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Reviewed: 11/16/03

Sony introduces their first Gaming Console....


So what is the PlayStation? How did it came into existence? Well, before the actual system was released back then, it all started with a joint effort between Sony and Nintendo. Nintendo wanted a CD add-on for their SNES(or Super Famicom in Japan) hardware. They chose Sony to deal with the developing. Later on, Nintendo somehow rejected and Sony was left with a working model. They redesigned the system, made it more advanced with chip technologies, and renamed it to the PlayStation. It made its Japanese release on December 1994, and later on to the rest of the world in Q4 1995.

The Library of Games...

As nearly the PlayStation's ninth anniversary, it's selection of games is huge. You have from Action, Adventure, Horror, RPGs, Racing, Puzzles, and more types of genres to choose from. The PlayStation launch was pretty bad at first till 1997 when Square released Final Fantasy VII, their most popular role-playing game. It was then successful as more of the top quality games arrive.

The Features/Capabilities of the System...

1. GRAPHICS: For a 32-bit system, the graphics are not bad. The launch games only show a preliminary stage of what the system has to offer. By 1998, games such as Final Fantasy VIII and Metal Gear Solid almost uses the maximum potential of the system. But hey, graphics only solves 10% of the puzzle when creating a good game. Gameplay is what we need. Most of the RPGs have so good visuals and gameplay that it takes more than one disc to hold it on. Some of the games you'll see will use more than one disc. Anyway, the PlayStation is better off for 3-D gaming rather than 2-D. The Sega Saturn had better 2-D capabilities.

2. SOUND/MUSIC: What can we say. The master of sound. The PlayStation can produce up to 24 channels. Games such as Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill will most certainly feature voice acting, and it doesn't sound bad at all. It depends on how the programmer uses the system. As a plus, you can play your Audio CDs on your Playstation as a bonus feature Sony implemented in.

3. PERIPHERALS: The Controller: Sony decided to make a controller that fits for both adults and children when using it. With over 20 concept designs, from the original SNES CD model to the launched digital ones, Sony has come up with the final design. The controller features 4 shoulder buttons, 4 ''shape'' buttons on the right, Start and Select, plus a d-pad. Later on in the PlayStations life, Sony came up with a redesign of the controller, known as the Dual Shock. This is basically the same as the digital one, except it now features two more analog sticks, and two more buttons. Sadly, the PlayStation only comes with two controller ports, so if you want multiplayer action, you'll need to purchase a separate peripheral known as the MultiTap.. Memory Card: Sony released a memory card during launch. It is used to save your games. You can only save a certain amount of games into it. Some games will eat up the whole memory card forcing you to buy another one. Evil Sony...

Catching up to the future...

It's too late, actually. With the PlayStation 2 released a few years back, the PlayStation is slowly going down, but still kicking. Remember, old classic games never die! Back in Summer 2000, Sony redesigned the PlayStation, making it look smaller, naming it to PSOne. Quite interesting. You can get it to connect a LCD screen for extra portability, and use a car adaptor to plug it in the car for long road trips. There's no difference, as it's made to play all your PS1 games and peripherals. It doesn't include the Link port anymore.

Good and Bad..

+ Good graphics
+ Good Sound
+ Nice Selection of Games
+ Great Controller

- 2 Controller Ports
- Memory Card doesn't have enough space.

Final Rating: 9.0 - With the lack of more controller ports and space on the memory card, I will lower this to a 9.0....

It's your choice, really..

With the new design PSOne released, it runs for about 50 bucks now. You could buy a PlayStation 2 and play all your games there for some improvement. I would recommend getting a copy of the PSOne just in case, for some reason, your PS2 wont run your PS1 games.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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