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Reviewed: 07/19/02 | Updated: 10/22/02

Better than the original!

After a great first game, Dreamworks revealed another volume of the Medal of Honor series for the Sony Playstation. Not many people agree with me, but I think that the sequel, Medal of Honor: Underground is better.

Gameplay - 9/10: The game handles in much the same way as the first one, with X firing and the analog sticks navigating the 3 dimensional levels. Sometimes it can be a bit jerky when a lot is happening at once, and the enemies sometimes take a while to react to a shot (e.g. you shoot one in the leg then three seconds later they go ''Ungh'' and flinch).
The plot is good (you are a french resistance fighter during the war called Manon who gets recruited to help fight the Axis) and the game is always fun. The locations are varied - you go all over Europe, from France to North Africa and Greece, and some missions are at night and others under a hot sun. The atmosphere of the first game is still present, and the style of gameplay is varied. Some levels require you to shoot a lot while others need you to dress up and change identity or sneak around.
The game also boasts a decent multiplayer mode, with tons of
characters and options as well as six arenas. Basically it's pretty good all round.

Graphics/Sounds - 7/10: The graphics are generally good for the Playstation, and the enemies look like humans (not robots or something like you get in other first-person-shooters). The light and colours reflect the atmosphere of the level, so in North Africa you get bright sand and sunlight, all of which looks realistic. As previously mentioned, there is some slow-down from time to time, but luckily this doesn't affect the gameplay too much.
The music is on the whole pretty good, helping the atmosphere. However, some of the themes aren't quite up to scratch and you might want to turn off the music on these levels. The sound effects are OK (gunshots, footsteps, shouts of ''Achtung'' etc.).

Lifespan - 9/10: There is plenty to unlock in the game, whether it be cheats, levels or medals. When you finish a mission you are rated (either average, good or excellent) and if you get enough excellents stuff becomes available. You can replay the game at least three times without getting bored with it and the multiplayer could keep you going for ages.

Final Verdict: If you enjoy first-person-shooters and own a Playstation then this is the game for you. It has tons of secrets and enough single-player and multiplayer to keep you playing for years to come.
Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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