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"Feels too much like a mission pack"

Medal of Honor was one of the few truly great First Person Shooters on the Playstation. Thus its prequel Medal of Honor Underground was highly anticipated. But, when I first started playing it, I must admit, I was a little disappointed.
MOHU is basically the same game as Medal of Honor, except that it has newer levels and weapons. The story of both games were pretty weak in my opinion. All it was was a bunch of videos from the war and letters saying ''Good Job, you stopped the Nazis, now go do this.'' It didn't have a traditional storyline where you could truly understand what the characters were going through and what they needed to do. A prequel or sequel can be a good game by having the same gameplay, but by adding more to the original story. Unfortunately, MOHU doesn't do that.
But, if you haven't played Medal of Honor, you will absolutely love this game. The gameplay is awesome. You have a bunch of real World War weapons that you can use. The enemy AI is some of the best ever seen. If they see you coming, they will not just charge at you, but take cover and alert their allies. They will hide behind walls and crates and peek out occasionally to let out a few rounds of bullets. They will also act realistically when shot at different parts of the body. However, if you shoot them in one of their limbs, they will grab it in pain, and if you don't do anything else, they will just end up returning to normal after a while. I was hoping to have the level filled with crippled soldiers, but its not possible.
The multiplayer mode is back, and it is more of the same, too. There is nothing great about it, but it is adequate.

Graphics: 8.
Its probably too much to expect out of the Playstation, but some areas were a bit grainy and there was some slowdown in various parts. Still it has good graphics for a Playstation game.

Sound: 8.
The music is spooky and sets the tone for the game. The voices of the soldiers are cool too, as they yell out commands in their own languages.

Gameplay: 9.
The game is extremely fun and is probably the best FPS on the Playstation. The controls are fairly easy, but there are times where you get stuck in imaginary corners and get shot.

Replay Value: 8.
Just like the first game, you can unlock a bunch of things by doing certain stuff in the single player mode. Plus the inclusion of the multiplayer mode gives it a high score.

Overall: 7.
If this was a stand alone game, I would have given it an 8 or maybe a 9. But, since it is a prequel and doesn't have anything much different, it gets a lower score.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/20/01, Updated 03/20/01

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