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Reviewed: 09/15/01 | Updated: 03/05/02

Not the worst game I've played, but it ranks up there.

This Is not a camp Trainspotting Sim. Just wanted to mpoint it out. Now where to start? Sony wanted a Game to challenge the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. They have made a fair effort to make a Game out of this. But the glaring errors encountered when you first sample this experience could put you off for life. (Not seriously of course). To say Chase the Express has borrowed from Resident Evil is an understatement. Sure your battling Terrorists instead of A marauding army of the undead, and are In the Cozy Interior of the 342 to Zurich and not a Gothic House of Horrors, but the Tension and Atmosphere Is lost, and seems awfully familier to a certain Seagal film.

They have ‘Lifted’ The Inventory system and even the font for the Text! You will recognize it! Action Films cannot keep suspense. To make a good adventure you need suspense and Frankly Chase the Express has none of it. You’ll walk down Car 14 and see a terrorist in the Distance. Now lets hunt him out. Only it is virtually impossible to do so. The camera, as Jack (That’s you) moves across the cars, pans around him and in front of him? Huh? In front of him? You can’t even see the terrorist. Also it seams he learned to shoot from Sesame Street, And about 60% of the shots fired will hit the Carriage, the door etc.

In resident Evil, Gamers slammed Capcom worldwide for Using Ugly door animations (Personally I liked the door animations) when you decide to walk through one. In Chase The Express, You get a Text message (Accompanied by White Static. Why?) Reminding you where you are. Were not likely to forget, Sony, we’ve been told the last 5 Doors. Irritating flaws like that make gamers turn away in disgust. Shame on you Sony! The

Graphics are Glitchy in most Places. As I said before, When a Terrorist is revealed, the camera zooms in on the Spook, Revealing the worst Graphics on show ever! The Once Plush Redwood Interior of Car 12 has now been transformed into an ugly Pixilated Dog’s dinner. The characters are Terribly Ugly, but thankfully you don’t get a Close up on them. The Full motion Videos are Embarrassingly amateur, like from the primitive Sega CD. The characters have no Biographies or motives and you never really know what’s going on. This is a Prime Example. Terrorists take over a ‘Super’ Train (This is for Plot As well) carrying the French ambassador and Ransom It off to NATO. If this is the case, why do they not even bother search for the Politician? They needed him! Don’t tell me a lazy screenwriter ‘couldn’t be bothered to clean up these messes. As if this wasn’t enough, the voice acting is terrible, even worse than Resident Evil. I mean where did they find these actors?
Every conversation’s tension is removed when the Actors spout off Rubbish in laughably put on Military accents and the clichéd Evil of the Baddies. There is also the Token Turncoat, But the twist is so easy to see coming, you can Duck, Camp out and eat a Sandwich before it is revealed. The only real strong point is The Lifespan. There are 4 Discs of action and even a Few alternate endings and Places. Secret character and Infinite ammunition wraps up a fair amount to come back for.

I found that this game is frustrating, Irritating and Painstakingly laughable at times. It rips off Resident Evil in every way it can and then ruins them In a Rushed and Frankly awful game. I recommend that you steer clear of this game, even if you find it cheap. If you really want to sample the ‘Experience’ Rent it first.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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