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    PocketStation Instructions by GaryKato

    Updated: 11/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: GaryKato@aol.com
    Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 07:00:13 EST
    PocketStation Instructions
    Attached is a file containing instructions on how to setup and use the Sony 
    PocketStation as a clock/calendar/timer. This is not a translation of the 
    instructions, but what I found out by fooling with it. Hope you can use it.
    The PocketStation is a combination alarm clock, PlayStation memory card, and
    a portable game console.
    Starting up
    When you first pull the tab from the battery to activate the PocketStation,
    it says "hello" and then shows a beating heart. After that, it expects you
    to change the settings.
    You don't turn the PocketStation off. It will turn itself off in 30 seconds
    after the last button push. To turn it back on, just press the large
    Screen #1 - Current date/time and alarm settings
    The screen will look like this:
    1999/01/     <- year/month
       00:01     <- hour:min  (current time)
    @  00:00     <- Alarm on/off   hour:min of alarm time setting
    Use the left and right buttons to move from field to field. The selected
    field will be flashing. Use the up/down buttons to change the field's
    Current Date/Time
    The order of field selection is Year, Month, Day, Hour, Min. Note
    that the hours are input as 24 hour time (5PM = 12+5 = 17). When you are
    done setting the date and time, press the large button.
    If you need to change the date/time, hold down the up button until the date
    shows with the year flashing.
    Alarm Setting
    Hold down the down button until the alarm on/off icon is flashing. Pressing
    upor down turns the alarm feature on or off. Using the left/right buttons,
    you can select the hour and minutes for the alarm. When done, hit the large
    Screen #2 - Time, Volume, Memory Blocks
    When nothing is flashing screen, press the large button. This is how you
    get from screen #1 to screen #2 and back.
    >From screen #1, this takes you to the second screen. This screen shows the
    volume setting, current time, and how many memory blocks are in use.
    Volume Settings
    Pressing the up button adjusts the volume.
    Viewing game icons
    Hold down the down button until the memory card icon stops flashing. You
    are now viewing the icons for the saved games in the PocketStation. Use the
    up and down buttons to look at the other icons. They really don't look very
    good as they are meant to be displayed in color in a higher resoluton. Use
    the large button to get out of this mode.
    Using PocketStation as a PlayStation Memory Card
    Flip open the keypad of the PocketStation. You can now use it like a
    regular PlayStation memory card. You don't even need a battery in it to
    use it as a memory card.
    Games on the PocketStation
    How the game operates depends on the game downloaded. See the game
    instructions for details. Not all PlayStation's have PocketStation game
    support. The only game I have, so far, is Final Fantasy VIII from Square.

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