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Reviewed: 09/09/02 | Updated: 09/09/02

Charles De Gaulle wants you..... to buy and play this game!

Hey hey hey! Shooting Nazis has never been so much fun since I first stepped into the world of Wolfenstein. Medal of Honor is great complement to the first game, this time putting you as a female French underground resistance soldier out to get those dang Nazis out of her country... with help from the OSS of course...

Graphics: 10/10

Very impressive for a PS first person shooter. The graphics are crisp and clear and very realistic. The character models look great from a distance. The level design and visual authenticity can be simply breath-taking. EA simply did an amazing job making this game as authentic as they can. The guns, tanks, uniforms, houses, heck everything looks exactly like their real life counterparts. All this, down to even the roadsigns and the item labels are in german or french. When the camera gets close, however, the console begins to rear its age. The game can get grainy when you get really near some objects, but that's not much of a problem since you'd rarely ever have to get that close.

Audio: 10++/10

This game has one of the best music and sound, period. The game music was composed by none other than a Hollywood composer (who's name I sadly forget), and it shows. The music can easily compare to the majestic soundtracks of war movies of old and new. Heck, you'd think you were watching a war epic. Plus, the voice acting is very very impressive. Those german guards actually speak german! They speak so convincingly well, especially in combat. Some of them may even speak english as they try to hunt your ass down. Pure aural bliss.

Control: 9/10

The controls are tight and responsive. It may take a while to get used to it since I admit that playing an FPS with a controller is rather difficult. It may take even more time to master it. When you get the hang of it, it is still quite hard to fight especially when you have a lot of targets in mind. There is also no auto-lock feature, so you'll have to do all the aiming yourself. Plan your moves carefully, so as to avoid situations where the games control limitations might cost you your game life.
Gameplay: 10/10

Some people say that FPS games have no real use of innovative gameplay. They simply dismiss these games as ''shoot to kill everything in sight''. In this game, however, killing everything you see every time isn't very good. Unlike Quake or whatever game like it, your no Superman (Superwoman for that matter). You're all alone her, except for some levels where you have an ally who like dies in one shot. In some cases you'll need to use stealth, sneaking in behind your enemies and taking them out when they least expect you. My personal fave happens to be the levels where you're disguised and have to make your way through properly, intelligently taking out the right people at right time, completely out of the sight of his pals. It's a thinking man's game, so better use your head.

In this game, your brains and your wits will be the key factor in survival and ultimately, to win the War! If your looking for a game where you can shoot everything with gay abandon, then look elsewhere. With impressive graphics, a killer soundtrack and gameplay that needs your mind's eye, it's one of the last PS game purchases you may ever make. Buy it Now!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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