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"Germans! Arrrgh!"

Medal of Honor: Underground - Germans! Arrrgh!

Buckle up your seat belts kids! Get ready your guns as EA comes another round with the latest installment of Medal of Honor. This time, be prepared to dust off your controllers and be ready to use them all over again. Get your German accent up and loaded all over again. Polish up your alertness, train your accuracy, Medal of Honor 2 has arrived to town.

Just like many old sequels of games out there, which just never get tired of using the same old patriotic war genre, Medal of Honor gives no exception. In the latest installment for us, in first impressions, Underground may look like any other Medal of Honor games in the market. However, Underground introduces in-depth plotlines, a huge array of weapons, and endless possibilities in this game. On the other hand, sequels have to look out for one thing. Can this game keep up with its incredible gameplay like Medal of Honor I? Read on to find out more, soldiers.

These Germans just won't give up!

Underground starts the story in a different method, striking in the feminist side, the game introduces the main character as a female member of the French Resistance. Just recently, she joined and teamed up with her brother to rid the world of those nasty Germans. However, like all war genre stories, a serious plot twist came on before the story even began. Before she could even jump into the truck, which was ready for his escape, it was already being destroyed by a platoon of German troops. In the meantime as well, her beloved dearest brother died. Well, sad. But it's time for payback time as you are on a killing mission to destroy the Germans. Accompanied with you are a few top-notch realistic WWII weapons. Of course, don't expect a BGM lying around.

Nope, no, and no. Medal of Honor has absolutely nothing to do with Capcom and their excellent Resident Evil games, but they all share one similarity. Both of them walk like humans with the shoes put on the wrong side and a bandage wrapped around the eyes. Well, you would think that DreamWorks would have found that out and got rid of the flaws already, well think again. Some of the graphics in this game are totally absurd. One clear example would be the Germans. Riddle a few holes in their chest, and they break into a native dance before collapsing on the floor. No fear though, these small flaws are quite well covered with the other excellent factors. Read on.

Riddle a few holes in their chest, and they break into a native dance before collapsing on the floor.

One good thing about Medal of Honor is the number of possibilities in the game. Instead of going head-to-head with a Panzer tank that could squash you in a microsecond, do you notice the well-placed turret to your right? There's also mounted machineguns, these babies would terrorize the entire region that you can fire, for a while. On the other hand, these big machines are as easy as pie to get rid of. However, it would be cool to have a new change and dispatch of them in a different way though. This is one thing the original lacked, and DreamWorks covered it. Not bad.

After completing the first 10 missions, don't despair, there are quite a few number more to go. Medal of Honor: Underground spawned many other missions to keep you occupied for weeks while you go around looking for Germans to shred with your all-new machine gun. Oh right, did I mention to you that the latest imported whisky is really good against pesky Germans? Yeah, go on. You still have a long way soldier. In closing, Medal of Honor would be good for pretty much gamers of all ages. The oldies would love this game, as they must have played the original. For kids, it's easy. Anything that can be moved and be fired to make people dance would fit for them, that is. Unless you really hate FPS, or is a German (^_^), this game would be a good choice for your holidays.

Gameplay: 9/10
Probably the best part of the entire game.
Graphics: 8/10
Did you read about the German who broke into a native dance before he died?
Audio: 8/10
Story: 8/10
Replayability: 7/10
As I said, Underground lacked Replay elements.
Buy Or Rent: Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 03/01/03

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