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"A good game, Lacking in originality."

I never really liked trains. Cramped in a non-smoking smelly carriage next to a man smoking a cigarette ignoring the sign, Little kids screaming, Awful food. So of course i'm going to enjoy This new game. (sarcasm)
Let's face it a game set in a train isn't going to inspire many people is it??It works though.The game is set in numerous carriges and you have areas to explor. The game revolves around You being john Morton, Lone member of crack team NATO troops assigned to guard the French ambassador and his family, During a trian journey from Moscow - Paris. Needless to say the train has been Hijacked by terroisists with all kinds of world-domination ideas. Oh and you have to stop them at all costs.
Through the adventure there are plenty of puzzles to solve, Which are usually finding keycards and then using computers to update them to access new areas of the game. There are a couple of Interesting sub-games as well, Such a using a tank gun, lining up 2 moving trians and defusing bombs( which was the best bit of the game for me)
Gameplay is compelling from start-finish, The FMV sequnces are like syphon filter/driver rank which is a REAL big shame as it would be 10 times better with lovely rendered graphics from Resident Evil 3. The loading times are like waiting for a train to arrive in bitter cold weather, Painful and depressing. If it had also borrowed the Stealth moves from MGS: it would have been more satisfying to kill guards rather than simply blowing him away.
The combat system is annoying, You have to aim so that the tRget appears over eguard you intend to kill. Doing this is slow and in a situation with multipule guards you're gonna get you're ass blown away. These faults start to Muffle the funafter a bit.
The game looks good-especially trapsing through piles of your fallen comrades with Shogn holes through their head. You cannot enter first-person mode like in MGS: Which woul have been a handy feature to use. Comingon two CD's you might think the longetivity would be big. Not so, Most of the game is spent Going back and forth the carriages. There is big replay-value because there is around 4-5 endings, The order you do things tigger different endings.

Make no mistake Chase the Express is a good game it's just after a bit you will reach f the Emergency-brake get out and never get back in again.

Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 7/10
Control - 7/10 - Really annoying Combat system.
Longetivity - 8/10
Replay - 10/10
Buy/rent - Rent for a couple of weeks and you'll have it sussed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/13/00, Updated 04/13/00

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