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"EA scores big with a new MOH"

Medal of Honor was one of the top FPS for the Playstation console. Electronic Arts follows it up with another great WW2 FPS with the eagerly awaited Medal of Honor: Underground. This time you are playing as a female French Resistance Group member, Mannon. You will get a host of new weapons, larger levels, and more of the same exciting historic gameplay.

In this installment you travel through Europe and North Africa fighting and reeking havoc on those pesky little Nazi's. The levels give you many different tasks from finding secret bunkers, obtaining a camera and photo credentials, to destroying anti-aircraft guns so your Bombers can make their drop points without resistance. Some missions even give you a partner to help get you to where you need to go. The level designs are as good as the first but the best part is that the enemy AI is much improved. They are smarter than the previous, which makes getting those excellent ratings a little more challenging. You will have fun using the new weapons blowing up tanks and taking out the most feared army known to man.

The graphics are just as good as the first. I find them to be a little grainy at times but overall it uses a lot of Playstations power. I have experienced some slowdown when multiple targets are on the screen. These are all just minor problems compared to the overall quality of this product.

Gameplay is as great as you would expect if you have played the previous version. You still have the basic moves, crouch, jump, peek, and strafe, which help you in your mission to take down the enemy. You get to do so many different types of objectives that make it fresh and increase the replay value. Sometimes there is so much to do in a single mission that you will keep playing it till you get an excellent rating. The multi-player can be fun but is plagued with a lot of slowdown. There are some neat codes that you earn playing through the missions that can make it enjoyable.

The controls are decent. I am a little annoyed at the collision detection. There were times when I had to high tail it out of there and unfortunately got stuck against a wall or a ladder. You just need to make sure you go around objects and you won't get stuck as much.

The music and sounds are superb. No game features such detailed sound effects as the Medal of Honor series. You can hear the enemy around you, here the German propaganda brainwashing you, and here great weapon effects. This is the part of the game that will take you from your couch into the middle of a war.

Overall I give this game a 9. This game offers so much in terms of gameplay, graphics, sounds, and history, that it would be bad not to have this game in your library. Don't hesitate any longer, get Medal of Honor:Underground.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/01, Updated 10/16/02

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