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Reviewed: 03/27/01 | Updated: 03/27/01

A great prequel.

Electronic Arts obviously revolutionized the first-person shooter genre for the Sony PlayStation with its 1999 hit Medal of Honor. The game had you assume the role of a pilot named Jimmy Patterson, and you served for the Office of Strategic Services carrying out several missions. What made this game great were many things like the A.I. of your enemies, the terrific sound effects, voice work, and music (composed wonderfully by Michael Giacchino), the graphics and animations. Many people have dubbed it the GoldenEye of the PlayStation. If you've played Medal of Honor (and if you're a fan of the particular genre, you should), you'll remember Manon. She was the leader of a resistance called the Maquis. This game allows you to see the horrors of war in her eyes. Medal of Honor started in 1944. This game goes back to 1940 along with the beginnings of this resistance. Now, Electronic Arts (known as EA Games) has brought us back four years earlier from Medal of Honor's setting in this excellent prequel.

Graphics - 09/10: The graphics are the same as in Medal of Honor, but that isn't a bad thing. The background designs are great, character animations are nice, the artwork is also terrific.

Music/Sound Effects - 10/10: Also like in Medal of Honor, the sounds are crystal clear, wonderful, and the voice-acting isn't so bad. The music is also great, but I will admit I did like the music in Medal of Honor slightly more, but that doesn't mean the music in here is flawed. One word: Astounding.

Gameplay - 09/10: The controls are very good, simple (without any of the Analog situation), responsive, but I always felt the aiming mode was rather sluggish. It moves at a decent rate, but still a little slow for my taste. The game suffers from some problems with movement through certain areas. For example, when it looks like I'm about to enter an open doorway, I kept shaking violently until I backed away and slowly proceeded. Not all is bad, however. Even though we've seen this before in Medal of Honor, it's still fun to take out those Nazis. There have also been improvements in fun factor. For example, you now find yourself fighting tanks a la Metal Gear Solid style, but you still get a Panzerfaust (bazooka) to take the tanks out. The disguise mode is back, and more clever. In one mission, you are disguised as a photographer and you must show the guards your papers and take pictures of him, while another has you hiding while you let the Nazis and their enemies take each other out. You also come across some new enemies, like SS knights. Yes, I'm talking about the dudes in heavy armor with their swords and shields. They chase you with their longswords, but all you need to do is shoot them up bad. The arsenal of weapons you come across is similar to Medal of Honor, with some new additions like the petrol bomb. Did I mention the protection factor? Well, this is only found in the first mission where you must protect someone from the guards as he breaks into a certain area.

Replay Value - 9.5/10: If you've played Medal of Honor, you'll probably get the idea that the medal-earning thing is found in this one, too. Well, you're right. With that comes many secrets. I should also add that those 'trailers' are pretty funny.

Overall Factor - 09/10: Medal of Honor is a great series, so far. I know, only two games, and I'm also hoping that it doesn't get screwed up on PC, PS2, or XBox, but they offer many things plus the chance to fight World War II. Great prequel.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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