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"Nintendo's biggest blunder, Sony's boldest move."

The PlayStation started off as a project between Sony and Nintendo way back in October 1989. Nintendo was looking for an add-on to their already popular SNES system. All the talk, all the planning, all the hard work was suddenly brought to an end some 1 ½ years later in May of 1991. Nintendo suddenly pulled the plug, deciding to side with Phillips instead.

Sony had decided to finish what they had started without Nintendo’s help. Three years later in Japan, the PlayStation was unveiled priced at the 39,800 yen ($400) and on September 9, 1995, it hit American with the sticker price of $299. The PlayStation sold rather well here in America. Even exceeding that of it’s competitor the Sega Saturn even with it’s 4 month head start. By the end of the year 1995, the PlayStation had sold nearly double that of the Saturn in America.

Graphics – 9
During it’s lifespan, the PlayStation showed some definite signs of its evolution as far as graphics are considered. The launch title PlayStation games were plagued with slow loading, poor sound and the lack of proper aliasing. But eventually, as developers began to learn how to use the PlayStation hardware, the games naturally begin to get better and better. Now, as we approach the end of the PlayStation’s life, I’d say that some games look just as good as it’s rival, the Nintendo 64.

Sound – 10
The PlayStation is capable of some great sound, it all depends an the games. You can play audio CD’s on it also. Some games even have tracks on them so that you could play it just as an audio CD.

Features – 8
Well, the PlayStation really doesn’t have much as far as features. The later model PlayStations had this graphical analyzer for audio CD’s. When playing a CD, you could press select and play around with the graphics which was pretty cool.

Games – 10
There were only a few at launch and still few “must buy” games. But now, the PlayStation has a rather extensive library of games to fill whatever genre your in the mood for. If you got a launch system, you could expect all the hook ups, a (standard) PlayStation controller, a demo disk and a copy of Battle Arena Toshinden. I said standard because there was no Dual Shock yet, the closest thing to an analog stick was an arcade pad. I remember when the PlayStation came out in my hometown, I went to Software Etc. to pick it up and found a very hefty price tag indeed. They wanted $500! And you thought $300 for the PlayStation 2 is bad. Of course, I didn’t pay that.

Overall – 10
Sony’s first attempt at the video games market was a huge success. Although the first couple of models had problems overheating, people (like me) on the most part didn’t mind replacing it because they loved their PlayStation.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/09/01, Updated 10/09/01

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