Playstation one and newer LCD TV?

  1. I have a first gen playstation and I just tried hooking it up to a new LCD tv. If I hook it up straight to the tv I get nothing, if I hook it up first to my home theater then to the tv I get sound but no video. It works on other tvs in the household. Strange!

    User Info: bl_Zebub

    bl_Zebub - 8 years ago

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  1. A lot of LCD TVs have a hard time displaying low resolution images (anything lower than 640x480), and will just display a blank screen. Since a large amount of PS1 games output at 320x200, they won't show up on your TV. Some games run menus in 640x480, but actual gameplay in 320x200 (like Gran Turismo 2). This is why you are hearing audio, but not seeing any video.

    So, basically, you are unable to play the overwhelming majority of PS1 games on your LCD TV.

    To get around this, you could buy a hardware upscaler (but you shouldn't). Your money would be better spent going toward a PS3, which can upscale PS1 games up to 1080p. Until then, you have to stick with the CRT.

    User Info: EinhanderII

    EinhanderII - 8 years ago 2 0

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