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"Train Under Seige"


It's been a while before I finally decided to just buy this game and check it out. What stopped me so many times before is that I have tended to just go by reviews and never give the game an honest try. I quickly learned many times (and with this title too) that sometimes you just have to try it yourself. Now take into granted that this game is taking place on a train. I feel thats pretty darn original. The game feels and plays somewhat like Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. Why? because of the somewhat spooky freak you out music and the jumping moments. Also the character controls and graphics look similar to MGS. My personal opinion of this game after playing it? very underrated. And you to will see why...

A story out of a B action movie

Heh, while the train idea for the game is original (original as in not many games that are done on trains) The story however isn't. When I think about the story it makes me laugh. The voice overs feel forced. It's as if the people were struggling to get through the recording session. Also some of the accents were just rank...did I mention FAKE? To tell you the truth, I wasn't all to into the story. It would have made it a whole lot better if the voice acting were better. To put it simply, which is all it really needs, is that you are a NATO soldier on a covert-ops mission to secure a train that is under siege by terrorists. And yes you come across some hairy rescue missions here and there.

How do you handle?

I'll be honest here, the controls really aren't that bad. I only got semi-confused with the shoulder button moves. Moves such as duck, roll left, roll right, and quick-turn. The thing that killed it was camera angles. Okay I understand this game is taking place on a train. And I also understand that trains are somewhat confined. So that would make a person think while working on this game that that could be a potential issue. But hey who will notice?? WE WILL of coarse. It's terrible when you have to take out a guy and you can't even see what your shooting at. The person will kind of be off screen and the only way to get it done it to fire blindly or move in risking your health or life. And plus the lock on system is automatic, something I wasn't to fond of but none-the-less got used to and grew to like. But other than that the controls are great. does it sound?!

OoOoOoOo the music is great. I have to say it's pretty darn eerie and has a suspense all of it's own. The music carries an awesome mood and changes every now and then so it's not repetitive. Honestly the music makes you feel like you are in a survival horror game.

Gameplay or NO WAY?

As I mentioned previous, the game feels similar to RE or MGS. The game takes place on a train and the train is always moving. There are a lot of load times but they aren't long. You would figure a game on a train would be pretty boring but I didn't think so. You stalk train to train taking out baddies sometimes walking in on you unexpectedly. And sometimes if your not careful waiting in corners ready to ambush you. Plus the whole "being on a train" and the "seclusion" make it all the better. While you backtrack a lot it doesn't take away from the gameplay value. The game is semi-puzzle solving. Nothing to difficult but then again, maybe some things you will have to use the ol' noodle. Movement is simple and flows nicely. The biggest flaws in the game fall under camera angles and voice acting. I would have LOVED to give this game a 10 but that just wouldn't be an honest review now. But YES the camera DOES effect your game play "sometimes". Because you will find yourself in a sticky spot and not being able to see what your firing at and where the gun fire is coming from. But don't despair, there are a lot of things that pop up and twist the game play around making it more intense. And sometimes you will be put on a timer for some down to the wire quick moving game play action.

Roger that, everything is looking fine!

The graphics are good. I was totally impressed. I still say they should have made the back grounds and the environments "pre-rendered" but you can't always ask for to much now. So the detail on things are kind of broken.

Are you going to take on another mission?!

The replay value on this game is pretty strong. The game is pretty big so you have a lot to explore and the game spans two discs.

Can you repeat that?

The game is NOT bad. If your looking for a gritty bloody shooter than hey, why not? Also if you are into RE or MGS than this title is SO for you. I wouldn't knock it because of the reviews and just pick it up and try it. You will not be disappointed. It will be a nice addition to your library.

NOW get OUT there and get to GAMIN'

-Happy Gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/17/06

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