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"History buffs rejoice!................Again!!!!!"

Medal of Honor: Underground, the follow up to Medal of Honor, has proved to be a successful sequel. You are Manon, a French resistance fighter during World War II, working to stop the Nazis. Not only educational, but also a somewhat real life look of how Nazi Europe was during the Hitler era.

Graphics: 10/10

As in the first game, the graphics are very well done for a Playstation game, and have not changed much from the original. Compared to computer games, and this game is behind schedule, but as mentioned, this is a Playstation game and the graphics are good enough that you won't complain about them if you don't play too many first person shooters on computer. There is noticeable detail in levels that will sometimes amaze you such as explosions, soldiers’ clothing, and several military vehicles. There is no blood, which is not a real problem, but those who seek gory games will quickly get turned off. It is quite surprising of what the Playstation is actually capable of. There are no Full Motion Videos or Cinematic Graphics. Instead there are real life videos of World War Two footage, which is a nice substitute, considering the fact it would be hard to make FMVs of hundreds of soldiers running on a battlefield.

The levels are usually big and detailed. You will be put into places such as African fortifications, occupied cities, subway stations, and the very creepy and scary Nazi castle, where fully armoured Nazi knights charge at you with an axe in one hand and shield in another. At some points in the game(such as the castle I just mentioned) I was actually shaking because of the realistic environment and setting. Thank God this isn't the real thing!

Sound/Music: 10/10

Perhaps the best audio in a Playstation game, Medal of Honor: Underground uses real life sounds, all the way from tanks moving at 15 km/h to German speaking soldiers. The voice acting is great and Dreamworks has chosen good actors/actresses for the job. The music during gameplay is orchestrated and very well done. There are many different songs that will creep you out in the scary environments that Underground puts you in. The sounds are so real that sometimes you will get scared of how real it actually sounds like. This game deserves audio of the year award. Kudos to the sound and music crew of Underground!

Gameplay: 10/10

During the game, you receive missions, which consists of 3-4 levels. Levels can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. At the end of each level, you are ranked based on enemies killed, shots taken, accuracy and other things. You get graded in stars, 1 being worst and 3 being best. Although it shows many statistics, you are only graded for certain things. The AI is also impressive. In MOH: Underground, you are sometimes fighting missions with fellow resistance fighters, something that did not happen in the original MOH. Enemy soldiers are smart, taking cover around corners and peeking just enough to shoot you. Sometimes they will even kick the grenade or even jump on it, sacrificing their life to save the lives of their fellow soldiers. Very rarely do they just run around in circles. The AI can be so smart, that sometimes they will catch the Molotov cocktails you lobbed at them in mid-air, and throw it back at you! Many times you will be shot and wounded, but your life will be instantly healed when you walk over a surgeon pack, medical kit, or canteen.

MOH: Underground does have multiplayer(2 players), unfortunately it is not the main feature of the game and is not really fun. There are several different levels, and they are small so that you don't spend a long time alive. There are a lot of different weapons available to Manon. Her arsenal will compose of many different pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, explosives and false identification.

Replay Value: 10/10

Yes, this is a mastering type of game. For each mission, you can unlock cheats and receive souvenirs by getting great ratings. By advancing further into the game, you also unlock multiplayer characters. And if that is not enough, Dreamworks threw in an entire bonus mission, which is unlocked once you have completed the game. Beware, this bonus mission is not at all easy, and will take quite some patience, time, and skill to fully complete.

In the options menu, you can pick three different difficulties. According to what it says when you select a different difficulty, only the healing in between levels will change. On easy, you will be fully healed when the level is completed. On medium, you will have at least 75% of health, and on hard the health carries on from level to level. If you give up on the game, or just don't want to beat it legally, you can enter codes at the password menu and enter a code you have found.

Rent or Buy?

If you are a history buff, or enjoyed the first Medal of Honor, or simply want a well made first person shooter for the Playstation, I suggest you buy this game. If you have not yet played a first person shooter on the Playstation, then you might be disappointed about the graphics. If you care not about the visuals in the game, then you will be granted with a great story and a challenging game that will surely please you with hours of gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/02, Updated 09/03/02

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