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"A great prequel to the famed Medal of Honor"

Medal of Honor: Underground is set before the original Medal of Honor game. It features Jimmy Patterson's liason, Manon, as the main character. As a prequel, it is set during the early days of Manon's Resistance career.

The AI has been beefed up, and soldiers are more smart. Unfortunately, a glitch in the AI will make them run around in circles sometimes, but it is very rare and more often the Germans will outsmart you before you even approach them.
If you aim a camera at them, they will strike a macho pose and wait for you to take a picture. Whoa...

The missions offer more variety too. Not only do you get undercover missions, you also get the oppurtunity to blow up tanks and half-tracks and even a side-car shootout.

As with the first game, you get evaluated and given medals according to your performance. This time though, you get 'Momentos'. These contain bits and pieces of things you encountered during your missions, and a few medals.

The weapons have been toned down to the early days of the War, but are nonetheless good. Gone are the American grenades and Thompson rifles and BARs, replaced by Petrol Bombs, STG44s (the grandfather of the AK47) and even a Crossbow.

The art galleries are also beefed up. The mission art is even better, and there are 3 secret galleries you can view by entering passwords. The secret codes that can be unlocked include Invincibility, Bouncing Bullets (heck, even bazooka shells bounce off walls...) and Unlimited Ammo.

New to MOH: Underground is the inclusion of a secret mission. Without revealing spoilers, it is VERY disturbing...

There is also the Multiplayer Mode, where you and a pal go head to head with characters from the game. Head shots have been removed, but instead shooting at the noggin' will cause more damage then a shot in the stomach. Go figure. The multiplayer levels aren't really good, but can lead to some action-packed matchs. You can choose between kill limits and time limit matches, and select what combination of weapons you want to play with.

Graphics 9/10
Nothing new here. The resolution is slightly higher and the special effects are pretty good.

Sound 10/10
Like the first game, the soundtrack is AWESOME!

Lastability 9/10
Some missions will drive you nuts, especially towards the end, but not to the point of frustration. And there's that neat multiplayer mode.

Originality 10/10
What isn't original is taken out of the history books.

Overall 9/10
An excellent game, well thought out and made just the way we wanted it.

''Viva la Resistance!''

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/09/01, Updated 04/09/01

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