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    Memory Card FAQ by KBoon

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                          PLAYSTATION MEMORY CARD FAQ
                                 BY KYLE BOON
                                 VERSION 2.0
    E-MAIL:                   rinoa85@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0: FAQ is just made. Some stuff added.
    Version 2.0: Added some more stuff.
    Edited the credits.
    This FAQ is made for personal use and can only be reproduced 
    electronically. This FAQ can be posted on other websites other than 
    gamefaqs.com as long as the FAQ remains unchanged and proper credit is 
    given to me. This FAQ is for non-profitable purposes. This FAQ is 
    copyright Kyle Boon 1999.
                           WHAT THIS FAQ IS ABOUT
    Ok, I've decided to make this FAQ because I've seen many people who do 
    not take proper care of their playstation memory cards. Also I've seen 
    many people with fake memory cards which don't prove to be as good as 
    the original memory cards.The memory card is a wonderful accesory to the 
    playstation. And since it's needed if you want to save your game, most 
    playstation owners have at least one memory card. Yes, although a memory 
    card is cheap and can be easily replaced by a new one, it's still 
    something very important.I hope that you, the reader after this will 
    take proper care of your playstation memory card. So here goes nothing.
    Many people even my cousins and friends don't take proper care of their 
    memory cards. They just chuck it in a corner and leave it in the sun. 
    So, here are some dos' and don'ts':
    1) Never expose your memory card to sunlight. It may cause it to 
    malfunction, in other words, get spoiled. It may also change in colour.
    2) Keep your memory card in a cool and safe place. 
    3) Always keep your memory card in it's case. If you don't have a case, 
    using a gameboy cartridge case will do fine. Never expose it to dust 
    etc... Too much dust could corrupt your memory card, causing certain 
    memory to get deleted, even worse, it might get spoiled.
    4) Never ever sit on your memory card! Since it's made of plastic and is 
    fragile, it is likely to break due to your weight. Never leave it on the 
    floor and let someone step on it. It'll break too.
    5) Do not touch your memory card if your hands are wet or moist. Water 
    might get into chip and wreck your memory card.
    6) Never dismantle your memory card.
    7) Never throw your memory card around like a game of catch.
    8) People have tried to compress their memory card to add more slots to 
    it but have failed miserably. Don't ever try that unless your an expert. 
    One wrong move and that's it buster. Time ta go buy a new one.
    Hmmm, that's about all for now.
                               BUY THE REAL STUFF
    Ok, it's true that fake memory cards are cheaper or could cost the same 
    but provides more memory. It's just not the same. I've bought a fake 
    memory card before which cost the same as an original but had thirty 
    blocks of memory. But, I couldn't save properly. Sometimes, the 
    playstation would say that there was no memory card in the slot. Other 
    times, it automatically deleted all my saved games in my memory card. 
    Some prirates are really good at doing such modifications, hence your 
    memory card won't give you problems until maybe a month later. Plus, 
    buying real stuff supports the industries. It is also more trustworthy. 
    But yes, it is true that memory cards have a certain number of times 
    that they can save a game, but so does prirated stuff. Some priraters 
    are also really good at using the playstation logo and claim that it's a 
    real memory card, but there are ways to tell whether it's real or not.
    1) If the memory card is real, the word playstation on the memory card 
    will be connected. Example:  
    /-----------\             /------------\                                             
    |    /|\    |             |     /|\    |   
    |           |             |            |
    |playstation|             |play station|    
    |===========|             |============|
    |===========|             |============|
    -------------             --------------                                          
        Real                       Fake
    2) If the memory card is real, the packaging won't look faded.
    3) If the memory card is fake, the playstation copyright is likely not 
    to be there or is cancelled out with pen etc.
    4) Original playstation memory cards have only fifteen blocks of memory. 
    No more, no less.
    New! New! New!
    Some person by the name of Mala sent me some info. It might be of good 
    use to all you readers out there. It seems that certain games like Final 
    Fantasy 7, FF Tactics, Saga Frontier are programmed to malfunction if 
    you use a non-Sony memory card to save your game. If in an event where 
    the memory card crashes, you can call the tech support line to get a 
    refund/new memory card. But there's just one catch. The memory card has 
    to be a Sony memory card--- it's written into the warrentee of both the 
    playstations and the memory cards. You could lose many hours of gameplay 
    for RPG games so this is just a warning. So it's kinda worth it to buy a 
    Sony playstation memory card and spend say about four bucks more.   
    So remember all these stuff. It might come into good use.
                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    Q. How many blocks of memory are there in a memory card?
    A. An original memory card has only fifteen blocks of memory. A fake one 
    can vary from fifteen blocks of memory to two-hundred and forty blocks 
    of memory.
    Q. Where do I go to buy a memory card?
    A. Go to any shop selling playstations. They're bound to have it.
    Q. Where do I slot in the memory card?
    A. Into the slot just above the controller port. Make sure you slot it 
    in properly.
    Q. How do I save my game? 
    A. It depends on the game itself. Certain games like Final Fantasy 8, 
    you've to find a save point to be able to save. Other games like Rampage 
    world tour, requires you to on the auto-save function to be able to 
    Q. How many times can I save and delete games?
    A. About thirty-thousand times.
    Q. Where do I go to delete my games?
    A. On your playstation when you do not put a game into the system and 
    you'll be brought to the memory card manager and cd player. Enter the 
    memory card manager to delete games. You can also copy games to another 
    memory card here. 
    To gamefaqs for making this wonderful and fantastic website.
    To Kao Megura, my idol.
    To Irene, Doreen, Rudi a.k,a forest, Xiu Xian, Steven.J a.k.a Steam, 
    Gerald a.k.a Dhawal wannabe, Taufiq, Ramat.R a.k.a Jual Jubo and Pan 
    Yong Ikaika.
    And lastly to myself for having the determination to write this FAQ. 

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