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"The best side-scroller...PERIOD"

Over the years, there have been many side-scrollers introduced to the market. Of these, the ever popular Mario and Sonic series. But, as next generation platforms are released, this great genre is getting phased out. Some say it is because they don't sell anymore, others say that it is because the new generation systems are incapable of 2D games. Well, whichever the case, side-scrollers seem to be becoming an extinct species. What I'm here to do today is tell you of, in my opinion, the best side-scrollers available. This side-scroller is so popular, that it has been made multi-platform and is currently among the PlayStations greatest hits.

Graphics - 10+
These graphics are just plain sweet. Just giving the reason that you do not like side-scrollers is no excuse not to check out this game. This game may look ''kiddie'', but let me tell you, people of any age group would find this enjoyable. Your main character (yep, you guessed it) Rayman is ultra cool. No arms, no legs, no problem. Just watching someone play this reminds you of a well-drawn cartoon, every frame of this game is a work of art.

Sound - 10+
This is some of the best music and sound effects I've ever heard. I especially like the sound effect when Rayman punches a fish and you hear all his teeth shatter. Yeah, call me morbid, but that's one of my favorite sounds (unless it happens to me). For a bonus, just stick this disc into any old CD player, sit back and listen.

Story - 7
Not to innovative but it'll do. This evil guy named Mr. Dark (now does that sound sinister or what?) and takes over your homeland. It's your job (of course) to return your homeland to its former glory. Along your way you meet a lot of weird characters and travel across 6 beautiful worlds.

Characters - 10
The characters of this game deserve a special note. Every character in this game is beautifully drawn and should earn the artist an award. Of course, there's Rayman, the guy with no arms, legs or neck connecting his appendages to his body. The electoons, the guys you have to save. And of course, were would any good game be without a villain, the evil Mr. Dark. Then there's the countless endearing characters that you meet throughout the game.

Control - 10
Great control, there are only two buttons, jump and punch (once you get the ability to punch). Add that to the contour of the PlayStation controller and you got yourself a comfortable ride through the splendid world of Rayman.

Replay - 7
This is a great game for all the reasons I listed above. This game will have you begging for more. The graphics alone are reason enough to come back.

Overall - 10
Great game, what more can I say? This game can be found for $15-$20 and I think it's well worth the money. After all, how many side-scrollers do you know of that have obtained to being on the Greatest Hit list?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/20/01, Updated 07/20/01

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