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Reviewed: 01/06/02 | Updated: 01/06/02

Wolfenstein for PlayStation

Simply put, the Medal of Honor series is the best reason for a fan of First Person Shooters to keep on buying this genre of games. I bought the first MOH one nice, hot summer afternoon, and after I played the first level, I was so amazed that the next day I bought MOH: Underground! Since I cannot review the first game of MOH (there are more than enough reviews on it already), I'm commenting the second part, which is, actually, a prequel.
In the original MOH, you play the role of Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a member of the Office of Strategic Services of the U.S. Army. As you play through, you will meet a member of the French Resistance named Manon Batiste, who is a brave woman (as well as a beautiful one) that will help Lt. Patterson a lot in his dangerous missions throughout the game. In MOHU, you play as Mademoiselle Batiste during the first years of the occupation of France by the Germans. She will be recruited by Colonel Hargrove of the OSS after her brother is killed in a Nazi ambush in Paris.
A lot of things make this game stand apart from other FPS. While many games of this genre put you on plain ''search and destroy'' missions, there's a lot more into this one than just blast enemies and find the exit. In MOHU there are different objectives to accomplish in a single mission. For example, in one of the final levels, which takes place on the streets of Paris, you must find a stack of petrol bombs, which will help you on your quest to eliminate the traitorous members of the Milice, so you can successfully capture the Prefecture de Police for the Resistance. There are also some stealth missions in which Manon will have to infiltrate enemy territory dressed as a photographer.
The game has plenty of variety to keep you interested for a long time, and to that end, its features are superb.
The graphics are very good, showing you realistic battlegrounds that range from Paris to Morocco to the mountains of Germany. The enemies are so detailed you can tell German officers and soldiers from Resistance and Milice members. It amazes me how much detail was put in the uniforms of the enemies. The various vehicles: motorcycles with sidecars, half-tracks, planes and tanks help give you the feeling that you have been transported to World War II Europe!
The music and sound effects are, in one word, magnificent. I could swear that is John Williams' work in the background! The gunshots, the cries of the soldiers, the barking of the dogs, the caterpillars of the Panzers... just incredible. The audio department is, in my opinion, the one in which this game scores high up to the stratosphere.
The controls are easy to get used to, and include the standard shoot, strafe and action buttons, among others.
The other aspect of MOHU that made my jaw drop, as well as in the original, is the enemy AI. Man, these soldiers are almost alive! They react in different ways, depending on which part of their body you shoot; they alert their partners if one of them sees you; they hide behind corners and shoot you with great accuracy; they kick or toss back at you the grenade you just threw at them! I think you will not find this amazing AI on any other game.
In all, the MOHU series could well become classics for the PlayStation. Remember the father of FPS games, Wolfenstein 3D, in which you explored mazes and killed Nazi scum? Well, take that great title for PC, multiply every good aspect of it by 1000, add a lot more of new stuff, and you got the MOH series. Vive la France!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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