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    Snowfly Forest Map by IGluscic

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              VAGRANT STORY
              Map to the Snowfly Forest
    Final Version, August 25th, 2002
    Copyright Ivan Gluscic, 2002
    Legal Disclaimer
    All text and graphics contained in this guide are provided for private
    and personal use only. Duplication or reproduction for the purpose of profit
    is strictly prohibited. This includes not only print media (magazines, books
    etc.) but electronic reproduction (websites, diskettes, CDs etc.) as well.
    In submitting this document, I hereby authorize www.gamefaqs.com to make
    available on their website a complete copy of this text. 
    By all means, feel free to ask permission to reproduce (or host) a copy 
    of the FAQ, but don't go ahead and help yourself. That's just plain ignorant.
    Ivan Gluscic
    Vagrant Story is copyright 2000 Square.
    Version History
    Final Version - August 25th, 2002
       Sure, it's been over two years since I last revised this FAQ, but hey,
       I'm a busy guy :) Actually, I was just cruising through GameFAQs and
       remembered that I had a FAQ here. Since it was last updated, the Linux
       box that was hosting both the email address I was using and the HTML
       version of the FAQ has gone kaplooie and I haven't bothered to
       reincarnate it. Nonetheless, I figured I should correct the information.
    Version 1.1 - June 20th, 2000
       In this update, I adjusted the map somewhat, based on a response from
       Vic Palileo. It seems I missed an exit from the Forest River! Plus, I
       tidied up the spelling and grammar.
    Version 1.0 - May 26th, 2000
       This was the first release of the FAQ, in all its freshly-squeezed glory.
    First off, I'd like to thank Square for bringing about Vagrant Story. I
    think the game is really unique, and brings together some of the best elements
    from both the world of RPGs and action/adventure games. It was a really nice
    way to transition out of Final Fantasy VIII, which is the last game I spent
    some time on. 
    The other people I'd like to thank are the folks who have already gone out and
    written some truly exceptional FAQs for Vagrant Story. They've been an
    exceptional help and have provided me with a lot of information I would
    otherwise have suffered without. Job well done!
    That having been said, I still found myself kind of stuck in the Snowfly Forest, 
    despite the excellent FAQs. Without the benefit of a visual map of some kind, 
    I spent about a good day or so meandering about the forest before I finally
    sat down and decided that I'd best map out the area, or I'd be doomed to
    wander lost forever. 
    So then, here it is... my first FAQ. I know it's nothing huge or exceptional
    by any stretch of the imagination, but I've written it in the hope that it
    might be able to help someone, to save them the grief that I went through in
    getting through the forest.
    If you have any comments or constructive criticism or if you are inquiring 
    about permission to copy this FAQ, please direct all correspondence to 
    I promise to respond to all reasonable emails... flames and blatant displays
    of ignorance, rudeness or stupidity will be trashed. Also, (and this is a big one)
    Please don't ask me for help or guidance with the game! 
    Everything I feel I'm qualified to offer assistance on is written in this 
    document. For other concerns, please see the Vagrant Story section on 
    www.gamefaqs.com... there's a lot better help there than I can ever hope to offer!
    Have fun!
    About the Snowfly Forest
    When you enter the Snowfly Forest, you can open up a map of the area by
    pressing Triangle and selecting "Map". If it's your first time in the forest,
    there may not be a whole lot to look at. Not to worry - the map will fill
    itself in as you discover more and more areas. There's one small problem with
    using the map, though. And that's as follows...
    It turns out that the forest isn't nearly as straightforward as I thought.
    It wouldn't be much of an RPG without a magical, misdirecting forest, now
    would it? When you pass through many of the exits, you'll find yourself
    in some unexpected location that you could swear you just passed through
    five minutes ago. The thing is that certain exits do not lead directly from
    one area on the map to the adjacent one.
    So then, I've taken it upon myself to go through the entire forest and map out
    what exits lead where. Like I mentioned earlier, if you don't take the time
    to sit down and map it all out, it'll be quite some time before you muddle
    your way out of the forest. Let me be your guide!
    The Map
    An important note about the order in which these areas are named... I started
    mapping the forest when I finally got tired of running around in circles. So
    there I was, in the area called "They Also Feed". Well, guess what? That became
    area 'A'. The next place I walked to was called "The Birds and the Bees", hence
    it is labeled 'B'. And so on and so forth. That's the reason for the area where 
    you enter the game, "Faerie Circle", being labeled 'P'. 
    Another important note about map orientation... this map is rotated 180 of
    the way you are originally facing when you start at the Faerie Circle, which
    is to say South. I'll be honest with you, I didn't like the idea of running 
    through the forest, all the while facing the bottom of the screen. Also, the 
    FAQ I was reading at the time was pointing in that direction, too. So then,
    to follow this map, simply rotate the screen (hold L2 and use the directions)
    so that the entrance to the Snowfly Forest in at the top of your screen. You'll
    thank me that you did! It has something to do with human psychology and the
    perception of forward progress... really wacky stuff.
       The Snowfly Forest
    A - They Also Feed                  N - Where Soft Rains Fell
    B - The Birds and the Bees          O - Return to the Land
    C - Golden Egg Way                  P - Faerie Circle
    D - Fluttering Hope                 Q - Forest River
    E - Traces of the Beast             R - Howl of the Wolf King
    F - The Yellow Wood                 S - The Hollow Hills
    G - The Hunt Begins                 T - The Silent Hedges
    H - Which Way Home                  U - Running With the Wolves
    I - The Wounded Boar                V - You Are the Prey
    J - Lamenting the Moon              W - The Secret Path
    K - The Wolves' Choice              X - Hewn From Nature
    L - The Giving Trees                Y - Woodcutter's Run
    M - The Spirit Trees
       S       |                                   |
       |       |                 Q                 |
     E-+-W     |                                   |
       |       +--J------------------------P----N--+
       N       +--Q--+   +-----+   +-----+   +--Q--+             +--M--+
               |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |             |     |
               R  J  K   L  T  M   L  M  |   |  N  |             |  O  |
               |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |             |     |
               +--U--+   +-----+   +--A--+   +--F--+             +--D--+
     +--S--+   +--J--+   +-----+   +--M--+   +--N--+   +--C--+   +--O--+   
     |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |
     T  V  U   V  U  S   U  S  |   B  A  F   A  F  E   F  E  D   E  D  C
     |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |
     +--W--+   +-----+   +--R--+   +--L--+   +--C--+   +--B--+   +-----+  
     +--V--+             +--S--+   +--A--+   +--F--+   +--E--+   
     |     |             |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |
     |  W  |             T  R  J   J  K  Y   K  Y  B   L  B  A 
     |     |             |     |   |     |   |     |   |     | 
     +--X--+             +-----+   +--C--+   +-----+   +--H--+
     +--W--+                       +--F--+   +-----+   +--B--+   +--A--+
     |     |                       |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |
     |  X  |                       D  C  I   C  I  H   I  H  L   H  L  M
     |     |                       |     |   |     |   |     |   |     |
     +-----+                       +--E--+   +-----+   +--G--+   +-----+ 
    How to read the map:                               |     |
    --------------------                               |  G  |
                                                       |     |
    The letter in the center of the square             +--P--+
    indicates what area you are in. For example,      
    the square directly to the right with the          +--G--+
    letter 'P' in its center is "Faerie Circle".       |     |
    The letter 'G' in the border at the top            |  P  |
    indicates that the exit at the top of the          |     |
    screen will take you to the square with a 'G'      +-----+
    in its center, "The Hunt Begins". Be careful,
    though. Quite often exits do not lead directly
    to the adjacent square.
    The Wrap-up
    Well, I hope this map has been of some use to you. Had I found it when I was
    playing, it would have been of some help to me. I mentioned some notes of
    thanks at the beginning of the FAQ... I'd like to go into a bit more detail
    here. Hey, it's my FAQ, I'll do what I want to, right?
      Awesome, groundbreaking game. Nice job taking a hint of Final Fantasy, a
      pinch of Parasite Eve and a smattering of kickass Square-itude. The result
      is quite the game. Much respect!
    Zy Nicholson...
      I don't know him personally, but he wrote a helluva Vagrant Story FAQ. I'd
      have made it to the forest in far worse shape without his words of wisdom
      and guidance.
    Vic Palileo...
      For pointing out the errors of my ways. Actually, for pointing out that I
      had missed one blatantly visible exit in the Forest River area. Also, my
      thanks for his patience in responding to his inquiry.
      For enlightening me on something... did you know that the item "Yggdrasil 
      Tears" shares its name (well, the "Yggdrasil" part, anyway) with Bart's ship
      in Xenogears? It too was named the Yggdrasil.I did not know that! I've also 
      never played Xenogears :) 
      A good buddy of mine who helped me set up and continues to help me
      maintain my former Linux box, ikari.dhs.org. Without him I wouldn't have 
      had my cool (and former) ralf@ikari.dhs.org email address, nor a server 
      of my own to host the HTML version of this map.
      (Man, I feel like Capcom for doing this) for reading this FAQ! Like I 
      mentioned earlier, if you have any comments or constructive criticism, feel
      free to email me at igluscic@yahoo.ca and I'll do my best to get back to you
      as soon as possible. If you send me rude, ignorant email, or email asking for
      help in the game, forget it... you won't hear back from me. 
      Besides that, I hope I was able to help, and I hope you enjoyed Vagrant
      Story as much as I did!
    Copyright 2002, Ivan Gluscic

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