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"Best System ever? Oooh yeah."

The Sony Playstation was the little system that could. What Nintendo wouldn't do (put games on CDs) Sony did. We all probably know how this system came to be by now and the result was the greatest system of all times.

The Playstation was not the first CD system (Sega and Phillips were just two companies which beat Sony to it) but it was the first one to be a great success.

The hardware itself is very good. Some early models had a few problems but were fixed and upgraded over time by Sony. I have personally owned my Playstation since Christmas of 1997 and it still plays fine. So the system, when taken good care of, can last a very long time. That's a good value.

The controller is just perfect! The original controller was nothing special but when Sony decided to put in analog and dual shock it became THE controller of all controllers. It is very comfortable to hold and was so good in fact that Sony really hasn't changed it much to this day.

The Playstation used a flash memory card. These cards were the ideal way to go for saving games at the time. Old cartridges had relied on passwords and save batteries which could die over time like a battery will do. Well, not so with the Playstation. The memory cards can hold plenty of saves and my original memory cards from 1997 are still saving and working to this day, so they can also last a very long time.

The system was capable of some great graphics, less powerful than the Nintendo 64, but still great. Games boasted CD quality sound and full motion videos that were almost impossible for the Playstation's biggest competitor to achieve.

And finally...the most important thing: The games! Oh yes, the Playstation had them. In fact, LOTS of them. And lots of classic games, at that. In the beginning it was a little slow as developers were new to the system, but when games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII hit the shelves, it boosted the Playstation into first place in the console war, and it never looked back.

There were so may different games available that there really was something for everyone. Just about any style you could imagine. You had role playing like Final Fantasy (several of them, too), Xenogears and Suikoden, action games like Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and of course the "new' sub-genre of survival horror like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Then there were the games that were hard to categorize like Parappa and Intelligent Cube. Brilliant games, indeed.

The Playstation was the system to have in them mid to late 90s and there is no escaping its influence. It changed the gaming industry for the better and its legacy is a proud one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/02/09

Game Release: PlayStation Hardware (US, 09/09/95)

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