Review by xSolidSnakex

Reviewed: 08/19/03

LET IT RIP for another fun, yet seemingly rushed Beyblade Game.

I must admit, the game is indeed fun for fans of the anime, but for all others, im not so sure. Well, lets get down on the info . . .

Not stellar, but also not bad for its time. The monotonus spinning circles, in the same grey-ish arena does indeed get tiring, however other parts arent so bad. I like the opening alot, as it is the same from the show. Also, in the customize section for your beyblade, it showd good diagrams and pictures of what it will look like, andwhat all the different pieces are like.
Score: 7/10

The sounds arent bad during gameplay, but they do get old. Sure, i love hearing ''LET IT RiP'' at the start of everymatch, but during the battles, ''DJ Jazzman's'' comments get old. Following the launch he alwayd says the same ''what a great launch!'' or ''what a weak launch,'' and during the match, half the things he says dont come out as more than a little random babbling. Every few seconds you hear ''Wow,'' or ''What a big hit,'' or some other incoherent thing.
Score: 6/10

Gameplay/Fun Factor
This is definitly where the game shines. Fans, or not alike will enjoy riping it up in the beyblade stadium against their friends, or their favorite anime character. The tournaments can get old, but you can still play them many times, thriving to get more BeyPoints (money almost) in order to buy that one special part to finish your new blade.

Which brings me to another part of the game, the customize section. This part i found quite fun, not being an expert on beyblades, just a mere person who saw the show and at first laughed at it, so i bought the game as a joke for me and my friends, but now we actually enjoy it. Anyways . . there are many different parts to buy, all the components that make up a real beyblade, as well as the magical-like bit beast chip that lets a beast come out of the blade and release a special attack. As said before, these new parts can be purchased after winning many battles, and earning beypoints. Pverall, very fun to play.

Well, thats what i think of it, if your not to sure, then a good rent will suffice, and you may just like it and want to buy it. It is on the borderline. However, these days you can buy it for around as much as you would rent a game for (if you could even find it to rent anywhere), i picked it up at Best Buy for 6 bucks, they have PS games for quite cheap now.

Well, hope you found some of this useful, and if you choose to get the game, will write up your own review to help more poepls' opinions.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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