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"It Did Better Than Everyone Thought It Would..."

This is my Second Console Review, I found my Nintendo 64 review to have worked for the new formula I tried for Consoles, so I will do it with the PS1 as well.


One little known thing is that the PlayStation began as a CD add-on for Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System [or SNES], it was being created after Nintendo had problems with the Famicom [NES] Disc Drive, where the Discs weren't very durable. But Sony got greedy and tried to create a Console that would play both PlayStation Discs, as well as SNES Cartridges, and to put it bluntly: Nintendo was fuming. So the contract was canceled, and Sony then made the PlayStation into a Stand-alone console. It's hard to believe that an add-on for Nintendo's 800-pound Gorilla [which was killed because Sony got greedy] would do this well.


The PlayStation was released in America on September 9th 1994 for $299 bucks. And it was also quite successful. The large amount of Games, and the diversity of the games helped Sony rack up over 100 Million Console sales, over 3 Times what Nintendo's N64 could muster.

The System: 7

The PlayStation is a little Grey square box; it has a disc case, and 2 slots for Memory Cards and Controllers. But it was also not very durable and the entire thing was made out of Plastic. This caused the Disc Reading Laser to sag and it would not read the disc well, people had to place the system on its side to temporarily remedy this. Luckily Sony revised the console, making it all out of Die Cast Metal making the tray with the laser to stay in place. It was also made smaller and more compact. I am taking off points for the lack of reliability that Sony is known for.

Controller: 8

The first thing that you would notice about the Playstation controller when you see it [the first one that is] is that is basically, a SNES Controller with 2 extra shoulder buttons and handles. And after the N64 was released, Sony revised it again adding Rumble capabilities, and 2 Control sticks. I will say that everything works very well, and this is one of the best designed controllers I have ever used, but it does feel too small, and the buttons seem too close to each other. Otherwise it is great, but I will take off an extra point for ripping off the SNES Game Pad [although the PS1 was an add-on for the SNES, originality please Sony!]

Graphical Power: 5 in the Beginning, 8 after everything was worked out.

Like I said with the N64, the Graphics were mixed for me. Early 3D on the Playstation was HORRIBLE, everything looked very blocky and it seemed like the Developers were drunk as they coded everything. Just look at Final Fantasy 7 and look at how terrible some of the polygons look in there! But after a while the Devs worked out everything and figured out how to use the hardware to its fullest extent: and the games began looking good. Also there are some great CGI sequences in some games, and Pre Rendered Environments [like in Resident Evil] look incredible. So I have two scores for this one.

Sound Capabilities: 8

The sound on the Playstation was done quite well. Because that the Playstation used CD's it allowed the Developers to add a massive amount of voice work to the games where they previously required a wall of text because the cartridges limited the ammount sound. And it is very nice to hear all of the Sound that can be crammed into the games on some PS1 games. There is also a lot of Music in the games, and the CD's do make it sound beautiful, there is also full orchestra in some games, which is better in some ways than the MDI in old Cartridge games. And really isn't real music better than beeps and bloops [unless the beeps and bloops are well done]

Game Media: 7

The Playstation used CD's, and this was a double-edged sword like the N64 using cartridges. CD's did have a lot of space on them, but they were also slow to load, and not very durable. It was also simple to pirate the games for the system. But there were also great sound capabilities as well as storage. Luckily the CD's were very cheap to make, unlike the N64 cartridges, which were complex to make. I also did not like how the Devs sometimes had to use multiple discs for games [FF7 had 4]. It was hard to come up with a score for this, but it wound up going down for some of the problems with CD's.

The Games: 6

Now everyone who knows me knows that I am a Wii60 fan boy if you could say that, so I may have a bit of a grudge here, but I will admit that Sony had a lot of good games with a lot of variety. In fact they had a massive amount of every genre of games, but the weakness was that in my mind, a massive amount of games means that there will be few Gems in a Land Fill [and I describe the N64 as a few Gems in a Dumpster] when you look at everything. So in my mind, more games does not mean better, but the good games on the PS1 are great and I was forced to buy a PS1 for some of them. Just remember, there are so many PS1 games out there, but more does not mean better.

Recommended Games:

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Castlevania Chronicles, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Anthology, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Final Fantasy Collection, Grand Theft Auto 2, Madden 97/01, Medal of Honor, Metal Gear Solid, Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Tony Hawk.


Great sound and CGI, several great games, CD's stored a lot of data.


Weak graphics at beginning, quality of construction [PSX], too many multiple disc games, long load times.

Should you get it:

Buy it, although the Console itself isn't that good; there are some brilliant games.


The Playstation gave Sony the market dominance over Nintendo. And although it is said to be the best console of all time, I did not see why, although it had good games I had problems with the system and the pile of crappy games overshadowing the other many great ones.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/27/07, Updated 12/10/07

Game Release: PlayStation Hardware (US, 09/09/95)

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