte's Nostrum
     Return back to Into Holy Battle, L1 and ride the cloudstone to the
     Convent Room, L2. Go north twice into Free from Base Desires (AN: you
     can also take the cloudstone from the Victor's Laurels room as well).
     and ride the cloudstone up to
     The Wine-Lecher's Fall, L3
     Jump along the ledges and exit out to
     The Heretics' Story
     Oh boy. This area can get frustrating quick. The plus side to all of 
     this is we only need to move across the chasm once. The two other doors
     you see on the map are on a higher level of the room.
     The best way to get on each cloudstone is to use fixate. As the
     cloudstone's come together, press L2 and use Fixate. This will allow you
     to easily walk onto the next cloudstone. 
     When you get to the third cloudstone, use fixate when it goes as far
     west as possible. Use Invigorate, and hope to god you don't have to do
     this part again. The western door requires the Calla Sigil, which you
     should have from the Flame Dragon.
     Hopes of the Idealist, L3
     Boss: Dao
     Another King Elemental, this time its an earth one. Gear up with 
     Air-affinity damage bonuses and tear this guy a new one.
     Items Received:
     Palm Sigil
     Elixer of Queens
     Grimoire Gaea
     After watching the scene, we'll see our new goal is to reach L4. To do
     so, we need to use the Acacia Sigil we received a little while ago and
     the newly acquired Palm Sigil. Return back to Free from Base Desires,
     and go south into Abasement from Above, then west into The Hall of
     Broken Vows, L2. Use the Acacia Sigil on the southern door to
     The Melodics of Madness, L2
     The key for this puzzle is to create a small bridge for the western
     most frictionless cube.
     Drop down and push the eastern most (lower) frictionless cube south
     and west. Then push the wooden crate east, then the western cube as far
     south as possible. Then, push it east, then south and use it to climb
     up the wall. Use the Palm Sigil to unlock the door to
     What Ails You, Kills You, L2
     Boss: Nightmare
     A tough dark elemental. You know the drill. Without any light-affinity
     aid spells, your damage will likely be a little reduced compared to the
     other elemental fights. However, this should not pose any problem.
     Items Received:
     Grimoire Meteore (Meteor)
     Elixer of Dragoons
     With Nightmare dead, use the newly activated cloudstone to reach
     Despair of the Fallen, L3
     Continue to
     The Heretics' Story, L3
     We're not on the upper level of this room. Go on the cloudstone and open
     the doors doors at the north end. If you cannot open these doors, then
     you missed the level in Light and Dark Wage War, L2. Go through the 
     door to
     Where the Soul Rots, L3
     Hop onto the cloudstone to
                               Great Cathedral L4
     The Atrium, L4
     Here's a Magic Circle to save and teleport back to whatever business you
     have in Lea Monde. This is it. Continue up the stairs to meet the end of
     the game. Whether or not you plan on going through the game again, use
     up your Grimoires, wines, and elixers. Once you beat the game, you lose
     all of this.
     Walk up the stairs, and watch the cut-scenes.
     Boss: Guildenstern
     Okay, here we go. Herakles and Prostasia up, and equip your standard
     evil weapon.
     There isn't much to work with here, except to look out for his Last
     Ascension break art. It's not incredibly damaging, but may catch you
     off guard, especially if you're relying on Raging Ache for damage.
     After defeating Guildenstern, a couple of cut-scenes will occur.
     Final Boss: Guildenstern
     This is where the real fun begins. 
     There are many strategies people use, and they all seem like viable ways
     to take out Guildenstern. To begin with, your physical weapon, despite
     being light and evil-based will not provide much damage. At all. There
     is not much you can do to work around this; it just means this will be
     one long ass fight.
     I like to stand in the middle, following Guildenstern as he circles
     around (AN: it is impossible to catch up to him; the only way to catch
     him is for him to stop). I still stay in the middle as I do this, but
     it allows me to get close to him to whack at him a few times after he
     casts a spell. As soon as he's blinking red and a exclamation mark is
     above his head, now is the time to rush towards him. He will get the
     spell off, but you'll be close enough to start chaining.
     In regards to chaining, Raging Ache is really your best friend.
     Unlike a lot of previous bosses (including this guy's former self),
     you should be able to chain Guildenstern for as long as possible.
     Follow Raging Ache with whatever you prefer, I liked Heavy Shot as it
     gave out ok damage.
     Guildenstern casts two spells: Apocalypse and Bloody Sin. He can use
     Tarnish and Degenerate, but those are rare. Apocalypse is a standard
     dark-based magic attack. It is easy to get the timing down for Relect
     Magic, which can really speed the battle up once you nail that timing.
     After you've beaten him down a bit, Guildenstern will begin to use
     Bloody Sin.
     What can I say about Bloody Sin that hasn't been said? It's an 
     extremely powerful last resort attack that will kill you unless you're
     near full-HP with low RISK. The trick against Bloody Sin is that there
     is a small period of opportunity where you can press L2 to heal through
     items or magic as he is performing the attack. This allows you to 
     essentially lower risk and increase HP without ever having to worry
     about Bloody Sin. At all. Because of this, Bloody Sin should never be
     an issue. AN: I've heard of people getting an attack of Guildenstern
     as he is in his Bloody Sin move, completely cancelling the attack. I've
     yet to see it done though.
     If anything, this final form of Guildenstern is just a long battle.
     Once you get some chains off and reflect back some of the damage from
     Apocalypse, he'll fall eventually. Once he does fall, watch the ending.
     Remember, continue through the credits, as you'll have to option to make
     a Clear Game Data save.
    4) SECRETS 
    Training Dummies
     Training dummies are placed throughout Lea Monde as an easy way to 
     upgrade one's weapon. Although there is a negative elemental bonus to
     doing so, the effectiveness of hitting the dummies outways any 
     negatives. The only way to get around this negative is to actually train
     on normal monsters, which can be hard considering they'll die within
     10 hits usually. The Dummy can easily withstand 10 times that amount.
     If anything, using dummies is a great way to upgrade a class so that you
     can have both an edged and blunt weapon.
     The location of the dummies are:
     Human - Blackmarket of Wine in the Wine Cellar
     Beast - Dark Tunnel in Abandoned Mines B1
     Undead - Hall of Sworn Revenge in Catacombs
     Phantom - From Boy to Hero in City Walls North
     Dragon - The Boy's Training Room in City Walls South
     Evil - Charmes Walk in Town Center East
     When destroyed, you usually have to leave the area the dummy is in.
     So if you kill the human dummy, you'll have to leave the Wine Cellar 
     before he respawns.
    secret spells
     Grimoire Radius (Radial Surge) from the Lich
    unlocked chests
    in amb2
     in warrior's rest
     in town center south house of k
     BREAK ARTS                                              
     Each individual weapon-class has their own break arts. They are learned
     sword          description 
     BATTLE ABILTIES                                                
     Battle Abilties are your main attack in Vagrant Story.  When you make
     an attack, you can chain these abilties together to make a technically
     infinite attack. There is a risk penalty for high chains; after the
     eighth chain, the amount of risk accumulated is doubled.
     name             description and risk cost:
      Heavy Shot      Inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 70% 
                      of damage dealt. RISK: 1
      Gain Life       Regenerates an amount of Ashleys HP equal to 30% of 
                      the damage dealt. RISK: 2
      Gain Magic      Regenerates an amount of Ashleys MP equal to 30% of 
                      the damage dealt. RISK: 2
      Temper          Inflicts an additional 40% of damage on foe and 
                      repairs a small amount of weapon DP. RISK: 2
      Instill         Inflicts additional damage equal to 10% of damage 
                      dealt and adds that amount to PP. RISK: 1
      Dulling Impact  Adds silence to attack. RISK: 3
      Snake Venom     Adds poision to attack. RISK: 3
      Mind Assault    Reduces foes Mp to an amount equal to 30% of damage
                      dealt. RISK: 1
      Gain Magic      Regenberates an mount of Ashleys Mp equal to 30% of 
                      damage dealt. RISK: 2
      Numbing Claw    Adds numbness to attack. RISK 3
      Raging Ache     Inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 10% 
                      of the damage Ashley has sustained. RISK: 1
      Mind Ache       Reduces foes MP by an amount equal to 20% of the MP 
                      Ashley has used. RISK: 1
      Paralysis Pulse Adds paralysis to attack. RISK: 3
      Crimson Pain    Inflicts an additional 100% od damage on foe and deals 
                      30% of base damage to Ashley. RISK: 2
     DEFENSE ABILTIES                                                
     Defend abilties aren't as important as battle abilites. Unless you're 
     fighting monsters you accustomed with, it's hard to get the right
     timing on a spell or an attack. Still, once you get an attack down,
     defense abilities can really put the battle in your favor.
     name             description and risk cost:   
      Ward            Successful ise of this ability prevents paralysis and 
                      numbness. RISK: 1
      Reflect Damage  Reflects 40% of damage.  Does not reduce damage 
                      received. Effective vs non-magical attacks. RISK: 2
      Impact Guard    Reduces physical damage by 50%. RISK: 4
      Fireproof       Reduces fire-affinity damage by 50%. RISK: 4
      Terra Ward      Reduces earth-affinity damage by 50%. RISK: 4
      Windbreak       Reduces air-affinity damage by 50%. RISK: 4
      Aqua Ward       Reduces water-affinity damae by 50%. RISK: 4
      Siphon Soul     Adds 50% of the mp used in foes magical attack to 
                      Ashley's MP. Effective vs magical attack. RISK: 6
      Reflect magic   Reflects 40% of damage.  Does not reduce damage 
                      received. Rffective vs magical attacks. RISK: 2
      Shadow guard    Reduces light-affinity damage by 50%. RISK: 4
      Demonscale      Reduces dark-affinity damage by 50%. RISK: 4
     There are four different types of magic. You learn magic through
     Grimoires. Once you earn one, use it like an item, and you'll cast 
     whatever magic the Grimoire is. AN: You need the MP required for the
     spell to actually learn it. 
     There is a fifth type of magic, teleportation. This magic is unrelated
     to the rules that control the other four types.
     warlock (attack)  type         description 
      Solid Shock      Physical     Intense shockwave pounds opponent.
      Lightning Bolt   Air          Lightning Arrows shock enemies.
      Fireball         Fire         Searing balls of flame assault target.
      Vulcan Lance     Earth        Razor-sharp debris rains down on the 
      Aqua Blast       Water        Intense cold assaults enemies     
      Spirit Surge     Light        Spirits of light attack enemies.
      Dark Chant       Dark         Torments enemies with a burst of pain.
     shaman (recovery)       description 
      Heal           Restores HP to target.  hurts the undead  
      Restoration    Removes paralysis to target               
      Antidote       Removes posion to target                  
      Blessing       Removes Curse                             
     sorceror (aid)          description 
      Heraldes         Increases STR \                                    
      Enlighten        Increases INT  > These work for a period of time.   
      Invigorate       Increases AGL /                                   
      Prostasia        Temporarily increases the effectiveness of weapons 
                       and armor.
      Silence          Temporarily disables targets ability to use magic   
      Fixate           Tempoarily freezes all cloudstones in their current
      Unlock           Unlocks chest and doors.                            
      Eureka           Reveals traps, making the visible for a limited time.  
      Analsysis        Analyzes targets various stats (HP, MP).    
      Degenerate       Weakens opponents STR for a period of time. 
     enchanter (affinitiy)    description 
      Pyro Guard           Strengthens armors fire affinity
      Luft Fusion          Raises weapons air-affinity     
      Spark Fusion         Raises weapons fire-affinity    
      Soil Fusion          Raises weapons earth-affinity  
      Frost Fusion         Raises weapons water-affinity 
     special          description 
      Teleport    Will instantaneously move between Save points.  Oh yeah.
    7) CLOSING
      CJAYC <www.gamefaqs.com> - For creating the coolest site on the net and 
        hosting this FAQ.
    This GUIDE is (c) 2000-2005 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced 
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    Vagrant Story FAQ / Walkthrough - (c) 2000-2005 cnick
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