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Reviewed: 01/25/02 | Updated: 02/25/02

On To Victory!

Your Country has been invaded. Your leaders have surrendered and some are now collaborating with the enemy. Join the resistance and battle the Reich from Paris to North Africa. The fight against tyranny is in your hands.
This is Medal Of Honor: Underground.
Basic Overview
Medal Of Honor:Underground takes off where the first Medal Of Honor left off but with several changes. You now play as Manon, you must lead Manon from her beginnings in the Resistance through her recruitment by the OSS to thwart the enemy onslaught. Armed with an arsenal of new weapons, you battle tanks, Half-tracks, motorcycles and Gestapo thugs across a wide variety of authentic World War II locations in Europe and North Africa. From the cobblestone streets of Paris to the narrow alleyways of Casablanca, from a doomed Italian monastery to Himmler's dark medieval castle in Germany, undertake challenging missions to outwit and outgun the enemy. Procured weapons, expert stealth and a poised trigger finger - you'll need them all to become a seasoned OSS veteran and to return home to take your part in the liberation of your nation.
Now we've got the basic overview out of the way... onto the review.

Graphics 7/10
There's some lovely gun models and Axis skins. The level textures fit in nicely with the theme of the game and give a realistic real. There's even some nicely animated tanks (various kinds) for you to deal with.

Game Play 8/10
This might take you a level or two to get to grips with. The default controls have you struggling with a very strange Analog Stick layout but I got used to it very quickly. But it is customizable so anything you don't like you can change.

Life Span 8/10
Nice and long single player mode with a oddly addictive multi player mode. Single player mode took me seven to ten hours (I consider myself the average gamer) on the default difficulty which I feel is very good. Chances are you'll play through the Single Player mode at least twice. Its very satisfying destroying those half - tracks! Once completed the normal way you can go back and use some of the many cheat codes to try the game different ways. Good stuff!

Overall 8/10
I truly enjoyed this game... twice! And plan to play it through again. There's lots of good features (grenades for one) but it does have its flaws. I personally didn't like the level designs very much. There were many levels which looked like I could jump straight out of and into the black abyss. All the level designers had to do was put a tree or wall in the way. But this is basically all I have to complain about. The rest of the game was great fun and UK games can pick it up for as cheap as £7.99. A must for any first person shooter fan

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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