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Reviewed: 11/04/03

One of the, if not THE greatest console even today.

The year is 1996. Nintendo has their SNES and Sony has a lot of competition, and they release a true powerhouse, its name being the PlayStation. The game ''Final Fantasy VII'' is then released one year later, and thus the PlayStation was revolutionized with its awesome games. Shortly after, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64, which the PlayStation easily beat. The Nintendo 64's slightly better graphics didn't help it, they hindered it and because the PlayStation had such a good game library and fantastic stuff on it, the Nintendo 64 fell to the wrath of the PlayStation.

And soon, the happy years of the PlayStation died away. All of the 16, 32, and 64-bit consoles died away in 2001 and the PlayStation2 was released. It was glorious that it was able to play the original PSX's games, but its games themselves just held no candle up to the original PlayStation's game library, mostly because a lot of the games focused on graphics. Look at Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. I hated it thoroughly and completely, but I loved the original three Spyro games for PSX. This is simply because the PlayStation is one of the best systems of all time.

Graphics: 10/10

The PlayStation has fallen to the N64 and PS2 in terms of graphics, but still it has some of the best graphics out there. The animation in most games was superb... from Spyro the Dragon flaming enemies into toast and Crash doing his amazing moves, you simply could not match all that it could do in those days. In the early days of the PSX when Tomb Raider came out, all of gaming was simply amazed. When Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997, all of graphics were defeated. The 3D animation and the realistic FMV sequences simply blew everything away that was released at the time.

The later PlayStation titles look almost totally like PS2 games. Games like Final Fantasy IX, which took a leap over the already high Final Fantasy VIII. The realistic water and the character designs were like nothing that the PlayStation had ever seen before. And that's not to mention the totally realistic shooters, which had such nice-looking lasers and guns firing. The survival horror games were so realistic that the horror of them just went up like you can imagine. The sports games were extremely lifelike and made you feel just like you were playing the sport. Overall, PlayStation's graphics rock.

Music/Sound: 10/10

Most of the music that these games presented were not really as good as the music that CDs offered, but it was still good. Nobuo Uematsu, one of the best music composers of all time gave the Final Fantasy games all of his power to make their great music. The fans of rock music can rejoice at hearing the music Nobuo Uematsu gave the games. Hell, even the platformers had great music! As for sound effects, I couldn't really care less, but the sword slashes and lasers, things like that and stuff were truly spectacular. Overall, nothing can top most of the music, and the PlayStation even balances things with good sound.

Game Library: 10/10

Besides the possible NES and SNES having some victory, PlayStation has the single best game library out there. There was just a great game for fans of every genre on the PSX. All the sports games had great features and played perfectly for the one trying them, the fighters were great, the platformers and RPGs TOOK THE THRONE, the survival horror games made people quake in fear when playing them in dark rooms at night alone, the strategy games were just what people wanted to play, and the shooters were fantastic. Simply, this is one of the best gaming libraries that you will ever see.

Sports Games: 9/10

I don't really like sports games that much, but the PSX had some of the best sports games there. There were also a good deal of them, so that everyone could play any sport they wanted. Some good sports games to check out:

-Triple Play series
-Madden series

Fighting Games: 8/10

I am also not a huge fan of fighting games, but this system simply had spectacular fighting games. Their gameplay was extremely realistic and made you feel like you were in real life, beating someone up. Some good fighting games to check out:

-WWF series
-Street Fighter series

Platformer Games: 10/10

This is where PSX will start to get stronger. PlayStation had more platformer games than you could need. All of them had excellent graphics and sound so you wouldn't puke while playing them, and they all had great qualities of fun. Some good platformer games to check out:

-Spyro series
-Crash series
-Gex series

Survival Horror Games: 10/10

Although PlayStation was a little less strong in terms of horror games than platforming games, the PlayStation started the great series' of horror games that we know today on newer consoles. They were also some of the best you could play, and scariest as well. Some good survival horror games to check out:

-Resident Evil series
-Silent Hill series

Action Games: 9/10

PlayStation also has great non-platforming action games to go with it, such games winning so much hype it was unbelievable. The games of shooting people down and slashing away at them were so fun that you could just be hooked... PlayStation has got just about all that you'll want in them. Some good action games to check out:

-Metal Gear Solid
-Medievil series

Strategy Games: 8/10

Nowadays there are few strategy games out there. But Final Fantasy Tactics has one of the best storylines and perfect gameplay that has ever been seen, and the games where you get up in huge robots and destroy things totally destroyed tons of the competition. They were all also super-long too. Some good strategy games to check out:

-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Front Mission series

Role-Playing Games: 10+/10

Okay, here is the PlayStation's true shining point, and here is where I wish I could give it a higher score. The perfect RPGs that were featured on PlayStation were truly some of the best games ever, and they even beat down the platformers, and that is really saying something. The Final Fantasy series won so many lovers that it was almost godlike how the PlayStation could give them. The ports from the old games of NES and SNES were improved and now even better than they were originally. A lot of them were extremely long and featured excellent battle systems, and they just destroyed any other system's role-playing games, bar none. Some good RPGs to check out:

-Legend of Dragoon
-Legend of Legaia
-Legend of Mana
-Final Fantasy series
-Threads of Fate
-Breath of Fire 3-4
-Dragon Warrior 4-7
-Wild Arms 1-2

Shooters: 9/10

Last but not least, the shooters. Although I don't really have much to say here, these games had such lifelike graphics and they were extremely fun to play. The PlayStation truly thrives in just about every area. Some good shooter games to check out:

-Colony Wars series
-Ace Combat series

Overall: 10/10

For those who refuse to play games that don't have good graphics and don't have their PlayStation, they can get out of their hole because this system has good graphics. Composers like Nobuo Uematsu helped make the games have good music and sound, because a lot of people care about such things. The game library can only be topped by perhaps the early Nintendo systems, because fans of fighting, sports, shooters, RPGs, action, and platformer games just have everything they'll need, right here on this little console. And since you can pick up the PlayStation at cheap prices in eBay or other online stores, you can't go wrong with the PSX. Buy this and it's all you'll need.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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