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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Samdelazie

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vagrant Story v1.1
    by Samdelazie.   Email : samminh@hotmail.com 
    Revision History
    21/5/00  Version 1.1 
               - Added a section under Weapons and Armors - Basic Idea 
                 in Combining
               - posted the map for 'Snowfly Forest' as requested by some.
    20/5/00  Version 1.0
    About the Game
    Game Progress
    General Instructions * please read
    Weapons and Armors
     - Forging Powerful Equipments
     - Choosing Weapons
          i) Dagger
         ii) Sword
        iii) Great Sword
         iv) Axe & Mace
          v) Great Axe
         vi) Staff
        vii) Heavy Mace
       viii) Polearm
         ix) Crossbow
          x) Unarmed 
     - Basic Idea in Combining
    Break Arts
     (to be updated)
    Battle Abilities
     - Chain Abilities
     - Defense Abilities 
     (to be updated)
    Boss Strategies
     - Raging Combo!
     - Phantom Menace
    Leveling Up?
     - Increasing Basic Stats
     - Building Up Powerful Equipments
     - Analyzing Enemies
          i) Wine Cellar
              - Minotaur
              - Dullahan
         ii) Catacombs
              - Ghost
              - Lizardmen
        iii) Sanctum
              - Golem
              - Dragon
         iv) Town Center West
              - Duane 
          v) City Walls West
         vi) Abandoned Mines B1
              - Wyvern
              - Fire Elemental
              - Ogre
    Copyright Samdelazie 2000
      This FAQ cannot be reproduced and can only be used in its 
    original form.  Do not use it to gain profits of any sort because 
    it was not meant to be used like that.  This FAQ is by gamer for 
    gamers.  It is also my way of expressing appreciation towards the 
    game and I will not tolerate any misuse of this guide.  
      Permission for any commercial use will definitely be denied but 
    other reasons may be considered.  You may get my permission 
    by sending an e-mail to -samminh@hotmail.com- and receive a 
    reply, stating permission is granted.
    About the Game
       I am not going to write about how wonderful -Vagrant Story- is, which 
    it is.  I think the 'professional' game reviewer will do a better job. 
    I just want to say that this game might be one of the few games that can
    be classified as HARD in the recent years.  This is indeed quite
    unexpected from Squaresoft.  I guess that Squaresoft CAN make insanely-
    difficult-to-beat games; it's just that they choose not to.  Another 
    surprise is that the only FMV so far is the intro.  I bet the game is 
    from the same developer of -Final Fantasy Tactics-, which BTW is my 
    favorite of all time.    
       As I've said, this game can be tough.  One friend of mine just dismiss 
    the game simply because he cannot 'chain'.  I'm telling you this : there
    are not many people out there who have this 'gift to chain'. Frankly,
    I don't think it's something gifted either but rather it's by the
    experience with Tekken, Dragonball Z and dancing games. Don't just give
    up like that!  The game doesn't require you to do a 20 chain every time.
    I have covered around the first half of the game and I can truly say that
    if you can do 1 chain confidently, it's already good enough. The timing
    for defense is more important.  I hope this will help the beginners to 
    stay on with the game.
    Game Progress
       I have covered up to the point where the 'teleportation' magic is 
    made available.  Then it has become impossible to go on when I meet the
    ...-Dark Phantom-.  I hate to say how great he is but I must admit I'm
    no match for him.  Ashley has been great all this while: literally 
    having dragons for breakfast, collecting skulls as hobby and seeking 
    pleasure in seeing the knights suffering a slow and painful death; but 
       I'm writing this guide based on the second game.  If you have any 
    problem or stuck, you can reach me by (samminh@hotmail.com).  Updates 
    may be a bit slow because I'm not a full-time gamer..yet. 
    General Instructions 
       Read the tutorial in the game.  Squaresoft has done a great job with
    it.  My knowledge was solely based on what is written and this FAQ will 
    not repeat what's already in there.  So, I would assume that you have 
    read it and possess some basic knowledge about EVERYTHING.
       In this guide, I will not direct you to go back and save your 
    progress.  But that does not mean it is not necessary.  Save your 
    progress regularly, especially before boss fight.  You may run a chance
    of getting killed or perhaps the bonus you get after the fight is not
    of satisfactory (if you're a perfectionist like me!).
       The same applies when you encounter a workshop.  Always remember to 
    REPAIR all your weapons.  A weapon with DP approaching 0 will decrease 
    tremendously in performance.  The next time you meet a boss and you find 
    that your weapon is doing 0 damage to him,  check the DP.  You will be 
    saying to yourself "Why so stupid?!".   
       My final instruction is that this FAQ is and will NOT be a COMPLETE
    guide to the game.  The way to use this FAQ/Walkthrough or whatever you
    call it, is to complement it with other wonderful FAQs on the internet,
    which will cover all subjects in much greater depth.
    Weapons and Armors
    Forging Powerful Equipments
      I will not explain how exactly 'combine' works, as I'm still
    experimenting. The only known positive combination is with bronze and 
    iron, which will produce Hagane.  You can even use combine to 'evolve'
    your weapon, that is, by changing the weapon type. This is very useful
    especially when you have gained all BREAK ARTs for a weapon type and you
    wish to change into using another, while retaining the stats. 
      When combining, try to make weapons and armors that bear unique names
    such as -Awl Pike-, -Mjolnir-, -Francisca-, -Basinet- etc.  Most of
    these equipments are already at its best and will degrade when combined
    with any other regular equipment.  I forgot how I got those , but I 
    think is by combining the regular ones.  For more superior equipments,
    I think the next step is to combine uniques.  If at one point you find
    it difficult to go on with the game, try to do some 'combining' with 
    the weapons and armors in your inventory.  Trust me, it DOES make a 
    Choosing Weapon  
      One thing may not be clear in the tutorial is about CLASS growth.  
    It is stated that as 1 CLASS increases, the CLASSes below it decrease. 
    But, how MANY CLASSes below it decrease?  By the example given, it may 
    seems that only 2 is affected.  So, I would assume that a weapon can 
    actually be used for two CLASSes: 
              HUMAN  / PHANTOM
              BEAST  / DRAGON
              UNDEAD / EVIL    
      So, it would be a norm to carry 3 weapons at all time (I carried 6 
    for my first game, URRRGH!).  But don't take my word for it,  verify it
    for yourself by turning on the WEAPON STATUS and ARMOR STATUS in the
      As you may already know it from the tutorial, there are 10 weapon 
    types(including unarmed) and 4 break arts for each.  Things to be
    considered include the STRENGTH, INTELLINGENCE, AGILITY, RISK and 
    RANGE. Str, Int and Agi are quite obvious and need no explanation, but
    RISK and RANGE are the attributes that's often neglected. No use of
    having a weapon that has 40 in str but has 1 in RANGE and 3 in RISK.
    Get what I mean?
      Also, all one-handed weapons will receive a bonus for they allow the
    use of SHIELD.  The defense bonuses received from shields are too great
    to be ignored.  It can reduce magic spells damage from (((50 to 60) x 5)
    = you're dead!) to (((5 to 10) x 5) = no sweat!)), provided that you
    have the right gems attached.   
      This is not verified - it seems that when you cast 'Heal', in battle
    mode holding a two-handed weapon, the effectiveness is increased by 
    150%-200%.  If it is so, then two-handed weapon should receive a bonus 
    too.  Maybe this is to make up the losses of not being able to hold a 
      The type(blunt/edged/piercing) however does not play a vital role in
    the game, even though there ARE preferences.  From the information that
    I found from analyzing enemies, it may seems that HUMAN and UNDEAD have
    different resistances toward weapon types, being the 'edged' as the 
    neutral. This is because most HUMAN and UNDEAD can wear armors that 
    will modify these values.  So, 'blunt' weapon may not NECESSARILY be 
    the best weapon against UNDEAD.  The 'edged' is preferred against
    HUMAN.  But there is one thing I'm sure about is that most BEASTs in 
    the early stages is less resistant towards 'piercing' weapon.  
    The conclusion is all 'piercing' weapon should receive a bonus against 
    BEASTs, at least in the early stages.
        TYPE : one-handed piercing
        RANGE : horrible!
        STRONG : undead 
        WEAK : beast, evil, phantom 
        COMMENTS : The result was based heavily on RANGE.  Many of the 
                   BEASTs and EVILs are of flying type, and you won't be 
                   able to EVEN scratch them with that dagger of yours.  
                   As for PHANTOMs, the word 'teleport' says it all.
                   However you get the 'Soul Kiss' quite early in the game,
                   which is a powerful dagger against UNDEAD. 
        TYPE : one-handed edged/piercing
        RANGE : average
        STRONG : beast, undead, evil       
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : You can't go wrong with -Fandango- (one-handed edged
                   sword). As the default weapon for Ashley, -Fandango- is 
                   indeed the most well-balanced weapon, if you discount 
                   the str of it.  The piercing Sword, like -Rapier- will 
                   have advantage against BEAST.  If you take BREAK ARTs 
                   into consideration, the fourth BREAK ART has light 
                   affinity - great against UNDEAD and some EVIL.    
        TYPE : two-handed edged
        RANGE : good
        STRONG : none
        WEAK : none either
        COMMENTS : I like Great Swords actually.  They all look great.
                   I'm developing one right now: it's called the 
                   'Executioner', so not much can be said about Great Sword
                   at the moment. 
        TYPE : one-handed edged/blunt
        RANGE : average
        STRONG : none
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : Another well-balanced weapon and you get -Tovarisch- at 
                   the beginning of the game.  This will be the weapon that
                   you will develop besides the Sword at the beginning.  
                   But there is one advice - always pick Axe(edged).  The 
                   first two BREAK ARTs will have 'blunt' attacks.  So, now 
                   you can have two alternatives to attack - edged, blunt.  
                   Come to think of it, the Axe may be better than the 
                   Sword after all!  At first, I thought that this is the
                   IDEAL weapon for UNDEAD.  But after developing until the 
                   fourth BREAK ARTS - which is of Dark affinity, I dismiss
                   the thought.
        TYPE : two-handed edged
        RANGE : good
        STRONG : human?
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : This gruesome head-chopper would REALLY put some fear in
                   the Knights. For some reason, I can normally do 10 chains
                   with the Great Axe especially against the Knights.  The 
                   only weakness I see in the Great Axe is that you will 
                   need a considerable wide space to make a full swing. If
                   not, you will attack at a slower rate.
        TYPE : one-handed blunt
        RANGE : average
        STRONG : undead, evil
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : Staff is usually used by priests, so it is expected to 
                   deal extra damage against the dark ones.  Take -Magnolia
                   Frau- for instance. It comes with +20 against UNDEAD and
                   +5 against EVIL.  The attack comes out quite fast too!
                   This is by far the fastest weapon in the game.
        TYPE : two-handed blunt
        RANGE : good
        STRONG : human, undead     
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : I have this -Mjolnir- in my inventory and it says - it
                   is used to crush armored knights.  So I guess Heavy Mace
                   was meant to hammer the Knights, giving them a dizzy 
        TYPE : two-handed piercing/blunt
        RANGE : good
        STRONG : beast
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : Go for the 'blunt' polearm if you have one.  This is 
                   because the first two BREAK ARTs are of 'piercing'. The 
                   only one I've seen so far is the -Scorpion-.  The 
                   polearm has good range, but the attack is hard to time.
                   Doing even 1 chain can be a problem, at least to me.  
                   I guess if I can solve the timing problem, it can be a 
                   very powerful weapon indeed.    
        TYPE : two-handed piercing/blunt
        RANGE : excellent!
        STRONG : anything!
        WEAK : none
        COMMENTS : There is no other way to put it.  The Crossbow is the 
                   best weapon in the game! It beats any other weapons in 
                   terms of RANGE.  It's the easiest weapon to time - I 
                   can always do 16 - 18 chains each time: making it the 
                   best weapon to level up in battle abilities.  It's so 
                   easy I can even do it with my eyes closed!  The BREAK 
                   ARTs pushes its potential even further, as if the 
                   Crossbow isn't good enough.  Well, despite all, it does 
                   have tiny little flaws.  The RISK to handle all 
                   Crossbow is high, with the minimum of 2 even for the 
                   weakest and the Str is relatively lower also compared to
                   other two-handed weapons.  Other than that, Crossbow is
                   simply amazing.
        TYPE : one-handed blunt?
        RANGE : what range?!
        STRONG : Huh?
        WEAK : everything!
        COMMENTS : From the best to the worst.  I'm sorry to say that you 
                   shouldn't go Unarmed in anytime at all. But I will not
                   intimidate the limitation of going Unarmed any further
                   as I'm leaving it to the possibility that I just have
                   not discovered its potential.  However, you can still 
                   use a shield and it does have some cool looking BREAK
                   ARTs (all BREAK ARTs look cool BTW). The third one is
                   of light affinity. It may be useful against UNDEAD and
                   the almighty -Dark Phantom-. 
    Basic Idea in Combining
       The main idea about combining is to experiment.  It's meant to add
    some fun factor in the game.  I can assure you that the results will 
    not be dissapointing.  I would suggest that you try to combine shields
    first as it is the easiest to do. Weapons are better if found rather 
    than forged.
       Every time you do combining, it's hard not to have some sort of 
    hierarchical charts on your mind.  I will try to map it out in a simple
    and visible form.  
       Regular : Short Sword, Chain Leggings, Gauntlet
       Special : Mjolnir, Missaglia, Rondanche
       It is assumed that you are combining with the same equipment types
    (helmet with helmet, sword with sword).  Combination of different types
    is allowed but it requires more analysis.  This holds true when you want
    to 'evolve' your weapons.  
       You would probably need at least three regular ones for each, and of 
    course if you have some special ones, it's even better!
       Regular (a) + Regular (b) = Special (c)
       Regular (a or b) + Regular (d) = Special (e)
       Special (c) + Special (e) = Special (f)
       Special (f) + Special (c or e) = Special (g)
      This is a loop, as Special(g) at some point will be a regular(g) 
    again.  It will becomes clearer with the example given.  I forgot the 
    exact combination. I only thought of experimenting at that moment and 
    did not make any notes, so pardon me for any mistakes. 
       Spiked Shield + Kite Shield      = Heater Shield                 
       Spiked Shield + Circle Shield    = Casserole Shield  
       Heater Shield + Casserole Shield = Oval Shield
       Oval Shield   + Heater Shield    = Knight Shield 
      Do you get the idea?  Of course, when you have found a couple of 
    Knight Shields, then the Knight Shields will become regular shields. I 
    think the Knight Shield can be further upgraded if you can find another 
    Oval Shield.
      I will not advise you to follow exactly the example given.  It was meant
    to give you a rough idea on how combining works.  Discovering some special 
    combinations can be satisfying.  I'm not going to rip you off that 
    satisfaction.  Explore for yourself!
    Break Arts
      (to be updated)
    Battle Abilities
    Chain Abilities
      Using chain abilities raises your risk.  So, even though you can 
    easily pull a 15 chains on average, use them sparingly.  The speed
    of the attack depends on the risk it inflicts: 
             RISK 1 - fastest (a quick swing)
             RISK 2 - slowest ('sucking' motion)
             RISK 3 - medium  (a twist)
      The number beside the ability are its level.  You start with
    abilities level 0.  When you first level up in battle abilities,
    you get to choose from level 1 abilities.  The next time you level
    up, you can choose from the rest of the level 1 abilities OR from
    level 2 and so on.  
    0)  HEAVY SHOT - inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 70%
                     of damage dealt (RISK 1).
    0)  GAIN LIFE - regenerates an amount of Ashley's HP equal to 30% of
                    damage dealt (RISK 2). 
    0)  TEMPER - inflicts an additional 40% of damage on foe and repairs a
                 small amount of weapon DP (RISK 2).
    1)  MIND ASSAULT - reduces foe's MP by an amount equal to 30% damage
                       dealt (RISK 1).
    1)  GAIN MAGIC - regenerates an amount of Ashley's MP equal to 30% of
                     damage dealt (RISK 2).
    1)  NUMBING CLAW - adds numbness to attack (RISK 3).
    1)  SNAKE VENOM - adds poison to attack (RISK 3).
    2)  DULLING IMPACT - adds silent to attack (RISK 3).
    3)  INSTILL - inflicts additional damage equal to 10% of damage dealt
                  and adds that amount to PP (RISK 1).
    4)  RAGING ACHE - inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 10%
                      of the damage Ashley has sustained (RISK 1).
    5)  MIND ACHE - reduces foe's MP by an amount equal to 20% of the MP
                    Ashley's has used (RISK 1).
    6)  PARALYSIS PULSE - adds paralysis to attack (RISK 3).
    7)  CRIMSON PAIN - inflicts additional damage equal to 100% of damage
                       on foe and deals 30% of base damage to Ashley 
                       (RISK 2).
    8) *PHANTOM PAIN - inflicts additional damage equal to the total
                       accumulated Phantom Points in Ashley's weapon
                       (RISK 3).
          * you have to obtain all abilities(level 0-7) in order to get it.
            So, this has to be the ULTIMATE chain ability.               
    [ Level up ] : get to 'Paralysis Pulse' as soon as possible, as it is 
    one of the most useful chain ability in the game. Then you can resume 
    to develop the defense ability. 
    [ Usefulness ] : As I level up in chain abilities, I really do hope for
    an ability that can reduce RISK.  If such ability exists, it has to be
    the most useful ability in the game.  But unfortunately, it doesn't.  
    So, be content with what you have.  'Paralysis Pulse' is the best for 
    regular combat, 'Raging Ache' for boss fight, 'Dulling Impact' for 
    mages and 'Heavy Shot' for general purpose. See -Combo- to learn how to 
    utilise these skills effectively.               
    Defense Abilities
      Don't underestimate defense abilities!  I have defeated bosses by
    using ONLY defense abilities.
      The number beside the ability are its level.  You start with
    abilities level 0.  When you first level up in battle abilities,
    you get to choose from level 1 abilities.  The next time you level
    up, you can choose from the rest of the level 1 abilities OR from
    level 2 and so on.  
    0)  WARD - successful use of this ability prevents paralysis and
               numbness (RISK 1).
    0)  REFLECT DAMAGE - reflect 40% of damage. Does not reduce damage
                         received. Effective versus non-magical attacks
                         (RISK 2).
    0)  IMPACT GUARD - reduces physical damage by 50% (RISK 4).
    1)  WINDBREAK - reduces air-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 4).
    1)  FIREPROOF - reduces fire-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 4).
    1)  TERRA WARD - reduces earth-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 4).
    1)  AQUA WARD - reduces water-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 4).
    2)  SIPHON SOUL - adds 50% of the MP used in foe's magical attack to
                      Ashley's MP. Effective vs magical attack(RISK 6).
    3)  REFLECT MAGIC - reflect 40% of damage. Does not reduce damage
                        received. Effective versus magical attacks (RISK 2).
    4)  SHADOW GUARD - reduces light-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 2).
    5)  DEMONSCALE - reduces dark-affinity damage by 50% (RISK 2).
    6)  ABSORB DAMAGE - reduces damage received by 20%. Effective vs non-
                        magical attacks (RISK 4).
    7)  ABSORB MAGIC - reduces damage received by 20%. Effective vs magical
                       attacks (RISK 4). 
    8)  *(to be updated)
    [ Level Up ] : I would suggest that you spend the first 3 level up on 
    defense abilities.  First, pick 'Fireproof'; second, 'Terra Ward' or
    'Siphon Soul' and third, 'Reflect Magic'. After this, you can switch 
    back to leveling up chain abilities.
    [ Usefulness ] : It's still early to say which ones the best as I have 
    yet to discover the Ultimate defense ability(if it exists).  But, by 
    assigning the three buttons with 'Ward', 'Reflect Damage' and 'Reflect
    Magic' is already sufficient to overcome any battle.  As for the
    prediction of the Ultimate, although I still hope for something that 
    reduces RISK, but I think it will be something that 'cancel all 
    status' or 'reduce all damage by 50%'.        
    [ Tips ] : The timing for defense ability is more flexible compared to 
    chain. You may miss the first couple of times but you will slowly catch 
    the timing.  By using Reflect Damage/Magic, you can deal back damage to
    the one inflicted it.  A good play of defense and healing can knocks 
    down even the greatest foe! This strategy is indeed a perfect example
    where the best offense is a good defense.
     (to be updated)
    Boss Strategies
    Raging Combo!
    Against : it depends
    Chain Abilities : Raging Ache (of course!)
    Defense Abilities : Reflect Damage
    Magic : Heal
       Raging Combo basically consists of 'Raging Ache' and any other 
    chain abilities like 'Gain Magic' and 'Mind Ache' that is done one after
    another.  So it's like 'Raging Ache', 'Gain Magic', 'Raging Ache'...so 
    on.  Pair it with 'Gain Magic' is the general strategy and 'Mind Ache'
    for certain spellcasters.  
      Damage level of Raging Combo depends on two factors: the HP sustained
    and the number of chains.  So, for maximum results, go to the lowest 
    tolerable level of HP and use a weapon that you are good in chaining 
    (Crossbow is highly recommended!).  Here is the an example:  
         HP : 100 of 250
         Number of Chains : 18
         Pair with : Gain Magic
         Initial Strike : 0
         Total Damage : 0+15+*+17+*+19+*+21+*+23+*+25+*+27+*+29+*+31+* 
                        = 207!
         *Total Gain in MP : 1+3+5+7+9+11+13+15+17
                            = 81!
         Initial Risk : 2 (for crossbow)
         Total Risk : 2+(9 x 1)+(9 x 2) 
                      = 29!
         * can be substituted
      So, when to use this combo?  Surely by the RISK it caused, it may not 
    be wise to use it too often.  Use it when your weapon is doing low 
    damage (0-10) or low chances-to-hit and you can bear the consequences 
    of having high RISK.  Always start the combo with some shots from BREAK
    ARTs as BREAK ARTs work best with low RISK and it helps lower the HP.
    Reflect some damage in the beginning to lower your HP too.  This 
    strategy is indeed extremely risky.  Do not attempt this if you are 
    not good in chaining.  But there are some battles in the game, in my
    opinion (and with my limited knowledge and wisdom) that are
    impossible not to be fought using this strategy.
    Phantom Menace (aka Kamikaze!)
    Against: elementals
    Chain Abilities : Raging Ache, Gain Magic, Mind Ache
    Defense Abilities : Reflect Magic
    Magic : Magic Ward
      First of all, if you can cast weapon affinity of the opposite 
    element, do so!  If not, here is what you should do.  (This is dedicated 
    especially for the -Dark Phantom-) It is assumed that your opponent will
    NOT hurt you with any non-magic attacks and you do not have a weapon or
    BREAK ARTs that will do great damage.  Read the Raging Combo! section 
    for basic undertanding.
      Lower your HP to an insane level (10-50) for maximum damage.  You can
    do it by reflecting some magic or use BREAK ARTs(if it hurts).  Then 
    quickly cast Magic Ward (which will cancel the next spell on the 
    caster).  Start your 'Raging Combo' with 'Mind Ache' instead of 'Gain
    Magic'.  This will lower your opponent's HP and also MP.  But in the
    middle of the combo, interrupt it with 'Gain Magic' to recover the lost
    MP.  After two or three combos, your opponent will probably cast a 
    spell that normally causes death when RISK is high.  Fortunately, it 
    will be cancelled by the Magic Ward.  See the trick?  Repeat by 
    casting another Magic Ward and continue to combo. 
      This strategy is more flexible compared to the original 'Raging Combo' 
    as you don't need to do a high number of chains.  Just make sure to 
    recover enough MP for another cast of 'Magic Ward'.  And if your 
    opponent went crazy and suddenly walks up to you and gives you a slap, 
    you're most probably dead!
    Leveling up?
       This is not an ordinary RPG. It's not like you kill enemies, get Exp,
    get an increment in stats and voila! you're stronger hence can beat the 
    boss.  But, you do get 'exp.' from defeating enemies, well if you put it
    that way, where killing a dragon nets you the same 'exp.' as killing a 
    bat.  But doing so in -Vagrant Story- will NOT 'directly' makes you 
    stronger but only avails you to more battle options (BREAK ARTs).  The
    question is: how to become 'stronger' when things are just getting 
    harder and harder. Not only that the enemies are becoming tougher, you 
    will notice more of traps and time limits in the second half that makes
    the game even more challenging.
    Increasing Basic Stats     
       There are two known ways to increase your basic stats (HP, MP, Str,
    Int, Agi).  The first is to cover more of the map AND defeat bosses.
    When you defeat bosses, you will get to play the 'roulette' where you 
    get to choose bonus.  At first, you may think that this is a game of 
    luck.  But, I've discovered a way to slightly 'control' the situation.  
    This is how it works.  You will see an initial value.  The one you can 
    SURELY get is the one ABOVE it.  For example, let's say 'HP+3' is the 
    initial value, and when it starts rolling, you see the one right above
    it, is 'HP+5'.  Assume that is what you wish for.  Wait for the red 
    button to zoom from the right and hit the button the moment it reaches 
    its position. This will not give you the initial one, but the one right 
    above it.  This is however only works when the one you desire is the 
    one above the initial; and thus, not a flexible method.
      So, what bonus should you aim for?  You can get max 2 in MP, 3 in 
    Str, Int, Agi and 5 in HP.  In my opinion, you should always go for HP.
    Why?  Because it gives the best increment and most of all, it will 
    enhance the 'Raging Combo'- more HP = more damage can sustain = more
    damage done!  But it's hard to get a 'HP+5'.  I think it only has one
    slot in a full cycle compared to a few of 'HP+4'.  So, settle for 'HP+4'
    if you get a chance.  So far I only manage to get 4 'HP+5' and the 
    rest 'HP+4'.
      The second way to gain basic stats is via ITEMs.  You would normally 
    get 'Elixirs' and ITEMs like -Valens- after battles against bosses 
    and chests.  My advice is that you save before you use these ITEMs.
    Aim for +4, that is the max value.  If you don't get +4, reload.  You 
    need to get all the max bonuses to face the challenges that lies 
      Obviously, all this is from a perfectionist.  If you think it is 
    too troublesome, skip it and concentrate in forging powerful equipments
    Building Up Powerful Equipments
      Turn on the WEAPON STATUS and ARMOR STATUS in the options, if you 
    haven't do so.  You can keep track of the 'changes' at the bottom left
    of the screen when you attack or being attacked.  
      Note that you can get 'changes' only from a SUCCESSFUL normal hit, 
    not from chains.  In addition, critical hits seems to raise the 
    probability of getting 'changes'.    
    Analyzing Enemies
      It is not written in the tutorial on how you should do it.  So, I'm 
    writing it down in case you're wondering.  When you first get the spell
    'Analyze', use it on the enemy.  Chances to 'hit' will always be 
    slightly more than 50%.  Cast it until you do not see a 'miss'.  Then
    press the triangle to open the menu.  Select STATUS and you should see
    the picture of Ashley.  Press L1 or R1 to switch to another character
    until you see the one that you have just scan.  You can press the 
    square button to toggle, just like what you did with Ashley.
        1)  Entrance to Darkness
        2)  Worker's Breakroom \\ save //
            [ Chest ] : Tovarisch(B)
                        Leather Glove(L)
                        Vera Bulb(5)
                        Cure Bulb(5)
        3)  Hall of Struggle
        4)  Chamomile Sigil \\ heal panel //
        5)  Wine Guild Hall (save, container)
        6)  Wine Magnate's Chamber
        7)  Fine Vintage Vault
        8)  Chamber of Fear
        9)  Reckoning Room
            [ Chest ] : Seventh Heaven(B)
                        Reinforced Glove(L)
                        Vera Root(3)
                        Cure Root(3)
       10)  A Laborer's Thirst
       11)  The Rich Drown in Wine
       12)  Room of Rotten Grapes
       13)  Blackmarket of Wines \\ save //
            [ Note ]  : A HUMAN dummy will appear after your fight with the
                        Minotaur.  Use it to practice your new-found chain
                        abilities.  Note that in order to gain a new
                        ability, you must reach 0 point in the chain
                        ability menu AND then make a kill.  Also, by
                        hitting the dummy should your weapon's HUMAN class
                        rating increase.  The dummy can be, uh, killed. 
                        You will get an Elixir of Queens, a vera root and a
                        cure root for the first time you 'defeated' it. 
                        The second time it's only the vera and the cure
            [ Chest ] : Cure Potion(1)
                        Cure Bulb(5)
       14)  The Gallows
             Minotaur (beast)
              This is your first boss fight so it should be easy. Close in
            and give a few good slash on his head and you're done.  Use
            healing as necessary.
            [ Item ]  : Chamomile Sigil(key)
                        Grimoire Guerir(heal)
                        Grimoire Debile(degenerate)
            [ Chest ] : Pelta Shield
                        Vera Bulb(3)
                        Yggdrasills Tears(15)
       15)  Room of Cheap Red Wine
       16)  The Greedy One's Den
       17)  The Hero's Winehall
             Dullahan (evil)
              Another easy one.  He will occasionally use drain heart if
            you keep your distance.  It may appear that his abdomen is his 
            weakness but I would suggest that you hit somewhere else that
            has higher hit rate.  It's still okay if you haven't master the
            art of chain but using chain will end the battle more quickly.  
            [ Item ]  : Elixir of Queens(HP)
                        Elixir of Mages(MP)
                        Grimoire Lux(spirit surge)
            [ Chest ] : Rusty Nail(B)
                        Braveheart(20% non-magical to-hit, weapon)
                        Cure Bulb
        1) Hall of Sworn Revenge  \\ save, container //
            [ Note ]  : There will be an UNDEAD dummy after the scene when
                        first enter the Sanctum with the Lily Sigil. It 
                        will drop a cure potion and a mana potion. 
        2) The Last Blessing
        3) The Weeping Corridor
        4) Persecution Hall
        5) Rodent Ridden Chamber
            [ Chest ] : Pink Squirrel(I)
                        Cross Guard(sword)
                        Long Boots(L)
                        Mana root(3)
                        Cure Bulb(1)
           # Return to Persecution Hall
        6) Shrine of Matyrs
        7) The Lamenting Mother
            Ghost (phantom)
             This ghost can be considered as a boss because it drops good
           items.  I would suggest that you use the Seventh Heaven(crossbow)
           or any other long-ranged weapon, as the ghost will demonstrate
           one of the most annoying fighting patterns in the game: spells 
           and teleportation.  Not that the battle is extremely difficult,
           but you may want to end the battle as quickly as possible - it
           has a 1 minute time limit.  What happens after the 1 minute, I
           don't know (too lazy to find out anyway).
           [ Item ]  : Cure Bulb(3)
                       Elixir of Kings(STR)
           [ Chest ] : Shandy Gaff(B)
                       Elixir of Queens(HP)
           # Return to Shrine of Matyrs.
        8) Hall of Dying Hope
        9) Bandits Hide Out
           [ Chest ] : Soul Kiss(s)
                       Bear Mask(L)
                       Spirit Orson(3)
                       Eye of Argon(3)
       10) Bloody Hallway
       11) Faith Overcome Fear
       12) The Whithered Spring \\ save //
       13) Workshop
       14) Repent O ye Sinner
       15) The Last Stab of Hope
       16) Hallway of Heroes
       17) The Beast's Domain
            Lizardmen (dragon)
              These guys have the honor to be in the Dragon class.  They 
           like to hop around, so a weapon with good range is favorable.
           Aim for their arms and try to chain with at least a Heavy Shot,
           although not necessary.  Finish off one first and then the other.
           Overall, this battle shouldn't be a problem.          
           [ Item ]  : #Lizardmen 1 -
                         Grimoire Antidote(antidote)
                         Elixir of Queens(HP)
                       #Lizardmen 2 - 
                         Lily Sigil(key)      
           # Return to Whithered Spring       
        1) Prisoner's Niche
        2) Corridor of Clerics
        3) Priest's Confinement
        4) Alchemists' Laboratory
           [ Chest ] : Bosom Cleaver(B)
                       Grimoire Halte(fixate)
        5) The Academia Corridor
        6) Shrine of the Matyrs
        7) Hallowed Hope
        8) Hall of Sacrilege
            Golem (evil)
              I would assume that all the weapons that you have are not 
           doing any or much damage.  You will not be able fortify your
           weapons much via class rating because this will only be the 
           second -Evil- character that you meet.  This doesn't leave you
           many choices but to play defensive.  I think this boss is 
           intended to 'teach' that by playing defensive is being offensive
           as well.  This is how to do it, map one of the buttons to 
           'Reflect Damage'. Time his attack and then hit the button.  Keep
           HP to (normal damage x 2) to expect a critical hit.   
              There's a way which is only applicable when you have the
           'Raging Ache' chain ability.  Reflect or sustain some damage to,
           let's say 100. By chaining with 'Raging Ache', you will do a base
           damage of 10, incremented by two with every two consecutive 
           chains. Pair it up with Gain Magic for best results.  Note that
           this attack ignores defense, so it is applicable to all boss fight,
           exception maybe to some spell casters.  This strategy may seems
           to be on a more advanced basis, as you will need to be able to 
           chain very well.  I would advice that you practise with your
           chain until you can do a 5 chain on average.  Refer to Boss
           Strategies-Raging Combo! for more details. But anyway, this is
           only an alternative to what you can do with highly defensive
              Of course, there is always a chance that you may have a
           weapon that can do decent damage to the Golem.  Well, 
           congratulations. If you have such weapon, I don't think I need to
           tell you what to do.
           # Return to Corridor of Clerics
        9) Advent Ground \\ save, container //  
       10) Passage of the Refugees 
       11) The Cleansing Chantry
            Dragon (dragon)
              Get as near as possible! It may sound suicidal but it's not.
           The first -Thermal Breath- is pretty much unavoidable, so get
           into the battle with RISK almost 0 to minimize damage. Don't
           bother to heal at first, continue to get close.  When you know
           you can hit the head even with a dagger, start healing to around
           150 (50+ - normal damage, 100+ - criitical damage) and try to
           keep at this level.  From now onwards, he will only bite and
           occasionally use its -Tail Attack-. You can take this 
           opportunity to build on dragon class rating and also work on 
           chain. Aim for the head, in case you're wondering. Cast 
           'Prostasia' if it makes a difference.  Map buttons to chain 
           abilities - 'Gain Magic', 'Raging Ache' (if you have it), 
           'Heavy Shot' or any other that you may think is appropriate. 
           Don't worry so much about the RISK - even at 100, the damage is 
           still sustainable.
             If you think the dragon is difficult, wait until you have 
           covered around 40% of the map.  You'll be saying to yourself the
           next time you meet a dragon Boss "Thank goodness, it's ONLY a
           dragon!". You can apply this same strategy for almost all of the
           boss Dragon that I have covered. 
           [ Item ]  : Cure Bulb(3)
                       Elixir of Sages(INT)
                       Grimoire Analyze(analyze)
           [ Note ]  : You have just gain access to the spell 'Analyze'.
                       Refer to Miscellaneous-Analyzing Enemies to find 
                       out how to use this spell to your advantage.
       12) Stairway to the Light
        1) Rue Vermilion \\ save //    
        2) Tircolas Flow
            Duane (human)
              Duane has two followers, Sarjik and Berjart.  Kill the two 
           first. They are vulnerable to status ailment, by the way.  This
           is how I do it.  I use a crossbow to inflict poison and 
           paralysis to the two.  They will just run around while waiting
           for their death.  I switch back to normal mode to lower my RISK.
           If you don't have the patience, just kill them right away. With
           the two gone, you can concentrate in dealing with Duane.  Cast
           'Prostasia' and strike him with BREAK ARTs, if you have it. 
           The key to this battle is to keep a low RISK.  This is because 
           Duane will cast the multi-hitting -Explosion lvl 1- which could
           be fatal if RISK is high.  Map a button to Reflect Magic. I would
           advise you to play defensive whenever you are dealing with a 
           spell caster.
              The 'Raging Combo' may still work but wait until you are sure
           he doesn't have much HP left and you are definite to finish him
           off with the chain.  Aim for the leg, in case you're wondering.
              As for weapon, if you have practised with the human dummy,
           chances are you will have a weapon that is strong against human.
           Use that weapon and this battle should be a breeze. Straight away
           start a chain combo with 'Heavy Shot' and 'Gain Magic'.       
           [ Item ]  : #Sarjik - 
                         Mana root(3)
                       #Berjart -
                         Cure Root(3)
                         Mana Bulb
                       #Duane -         
                         Magnolia Frau(S)
                         Wizard Robe(L)
                         Crimsom Key(key)
                         Grimoire Demolir(explosion)
                         Grimoire Clef(unlock)
          # Return to Rue Vermillion
           [ Note ]  : There's a workshop nearby that you may want to pay a
                       visit.  You can combine the -Rapier- while you're 
    V) CITY WALLS WEST      
       1) Students of Death
       2) The Gabled Hall
       3) Where the Master Fell
       1) Dreamers Entrance
       2) The Crossing \\ save //
       3) Miner Resting Hall
          [ Chest ] : Stinger(B)
                      Quad Shield(B)
                      Ring Mail(B)
                      Ring Leggings(B)
                      White Queen(20% evade numbness - shield)
                      Grimoire Visible(Eureka!)
                      Cure Bulb(5)
       4) The Suicide King
       5) The Battle's Beginning 
           Wyvern (dragon)
             Hey, I thought I killed it already!  Well, anything can happen
          in Lea Monde.  Now, to really kill it this time, do what you must
          do when fighting dragons.  Get close, slash, slash, slash, heal,
          slash, slash, slash, done.     
          [ Item ]  : Hyacinth Sigil(key)
                      Cure Tonic(1)
                      Grimoire Ignifuge(pyro guard)
       6) What Lies Ahead     
       7) the Fruits of Friendship
       8) The Earthquake's Mark
       9) Coal Mine Storage
          [ Chest ] : Ring Sleeve(B)
                      Chain Coif(B)
                      Undine Jasper(air)
                      Fern Sigil(key)
      10) The Passion of Lovers 
      11) The Hall of Hope
      12) The Dark Tunnel \\ save //
      13) Rest in Peace
          [ Chest ] : Chain Sleeve(B)
                      Salamander Ring(fire)
                      Manabreaker(20% evade magic - shield)
                      Elixir of Sages(INT)
                      Grimoire Undine(frost fusion)
      14) The Smeltry
           Fire Elemental (phantom)
             At the moment you get Grimoire Ignifuge and Undine, you may 
          have already guessed that a 'fiery' boss will not be too far away.
          And here he is.  This is the battle intended to introduce how to 
          use the Enchanter magic. There are two options - 'Pyro Guard' and 
          'Frost Fusion' but you can only cast one at a time.  
             I would suggest that you go for 'Frost Fusion' as you may 
          already have high defense against his fire magic.  So, this 
          should be an easy battle, right?  Maybe not.
             Those who forgot about Frost Fusion will have a VERY hard time 
          in defeating him (like me for the first time).  His attack is so 
          fast, you would probably hit him once or twice before he cast 
          another devastating spell.  Watch out for his Flame Sphere 
          especially, so you may want to keep a low RISK.  Anything of 
          water affinity like the Sword's third BREAK ART is very favorable.  
          As I've said earlier, play defensive against spell caster runs the
          lowest risk in getting killed.  Just reflect the magic back to him 
          and use heal and HP/MP recovery ITEMs.
             Chaining, especially the 'Raging Combo' is not recommended as 
          it will boost your RISK to a dangerous level.  If you can do a
          decent normal attack, do only 1 chain with either 'Heavy Shot' or
          'Gain Magic'. Unless you are confident that you will kill it with 
          the chain, don't attempt it.
             Despite all, this is exactly how I do it.  I cast 'Frost Fusion'
          but I only get a lousy boost in damage (from 0 to 9 or 10). It was 
          not good enough.  I give a few slash, he casts spell, I reflect 
          (failed), I heal, one or two slash, he casts spell, try to reflect
          (also failed), heal some more...so on.  This continues until I've 
          reached a critical level where I wasn't healing fast enough. Then 
          I sorta launch a final blow - the Raging Combo.  I successfully 
          pulled a 15 chain and he died.  It is considered as a lucky shot 
          because if I failed to do 15, I'd be dead.  I'm telling you this
          in case you face the same situation and you can try what I did.
             The whole situation will be different with different equipments
          settings.  If you managed to forge a powerful weapon at this point
          and combined with the Frost Fusion, this battle is very easy.       
          [ Item ]  : Grimoire Flamme (Flame Sphere)
                      Elixir of Queens(HP)
                      Mana Tonic
      15) Clash of Hyaenas
      16) Greed Knows No BOunds
      17) Live Long and Prosper
      18) Pray to the Mineral Gods
      19) Traitor's Party
           Ogre (beast)
             He has a very long range attack. So, if you want to attack him,
          make sure your weapon has about the same range.  But then, I don't
          think you should attack him, for you will only do a negligible 
          amount of damage.  Play defensive instead.  I just stand there 
          waiting to time his attack.  The faster he attacks, the faster he 
          will fall.  I think this is the best strategy against him.
          [ Item ]  : Cure Bulb(3)
                      Elixir of Kings
                      Grimoire Rempart
      20) Escapeway
       1) Rue Bouquet
       2) Clacialdra Kirk Ruins
       3) Rue Sat D'alsa
       4) Dinas Wall
       5) Villeport Way
    VIII) UNDERCITY WEST                
       1) The Bread Peddler's Way
       2) Way of the Mother Lode
          [ Note ] : You can go to the Sewer of Revenous Rats if you want
                     but there's a door that requires a silver key.  
       3) Underdark Fishmarket
           Giant Crab (beast)
            This guy is just like the dragons, but more powerful.  His 
          bubble attack deals (40+ x 5) damage, which is a lot!  Get to 
          the seeminglty most dangerous position: right in front of him 
          and between his claws.  When close, he will only do the 
          -Tidal Rush- which damages about 100+, way much better than to 
          sustain the bubble attack!  Watch for the HP, he will do 
          critical hits quite often.  Heals to (normal damage x 2) and 
          keep at this level.
            Since his attack is so great, reflect the damage back to him
          really helps in lowering his HP.  Play defensive (recommended)
          if you want.  Play offensive isn't bad either.  Unfortunately, you
          don't have Spark Fusion(fire) at this moment: if not, it will be 
          really easy.  I'm not sure if you have a Salamander Ruby with you. 
          But if you do, attach it to your weapon and start to combo 
          with 'Heavy Shot'.  If you're not doing much damage, try 'Raging
          [ Item ]  : Cure Bulb(3)
                      Elixir of Queens(HP)
                      Grimoire Sylphe(luft fusion)
       4) The Sunless Way
       5) Remembering Day of Yore
       6) Where the Hunter Climbed
    VI) Snowfly Forest
          [ Note ]  : This section is a maze.  If you find it too annoying,
                      I hope the map will help.  The basilisks that you will 
                      meet with can be tough if you don't know the way. 
                      'Luft Fusion' came just in time, cast it and you will
                      have no problem.  
       1) Part 1 :
          [ Example ] : When you're in F, going north will bring you H, 
                        going south will bring you to K and going west
                        will bring you to I.   
                      |           |
                      |     A     |
                          |   |
                          | B |
                          |___|                         h
                           ___                         ___
                          |   |                       |   |
         ___________   ___|   |___   ___________   ___|   |___
        |           | |           | |           | |           |
      m |     D     | |     C     | |     E     | |     F     | i
        |___     ___| |___     ___| |___________| |___     ___|
            |   |         |   |                       |   |
            |___|         |___|                       |___|
              l           |   |                         k
                       ___|   |___
                      |           |
                    l |     G     | d
                      |___     ___|
                          |   |
                          |___|           f             d
                           ___           ___           ___
                          |   |         |   |         |   |
         ___________   ___|   |___   ___|   |___   ___|   |___
        |           | |           | |           | |           |
      f |     I     | |     H     | |     K     | |     L     | g
        |___     ___| |___     ___| |___     ___| |___     ___|
            |   |         |   |         |   |         |   |
            |___|         |___|         |___|         |___|
         ___________                     ___           ___
        |           |       f           |   |         |   |
        |     J     |                   |   |         |   |___
        |   Earth   |                   | N |         |       |
        |  Dragon!  |                   |   |         |   M   | d     *q 
        |___________|                   |___|         |_______|       ___
                                      _____________         _________|   |
                                     |             |_______|             |
                                     |      O      |       |             |
                                     | \\ save //  |       |      P      |
                                     |\\container//|       |       chest |
                                     |_____________|       |_____________|
                                                |             |
                                                |    river    |
        * Part two
      [ Shortcut ] : The area that you have to reach is J, where the -Earth 
                     Dragon- is. So follow this route: A, B, C, E, F, I, J.
                     After defeated the dragon go back to I, then H, K, N, 
                     O, P.  Note that you cannot reach O and P before 
                     defeating the -Earth Dragon-.  So, if you want to save 
                     your game, you have to go back to the north of A.  
                     That's where you started.  Be warned about area N.
        Earth Dragon (dragon)
          You have been using 'Luft Fusion' throughout the area, do NOT 
       stop using it for this battle!  Like most dragons, (I think I've 
       been doing the same thing over and over again),  get as close as 
       possible.  The -acid breath- deals (50+ x 5) damage, so avoid it!   
       Aim for his head and give a few good slash, preferably if you can 
       chain it with 'Heavy Shot'.  As usual, heal at (normal damage x 2)
       to expect critical.  Any other forms of combo are not necessary 
       because it will be over before you know it.
         You will face a problem if you did not realise the power of 'Luft
       Fusion'.  You may already be suffering from the fights with the 
       basilisks (don't underestimate those little creatures - their 
       breath attack is as powerful as the earth dragon!).  And normally, 
       when you play for the first time, the battle with the -Earth 
       Dragon- will definitely catch you by surprise.  The real challenge
       of this boss battle is to fight off those little basilisks AND THEN 
       the -Earth Dragon-, without 'Luft Fusion'.  You will then know the 
       true meaning of 'struggling to survive'. 
       [ Item ]  : Bronze key(key)
                   Grimoire Parebrise(Aero Guard)
                   Vera Potion(RISK)  
    [ Chest P ]  : Knuckle Guard(grip)
                   Circle Shield(H)
                   Chain Mail(I)
                   Sylphid Ring(air)
                   Nightkiller(20% evade non-magic - shield)
                   Acolyte's Nostrum
                   Grimoire Agilite(Invigorate)
      2) Part 2
                                               |           |
                                               |           |
                                               |     X     | 
                                               |           |
                    ___________                     ___
                   |           |                   |   |
                q  |     U     | r                 |   |
                   |___     ___|                   | W | 
                       |   |                       |   |
                       |___|                       |___| 
                        ___                         ___
                       |   |                       |   |
                       |   |___   ___________   ___|   |___
                       |       | |           | |           |
                       |   T   | |     S     | |     V     | r
                       |_______| |___     ___| |___     ___|
                                     |   |         |   |
                                     |___|         |___|
                                     |   |           t
                    ___________   ___|   |___
                   |           | |           |
                 u |     R     | |     Q     | u
                   |___________| |___     ___|
                                     |   |
       ** Part one
    [ Shortcut ] : What a coincidence! Your destination is area X.  Take
                   Q, S, V, W, X.  But be careful of the fire elemental
                   along the way.
       Area X :
        Grissom (human) and Dark Crusader(evil)
          This is rather different because you will get a chance to play 
       doubles!  You get to team up with Sydney(?) and play against Grissom
       and his doll, the -Dark Crusader-. 
          Leave the Dark Crusader for now and concentrate on taking down
       Grissom.  Aim for his leg, or to be more specific at his groin for 
       maximum damage.  He will constantly cast Thunderbolt lvl 1 and 
       sometimes hit you with his 'staff'.  His 'staff' will not cause any 
       pain at all, well maybe a little, but you should really watch out 
       for his spells.  This is also the reason why you should take on 
       Grissom first instead of the -Dark Crusader-.  The dark one will 
       play a supporting role by casting 'Prostasia' on Grissom but so 
       does your Sydney.  This will make it a tie, perhaps.
         I was unable to figure any of Grissom's affinity weaknesses 
       because he, like most HUMAN boss, cannot be scanned.  You can cast 
       'Aero Guard' if you want, but doing that will cancel your 
       'Prostasia'.  So, why not make the most out of the free of charge 
       'Prostasia'?  Use BREAK ARTs in the beginning for fast damaging 
       attacks.  Right after when he casts about the second thunderbolt 
       (at this time you would have a low HP, and by right you should 
       straight away cast heal, but wait!),  finish him off with 'Raging 
       Combo'.  You got approximately two chances before he cast another 
       thunderbolt.  I would assume that you successfully take down Grissom 
       at this moment.  If you think this may not work for you, substitute 
       the 'Raging Combo' with more hits from BREAK ARTs and heal 
       constantly.  I used 'vile scar' in case you're wondering.
         It's time to take down the -Dark Crusader-.  As you may have 
       already guessed : he's weak against light-affinity attack.  But still
       no magic to imbue light affinity. By right, if you have used a weapon
       that is used specially against undead, it will be high in light 
       affinity.  Use that weapon against him coupled with 'Heavy Shot'. If
       you don't,  just stand there and reflect the damage back to him. Or
       use the Raging Combo (again) if you're impatient.  Also it would help, 
       if you have BREAK ARTs like the Swords 4th (I forgot its name, I will
       find out) that deals light affinity damage,  
         There is this once I can make Sydney to help me attack the -Dark 
       Crusader-, instead of always running around like mad just to cast 
       'Prostasia' on me.  I just watch the two of them fight while I switch
       back to normal mode, lowering my RISK.  Then I just couldn't stand it
       anymore, I ended up killing the dark one.  Suddenly, I was wondering 
       what will happen if I killed Sydney instead? Will it change the 
       course of the game or affect the ending?  Well, again too lazy to 
       find out.
       [ Item ]  : Shilelagh
                   Swan Song
                   Grimoire Annuler(Magic Ward!)
                   Grimoire Gnome(soil fusion)
       [ Chest ] : Corpse Reviver(I)
                   Circle Shield(B)
                   Vera tonic(3)
                   Cure Bulb(3)
    (to be updated)

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