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    Game Enhancer Plus FAQ (JIS) by Carlos M.

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    Game Enhancer Plus FAQ
    Version 1.11
    Wednesday, January 29, 2003
    by Carlos Miranda
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    Version: 1.11
    Wednesday, January 29, 2003
    Author: Carlos Miranda
    Part 1 E-mail policy
    Part 2 Version history
    Part 3 Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Part 4 The Game Enhancer Plus (Version 5.04)
    Part 5 Miscellaneous
    Part 6 Credits
    Part 1 E-mail policy
    1. Read the entire FAQ before asking quesitons
    2. Attached messages are NOT allowed.
    3. Include the title of the guide (on top) in the subject field or message 
    4. As for Webmasters who want my FAQ, please ask. If I find out that you 
    ripped me off I will ask for removal of guides and you cannot accept future 
    guides from me.
    5. I will delete offensive messages immediately.
    Sending in a good e-mail will quickly return with a reply. If I don't, just 
    send the message again within one week of me not replying, to the backup 
    address. Sometimes I'm out of town, or just plain busy, so don't send to the 
    backup address unless I didn't reply for at least a week.
    Part 2 Version History
    Version 1.11 Wednesday, January 29, 2003
    Reformatted to 79 characters per line.
    Corrected a few typos (that I noticed)
    Removed RAQ
    Re-wrote the e-mail policy, made it a LOT more brief.
    Re-wrote some answers and edited others, a bit cleaner now.
    Revised version numbers! (hahaha) A numbering error on my part caused a BIG 
    version number jump from V.1 to V.3! Now V.3 is now V.1.1 and this version is 
    Version 1.1 Tuesday, October 2 2001
    New MISC INFO section.
    Game Enhancer + is ILLEGAL (gasp!!!)
    Version 1 Monday, January 08, 2001
    Nothing important to say, just that I started it.
    Part 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    For MAJOR concerns regarding the Game Enhancer Plus (Version 5.04), check this 
    part. Common questions and concerns normally are found here. If you don't find 
    it here, e-mail me, but check the e-mail policy first.
    The Enhancer FAQ is for the Game Enhancer Plus.
    Questions that go to the RAQ are only asked me by two to five people. After it 
    has been asked by the 6th I'll move it here.
    Q. What is the Game Enhancer Plus?
    A. It is another version of the older Game Enhancer (as far as I know). If you 
    don't own a Game Enhancer Plus but a Game Enhancer, check Devin Morgan's FAQ 
    on GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/game/22680.html> This URL 
    will take you to the page where the FAQs are.
    URL - Uniform Resouce Locator
    HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    The Game Enhancer Plus is a Gameshark compatible device. It can be used as a 
    Gameshark, a memory card manager, and a CD Player or game cutscene player.
    Q. Does a Game Enhancer Plus support everything a Gameshark does?
    A. No, not exactly. I don't own a Gameshark, so see Dingo Jellybean's 
    Gameshark Pro FAQ on the same URL above.
    Q. Does it support Xplorer and Xploder codes?
    A. No. I don't own it either. Check vgstrategies.about.com for details.
    Q. How does it work?
    A. That's easy. It knows certain values that you enter in the code, in 
    Hexadecimal system. The code contains which value to override, and to how 
    much. For example, 80013782 means EXP recieved in the game Final Fantasy 7, 
    and FFFF to change it to 65535. Understand? It means it manually overrides 
    certain values that you specify to be changed, and changes it to the value you 
    Q. How do I use the Game Enhancer?
    A. Just plug it in the parallel I/O port at the back of your Playstation.
    Q. There is no Parallel port.
    A. You have one of the 9000 series Playstations. To know which you have, you 
    need to see the bottom of your PSX and see if your model no. is not SCPH-900X. 
    There are ways to install a parallel port yourself, and parts are available 
    online. This is a VERY risky procedure and requires electronic engineering 
    skills, or at least you have to be handy with a soldering iron. I will not 
    entertain any questions on how to do this or links to sites that sell these 
    Or, you may have a PSOne. If so, you are out of luck.
    Q. What do I do?
    A. There is a Gameshark CD, I don't know about it.
    Q. My game crashed. Is there something wrong with my device?
    A. No. You probably entered the wrong code, which means the value to change 
    does not exist for the game, or the value to override is beyond the limit. For 
    example, only 1923 is available and you enter FFFF.
    Q. I heard that you can hack codes for the Gameshark using the port at the 
    back. Can this be used for the Game Enhancer?
    A. I don't know anything about hacking. See Gameshark FAQs.
    Q. Do you know how to use import games?
    A. No, not exactly. I haven't tried it, since my Playstation was already 
    modified when I bought my Enhancer Plus.
    Q. Can I use Gameshark codes that only work for a certain version of the 
    Gameshark on the Game Enhancer Plus? (E.g. G.S. 2.2 or higher)
    A. No, the Game Enhancer Plus is slightly different in that case. Even if you 
    have the Game Enhancer Plus 5.04 it still won't work.
    Q. Do you cheat?
    A. Yes, mostly in RPGs. But I try to complete the game before I start playing 
    around cheats with it.
    Q. What kind of games can you use the Enhancer?
    A. Any. Even if you bought yours in America you can use it in Asia or Europe, 
    just make sure that the codes are for that version of the game.
    Q. Do you recommend a site for the codes?
    A. Yes, GSCCC http://www.cmgsccc.com. The Game Software Creators Club does not 
    only host Gameshark/Action Replay/Enhancer codes but for other cheat devices 
    as well.
    Q. I cannot find the code I want. Where do I go?
    A. Check other sites for Gameshark codes. Cheat Code Central 
    http://www.cheatcc.com and http://cheatplanet.com are good sites to begin 
    with. The only drawback is Cheat Planet is often out-of-date, and Cheat Code 
    Central often has codes similar to GSCCC. 
    http://vgstrategies.about.com has links to other Game Shark Sites.
    See user-created codes from guides in GameFAQs or some other site, most of 
    them are more reliable.
    Q. With the "Normal Start" menu and the "Start game with cheat codes" menu,
    will "Start game with code" without choosing any game/code make any difference?
    A. Yes. If you try to start as "Normal Start", removing the Game Enhancer Plus 
    will _not_ crash the game. If you start with codes, the Game Enhancer Plus
    will not have anything to override, but it will still control the game because
    all codes are controlled by the Game Enhancer.
    Q. (Special Thanks to Devin Morgan) The Enhancer says the memory card is 
    unformatted. What is the solution?
    A. The answer is to remove the memory card and reinsert it. If in some case 
    your memory card was dropped, or abused in any way the files got corrupted, 
    this message will appear. If you just bought the memory card and it's just out 
    of the box and you didn't use it yet, it needs formatting anyway.
    Q. There are "?" icons in my memory manager. What's the cause? One of my files 
    are also missing.
    A. Some games like Megaman X4 and Pac Man World save in a way that only _very 
    accurate_ memory card readers and the game itself can read the file format. 
    Let's say for example, you have a Megaman X4 save that you want to copy. The 
    solution is to use the game itself or the built-in memory manager of the 
    Playstation. I noticed this when I played Rouge Trip my X4 save was missing, 
    but it says "Megaman X4". I also noticed that when I played Chessmaster III it 
    registered as "DAMAGED FILE".
    Q. My save got corrupted (Damaged) when I copied it to another memory card.
    A. There are several possibilities, namely:
    Your memory card is fake.
    You removed the memory card/controller while saving
    The manager isn't as accurate as the built-in manager of the Playstation. In 
    that case remove the GE+ and use the built-in manager instead.
    Q. (Special thanks to Devin Morgan) Why is the Game Enhancer "Start Game" 
    screen shorter than the normal PSX logo and SCE logo?
    (Original question by Devin Morgan "What's the difference between playing a 
    regular game with the Game Enhancer plugged in or not?)
    A. Basically, the Playstation searches wether the disc is a game disc or a 
    music CD. The game disk will take you to the Playstation logo, while a music 
    CD will take you to the CD player.
    Q. My manual says somthing about a "Golden Finger" function. What's that?
    A. Some versions of the Game Enhancer Plus have a "Golden Finger" function 
    built into it. After you turn the system on, a game "High Speed Golden Finger"
    will be selected automatically, even if it isn't in your Game Enhancer. So 
    far, that's all I know about it.
    Q. I just recieved an error message (Japanese) that allow you to select "EL" 
    or something.
    A. I don't understand Japaneese, but I think it means that the Game Enhancer 
    is full. One time I over-cheated with too many codes, I got this message.
    Q. Where can you buy the Game Enhancer Plus?
    A. It's available in most game stores here in the Philippines, I don't know 
    about other locations.
    Q. How much does it cost?
    A. It is available for 500 Pesos (Philippine money), or about $10 US.
    Q. Why is it, in my V-RAM image viewer, the screen does not show the last 
    picture that was shown before I ended the game?
    A. There are several possibilities, namely
    1. You did not reset the Playstation but turned it off.
    2. You are viewing it at the wrong resolution, try using your shoulder (L1, 
    L2, R1, R2) buttons to adjust it.
    Q. Why does my CD-ROM Player Plus show the CD-Player screen for a game?
    A. There are several possibilities, namely:
    1. Your CD is dirty (most likely)
    2. The Game Enhancer Plus does not recognise the CD you inserted.
    Q. Why does my game crash when I Start Game With Code +?
    A. If it is playable with the codes without the "+" sign (press select), the 
    tendency of the game when you start it with code + is that the game may hang, 
    or you can't turn it off.
    Part 4 The Game Enhancer Plus Version 5.04
    What's new with the Game Enhancer Plus
    I don't know. I don't own a Game Enhancer. I _think_  it's that it has no 
    built-in codes menu, so that you can edit freely. I'm not sure. I only know 
    the Game Enhancer _PLUS_.
    Getting started
    Insert your Game Enhancer Plus in the Parallel I/O port of your Playstation. 
    After that, turn on the system and instead of booting up the disc directly, 
    the Playstation will start in a special menu that will allow you to choose six 
    different functions. Here are they:
    Normal Start
    Start the game normally, like you would do without the Game Enhancer Plus.
    Start Game With Code/Start Game With Code +
    Starts the game with the selected codes. If the code does not work, try 
    pressing select and Start Game With Code + will appear. This works for games 
    like Metal Gear Solid, the version 1.0 codes will need this function. Note 
    that selecting no game and using this menu will make a difference with normal 
    start. Starting the game here will hang the game if the device is removed, 
    while normal start will not.
    Select Cheat Codes
    Allows you to select a variety of built-in codes, and you are also able to 
    delete/edit existing codes and make new ones.
    Memory Manager
    Conveniently manage memory card files here. Note that the built-in manager of 
    the Playstation is more reliable.
    V-RAM Image Viewer
    This is a not-so-useful but interesting function. It will save the last image 
    displayed when you _reset_ your Playstation. This is very useful if you need 
    to read the copyright notice of the game. When it is displayed immediately 
    reset your Playstation.
    CD-ROM Player Plus
    This function can either be a CD player or a movie viewer. If you want to view 
    movies, the file format should match. If you still don't have the format you 
    can press Triangle and search.
    Inputting codes
    Choose new game or new code. Enter the _proper_ code and start the game with 
    codes. If in any time you need to edit them press square.
    NOTE: Unless a code is really needed to be that way, you can combine the codes 
    to one name for less space. The only drawback is that you can't turn them off 
    one by one.
    Part 5 Misc Info
    GAME ENHANCER+ IS ILLEGAL! Yes! Here is what Chuck Cochem e-mailed me:
    "What?" I hear you say? It's true. The game Enhancer is illegal. And
    here's why.
    First there was the Pro Action Replay/Game Shark. WE all know what this
    is. It's a cheating and hacking device, with legitimate purposes. The
    "Pro" persion of the Gameshark, and most versions of the Pro Action
    Replay (PAR) have a port on the back for a PC interface. This can be
    used to transfer data to PC, and also to reflash the BIOS. Now some
    Japanese programmers who didn't want to fork out the 700$ worth of cash
    to buy a Yarouze came up with a clever idea. They realised that the
    gameshark pro was a lot cheaper, and could be reprogrammed to be a
    development device, with the help of the PC Comms Link, and coded a
    replacement BIOS from scratch. This added some nifty development
    features. However, one function was missing from it. the ability to
    actually play the game you developed and burned to CD-R, because it was
    too big to load directly to main memory through the Comms Link. So, the
    guy wrote a function in it to stop the motor after the boot code was
    read, so you could then, if you modified the door open sensor, safely
    swap an original with your burned new homebrew game for testing. And
    once it worked that way, you could then run the game on any modded
    playstation. All this is completely legal, as the Caetla tools were all
    legally developed.
    Now the Hong Kong people saw this product, and said "Hey! This function
    can also be used to boot pirate copies!" This doesn't in itself make
    Caetla illegal, because that is not it's primairy use. But, the pirates
    knew that the original Caetla wasn't very "usable" for the average
    pirate user. So they accquired a copy of this Caetla bios, and hacked
    it's code, violating the copyright of the Caetla BIOS owners. They
    translated the menus to English (legal), added and removed certain
    functions (illegal), and put in special code to auto-enable the swap
    function (HIGHLY illegal). And presto. we have a "Game Enhancer+"/"Game
    Wizard"/"PlugMod"/"External Mod Chip"/"Pro Action Replay" (many of the
    clones used the original device's name to lend them a false perception
    of legitimacy)/you name it.
    That is what the Game Enhancer is. A Hong Kong knock off of the
    Gameshark with an illegaly modified BIOS and a simplified import/backup
    playing function added. And because it is done by pirates, it is buggy,
    due to lack of quality assurance. Not only do they violate the DMCA, by
    being marketed as "external Mod Chips", but they ALSO infringe on the
    copyrights of the LEGIT Caetla BIOS author.
    There are only three legal BIOSes around for a GameShark/PAR that I am
    aware of. The Interact copyrighted GameShark BIOS, the Datel copyright
    Pro Action Replay BIOS, and the Caetla BIOS. All other's I've seen are
    illegal hacks of Caetla.
    Incidentally, some legitimate versions of the Game Shark Pro can be used to do 
    a variation of the orginal, and safe, swap trick. You enter the Gamesharks CD 
    menu, then swap discs after the motor stops. (of course, you must install a 
    spring to hold the sensor down. 
    So here's my advice to everyone. DO NOT buy any "Game Enhancers"! If
    you wish to cheat and hack, but not develop games, buy a Gameshark or
    legit Pro Action Replay (many hong kong clones claim to be A Pro Action
    Replay, but are not!). If you wish to do homebrew development, buy a
    game shark pro/PAR and PC COMMS Link/SharkLink, download the Caetla
    BIOS, flash your cheat device, learn Japanese, and start developing. If
    you wish to play imports and backups, either get a modchip (voids
    warranty, and is illegal) or a boot CD, although these are quite illegal too. 
    The boot CD is particularly ingenious. SOme clever person managed to dupe the 
    protected area of a playstation CD, and wrote a loader program which, like the 
    Caetla BIOS/Game Enhancer, provides for a safe swap trick (one that stops the 
    motor before you swap discs). IF you wish to remain legal, use the gameshark 
    cd menu swap trick. I condone using mod chips an dboot CDs fr legitimate 
    prposes, even if they are illegal, but I cannot condone the Game Enhancer, or 
    any of the other Hong Kong clones of the Game Shark Pro. If you have a PsOne, 
    you MUST use a boot CD or an internal modchip, unless you wish to try to 
    perform a VERY risky swap trick with the Gameshark CDX.
    My opinion:
    I never really knew about this and I honestly only use my Game Enhancer+ for 
    cheating and viewing movies.
    I am not writing this to force current GE+ users to spend cash on other legit 
    devices, but rather, use them for legit purposes. Also, the next time you buy 
    a cheat device, do not buy such. There are many variants of the GE+ like what 
    Chuck said and there is also the "Code Card" as far as I know.
    I did find the GE+ to be VERY buggy, like the infamous memory card bug that 
    will either not read the memory card, or reformat it, and many other bugs.
    The GE+ and it's variants are simply these cheat devices that have illegaly 
    modified BIOSes which violate copyright. Either use them for legit purposes, 
    or don't buy at all.
    Part 6 Credits
    Chuck Cochems for the legality of the Game Enhancer.
    Devin Morgan for some of the questions and answers.
    CJayC and Al Amaloo for hosting my guide.
    Readers of this FAQ.
    c Copyright 2001-2003 by Carlos Miranda

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