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"Another DreamWorks Masterpiece"

Medal of Honor has always held a special place for first person shooters that still with this sequel, has not been topped on the PSX. This time, instead of a United States spy, infiltrating and sabatoging the Nazi forces, you're placed in the shoes of the female counterpart, Manon from the first MoD in World War II France.

-Visuals 10/10-

Amazing animations make the polygons of Medal of Honor Underground seem realistic as you fire into the Nazi enemies and they either fall to the side and try to scramble away before you take off their head with another will placed shot. Every stage has a great amount of detail to them, and impact damage is evident when you fire at someone and hit the wall...bullet holes ala Goldeneye remain.

The weapons and actual movements are true to life detailed, from the hand held machine guns to the famous 50 caliber machine guns you can use to cut down your enemies. The Nazi's do everything from scream orders, to run, roll, crawl and even jump out of harms way, and they still kick back the grenades as you throw them. Truly spectacular.

-Audio 10/10-

The awesome ambient sounds that made MoD a hit, are back again, and in the same fashion. The voice-overs submerse you in the world of war, as the German army commanders yell out for you to surrender...the loud-speakers play the German propaganda machine of anti-Allied sentiments. Creaking tank treads alert you to the approach of half-track tanks, and the full sized platoon killers. With that being said, in the background, you can even hear in some stages, the sound of enemy artillery being loaded and fired.

Awesome orchestral music sets the mood and tone for each and every stage, and you'll never find yourself touching mute to turn it's almost hypnotic, and on that note, this is the type of game that you can't need the audio cues of footsteps approaching, or even a tank coming your way so that you're not left dead by getting sniped to death.

-Controls 10/10-

Precise control here, and the movement is a breeze with the analog stick. A simple button press allows you to change up the weapons quickly without a hitch, and the long distance aiming is easier to accomplish, just by following the crosshairs, you can snipe off a soldier from a hundred feet and never let them know that you were ever there.

-Gameplay 10/10-

Intense first person shooting at it's finest. The PSX pushes the max with the firefights, the consistant missions, storyline plots and twists, and the addition of a new computer controlled A.I. buddy in certain stages. This can be a blessing and a curse, because the A.I buddy will help you, but you also have to keep the buddy alive.

Multiplayer options include several stages to choose from, weaponary sets and a huge selection of multi-player characters that can be unlocked as you play through the game. Gone are the medals, but you pick up mementos after a while with outstanding service, which unlocks secrets in the game play for later use.

The computer A.I. this time around is much smarter, in which teams of Nazi's will split up, and come from either side, forcing you to use your head in the middle of a firefight. You have to choose which you're going to fire on, and try to stay alive long enough to make it through. This can be challenging for those who have never played Medal of Honor, but to those that have, it's nothing that a little work and practice can't fix.

-Overall 10/10-

Medal of Honor Underground is an amazing game with an addictive amount of action, intrigue and general mayhem. You'll be hard pressed to find another game like it on the market save for the first Medal of Honor, but this time around, you're given more options, and different locales and weapons to use and choose from.

Any PSX owner out there would do well to pick up this game, not as a rental, but as something that will take a special spot on your shelf. With all of the options in multiplayer mode, you'll have hours of fun, either alone, or with a group of friends. A perfect sequel.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/07/00, Updated 11/07/00

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