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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RSaccucci

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vagrant Story    
    Sqauresoft 2000
    FAQ Written By:  Raffaele Saccucci
    Date Written On:  May 23, 2000     
    E-Mail:  shingo@canada.com
    Version Number:  1.2
    FAQ Type:  Strategy Guide
    Table of Contents
      - Minotaur
      - Dullahan
      - Important Note:  Difficulty
      - Important Note:  Training Dummy
      - Ghost
      - Important Note:  Workshops
      - Important Note:  Lizardman Duo
      - Golem
      - Dragon
      - Important Note:  Workshops... Again
      - Duane and his 2 Knights
      - Wyvern
      - Important Note:  Weapons
      - Fire Elemental
      - Ogre
      - Important Note:  Knights in the Town!
      - Giant Crab
      - Earth Dragon
      - Dark Crusader and Grissom
      - Important Note:  Keane's Workshop
      - Important Note:  Rosencratz
      - Dark Elemental
      - Air Elemental
      - Earth Elemental
      - Sky Dragon
      - Important Note:  Junction Way
      - Important Note:  Your Choices...
      - Important Note:  Harpy
      - Night Stalker
      - Lich
      - Important Note:  Tearose Sigil
      - Wyvern Knight
      - Iron Golem
      - Important Note:  Minotaur Zombie
      - Important Note:  Tieger and Neesa
      - Water Elemental
      - Ogre Lord
      - Snow Dragon
      - Important Note:  Last Crusader
      - Important Note:  Minotaur Lord
      - Kali
      - Important Note:  More Choices...
      - Set 1:  Ifrit, Marid
      - Set 2:  Djinn, Iron Crab
      - Set 3:  Dao, Flame Dragon
      - Set 4:  Nightmare, Arch Dragon
      - Romeo Guildenstern pt.1
      - Romeo Guildenstern pt.2
    (to be updated)
    First off, this FAQ is by no means a section by section guide of how to 
    get each item, in each room, in each dungeon.  It is mainly a boss 
    strategy guide, but also has some hints of what you should be doing to 
    progress further in the game, as well as some key things that should be 
    mentioned lest you get stuck unknowingly.  Someone out there will 
    definitely be making a guide of each room (good luck to you...) and if 
    that's what you need, then my guess is you'll have to be patient, 
    because there are hundreds of rooms in the game and someone will be 
    taking a good while to get every room down.  Regardless, once again, 
    this FAQ is mostly information on how to kill every boss (when I kill 
    every boss) and some of the very key things to know or have done before 
    you go further.  I will be constantly upgrading this FAQ to be more than 
    a Boss Guide depending on the demand of the people, the information I 
    receive from other players, and the amount of similar FAQ's on 
    This FAQ is purely my property, and all strategies and tips within are 
    things which I have discovered with the help of a few friends and 
    asscoiated credits mentioned at the end of the FAQ.  If you wish to use 
    this FAQ for your website (I don't believe in magazine writers wanting 
    my FAQ, although I think it is magazine-quality material, I just doubt 
    that I'll ever be asked or see this FAQ in exact words in one) just e-
    mail me.  I always give thanks to those who help, and I always provide 
    my information to those who ask.  I'm not a mean bastard who won't share 
    his information, else I wouldn't be posting this thing on 
    www.gamefaqs.com, now would I?  Also, do not alter any of the major bits 
    of information without my knowledge.  If you see a flaw in my strategy 
    or the order of the bosses, then e-mail me to let me know and if it's 
    strategic information, please explain it throughly to me.  You'll go 
    written down as a credit.  Anyway, read on, enjoy, hope this helps with 
    some of the difficult battles.  
    Version 1.0
    - The main body of the guide.  It ended at strategies for the Snow 
    Version 1.1
    - Added a bunch more boss strategies, up to the point I'm at now, and 
    apparently, I'm nearing the very end of the game.  Unfortunetly, my 
    Playstation is currently on the fritz, and it's not reading ANY CD's... 
    so for the time being, I could only get all the bosses up to the point 
    I'm at, otherwise I'd have beaten the game and have had all remaining 
    strategies covered.  Ah well, another update will be on the way!
    - Changed some strategies for some of the enemies.  A lot of this guide 
    was written up based on my memory from previous battles.  Most of the 
    strategies have been fixed now. 
    - Fixed Important Note:  Training Dummies.  Added the locations of 5/6 
    Training Dummies and what items they cough up (that I know of) in the 
    section about them.  Still need the location of the Phantom Dummy.  
    - Added some Credits to the Credits section, because some of the things 
    I was searching for in the MATERIAL section have been answered.
    Version 1.2
    - Beat the game!  First round around anyway... will have to beat the 
    game a second time to finalize ALL strategies and get the hidden bosses 
    that are hidden in Snowfly Forest and Iron Maiden B2 and B3.
    - Ghost Strategy has been edited to include what happens if the counter 
    runs down to 0.
    - Changed a good portion of all strategies to include which weapons 
    works best on which boss.
    - Added a nearly complete list of items, sigils and grimmoires.  Still 
    need wines (not elixirs!!)
    - Completed the locations of the dummies and what items they give except 
    the Phantom.  Will update next time.
    - More Credits added.  Thanks to everyone.
    The Minotaur is something to get worked up about, but is really nothing 
    too threatening.  At this point in the game, there really isn't much 
    strategy in killing it, since you have so few options being without 
    Battle Abilities and unless you bothered to walk back and forth using 
    the Fandango or some other weapon killing bats and wolves, you likely 
    don't have any Break Arts either.  The Minotaur is in a large pit in the 
    middle of the room, while you start up on the higher ledge.  Your first 
    major battle for this game, and believe me, compared to some of the 
    enemies you'll be up against, the Minotaur is truly nothing to fear.
    Use the Seventh Heaven for easy sniping from the upper ledge.  Note that 
    this doesn't mean the Minotaur can't hurt you, because it can.  It has 
    an incredible range with it's Hammer.  Killing the Minotaur is as easy 
    as hitting the "Attack" button and aiming for the head.  The head is the 
    weakpoint and it takes about 5 good hits to kill it off.  If you're 
    using the Tovarisch or the Fandango, you'll have to wait for it's head 
    to be at the lowest point before being able to strike it.   You'll be 
    able to use Battle Abilities after winning this battle, and with Battle 
    Abilities comes strategy to your bosses, not to mention, you get the 
    "Heal" and "Degenerate" spells.  As well, you can practice your Chain 
    Abilities on the practice dummy in the room just before the Minotaur.  
    Practice well, because one of the best Chain Abilities ("Crimson Pain") 
    is closest to the end of the list.  With "Crimson Pain" and "Raging 
    Ache", you can combine some SERIOUS damage into the chain combos.
    Undoubtedly the coolest opening video for a boss from the bosses I've 
    fought up to now.  Dullahan is a nuisance.  You'll be on the floor, near 
    the centre of the room, and Dullahan starts close to you as well.   A 
    large percentage of players use the standard one-handed sword for 
    playing throughout the game, and the Rapier is a good choice, 
    particularily against Undeads.  I HIGHLY recommend not exiting battle 
    mode just to climb up to one of the four corners of the room, not even 
    for the tempting treasure chest.  Collect it AFTER the fight with 
    Dullahan.  Being without weapon and shield makes the damage you suffer 
    higher than normal.  Dullahan also has an annoying frequency of critical 
    hitting for 90-100 damage.  The reason I recommend you don't bother 
    going up to one of the corners is because Dullahan can jump up to you 
    anyway, so sniping is not an option.  I recommend using the Rapier 
    (piercer) and aiming for the Abdomen, where Dullahan is weakest, even if 
    there is a lowered percentage because of aiming there, there really 
    shouldn't be that much of a problem.
    Chain Abilities (if you've practiced, you have a few good ones right 
    now, but the base Abilities ["Temper", "Gain Life" and "Heavy Shot"] are 
    effective enough) will be tremendously helpful to you in the coming 
    battles, beginning with Dullahan.  "Gain Life" deals no damage when 
    chained, but simply restores any lost health to you.  If you're at full 
    health, just switch back and forth between chaining "Temper" and "Heavy 
    Shot".  If you've spent up a good deal of time, you might even have a 
    Break Art by now.  The Fandango/Rapier's "Rending Gale" is quite 
    effective, as is the Seventh Heaven's "Brimstone Hail".  Make sure you 
    make proper use of the Defense Abilities when Dullahan attacks.   Use 
    "Reflect Damage" instead of "Impact Guard" when he hits you.  You'll at 
    least reflect back 20HP worth of damage (40 if he criticals) when he 
    hits you instead of regaining 25HP that could be regained by using the 
    Chain Ability "Gain Life".  
    For winning, you get the "Spirit Surge" spell, and a couple of Elixirs 
    (the only OTHER way to raise stats without that annoying roulette style 
    bonus from killing a boss.)
    Important Note:  Difficulty
    From this point on, you should seriously consider spending some time 
    builing up Battle Abilities on the Training Dummy in the room before the 
    Minotaur (make sure you check your PTS needed, when you need 0 PTS, kill 
    one enemy and you'll gain a new Ability) as well as work on obtaining 
    some Break Arts for your favourite weapon(s).  This will make battling 
    bosses and some normal enemies with 250+HP a much easier experience, as 
    well, you'll gain some practice on the timing of different weapons when 
    chaining hits. 
    mportant Note:  Training Dummy
    It IS possible to destroy the Training Dummies in each room, and you get 
    items from each one.  The items vary from Training Dummy to Training 
    Dummy, and the later ones give better items.  If you accientally destory 
    it (requiring 500-1000 accumulated chained hits takes a long time, and 
    sometimes, you simply forget) just leave the area (not just the room) 
    and come back.  
    The Knight Training Dummy is a Human opponent, and counts as such.  Make 
    sure you make a weapon which is very proficient in killing these 
    opponents.  Gives a Cure Root and a Vera Root (apparently gives an 
    Elixir of Queens, but I never got one) The room it is in is called 
    "Blackmarket of Wines".
    The Skeleton Training Dummy is an Undead opponent.  It is in the room 
    called "Hall of Sworn Revenge".  Gives a Mana Potion and a Cure Potion 
    once beaten.
    The Phantom Training Dummy is a Phantom opponent.  It is in the room 
    called "From Boy to Hero".  Quickest route to reaching it is by 
    teleporting to "".  It gives something which I'll include in the next 
    The Ogre Training Dummy is a Beast opponent, and can be reached by 
    teleporting to "Dark Tunnel" which is in Abandoned Mines B1.  Gives a 
    Cure Potion and a Mana Potion.
    The Lizardman Training Dummy is a Dragon opponent.  It is in the City 
    Walls South and can easily be reached by teleporting to "Valdiman Gates" 
    and entering the nearby door.  Gives a Vera Root and a Mana Root.
    The Gremlin Training Dummy is an Evil opponent and can easily be reached 
    by teleporting to "Junction Way" and entering the nearby door.  
    It is in the room called "Gharmes Walk" and is in Town Centre East.  An 
    alternate route is to just head east from the "Plateia Lumitar" save 
    point.  It gives a Cure Potion and Mana Potion when defeated.
    The Ghost is practically not even a boss, but if it weren't for the fact 
    that it gives you a bonus stat roulette after defeating it, I wouldn't 
    bother with a strategy write-up for it.  Well, since it is a pseudo-
    boss, here's the rather unimportant write-up for it.  When you first 
    encounter it, you have exactly 60 seconds in which to defeat it, but if 
    you play your cards right, you can defeat the thing in 3 seconds... 
    depending how buffed out you made yourself to be.  Still, 60 seconds is 
    REALLY being generous.
    When you first encounter the Ghost it will either attack you (always 
    through magical means, so have "Reflect Magic" equipped as a Defense 
    Ability) or VERY rarely, it will just disappear.  If it attacks, it will 
    teleport away elsewhere.  Just after it attacks, you have a fraction of 
    a second to make your own tactical decision.  This means either wiping 
    out the 75HPs it has with a few Break Arts, casting "Spirit Surge" twice 
    or simply using a Chain Combo.  Keep note that when you're in your 
    attack sphere, time stops, and even when going through the animation, 
    the counter is still frozen, this is how you can kill it in 3 seconds.  
    If you miss your chance to attack, and it DOES teleport away, fret not, 
    stand still, and it will teleport more or less to the same location you 
    left it at.  Just watch it phase in, and get in your attack before it 
    The Ghost's magical range is just as far, if not slightly farther than 
    the Seventh Heaven's range, so if you don't feel very brave, use the 
    Seventh Heaven for attacking, although you're still in range for it's 
    magic to strike you, at least you don't have to rush in and watch it 
    cast a spell on you.  For the brave/foolish, use that close range 
    weapon!  Apparently, if you let the counter run down to nothing, the 
    Ghost merely disappears.  You can take the treasure chest, and you seem 
    to get the stat roulette bonus, you simply miss out on the items the 
    Ghost had (a few elixirs and items).
    mportant Note:  Workshops
    There is a Workshop called Work of Art in the Withered Spring room.  The 
    workshop is important because it allows for the working of Wood, Leather 
    and Bronze items to be combined.  At the point I'm at, it is the only 
    one that allows for working of Wood and Leather.  While Leather and Wood 
    sound like nothing to be worried about, I used this shop to combine a 
    Bronze Breastplate with my first Leather Cuirass to make a Bronze 
    Segmentata armour, which is quite nice at this early stage in the game 
    (15STR, 14INT, -3AGL).  After the next 2 boss fights, you'll have access 
    to a new Workshop which works on Bronze and Iron items.  Use the 
    Workshop to upgrade Equipment before squaring off with the Golem.
    mportant Note:  Lizardmen Duo
    The Lizardmen, while providing important items (like a Sigil, and the 
    "Antidote" spell) are not counted as bosses, even though they have a 
    special video sequence to themselves.  I found that odd because the 
    Ghost was considered a boss, yet the Ghost is really a snap while the 
    Lizardmen have the smarts to actually gang up on you, and have a high 
    rate of critical hits.  You'll fight these two in order to get the Sigil 
    which opens the double doors near the Workshop.
    This is one of those annoying fights I mentioned earlier.  I could say I 
    was lucky, and this is about the only strategy I've found that works, 
    though I'm more than certain that a different strategy could be used for 
    beating up this boss, and by strategy, I mean something a bit more 
    tactical than successfully chaining 10 rounds of about 7-12 Chained Hits 
    together.  Anyway it seems blunt weapons work best...
    The Golem will strike you down with his stony hand if you're in close 
    range, while at far range, it can use "Granite Punch"  that hurts for 
    40-60HP.  Cast "Degenerate" on it (it helps, he was hurting for 30-40HP 
    before "Degenerate".  After casting, he was doing less than 10HP) and 
    use your strongest Break Art on it.  I say I was lucky for beating it 
    because I was crazy and killed enough enemies to get the 3rd Break Art, 
    "Cherry Ronde" for the Rapier.  It was dealing 35-40HP on the Golem, and 
    took only 7 hits (so I assume it has about 250-280HP).  But again, if 
    you have a Blunt weapon, use it.
    For winning the battle, you receive an Elixir of Dragoons (AGL+) as well 
    as the VERY IMPORTANT "Prostasia" spell.  With "Prostasia" the next 12 
    or so boss fights are made easier, until you get "Herakles" (when you 
    get "Herakles", battles are MUCH easier).  Also, you can now proceed 
    across a large gap that was previously impassable.  Naturally, across 
    the gap is your next big battle.
    For some ODD reason, this fight was a HECK of a lot easier than the 
    fight with the Golem.  Then again, I was prepared for what I was facing, 
    but nonetheless, I was amazed that I didn't need to use Break Arts to 
    deal the heavy damage.  Being prepared for this fight means having a 
    weapon that has had at least some experience in battling dragons, so 
    fight a few Lizardmen that are in the area.  Also, if you've found the 
    Dragonite Gem, equip it on a weapon.  This being a dragon fight, 
    NATURALLY, have "Fireproof" learned from the Defense Abilities list and 
    make it a button on the Defense Abilities for a good portion of the 
    game.  Use a piercing weapon (Rapier) on it's head, or if you feel brave 
    (and lucky), attack the tail with something edged (Fandango).
    The Dragon has a couple of methods of attacking, and this includes one 
    physical and one elemental attack.  The physical is a tail attack that 
    smashes on Ashley's head for 60-70HPs, while the "Thermal Breath" attack 
    can damage each body part for 20-30HPs.   Naturally, when you see 
    "Thermal Breath" building up, get ready to press the defensive button 
    you have for "Fireproof" to regain some of that lost health.  I don't 
    recommend "Reflect Damage" because you could drop below your HP total 
    when hit by the "Thermal Breath", but with the regained health, you 
    could, in essence, be saved from death.  When I was attacking the Dragon 
    with the Rapier (I LOVE this weapon!) I was hitting it for 20-25HPs per 
    hit, and with "Crimson Pain" and "Heavy Shot" Chain Abilities bouncing 
    the damage back and forth, by the time I hit the 20th consecutive chain, 
    the Dragon was dead and I did 40HP to it on the final hit.  Mind you, a 
    good deal of my hits were being blocked by the Dragon's superior 
    defense, so I had a few missed hits in there.
    For winning the battle, you get some FRESH AIR... and some items.
    Important Note:  Workshops... Again
    The second Workshop, Magic Hammer, is in the village just beyond the 
    Save point in the Square.  This new Workshop can combine some Iron and 
    Bronze together.  If you got lucky enough to find some Iron stuff while 
    down in Catacombs (you will have gotten an Iron Spear from the Lizardmen 
    Duo no doubt, and have the Rusty Nail from earlier) you can combine 
    these two together into a Hagane Spear, as well, I had an Iron Rapier, 
    which I combined with the Bronze Rapier, Cross Guard and Braveheart Gem 
    to make a Hagane Rapier that had somewhere around 19STR, 3INT and 2AGL 
    bonus.  I also made a Hagane Chain Sleeve from combining the Iron 
    Knuckle with a Bronze Ring Sleeve.  There will be plenty of new Bronze 
    toys from the Goblins in the section coming up, as well as a few random 
    Iron items.  These items will make your stats soar, with proper 
    Duane and 2 Knights
    This is a boss fight, and one that isn't that fun but it's not as 
    terrible as some of the later boss fights go.  You have 3 knights, one 
    is a Spellcaster (that's Duane), one is a sword fighter, and the final 
    is an axe knight who gets stupid and stays behind with Duane.  Duane 
    hides in the back, and usually the Axe Knight guards him.  Stay hidden 
    by hiding behind the wall on the lower half of the ledge.  Let the other 
    two sit at the upper portion, so you can deal with them later.  Kill off 
    the Sword Knight first, as he is closer to you.  Use the weapon with the 
    highest Human proficiency on all three knights.  After the Sword Knight 
    dies, lure the Axe Knight into the same spot you were hiding and then 
    take him out much the same way (Chain combos, of course).
    When it's down to you and Duane, feel free to have "Reflect Magic" as a 
    Defense Ability on.  Duane will frequently cast "Poison Mist" and 
    "Explosion Lv.1" if you let him.  The spell is similar to "Fire Breath", 
    in that it hits multiple sections of your body for 15-25 HPs so you'll 
    want to avoid this at all costs, but if you do get hit, try to reflect 
    some of the damage back to Duane.  Since he's all alone, the fight with 
    him won't be long at all.  
    For winning, you get some of the equipment the Knights were using, as 
    well as an Elixir and the "Explosion Lv.1" spell.
    By far the most annoying fight I had come across, and I was prepared for 
    it as well, but it still seemed to be a difficult fight, despite the 
    fact I was fighting with my Hagane Rapier with the Dragonite Gem 
    equipped, and it was at 18 Dragon Experience.  It was at this battle 
    that I learned how great the "Prostasia" spell is.  For weapons, use a 
    Blunt object (where's a spoon when you need one?) on it's body, or 
    attack the tail with the Fandango or any other edged weapon.
    The Wyvern uses "Fire Breath" as it's long range attack, so you'll 
    definitely want to move in close.  Cast "Degenerate" on it then 
    "Prostasia" on yourself.  When in close, the Wyvern will just use a 
    basic bite attack.  I HIGHLY recommend using "Reflect Damage".  The 
    damage I did when reflecting was sometimes more than any hit I did 
    normally on it!  Break Arts were usually blocked by the Wyvern's bloody 
    annoying Blocking frequency so I wouldn't recommend wasting the HPs to 
    use them.  All I can say is chain back and forth between "Heavy Shot" 
    and your next best damaging Chain Ability (use "Crimson Pain" if you 
    have it).  If I did a critical hit, I was happy as it meant doing double 
    damage and saving up on Vera Roots.  30HP and chaining up to the 12th 
    hit, it did 48HP.  At this point, I used a Vera Root (the Stirge enemies 
    cough up Vera Roots like blood) and then redid the Chaining process.  It 
    takes a few Vera Roots sometimes, depending on how annoying the Wyvern 
    wants to be to block your attacks.  
    For winning this incredibly annoying fight, you get the "Pyro Guard" 
    spell which you'll need for the somewhat annoying Boss, along with the 
    usual Elixirs and items.
    mportant Note:  Weapons
    By now, you have a large variety of weapons, and you know which ones you 
    like, and which ones you don't bother spending any time with at all.  
    Put all of the items that you don't waste your time with into the 
    container that is normally near most save points, or in Workshops.  You 
    can always go back and grab them from the container if you need them 
    again at some point (like finding an Iron counterpart to a Bronze 
    weapon, so you make a Hagane weapon).  Also, make sure you have at least 
    one weapon with an ungodly amount of Human Experience (my Fandango has 
    75 Human Experience) and an all purpose weapon, that will definitely end 
    up being more proficient in some areas than others, but that's ok (my 
    Rapier has 25 Human Exp, 35 Beast Exp, 20 Undead Exp and 7 Dragon Exp.  
    The Phantom Exp is -16 and the Evil Exp is 0).  For the weak areas on 
    some of your weapons, have a third weapon that already begins with high 
    proficiency in them.  The Magnolia Frau or Soul Kiss work well for me, 
    since both began with 15 Phantom Exp because of the Silver material.
    Fire Elemental
    At first, this boss was annoying, I first encountered it a bit 
    unprepared.  Later on, I made sure I was prepared and it wasn't all that 
    bad.  It does have a difficulty about it that makes it special, but at 
    least it's NOTHING like the Wyvern battle.
    For starters, have the Undine Jasper equipped on your weapon, and the 
    Salamander Ruby equipped on the Shield.  Use a weapon with a high 
    Phantom proficiency and, have "Fireproof" and "Reflect Magic" as Defense 
    Abilities.  The Fire Elemental uses the spells "Fireball" and "Flame 
    Sphere Lv.1" to attack you.  "Flame Sphere Lv.1" is exactly like 
    "Explosion Lv.1" except that "Flame Sphere Lv.1" does Fire-based damage.  
    Cast "Frost Fusion" once the battle begins, because it helps increase 
    the damage you'll do.  It's up to you to use "Fireproof" or "Reflect 
    Magic" when you get hit by the spells.  I recommend reflecting the 
    damage from "Fireball" while absorbing 50% of "Flame Sphere Lv.1", as 
    the regained health could save you from death.  If you're using the One-
    handed sword weapons, by now you SHOULD have the "Cherry Ronde" Break 
    Art.  This is highly effective on the Fire Elemental, but your regular 
    hits with Chained combos deal a higher amount of damage on average, 
    about 20-25HP per hit, non critical.  Depending on how good your weapon 
    is against the Phantoms (did you fight a lot of Ghosts near the Withered 
    Spring room?) your attacks will be more stronger than mine were.  You 
    shouldn't need to cast "Prostasia" for this battle.
    For winning, you get the "Flame Sphere Lv.1" spell, an Elixir and a Mana 
    This battle is a snap if you know just how to handle it.  Even though 
    the Ogre is classified as a beast, I used my 75 Human Exp. Fandango to 
    slaughter the Ogre.  The Fandango seemed to do more damage than my 
    Rapier (believe me, I was surprised considering how buff I made my 
    Cast "Degenerate" immediately on the Ogre, then cast "Prostasia" on 
    yourself, so the Ogre's attacks do somewhere between 10-20HPs, while you 
    own hits will do much more.  If you find it necessary, use some Break 
    Arts.  Interestingly enough, I had gained the 4th Break Art for the 
    Rapier, the "Papillion Reel", and it did LESS damage than Rending Gale 
    did!  Rending Gale was whipping out 65-70HPs a hit while Papillion Reel 
    would only do about 5-10.  Anyway, this battle is very easy considering 
    how much you've progressed.  This battle should not cause problems at 
    all.  Again, use only the strongest Chain Abilities and for Defense 
    Abilities, use "Reflect Damage".  The HP's regained from "Impact Guard" 
    can be restored even more easily by using the "Gain Life" Chain Ability.
    For winning, you get to go back into town, and thankfully, use the 
    Workshop, but of course, you get the usual basic items as treasure.
    mportant Note:  Knights in the Town!
    Doesn't sound very important, does it?  But it is.  The knights here can 
    pop off some nice Bronze and Iron Equipment, and you can reach the other 
    side of the town by going to the screen where you fought the Three 
    Knights earlier.  A cloudstone will now be activated (it was always 
    there, but previously inactive) and it will allow you to cross back and 
    forth across the small stream.  With the new Equipment, you can upgrade 
    all the pieces of armour you own, not to mention some of the weapons 
    you'll be getting in areas to come will come in very handy soon enough.
    Giant Crab
    This is a joke of a battle.  After all the tough stuff the game gives 
    you, it gives you a relatively simple boss.  Technically, depending on 
    how you powered up your weapons, every boss could be a joke, but the 
    Giant Crab was just a laugh to kill considering some of the enemies I've 
    run across.  You don't even NEED spells to win here, just the proper 
    weapon, but still, to have as good a laugh as I did, just follow the 
    instructions.  A proper weapon could be one of two things.  Pierce the 
    mouth, or crack the shell with a blunt object of sorts.
    Take out the Beast Slayer (the weapon with highest Beast proficiency) 
    and cast "Degenerate" on the Giant Crab, then "Prostasia" on yourself.  
    Then (assuming you're using the one-handed swords, and have Break Arts 
    for it) use "Vile Scar".  Not only does it do INSANE damage (compared to 
    "Cherry Ronde" or "Papillion Reel" if you have those two), it can also 
    poison the Giant Crab!  I recommend using the "Vile Scar" because using 
    "Snake Venom" as a Chain Ability is just a waste of time.  Now, the 
    Giant Crab does 1-5HPs a hit, or, if it wants to be mean, will cast 
    "Aqua Blast" which is the only attack that hurts you at this point, for 
    40-50HPs, but you can counter this by adding the Undine Jasper to your 
    shield, and if you want to be REALLY mean, equip the Salamander Ruby on 
    your weapon.  The Giant Crab will drop in about 8-10 hits, Combos or 
    using "Rending Gale" which does the same damage as "Vile Scar".  While 
    the Giant Crab CAN block, it's not that annoying, especially if you lay 
    off the Chain combos so your risk builds with only the initial hits, 
    keeping the hit percentage high.
    For winning, you get to wander around an annoying as hell forest (hope 
    someone makes a guide through that nightmare, it's tough!) and the "Luft 
    Fusion" spell, along with the same old items.
    Earth Dragon
    The Earth Dragon is not a bad enemy.  When I first encountered it, I 
    never cast "Prostasia" and I beat it still.  Of course, with "Prostasia" 
    the battle is much easier.  Anyway, the only dangerous thing about the 
    Earth Dragon is that it uses "Acid Breath" which does about 30-40HPs a 
    hit, on all parts of your body.  This could very well kill you if you're 
    not prepared.  For this battle, I definitely recommend using "Impact 
    Guard" rather than "Reflect Damage".  If you find it necessary, cast 
    "Prostasia" or "Luft Fusion" for added damage.
    Once again, just like the Wyvern battle, you will be relying more 
    heavily on Chain combos than Break Arts to kill the Earth Dragon.  Have 
    your Dragon-slaying weapon at the ready to dish out all the damage.  
    This battle is no less harder than the battle with the Wyvern, so if you 
    had an easy time with it, you'll have almost as easy a time as with the 
    Earth Dragon.  Attack the head with a piercing weapon, or again, whip 
    out an edged weapon and run around to the tail for maximum damage, 
    though it's easiest to use the piercing method.
    For winning the battle, you get to stick around in the forest a bit 
    more, and you gain the usual Elixir and items.
    Dark Crusader and Grissom
    An upgrade of the Dullahan enemy, and a slightly tougher one simply 
    because you have to deal with two opponents in this battle, but you have 
    some backup too... Sydney Losstarot!  That's right.  For this fight, 
    Sydney is a friend, while the Dark Crusader and Grissom are your 
    enemies.  Grissom will cast some helpful spells on the Dark Crusader 
    then buff himself out with spells before running off and attacking you.  
    Sydney will start the battle casting some helpful spells on you, then 
    himself.  It is possible to defeat Syndey, however, if you do, he only 
    disappears, being immortal and stuff must rule.  So just use take a 
    piercing weapon to the Crusader's abdomen and an edged weapon to 
    Grissom's head.
    Use a weapon with the a high Phantom/Evil proficiency to get rid of the 
    Dark Crusader quickly.  Try to hit the Dark Crusader before he gets 
    "Prostasia" cast on him by Grissom, just so you have an early lead on 
    the damage dealt.  The Dark Crusader is really simple, with the help 
    from Sydney's "Prostasia" spell.  The Dark Crusader does the usual 
    "Drain Heart" spell and can cast "Vulcan Lance" for kicks.  Grissom can 
    cast "Degenerate" and some other attack spells which are just annoying.  
    Once the Dark Crusader goes down, which could take a while, depending on 
    how much of a pain it feels like being by blocking your hits, Grissom 
    can be killed by your highest Human proficient weapon in few quick hits.  
    For winning the battle, you get to leave the forest!  Don't forget to 
    pick up the treasure chest in the south-western corner of the room... 
    consider the items within a bonus in addition to the normal stuff you 
    win from this battle.
    mportant Note:  Keane's Workshop
    A third Workshop becomes available to you now, and this one can work all 
    that Hagane stuff you gained back in the Snowfly Forest, and any of it 
    you made back at the "Magic Hammer".  You're also in a new section of 
    the town, and knights wander around here too.  These new knights carry 
    some new Hagane and Iron equipment, some of which will make your current 
    armour look like garbage.  Stick around the town for a while after 
    beating up Rosencratz, who is only a few steps away from the exit of the 
    Workshop, so make sure you upgrade your Equipment now, before taking him 
    mportant Note:  Rosencratz
    While not a boss fight, he is technically a boss.  You meet him just 
    after coming back into town from the Snowfly Forest.  He uses the One-
    handed sword and can use the "Rending Gale" and "Vile Scar" Break Arts, 
    as well as restore his HPs with Cure Roots and Bulbs.  He's also got a 
    high blocking percentage, so he's a bit of a tough cookie, because his 
    critical rate is also quite high.  Still, just use "Reflect Damage" as 
    the main Defense Ability, cast "Heal" to restore the lost HPs instead of 
    relying on "Regain Life" and cast "Prostasia" while equipped with your 
    Human Killer to make the battle easier on you.  Don't bother with 
    "Tarnish", the spell you gained after the Dark Crusader fight.  After 
    winning, you DON'T get a stat roulette, but you learn quite a bit about 
    Ashley's past...  and don't worry about the chest in the room.  It's 
    locked, but you'll be back.
    Dark Elemental
    Another Elemental, and this is no tougher than the fight with the Fire 
    Elemental.  By now in fact, with your new equipment, the fight is going 
    to be much easier.  The same rules apply to beating the Fire Elemental 
    as with fighting the Dark Elemental.  I love the "Dark Chant" spell it 
    casts, though... some cool sound effects when you hear it.
    Have "Demonscale" as a Defensive Ability, as it absorbs the damage dealt 
    from "Meteor Lv.1" or if you prefer, just use "Reflect Magic".  
    Wandering in the Snowfly Forest, you should've gotten two Demonia Gems 
    (one Gem comes equipped on a weapon).  Use one of them on your weapon to 
    increase the Evil proficiency, even though the enemy is labelled as a 
    Phantom.  Just attach the Gem to your weapon with the highest Phantom 
    experience, and the Evil experience will just be added on as extra 
    damage.  Now that you're prepared to deal the damage, equipment wise, 
    cast "Prostasia" and then let loose with damage.  You don't need to 
    bother with Break Arts, because the Elemental dies pretty quickly from 
    just taking the normal hits from your weapon, and it doesn't have that 
    high a blocking rate anyway so Chain combos are the way to do this 
    battle.  If you MUST use Break Arts, Light Affinity ones work best 
    "Papillion Reel" is the probably the one you have by now.  "Spirit 
    Surge" works as well.
    For winning, you get the "Meteor Lv.1" spell and the usual items.  
    Depending on the route you chose, this might not be the boss you'll deal 
    with first.  There were two separate routes to take that lead to other 
    Air Elemental
    Just like the other two elementals, this one is annoying because it's 
    purely magical, but again, with your new equipment, you should be able 
    to handle it without problems.  You may be fighting this boss before 
    fighting the Dark Elemental, which is no problem, because if you beat 
    it, you're simply locked out from progressing further into this dungeon, 
    so you'll have to head back to beat the Dark Elemental first.
    The same idea is behind this Elemental as the others.  Have the weapon 
    with the best Phantom proficiency equipped and have the Sylph's Ring 
    equipped as an accessory.  Also, use "Windbreak" for a Defensive Ability 
    when it casts "Thunderbolt", and use "Reflect Magic" when it casts 
    "Thunderburst Lv.1".  Cast "Soil Fusion" for your weapon to deal more 
    damage to the Elemental, and you really shouldn't have much problem with 
    it.  It can block hits with annoying frequency because of it's high 
    speed, so don't Chain combo much, just use the initial hit with the 
    highest hitting percent.
    For winning, you'll have to run a maze of caverns in under 3 minutes to 
    get to your next boss... and the usual stuff, including "Thunderburst 
    Earth Elemental
    Another Elemental boss fight, but you should really be used to the 
    tactics of handling Elementals by now.  All the same rules apply here as 
    with the previous boss fight.
    Just use the weapon with the greatest Phantom proficiency and cast "Luft 
    Fusion" instead of "Soil Fusion".  Use "Earth Ward" for Defense from 
    "Vulcan Lance" and "Reflect Magic" for "Gaea Strike Lv.1".   Have the 
    Gnome Bracelet equipped for this battle for added defense from Earth 
    spells.  The Elemental blocks attacks quite well, so just stick to using 
    a single hit per round, especially if you have plenty of time left on 
    the timer.  
    The hardest thing about this battle is that you are still under the time 
    limit you had when you first started running through the caverns.  The 
    Elemental itself is quite easy to beat, but because you're pressured by 
    the time, and depending on the amount of time you had when you first 
    arrived here, you might not win in time.  If time runs out, you have to 
    run the caverns all over again, starting at the save point before the 
    For winning, you get to save, finally, and fight another Dragon!  The 
    item package still remains, and you get "Gaea Strike Lv.1"
    Sky Dragon
    They're cramming too many Elemental enemies into the same area all at 
    once.  But no matter, you've dealt with Dragons before, and you've dealt 
    with an Air Elemental, so you can already guess at the strategy to use, 
    but if you haven't use a piercing weapon for the head and an edged 
    weapon for the tail.  Same old, same old, right?
    Whip out good ol' Dragon Slayer (the weapon with the most Dragon killing 
    Exp.) and feel free to equip the weapon with the Dragonite Gem (do you 
    have a Knuckle Guard for a one-handed sword?  If so, use it, because you 
    can place two gems onto your sword!  I recommend the Braveheart Gem and 
    any other Gem that will suit your current battle surroundings).  Cast 
    "Soil Fusion" on yourself, and there is really nothing at this point 
    that you can cast on the Dragon.  "Gaea Strike Lv.1" doesn't have much 
    effect when the Dragon's body parts are separated so far between each 
    other.  Have the Sylph's Ring equipped for Air protection, and use 
    "Windbreak" for magical defense from "Thunderbolt".  Your attacks are 
    now set to deal maximum damage to the Dragon, so it shouldn't have much 
    chance of winning against you.  Simply be wary of the high rate of 
    blocking this dragon has.
    For winning, you get all the usual items, and a Sigil which opens a door 
    from waaaay back.  Plenty of backtracking to do now.  Oh yeah, a new 
    Workshop is available now... the best one by far!
    Important Note:  Junction Way
    This is a Workshop that requires you to have a Sigil to open, and there 
    is another Workshop in the area, but I'm assuming that you don't have 
    very much Silver or Damascus equipment at this point.  I sure don't.  
    Besides the fact that Silver is kind of weaker compared to Hagane (the 
    only exception is that all Silver Equipment comes with a +20 bonus to 
    Undead, +15 to Phantom, and +5 to Evil).  Junction Way is the game's 
    best Workshop at this point, as you can work on Wood, Leather, Bronze, 
    Iron and Hagane all in the same place.  The second Workshop can only 
    work on Silver and Damascus.  There are also knights in the area that 
    pop some sweet Hagane and Silver Equipment, and the occasional Bronze or 
    Iron piece.  Use this opportunity to once again work out the kinks in 
    your Armour and improve on any areas.  It's possible to get this kind of 
    Equipment (at least, it's what I have right now):
    (Weapon)Hagane Weapon - whatever you like.  You should've made this a 
    while ago actually...
    (Shield)Hagane Knight's Shield (2 Gems equippable - Nightkiller and 
    (Bracers)Hagane Rondanche x2
    (Helmet)Hagane Basinet
    (Armour)Hagane Plate Mail
    (Boots)Hagane Missaglia
    With this kind of equipment, the next batch of boss fights will be no 
    mportant Note:  Your Choices...
    You now have a choice of paths to take, though you'll end up in the same 
    area at some point, back on track, you have an option of fighting some 
    bosses in a different order.  You can go out of this order if you want 
    to, but I recommend going in this way, since you won't need to worry 
    about being in a dead end.
    Important Note:  Harpy
    You'll be coming this way, fighting the Harpy if you unlocked a door 
    with a Bronze Key.  The Harpy has a short little video sequence, but is 
    not actually a boss (it's too freaking easy to be a boss).  It has 250HP 
    and can be killed in 3 swift hits to the head with your Beast killer.  I 
    labelled it as an Important Note because it gives the "Herakles" spell 
    and an Elixir.  Also, you'll have to deal with 2 other bosses in the 
    nearby area.
    Another Dullahan looking opponent, and depending on how long you spent 
    to beef up your equipment, this will either be an easy battle, or a VERY 
    easy battle.  Pierce the abdomen, as usual.
    I recommend using your best Evil weapon, and if it isn't yet, equip it 
    with a Demonia, or 2 if you want to be an Overlord.  The Nightstalker 
    can block hits better than it's weaker counterparts, but it is still not 
    that bad when it comes to being hit.  It does the same strategy of 
    casting "Drain Heart" but also knows "Fireball".  Have "Fireproof" or 
    "Reflect Magic" (I recommend "Reflect Magic", just because it ignores 
    the other Elementals, and reflects all damaging magic) and cast 
    "Herakles" now that you have it.  Then, proceed the smiting procession 
    and watch him disappear in a cloud of black vapour and white wispy 
    For winning, you get a Sigil, a spell, and you'll need to stick around a 
    bit more, because you need to fight a boss to learn the most useful 
    spell in the game (next to "Heal" of course).
    The Lich is like fighting the Dark Elemental.  Exactly the same 
    technique, except for one very important one.  The Lich teleports around 
    the room, unlike the Dark Elemental.  This makes the Lich easy, because 
    you can wait for it to teleport right beside you and then slay it on the 
    second it reappears.  
    The Lich can block your attacks, but it doesn't have as high a frequency 
    as one of the bosses to come.  Have the Phantom slayer at the ready, and 
    have "Herakles" cast when the battle begins.  Wait for the Phantom to 
    teleport beside you (or just reappear, if you're using a crossbow.  The 
    crossbow has a nice range to attack it without being in the range of the 
    Lich's spells) and then attack with all your might.  There really isn't 
    much more strategy to explain because if you really need help, just 
    refer to how to beat the Ghost or Dark Elemental.
    For winning, you get the usual item pack, and Teleportation Magic, which 
    allows you to Teleport from any save point (Circle of Magic, the game 
    calls it) to any other save point you've stepped on.  It costs more and 
    more MP the further away you want to go, but it saves on travel time and 
    you can always regain your MP by exiting Battle Mode and letting it 
    regenerate by time.
    Important Note:  Tearose Sigil
    This is one section where it could've been a dead end had you 
    encountered the Wraith guarding the door locked by the Tearose Sigil 
    earlier, but you've had the Tearose Sigil for a while, and now would be 
    the time to go through the short dungeon (Iron Maiden B1) to collect the 
    Sigils needed for the next section (the Quarry Mine).  The worst part 
    about the Iron Maiden B1 dungeon is that there isn't a single save point 
    down there.  You have to walk in and out to save, so if you plan on 
    ripping off the stat roulette bonus, forget about it unless you like 
    wasting time and have plenty of patience.  There's also a semi-tough 
    puzzle to solve involving the magnetic blocks, and be prepared with some 
    Faerie Wings from the Snowfly Forest... you have been warned.
    Wyvern Knight
    This is a battle as annoying as the Wyvern battle, but made even worse 
    by the Wyvern Knight's high HPs and even higher blocking frequency.  It 
    does of a lot of damage physically, so cast "Degenerate", but you might 
    be tempted to cast "Leadbones" on it instead, so you have a higher 
    chance of hitting it, and it has a lesser chance of blocking.  It still 
    does have "Flame Breath" and it does 30-40HPs per area on your body, 
    unless you've added a Salamander Ruby to your shield, and are equipped 
    with the Salamander Ring.  This doesn't mean that you should cast "Frost 
    Fusion", however.  It makes no difference in this fight.  Try to use a 
    blunt weapon on the body, or Mr. Razoredge for the tail.
    It is also up to you now, if you want to cast "Herakles" for added 
    damage, or "Prostasia" for added protection.  Personally, I'm an all 
    offense and half defense kind of person, so I used "Herakles" and relied 
    on my Defense Abilities to help block some damage.  Not to mention, with 
    the Knight's Shield equipped with the Nightkiller and Manabreaker Gems 
    (20% to avoid non-magical and magical attacks) I had some luck in 
    completely avoiding some hits from "Flame Breath" and "Tail Attack".  
    Whenever the Defense Abilities failed me, I just cast "Heal", which is 
    the smart thing to use anyway, rather than rely on "Gain Life".  In 
    fact, from now on, don't rely on any Battle Abilities to restore HPs.  
    Use "Heal" all the time.  Your Chain Abilities should look like "Crimson 
    Pain", "Raging Ache" and "Heavy Shot".  All three together make your 
    damage soar!  Anyway, use that Dragonslayer you've been holding onto for 
    just such an occasion, and have it equipped with the Dragonite Gem for 
    added damage.  Hopefully, you're NOT dealing 0 damage when it shows the 
    chances of hitting the target.  Anything better than 0 is good.  I was 
    dealing about 12 on average.
    For winning, you'll need to stay down here a while longer, as there is a 
    sigil you require, but now you have the Chest Key, so use it in the room 
    close to the Wyvern Knight's room, the room just outside of Keane's 
    Workshop where you fought Rosencratz, and one more in the dark 
    underground town.  Teleport to Sunless Way, because I believe that is 
    the closest location to the chest.
    Iron Golem
    A simple fight compared to the Wyvern Knight.  This is the same strategy 
    as with a regular enemy, except you'll actually need to cast something.  
    Use the blunt weapon, and cast "Luft Fusion" for fun!
    Cast "Herakles" then take out the weapon with either the best Human or 
    Evil proficiency, and proceed to wail on the Iron Golem until he's scrap 
    metal.  As easy as that.  Kind of... just stay near him so he won't use 
    "Gaea Strike Lv.1" or "Granite Punch"  and (assuming I remember 
    correctly) you can't cast "Degenerate" on him which is why there is very 
    little strategy, but the Iron Golem is truly not that difficult.  The 
    more difficult task for me was figuring out the magnetic block puzzle 
    you need to solve in order to escape the dungeon.  
    For winning, you get a Sigil which unlocks a door needed to get the 
    third Sigil you need for the Quarry Mine and you can exit this place 
    now.  At last!  A much needed save point!
    Important Note:  Minotaur Zombie
    While not technically a boss, and not even an enemy you HAVE to face, 
    since he has NOTHING to do with progressing further in the game, I'm 
    bringing him up because you now have the Stock Sigil, which unlocks a 
    door in ... the Wine Cellar???  Thought you cleared out the Wine Cellar, 
    didn't you (Wine Cellar is the first area in the whole game) and you 
    did, but at some point in the game, not sure when or where, the room 
    where the original Minotaur was has locked up again.  This is where you 
    use the Stock Sigil.  Fighting this Minotaur is tough.  It has a RUDE 
    amount of strength and the sad part is, NO spells work on it!  So the 
    best you can do is "Herakles" yourself, pull out the Undead-purifyer and 
    begin hacking away at the Zombie Minotaur's head.  The Zombie Minotaur 
    has a VERY high rate of blocking attacks, not as much as the Wyvern 
    Knight's, but almost at that level.  At least it doesn't have tough 
    defense, or else I wouldn't even recommend fighting this creature at 
    For winning, you get an Elixir of Queens, a potion, and a nice 
    accessory.  Also, don't forget the treasure chest in the northern part 
    of the room.
    Important Note:  Tieger and Neesa
    These two are not bosses, but you need to fight them because they accuse 
    you of killing Grissom... which has showed up here (in the dark blue 
    underground town section) instead of at Snowfly Forest.  How'd Grissom's 
    corpse move from the Snowfly Forest, you wonder?  You'll see after you 
    beat them, and they're really easy.  All you need to do is beat one or 
    the other (I beat Tieger, because Neesa ran around to the back and I 
    would never hurt a lady although all you have to do is rip off a certain 
    amount of damage on either Tieger or Neesa, even if the damage is 
    combined).  Pull out the Human slayer and cast "Herakles" before Tieger 
    gets you with his Axe Break Art which causes the "Curse" status ailment.  
    If he curses you, all the magic you try to cast will have a 0% chance of 
    hitting, including on yourself.  If you're not cursed, you can't even 
    hit either of them with "Degenerate" or such attribute affecting spells.  
    Just beat one, and the battle will end, no stat roulette bonus, no 
    Water Elemental
    Now that you're in the Quarry Mine,  you get to go back to the usual 
    routine of elemental boss fights, beginning with the Water Elemental.  
    This might actually require some strategy, depending on if you found the 
    "Spark Fusion" spell in the room locked by an Iron Key, near the Sky 
    Dragon.  Teleport to "Bandit's Way" to be in the room with the locked 
    If you didn't get the book (like I did, when I first fought this boss) 
    you'll need to rely on your gems, or cast "Flame Sphere Lv.1" for the 
    best results.  If you've gotten a lot of MP bonuses throughout the 
    course of the game, you could probably cast the spell twice and kill the 
    Water Elemental without using a single Mana regenerative item.  I just 
    cast "Flame Sphere Lv. 1" once, and used the Ifrit Carnelian Gem on my 3 
    Gem Rapier (Braveheart and Hellraiser are always on the weapon) for the 
    best damage I could do, after casting "Herakles".  This Elemental is 
    nothing to fear, as it's blocking percentage is also quite low.  Of 
    course, if you found the book, then cast it and use the gems only to add 
    insult to the boss.
    For winning, you get the "Avalanche Lv.1" spell, and you get to continue 
    further, assuming you have the proper Sigil to open the door.
    Ogre Lord
    This boss gets the award for the coolest death sequence.  Anyway, the 
    Ogre Lord is no problem, as it's pretty much the same as the Ogres 
    you've been killing in the Quarry Mine (you get locked in a room with 
    them occasionally, instead of with Dullahans).
    "Degenerate" it, and "Herakles" yourself so you get maximum damage out 
    of the fight, and bring out the Beast or Human killer for it.  Attack it 
    by chain combos, but don't bother continuing if he blocks.  It's just 
    wasted time and raises your Risk unnecessarily.  I recommend doing a 
    single Chain hit, so if he blocks, it's no big deal, but if he doesn't, 
    you did some damage anyway.  This is pretty much the best way to kill 
    the Ogre Lord, unless you want to waste some Vera Roots and Bulbs by 
    continuing to Chain combo after he's blocked 4 or 5 hits.
    For winning, you get to keep going onward in the Quarry assuming still 
    you have the Sigil to open the door, and the same old items.
    Snow Dragon
    Once again, like the Water Elemental, I fought this boss without "Spark 
    Fusion".  But now that I know where it is, and have told you where it is 
    in the Water Elemental strategy section, cast it instead of following 
    the strategy below, or use the strategy in conjuction with the spell so 
    you have an easier time killing the Snow Dragon.  Although you may have 
    found a second Grimoire of Flammes (which should give you "Flame Sphere 
    Lv.2") it doesn't come in handy at all.  The Snow Dragon is too large to 
    hit every part of the body successfully, and the damage dealt is low 
    anyway.  Now here's the kicker - use an edged weapon on the head and a 
    piercer on the tail!
    To win, you need to equip the Dragonite Gem and Ifrit Carnelian Gem on 
    the weapon with the best Dragon experience.  Equip a Salamander Ruby if 
    you feel you're not doing enough damage to it.  Cast "Herakles" on 
    yourself, and "Leadbones" on it so you're hit percentage gets improved.  
    Now you should be able to deal more damage than 1 for a base hit, but 
    the Dragon still has the high blocking percentage that all dragons seem 
    to have.  Once again, like the Ogre Lord, just do a 1 Chain combo so you 
    keep your Risk at a low.  The Snow Dragon doesn't have all that many 
    powerful attacks, except "Frost Breath" which it uses if you're too far 
    away, so stay beside the head, or just underneath it's head.  
    For winning, you get the "Aqua Guard" spell and the usual package of 
    Important Note:  Last Crusader
    This is NOT a boss fight, although it really ought to be.  No matter 
    what I equipped on my Evil slayer, I was always doing 1-5HPs of damage.  
    I even equipped 2 Demonia Gems so my weapon was at 51 Evil experience, 
    and I did little damage.  The best strategy I can suggest, is to cast 
    "Silence" on the Last Crusader, because if you don't, he'll cast 
    "Degenerate" and "Tarnish" on you, and "Herakles" on himself.  Make sure 
    you cast "Herakles" on yourself, and cast "Tarnish" and "Degenerate" on 
    him, instead.  Even with all that, you might still end up doing 1-5HPs 
    on him per hit.  The only way I managed to kill him was through using 
    Break Arts.  I had to use "Papillion Reel" about 10 times to finally 
    wipe him out, and each one was doing 75-80HPs of damage.  Have "Heal" at 
    the ready because you don't want to die accidentally.  It's best to use 
    Break Arts anyway, since your Chain combos will rarely hit successfully 
    after the first hit.  His blocking percentage is way too high.  Any 
    Light attribute Break Art will do for killing the Last Crusader.
    Important Note:  Minotaur Lord
    Another boss fight, but not really a boss fight.  You don't receive a 
    stat bonus after this fight or the fight with the Dark Crusader.  You do 
    however get the usual cache of items from killing each one.  The 
    Minotaur Lord should be spelled down in much the same the Dark Crusader 
    was.  Cast "Herakles" on yourself, and "Leadbones" on it.  Also cast 
    "Prostasia" if you think you really need to.  Using the Beast weapon, 
    you shouldn't have any problems winning this battle, except that you 
    should do single Chain combos.  Don't bother adding many hits after the 
    first because more often than not, they'll get blocked by the enemy.  
    For winning this fight, there is a chest in the room containing the 
    coveted Silver Key.  Do you remember all of the spots which this key 
    What a shame.  Rosencratz died in one hit from Kali.  How sad.  
    Fortunetly for you, Kali isn't as tough as she seems.
    Once again, bring out the Evil slayer for best results.  Begin by 
    casting "Prostasia" and "Herakles" on yourself, then cast "Leadbones" on 
    her, because that's pretty much the only attribute affecting spell that 
    works on her.  Just like the Minotaur Lord, perform only 1 Chain combos.  
    The rest of the hits have more chance of being blocked by Kali's 
    superior defense (she's wielding 4 weapons... how much of a chance do 
    you think you stand of getting by that?).  Aim for her head, which is 
    the place where you'll deal the most damage and you really shouldn't 
    have that much problem winning the fight.  It's not like the fight with 
    the Last Crusader where all you could do is use Break Arts.
    For winning this fight, you get a stat roulette bonus, but, AMAZINGLY, 
    NO items!!  You get to escape this place, too (which had one of the most 
    annoying puzzles.  Took me almost 40 minutes to figure out the one that 
    gets to the Minotaur Lord).
    Important Note:  More Choices...
    From here on out, you have a few options about which order you do the 
    next set of bosses in.  I've divided them into sets because some of the 
    later bosses you can't reach until you've defeated some of the other 
    ones.  None of these bosses are too difficult that you'll have problems, 
    especially if you've really powered yourself up.
    Set 1
    Ifrit, Marid
    Depending on what your weapon's elemental stats are like, and if you 
    have a higher Lv. in one spell than the other (for me, both "Avalanche" 
    and "Flame Sphere" were Lv. 2) you can decide to kill one or the other.  
    If I didn't get an "Avalanche Lv.2" book from beating a regular Water 
    Elemental, I'd have fought Marid first, since I had the first "Flame 
    Sphere" book from beating the original Fire Elemental, and found a 
    second "Flame Sphere" book in the Quarry Mine somewhere before fighting 
    the Snow Dragon.
    Anyway, I'll assume you'll go after Marid, although you might run into 
    Ifrit first, if you didn't bother to jump the small river in one of the 
    rooms.  The strategy for both major elementals is the same, just switch 
    the spells around for the opposite element.
    So, use the weapon with the best experience against Phantoms (I'm still 
    looking for this Training Dummy, by the way) and equip the Agrias' Balm 
    accessory for defense from the enemy.  Also, use the Trinity gem, or if 
    you prefer use the Ifrit Carnelian (Marid Aquamarine for Ifrit) for 
    bonus fire damage, and cast "Spark Fusion" ("Frost Fusion" against 
    Ifrit) and "Herakles", then "Degenerate" the elemental.  Try to stay 
    close to Marid, because she will cast "Avalanche" if you're far away (if 
    you're close, there is a small chance that "Avalanche" will hit her as 
    well, so she resorts to "Aqua Blast".  Finally, all you must do is hit 
    Marid about 12-15 times, using a 1 Chain combo (2 hits) because she (and 
    Ifrit, and the other Elementals) have good blocking defense, so don't 
    bother raising Risk unnecessarily.
    For winning, you get an Elixir of Queens (all 5 Major Elementals will 
    give you one) and the approriate Elemental spell book.  "Flame Sphere" 
    from Ifrit, and "Avalanche" from Marid.
    Set 2
    Djinn, Iron Crab 
    Ok, so beating Ifrit leads to the Iron Crab, and beating Marid leads to 
    Djinn.  Djinn is the major Air Elemental and the Iron Crab is a pathetic 
    nothing of a boss that is almost as easy as the Giant Crab from waaaay 
    back.  If you're looking for an easy fight, go after the crab, then take 
    your chances with Djinn.  The strategies are different for both, so I'll 
    explain them separately, beginning with the Crab.
    EXACTLY the same strategy applies here as with the Giant Crab, except 
    now, you should be even MORE god-like.  "Vile Scar" or "Snake Venom" 
    WILL poison the Crab, and you can STILL "Degenerate" it.  Cast 
    "Herakles" with your Beast weapon equipped and now if you want to have 
    fun, equip the Ifrit Carnelian on your weapon for kicks.  If you TRULY 
    think you must, put the Marid Aquamarine on your shield, though you 
    won't really need it.  "Aqua Blast" is not that bad a spell, and you can 
    probably heal double the damage it would do if your Intelligence is 
    high.  Do not Chain combo, except to add one extra hit after the initial 
    one.  Aim for the mouth with your piercer, or crack the shell again with 
    a blunt weapon, and watch it die in a few short rounds.
    Djinn is another matter, but no different than the battles with 
    Marid/Ifrit.  Cast "Soil Fusion" and "Herakles" on yourself, have the 
    Sylphid Ring equipped, and cast "Degenerate" on Djinn.  Use the Sylphid 
    Djinn Amber if you must for added magical defense and have the Dao 
    Moonstone on your weapon.  Do the VERY same things you did to beat 
    Marid/Ifrit and you should have 100% success.
    Set 3
    Dao, Flame Dragon
    The Flame Dragon, technically isn't a boss, as you don't get a stat 
    roulette bonus, while I -believe- you need the Sigil from Djinn to fight 
    Dao, though I don't know for sure, because I never fought Dao, though I 
    can guess at the strategy required, should be the very same technique as 
    with Djinn with the opposite element spells.  The Flame Dragon is like 
    fighting any other dragon.  I've actually fought the Flame Dragon, so 
    I'll provide strategy for it, and even though I'm 99% SURE the strategy 
    for Dao is as I explained, I'll leave it out, JUST to make 100% sure.  
    Once my Playstation is fixed, Dao and the remaining strategies will be 
    in place, and I shouldn't need to do any MAJOR updates from then on.
    The Flame Dragon isn't tough, and you have plenty of room to run around.  
    Have the Marid Aquamarine on your weapon, cast "Herakles" and "Frost 
    Fusion" and "Leadbones" on the Dragon.  Equip the Dragonite Gem on your 
    best Dragon weapon if you find it necessary to deal more damage.  Use 
    "Cherry Ronde" for big water Break Art damage with the one-handed sword, 
    or any other water element Break Art will do.  If you don't want to 
    waste the HP (and consequently, MPs from having to cast "Heal") then 
    just do the 1 Chain combo and save up your Risk from getting too high.  
    Have a piercing weapon anywhere but the head.  Use an edged weapon to 
    slice off the tail, as usual.  This is not the toughest boss fight, and 
    I'm sure there is tougher to come.
    Dao is a chicken, plain and simple.  When you first enter the room, 
    he'll pretty much start out by running to one of the corners of the 
    room, always AWAY from you, and for a large hunk of stone, he's pretty 
    quick.  When he gets far enough away, he'll cast "Vulcan Lance" at you.
    Generally, just have "Luft Fusion" and "Herakles" cast once you get in.   
    If you want to, try to chase Dao into a corner where there aren't any 
    ledges (where you entered from, or the western corner works) and then 
    you can chip away at him until he dies.  Otherwise, just cast 
    "Enlighten" and cast "Thunderbolt" or "Thunderburst Lv. whatever-you- 
    have".  Not the toughest boss fight at all.
    Set 4
    Arch Dragon, Nightmare
    The final set of bosses before the big ones with Guildenstern, these are 
    not that complicated at all.  The Nightmare will be the last one you 
    sqaure off against, so I'm opening strategies with the Arch Dragon.
    The Arch Dragon is in another large room, and you have a good amount of 
    room to run around in.  The Arch Dragon has one of the most unique 
    attacks.  "Divine Breath" will actually drain your MP as well as a few 
    points of HP.  So you'll end up relying on Chains and Break Arts to deal 
    the brunt of the damage in this fight if you get hit by the breath.  
    Magic isn't needed for this fight anyway.  Once again, I brought out the 
    piercing weapon of justice to attack the dragon's head (Multi-purpose 
    killer... it was +20 in all areas at this point, +40 for some things 
    like Undead, Beast and Dragons) and equipped my Dragonite gem onto the 
    weapon for maximum damage.  Cast "Herakles" on yourself, and "Leadbones" 
    on it.  If you didn't spend a hell of a lot of time fighting the Evil 
    Training Dummy, your weapon probably isn't very good on the Darkness 
    Attribute.  And you've also got not many spells that are dark-based 
    besides "Drain Heart" and "Drain Mind", unless you got very lucky to 
    find "Dark Chant" or "Meteor Lv. ups" (even if you found "Meteor" 
    grimmoires, you'll need "Meteor Lv. 4" to REALLY get anything out of 
    it).  Basically, you could slay the dragon easily physically.  And if 
    you have "Dark Chant", you could beat it magically too, maybe after a 
    few Mana Bulbs though, if you were hit by "Divine Breath".
    The Nightmare is nothing like his name applies.  It's just another 
    simple Elemental fight.  Nightmare knows "Meteor Lv. 3" and will cast 
    it.  If you've been casting heal a heck of a lot throughout the game 
    (I'll assume you have) your armour should be so beefed up in the Light 
    department, that it might actually deal some serious damage to you, 
    unless you changed a lot of it before you fought Nightmare.  
    You should have the "Radial Surge Lv. 1"  from the Lich Lord enemy, and 
    you can use that if you want, but it's too much mana for the little 
    damage it is probably causing.  The trick is to add either the Trinity 
    gem, or the Angel Pearl or both and place it on the weapon with the best 
    Phantom affinity to deal maximum damage.  It does have a good blocking 
    ratio, I found it to be 50/50... it would either block or not, so it's a 
    gamble to get into any long series of chain combos against him.  It will 
    drop in no time anyway, so it shouldn't be a long fight at all.
    Romeo Guildenstern pt.1
    That bastard!  He killed Samantha!  And now he looks quite freaky too.  
    Note that Squaresoft has a thing for relatively easy final bosses 
    (Xenogears having been the only exception) and Guildenstern falls under 
    the easy category... at least in this form.
    For this fight, you'll want a weapon with high Evil affinity.  Take out 
    whatever your best singlehanded weapon is (you WANT single-handed 
    weapons for this fight.  Being without a shield for the added protection 
    is way to risky) and attach some Demonia gems to it.  I'm not so sure 
    what the best weapon type is to use against him.  I had used my Rapier 
    since the beginning of the game and it was doing a fair amount of damage 
    to him.  It seemed to work quite well, after casting "Herakles" on 
    myself.  Guildenstern doesn't have a high rate of blocking attacks so 
    this fight becomes easy by using your Chain combos.
    This is the easy part... get ready for the tough part...
    Romeo Guildenstern pt.2
    Now things get REALLY crazy.  First of all, note that if you die, you 
    have to fight Romeo's first part again, but at least you can skip the 
    cut sequence when you win, if you watched it the first time.  Also, 
    Guildenstern now flies (what is it with Angelic bosses?  Kefka had 
    wings, Sephiroth had wings, now Guildenstern too?) and he flies at the 
    very edge of the circular platform you stand on.  While it may look like 
    you want something with RANGE for this fight, nix that for the single-
    handed edged or blunt weapon with the highest Evil affinity.  Also, cast 
    "Herakles" and "Prostasia" on yourself.  Not only will it help in 
    dealing some damage to him, but it might provoke him into casting 
    "Tarnish" or "Degenerate" instead of using some of his more lethal 
    The truly annoying thing about this fight is that after Guildenstern has 
    attacked you, he flies around the extra-large platform, leading you on a 
    wild chase all over the place, then he might just turn on a dime and go 
    the other way to fool you.  Eat a "Faerie Wing" (consequently, this 
    might trick him into casting "Leadbones" on you) so your mobility speed 
    is increased and you can keep pace with him more easily.  If you wish, 
    cast "Magic Ward" so you might be able to avoid some damage from 
    "Judgement" or "Bloody Sin" (Guildenstern will fly up so the camera is 
    on an overhead view when he's about to do "Bloody Sin"... the signature 
    special move from Squaresoft that takes almost a minute to perform, 
    looks extremely cool, looks like it will kill you, and then does a 
    pathetic amount of damage [remember Sephiroth's "Super Nova"?] although 
    "Bloody Sin" can actually hurt this time, but still isn't that great).
    After equipping properly with the edged or blunt weapon and a high Evil 
    affinity, and also having "Herakles" and "Prostasia" cast, as well as 
    "Quicken" (is there a book that can cast this... there HAS to be), and 
    you find you're doing anywhere from 20-30 damage or MORE on a regular 
    hit, then use Chain combos, since Guildenstern's blocking rate is low 
    compared to other bosses you've fought.  If you're just annoyed at 
    Guildenstern flying around like a chicken, then try to get close enough 
    to use something like "Rending Gale" or "Vile Scar" which both have 
    incredible range for hitting him at a distance and do a fair amount of 
    damage on their own (50-70).  After about 10 to 13 hits from "Rending 
    Gale" or "Vile Scar", he got toasted. 
    Now you have the chance to see the ending, save your game at the end of 
    the credits, and go through the game ALL over again, so you can get 100% 
    on chest and map count.  As well as beat the remaining bosses that could 
    only be found by going through the game on the Second Round...
    This means, another update will be on the way with the remaining boss 
    This is stuff that I need to know, or small little unanswered questions 
    that I've had and kind of would like answered.  Some stuff has already 
    been answered, so use this for reference if you run into the same 
    questions I have.
    - Copy Gems:  I originally thought there was a copy gem trick, but it 
    turns out that the gems I have were gems that were already placed on 
    some weapons given to me by bosses and normal enemies and in treasure 
    - Items List:  Just need the names of the wines (not elixirs) and which 
    effects they do... 
    - Magic -20%:  Apparently, equipping the Manabreaker on your shield also 
    affects beneficial spells being cast on you, so you MUST counter this by 
    equipping the Hellraiser Gem, else you will always have an 80% chance of 
    casting spells on yourself in Battle Mode.  I should've guessed... but 
    thanks to Janus1o1, Vic_Palileo and Benjamin Ford for the info.
    - Evolve, or DIE:  You are apparently given the rank of "Little Green 
    Man" and you obtain a Title for it (check the "Title" subdirectory under 
    	ITEM		 |	DESCRIPTION		|		WHERE		    |
    Cure Root		 |Restores 50 HP		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Cure Bulb		 |Restores 100 HP	      |Found anywhere.		    |
    Cure Tonic		 |Restores 150 HP	      |Found randomly.		    |
    Cure Potion		 |Restores all HP		|Found mainly in chests.    |
    Mana Root		 |Restores 25 MP		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Mana Bulb		 |Restores 50 MP		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Mana Tonic		 |Restores 100 MP		|Found randomly.		    |
    Mana Potion		 |Restores all MP		|Found mainly on bosses.    |
    Vera Root		 |Restores 25 RISK	|Found anywhere.		    |
    Vera Bulb		 |Restores 50 RISK	|Found anywhere.		    |
    Vera Tonic		 |Restores 75 RISK	|Found randomly. 	    	    |
    Vera Potion		 |Restores all RISK	|Found in chests or bosses. |
    Acolyte's Nostrum	 |Restores 100 HP/MP	|Found in chests mainly.    |
    Saint's Nostrum	 |Restores all HP/MP    |Found in chests mainly.    |
    Alchemist's Reagent|Restores 25 HP/RISK   |Found in chests mainly.    |
    Sorcerer's Reagent |Restores 50 HP/RISK	|Found in chests mainly.    |
    Faerie Chortle	 |Cures "Poison"		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Yggdrasil's Tears	 |Cures "Paralysis"	|Found anywhere.		    |
    Spirit Orison	 |Cures "Numbness"	|Found anywhere.		    |
    Angelic Paean	 |Cures "Curse"		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Snowfly Draught	 |Dispel magical effects|Found on enemies.	    |
    Panacea		 |Cures status effects	|Found on bosses.		    |
    Faerie's Wing	 |Casts "Quicken"		|Found on enemies.	    |
    Eye of Argon	 |Casts "Eureka" 		|Found anywhere.		    |
    Elixir of Queens   |HP Max +1-4		|Found on bosses mainly.    |
    Elixir of Mages	 |MP Max +1-4		|Found on bosses or chests. |
    Elixir of Kings	 |STR Up +1-4		|Found on bosses or chests. |
    Elixir of Sages    |INT Up +1-4		|Found on bosses or chests. |
    Elixir of Dragoons |AGL Up +1-4		|Found on bosses or chests. |
    	NAME		 |	WHERE FOUND		|	WHERE USED		    |
    Chamomile 		 |Minotaur (Enemy)	|Smokebarrel Stair	    |
    			 |	Wine Cellar  	|	Wine Cellar  	    |
    Lily			 |Lizardman (Enemy)     |Withered Spring		    |
    			 | 	Catacombs		|	Catacombs		    |
    Hyacinth		 |Wyvern (Enemy)		|Earthquake's Mark	    |
    			 |  Abandoned Mines B1  |  	Abandoned Mines B1    |
    Fern			 |Coal Mine Storage     |Live Long and Prosper	    |
    			 |  Abandoned Mines B1  |	Abandoned Mines B1    |
    Mandrake		 |Wraith (Enemy)		|Rue Aliano			    |
    			 |  Iron Maiden B1	|	Town Centre South	    |
    Cattleya		 |Dark Elemental (Enemy)|Rue Crimnade		    |
    			 |  Undercity West	|	Town Centre East	    |
    Tearose 		 |Sky Dragon (Enemy)	|The Cauldron	    	    |
    			 |  Abandoned Mines B2  |	Iron Maiden B1	    |
    Kalmia 		 |Wraith (Enemy)		|A Storm of Arrows	    |
    			 |  Iron Maiden B1	|	The Keep		    |
    Columbine		 |Iron Golem (Enemy)	|A Storm of Arrows	    |
    			 |  Iron Maiden B1	|	The Keep		    |
    Eulelia		 |Lich (Enemy)		|	Need Info Here 	    |
    			 |  Undercity East	| 				    |
    Melissa		 |Nightstalker (Enemy)  |The Labourer's Bonfire	    |
    			 |  Undercity East	|	Limestone Quarry	    |
    Stock			 |Sale of the Sword	|Blackmarket of Wines	    |
    			 |	Undercity East	|	Wine Cellar		    | 
    Clematis		 |Larder for Lean Winter|A Welcome Invasion	    |
    			 |  Undercity West	|	City Walls North      |
    Aster		 	 |Catspaw Blackmarket   |Dream of the Holy Land     |
    			 |  Undercity East	|	Limestone Quarry	    |
    Calla			 |Flame Dragon (enemy)	|Heretic's Story L3	    |
    			 |  Great Cathedral	| 	Great Cathedral	    |
    Laurel		 |Monk's Leap		|Poisoned Chapel		    |
    			 |  Great Cathedral	|	Great Cathedral	    |
    Acacia		 |Arch Dragon (enemy)	|Hall of Broken Vows	    |	
    		 |  Great Cathedral	|	Great Cathedral	    |
    Palm			 |Dao (Enemy)		|Melodics of Madness	    |	
    		 |  Great Cathedral	|	Great Cathedral	    |
    Guerir		 |Heal			|Restores lost Hps	    |
    Debile		 |Degenerate		|Lowers target's STR rating |
    Lux			 |Spirit Surge		|Blast of Light based damage|
    Antidote		 |Antidote			|Cures "Poison" status      |
    Halte			 |Fixate			|Makes cloudstones immobile |
    Ameliorer		 |Prostasia			|Improves Equipment's stats |
    Analyse		 |Analyze			|Examines target's status   |
    Demolir		 |Explosion Lv		|Multi-target phys. attack  |
    Clef			 |Unlock			|Opens magic-sealed chests  |
    Visible		 |Eureka			|Allows Ashely to see traps |
    Ignifuge		 |Pyro Guard		|Fire Resistance up	    |
    Undine		 |Frost Fusion		|Weapon gains water element |
    Flamme		 |Flame Sphere Lv		|Multi-target fire attack   |
    Rempart		 |Terra Guard		|Earth Resistance up	    |
    Sylphe		 |Luft Fusion		|Weapon gains air element   |
    Parebrise		 |Aero Guard		|Air Resistance up	    |
    Agilite		 |Invigorate		|Improves AGL rating	    |
    Annuler		 |Magic Ward		|Resists one spell	    |
    Deteriorer		 |Tarnish			|Lowers target's Equipment  |
    Gnome			 |Soil Fusion		|Weapon gains earth element |
    Muet			 |Silence			|Prevents spells being cast |
    Meteore		 |Meteor Lv			|Multi-target dark attack   |
    Dissiper		 |Dispel			|Nullifies magical effects  |
    Foudre		 |Thunderburst Lv		|Multi-target air attack    |
    Mollesse		 |Restoration		|Cures "Paralysis" status   |
    Vie			 |Surging Balm		|Restores health over time  |
    Gaea			 |Gaea Strike Lv		|Multi-target earth attack  |
    Demance		 |Drain Mind		|Absorbs MP from target	    |
    Exsorcer		 |Exorcism			|Instantly defeats undead   |
    Venin			 |Poison Mist		|Causes "Poison" status     |
    Intensite		 |Herakles			|Improves STR rating	    |
    Nuageux		 |Psychodrain		|Lowers target's INT rating |
    Eclairer		 |Enlighten			|Improves INT rating	    |
    Tardif		 |Leadbones			|Lowers target's AGL rating |
    Salamadre		 |Spark Fusion		|Weapon gains fire element  |
    Paralysis		 |Stun Cloud		|Causes "Paralysis" status  |
    Avalanche		 |Avalanche Lv		|Multi-target water attack  |
    Benir			 |Blessing			|Cures "Curse" status	    |
    Egout			 |Drain Heart		|Absorbs HP from target	    |
    Barrer		 |Aqua Guard		|Water Resistance up	    |
    Purifier		 |Clearance			|Cures status except "Curse"|
    Radius		 |Radial Surge		|Multi-target light attack  |
    Banish 		 |Banish			|Instant Death on non-undead|
    Incendie		 |Fireball			|Single target fire damage  |
    Glace			 |Aqua Blast		|Water based damage spell   |
    Teslae		 |Thunderbolt		|Air damage strikes foe     |
    Terre			 |Vulcan Lance		|Single hit of earth element|
    Patire		 |Dark Chant		|Dark damage on one enemy   |
    - Squaresoft, for making this brilliant and addictive game.  A game 
    where the characters have feeling and it is FUN, not -just- graphics!
    It has replay value!  Anyway, thanks ^_^
    - My friend, Itseamyeah, who let me borrow his copy before buying me my 
    own copy.  Without his purchase, I'd have never found so addictive a 
    - CJayC for giving us FAQ writers a place to share our information to 
    the rest of the gaming world so that none of us go crazy because they 
    got stuck in a game somewhere.
    - Janus1o1 for telling me about the Ogre Dummy near the "Crossroads" 
    Save point, as well as pointing out that there is no copy gems code, 
    just that the gems were on some weapons given to me by random enemies, 
    and also for helping me about the Magic -20%.
    - Vic_Palileo also told me the same information about the Magic -20%.
    - Thanks to Benjamin Ford for repeating the info about the Magic -20%, 
    but also for revealing the possibility that wines are affected by this 
    lowered magic percentage...
    - Thanks to Toom for the Snowfly Forest map.
    - Al Alamoo, he's got permission to use this Strategy Guide on his 
    website, as he's also gotten permission for my Blue Mary KoF 98 and 
    Kasumi KoF 99 Character FAQs.
    - A. P. I. also has permission to use this FAQ on their webpages.
    - Angel Aeris and everyone of http://www.rpg-vortex.com has permission 
    to use the FAQ on their websites.
    - James Savell for the info about weapons on particular enemies.
    - Garrett Beaty and "playrgm" for the Ghost countdown info.
    - Bob Einzember, for the "Evolve, or DIE" info.
    - Miaka7S and Merlin J89 for the info in the "Ghost" strategy, about the 
    - Argulor for the information about edged weapons on Wyvern's tail... it 
    sort of made me replay the game for weapon strategies on the bosses
    (actually, I used my friend's file which was further behind mine)
    - Shawn Witzki for some information about the Training Dummies.

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