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"Viva la Resistance!!"

Being the only worthwhile FPS on playstation, The first Medal of Honor was recently released as a greatest hits title. About a month later, EA games released the second Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor Underground, which is a prequel to the first. MOH Underground has an improved storyline, Better level design, and quicker enemy AI that makes it easily top the first MOH.

MOH Underground has a better storyline than the first. The first MOH was about some soldier who was the best in his class and was chosen to fight in the war. MOH Underground takes the story deeper as you play the role of Mannon. Mannon is a member of the Marquis, which is a resistance group in France that fought the Nazi's when they invaded. Along the way, Mannon must undertake different Missions which take her through Europe and North Africa to try and put an end to the Nazi threat in the surrounding area.

MOH Underground's level design is also an improvement over the original. The levels are bigger, with require more exploration, and the enemy AI is also much better. Enemies react to both sight and sound and will attack on notice. They also react to others getting shot at.

Also, new to the game is the disgue mode and a computer controlled partner to help you. In disguise mode, you dress as the paparazzi and you take pictures of the Nazi's secrets. Also, in some missions, you will have a computer controlled player to help you through some of the missions. Unlike in other games where a computer controlled character will die in a matter of seconds, this character actually does a good job of staying alive and will help you through the mission.

Unfortunately, the deathmatch 2-player mode is still lackluster. While it can be fun, it get's boring, and it still runs very sluggish. Also, it just can't compare to the multiplayers found in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

In all, MOH Underground is great game. The single player will keep you hooked for weeks and will keep you coming back for more, instead of the lackluster 2-player. MOH Underground is definitely worthy of a purchase, and will fit well into every playstation owner's library.

+ Improved Storyline
+ Better Level Design and enemy AI
+ Cool New Gameplay Features
+ Nice Musical Score

- Some Graphical Errors
- Lackluster Multiplayer
- Same old MOH gripes

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/00, Updated 12/28/00

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