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"The greatest 2d platfomer since Sonic"

A few days ago I picked up Ray man, and gave it a go. I am not very young, I have got a girlfriend, and I have got a life. But I played it. And as I played, it occurred to me that I was playing a very childish game. Never-the-less, I had whittled away 2 hours on my bed playing that childish game. And loved it.

The graphics are superb. Beautiful backgrounds and amazingly cartoon like sprites make it all seem like a cartoon that you can control. Animated sprites in many of the levels just scream out to be watched, and it can take a while before you realize you have to actually advance in the game.

How they managed to get just about every single sprite to have its own sound I'll never know. The tings that you have to collect often have there own sounds as well, and if collected right can be very musical. The music for the levels are very good, and the sharpness of the few voice extracts are brilliant. The best level in the game is the band land level, where absolutely EVERYTHING has a sound. I wish I could give this 11/10. In fact, if you put the disc in a CD player and play tracks 3 and onwards, you can listen to nearly 50 tracks from the game. Great, huh?

Game play-9/10
The game play is spot on. It has very few special abilities, which is good because it doesn't over-complicate the controls. However, the abilities there are are exceedingly imaginative such as an ability to hold little flying O's and swing from them. Also, the fact that some levels have to be revisited to collect more cages with the abilities is very clever. However, it can get quite irritating when you visit the same level 50 times for 1 cage. Also, some levels are very hard to beat without being very lucky or even, dare I say it, cheating. Speaking of which, another great thing is that here are very few cheats, and what cheats there are are hard to do so it is not a case of burn through the game with tons of cheats activated.

Story line-9/10
It is a good storyline, but a bit too childish. Mr Dark has unbalanced the relationship between people and nature, and must be stopped. Ray man must go and save the Electoons from the cages that have been used to capture them, and then go and defeat Mr Dark. But, it is too farfetched. Imaginative, but too childish.

Despite a childish storyline and occasionally irritating game play it is still a wonderful game to play. With several bosses and very funny looking bad guys to fight, along with the amazing sounds, I would definitely recommend it to buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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