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"Great game, better than the first in every way."

Introduction: My friend let me borrow Medal of Honor Underground about a year after he let me borrow Medal of Honor. I knew I'd like it since I liked the first MOH, but I really didn't expect it to be this good.

Story: As much as I like Patterson, it was cool to play as a chick during World War II. I can't really explain why. I thought it was cool how you are working for the French resistance and not the big unstoppable war machine of the allies.
Score: 8/10

Difficulty: I heard many people mention that this game was much harder than the first one. I don't think this one is even that hard considering I got a rating of excellent on every mission on the first try except for about 3 of them. That is, of course not counting that annoying Mission 8. The computer A.I. is smarter this time, making the overall game experience more enjoyable.
Score: 7/10

Control: Not much to say here. The control is good, but not perfect.
Score: 8/10

Gameplay: Composed of basically the same elements as the first one, except with a few new features that really, to me, make the game great. You get to fight half-tracks, tanks, and even motorcycles. It's cool when you throw a stielhandgranate at a half-track and a German soldier goes flying out of it (although there is nothing cooler than stielhandgranating a motorcycle). Another thing they improved, which I loved, is that grenades work a lot better and are A LOT more useful this time around. The addition of Molotov Cocktails (called Petrol Bombs) is very welcome. Once again you can man turrets and another cool feature has been added that I won't mention here. Another feature added is on some missions you will have a partner (or partners) helping you or necessary to complete a mission.
Score: 9/10

Sound: Just like the first, I liked them about the same. The sound effects are about the same too.
Score: 7/10

Graphics: The graphics are improved over the first but they still aren't outstanding.
Score: 7/10

Fun Factor: Let's put it this way: the day my friend let me borrow it, I beat like 56% of it.

Conclusion: If you liked the first one, you'll like this one even more. Playing this makes me really look forward to the Playstation 2 follow up, Medal of Honor Frontline and the X-box's Medal of Honor Allied Assault. A great, solid game. In retrospect, I probably wouldn't buy it, though, as I accomplished about everything in a week.

-Improved A.I. and graphics
-New features
-Grenades more effective
-Great level design
-Superior to first

-the end game Mission 8 is just annoying
-a little too short
-multiplayer mode isn't that great


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/05/01, Updated 12/05/01

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