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"Tom Clancy spliced with Resident Evil"

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (known as Chase the Express in Japan and Europe), is something of an oddity. It only takes place in one location (a train). And it makes you remember Resident Evil. This is a game that is worth picking up as long as you don't mind the fact that you'll keep running back and forth on a rather large train.

Story: (8/10)
You play the game as a NATO operative named Jack Horton, as he was assigned to the protection of the Franch ambassador's train. As the train leaves Moscow the train comes under assault by a terrorist organization. Most if not all of the NATO soldiers were killed in the assault. As the sole survivor it's up to you to single handedly stop the terrorists and save the ambassador, his family, and whoever is alive.

Visuals: (7/10)
The graphics in Covert Ops are actually good. Especially for a PS1 game. The backgrounds are really well done, and the character models look pretty good. And there are some things in the game that look like they were taken from the Resident Evil franchise, and it's not only the camera angles, but in the dining/kitchen car look like something you'd see out of a Resident Evil. The cinematics are also really well done. They may be some of the best FMVs in a PS1 game ever. The camera angle was stolen from Resident Evil, you can never see where any of the terrorists are and just generally have to guess.

Sound: (6/10)
The voice acting varies from bad to the really bad (yet another thing that reminds me of Resident Evil). All tension really disappears when the character's talk to one another. The guns sound okay, and the music is relatively good. I'd probably rate this category higher, if the voice acting wasn't so bad.

Playability: (6/10)
The controls in Covert Ops are a lot like Resident Evil (Tank-like and difficult). Add to that a frustrating camera system and you have a game that's difficult to play. None of this would be bad except for the fact that the load times are horrendous. The game also assumes your memory sucks so everytime you enter a room on the lower part of the screen it tells you which car your in. Now I can understand that when you go from car to car. But not when you enter a little side room on the same car. One thing that the game has going for it is it's multiple endings. You'll want to try to get all of them.

Overall this is a pretty good Playstation 1 game to play if you want to play a Resident Evil clone, and marvel at the fact that they didn't really pull it off all that well. It's not a horrible game by any means (except for the camera angles and load times), it just doesn't anything that particularly ground breaking. So pick it up if your interested in trying it, but just don't expect the world with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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