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"The updated Wolfenstein of the playstation!"

A very good game deserves a very good review and basically that is what I gave this game. Read on to find out how great this game truly is!

Gameplay-9- This game has a very large amount of elements that many, many other similar games lack. Put simply, you are a trooperopposing the German army. Your many missions against the evil Nazi troops envolve you in everything from rescue, to assasination, to just killing Nazis to and fro.
You attempt to make it through these levels using pistols, machine guns, cocktail bombs, and stationary turrets. Nazis are all around, and the Germans also have tanks to deal with. Wonderful voice acting enhances the realistic feel of the combat, and missions. The 2 player mode is the only slightly dissapointing part of the game. As you try to make your way through the small stages to find your opponent, it is very difficult to aim properly.....let alone kill him enough times to end the level. The 1 layer game more than makes up for that however, and will have u playing for a looooong time!

Story-7- The Medal Of Honour story envolves the efforts of anti German organisations that are attemting to neutralize the threat of the Nazis. Guess what? Your the agent for the job. You will meet many officials and troops as you move from mission to mission. Each level is deeply explained beforehand, and all objectives are stated. You may find yourself bored, as the level objectives seem somewhat overwhelming at times. Also, none of them are anything out of the ordinary. There are no surprises. Still good though.

Audio/Vidio-8- The music is top notch, and the immersive military beats and sounds are quite well done. You will find yourself getting into the game, more or less because of the sounds coming form the game. Almost every game has a little flaw, this one is no different. The Nazi's agravated screams, and yells can get VERY annoying after a few levels, when all you hear is the same 4 sounds. Otherwise, I give the sound a big hourayyyy. It is very good.

Replayability-6- Although it is always fun to blow the pulp put of Nazis over, and over, the story, and missions soon become all too monotinous. You soon get to know where every enemy will lurk, and the challenge will fade away, before you know it. It is worth a month or so of play, but that's it!

Buy/Rent-Rent- You should definitely consider renting this exsellant game, as you will derive a lot of pleasure out of it. Buyers will however be at a loss, when the levels get boring, and the same plot is presented over and over again. If you can 1, or 2 rents should about use the game up for you. Not in any way however, am I saying it isn't good. It is great!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/01, Updated 07/14/01

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