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"Small Little Details, Big Impact"

Hi folks! You wanna know if RAYMAN's good or not? Let me tell you the story of the PlayStation! (One.)

It was the 1990s. Everyone wanted the new gaming experience, the PlayStation!!! It had 3-D graphics, a built-in CD player and could PWN all the other gaming consoles off of the shelf. And one 2-D sidescroller game, (which was one of the launch titles), became the greatest-selling PS1 game in the UK beating Tomb Raider!

It was from a French game company known as UbiSoft.
It started a whole series of 3-D video games.
Its name was RAYMAN.

When someone first looks at a screen from RAYMAN, he'd probably think – meh. It's really nothing special. Just a 2-D sidescroller. A few good visuals. However, when the same person PLAYS the game, he'll think – wow. Oh wow, oh wow. LOOK at all the colours on screen at one time! Ponder at the virtual orchestra playing music just for you! Ask yourself – why do you deserve this? I'll tell you what. You don't. You don't deserve this. This is far too good for a mere mortal. This is a game... for the GODS.

The story is, admittedly, pretty substandard. An evil villain known only as Mr. Dark has captured a magical life force known as the Great Protoon and captured al the ‘Electoons', small pink balls with blond long hair (I assume that they are all girls). You obtain powers from Betilla the fairy, a fairy (duh) who was also defeated by Mr. Dark, but not actually CAPTURED until before you battle with Dark. (Strangely, you don't find out what happens to her after that. She just disappears.)

All the levels are short, sweet and unfortunately have an extremely steep difficulty curve. Give the controller to a little kid, and wait about five hours. He'll probably not have even gotten to the fourth boss yet. It's THAT hard. I haven't even beaten it yet!

The sprites and scenery are... just awe-inspiring. It must have taken YEARS to complete post-production on the art! The animations are smooth. Your foot stays on the ground and doesn't move. It stays with the ground as you move until it lifts up. Small little details, big impact. There are over 65.000 colours in this game. That's a lot. The levels are so diverse too. You go from a forest to a music-based world, from there to mountains, and then on to an art-themed world, then to some empty caverns and finally to a candy-themed world. Wow. What a big game. =O

The main objective of this game is to find and break all the cages containing Electoons, break them all to unlock Candy Chateau, where the evil Mr. Dark is waiting. It won't be easy to do either. It ill take all your strength and powers. You will have to redo levels a LOT.

The only flaw? The INSANE DIFFICULTY!!!!!!!!!

It is such a good game, it puts all of its sequels to shame. I shall review these sequels soon.

BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/06/10

Game Release: Rayman (EU, 09/29/95)

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